Companies which use resin patterns*

ARABIAN AXLES, FOUNDRIES & SPARE PARTS CO., SAUDI ARABIA  -  a full range of castings in grey, ductile iron, steel and non ferrous alloys, the annual production capacity is 10 000 ton with a fully computerized automatic HWS green sand moulding line and a chemically bonded sand moulding line, production of wooden, metalic and plastic patterns.

ALUMINUM FOUNDRY & PATTERN WORKS LTD., CANADA  -  own pattern shop, manufacturing of patterns for cope and drag, and match plates in wood, plastic, or aluminum.

AJAX X-RAY, INC., FOUNDRY DIVISION, USA  -  a full service nonferrous foundry with over 40 years experience specializing in high quality aluminum, brass and bronze castings, own pattern shop which has complete facilities to produce new wood, metal and epoxy patterns and to handle alteration and maintenance of any of customer's existing patterns.

CHICAGO ALUMINUM CASTINGS CO., INC., USA  -  aluminum sand casting foundry, squeeze and automatic molding with wood, metal and epoxy patterns.

DSB EURO LTD., CZECH REPUBLIC  -  production and sale of castings made of gray, ductile, artificial cast iron and cast steel, pattern-shop production - various patterns from wood, metal and resin.

D. M. FOUNDRIES LTD., UK  -  manufacturer of ferrous and non-ferrous sand castings, wood, metal and plastic patterns.

FONDERIES DE BROUSSEVAL ET MONTREUIL, FRANCE  -  gray and ductile iron castings from 0.5 kg up to 9 tons, plastic and metal patternmaking.

FERAMO METALLUM INTERNATONAL LTD., CZECH REPUBLIC  -  grey iron castings foundry, own pattern-shop provides pattern equipment made of metal, wood, cast resin and their combination.
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JENSEN INTERNATIONAL, INC., USA  -  gray, compacted graphite and ductile iron foundry, manufacturer of patterns & core boxes, three types of material - urethane, aluminum & wood.

JAMES W. SHENTON LTD., UK  -  manufacturer of grey iron castings for the engineering industry, own pattern shop for pine, resin, and aluminium patterns.

LOST & FOUNDRY, USA  -  castings for everyone, using foam, wax, metal, wood or plastic patterns.

LASALLE FOUNDRY & MACHINE COMPANY, USA  -  aluminum, bronze, copper, grey iron & ductile iron castings, wood, plastic and polystyrene foam patterns.

LAKSHMI MACHINE WORKS (LMW) LTD., INDIA  -  ductile iron and grey iron castings, pattern making in various materials such as seasoned teak wood, aluminium, epoxy resin, cast iron and expandable polysterene.

MACKATICA A.D., SERBIA  -  carbon steel, low and high alloyed steel, fireproof steel, chemical resistant steel and wear - resistant steel castings for mining industry, cement industry, electrical power plants, water supply industry, civil engineering machines, used patterns are made of wood, epoxy resin-araldite and metal.
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MOSLED LTD., CZECH REPUBLIC  -  castings from steel, grey and nodular cast iron, and aluminum alloys, patterns manufacture for single or serial production from wood (e.g., pine, alder, maple), metal, casting resin, and polystyrene.

NEENAH FOUNDRY COMPANY, USA  -  a gray and ductile iron foundry, flaskless molding machines that use polyurethane patterns.

NORSE PRECISION CASTINGS LTD., UK  -  manufacturer of aluminium sand castings for the military, aerospace, high-end engineering and off-highway sectors, chemically bonded sand techniques, resin patterns.

SLEVARNA A MODELARNA NOVE RANSKO LTD., CZECH REPUBLIC  -  patterns made of wood, plastics, metal boards for machine moulding.

SUMMIT CASTING CORP., USA  -  manufacturer of aluminum castings using facilities for producing mahogany, aluminum & epoxy patterns.

SLEVARNA KURIM JSC, CZECH REPUBLIC  -  grey and nodular cast iron foundry, pattern-shop - production of patterns for hand and machine moulding, repairing and modification of patterns, material used - wood, cast epoxy and polyurethan resins, resin-bounded wood.

SKODA STEEL, CZECH REPUBLIC  -  steel and ductile / grey iron castings, the pattern-shop is able to make any pattern device as regards size & length or complexity from traditional & plastic (cast resin) materials even the combination of wood and metal, the pattern making shop produces pattern equipment and packing for the needs of foundry as well as for external customers.

TRELOAR GROUP PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  non-ferrous foundry, timber, epoxy and aluminium patternmaking.

VIADRUS, CZECH REPUBLIC  -  established producer of heating technique with cast iron components, own pattern shop with more than hundred years tradition, foundry patterns made of metal, resin and wood, for low-series and series production.

VALD. BIRNS JERNSTOEBERI A/S, DENMARK  -  cast iron foundry, cast iron, aluminium and various types of resin (epoxy, polyurethane) patterns.

Manufacturers of resin patterns

3.MAJ MOTORI I DIZALICE D.D., CROATIA  -  a large diesel engine and deck crane factory, own foundry, grey and nodular cast iron castings, own pattern shop, wood, epoxy resin and metal patterns.

ALU-BRA FOUNDRY, INC., USA  -  aluminum, brass and bronze sand castings, metal, urethane and wood pattern making.

ALAN BECKWITH MACBRO PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  cast iron, aluminium alloys, brass, bronze and gun metal foundry, production of wood and resin patterns for greensand and hard sand moulding, aluminium / cast iron patterns for shell moulding.

ARAB ENGINEERING INDUSTRIES CO. LTD. (AEICO), JORDAN  -  carbon steel castings, low alloy steel castings, manganese steel castings, high strength steel castings, Ni-Hard, high chrome and mehanite cast iron castings for cement factories, phosphate mines, jaws & hammers for stone crushers, track links for armoured vehicles, ground engaging tools, a no-bake (furan sand) automatic molding line with a capacity of 20 moulds / hour, highly equipped pattern shops for wood, metal and plastic patterns making.

ABITEC FOUNDRY, POLAND  -  small- and medium-sized castings of aluminium, zinc and copper alloys, sand moulding, die casting, brass and bronze art / ornamental casting, resin, wood and gypsum patterns.

AS METAL, SERBIA  -  parts for motor vehicles, construction and process equipment, production of wood, epoxy resin and metal foundry patterns and core-boxes, dies and tools for metalcasting.

ASANGER MODELLBAU GmbH, AUSTRIA  -  a family owned pattern-making company, various techniques for tool manufacturing - conventional milling and turning, mould casting in resin, laminating, 5-axes-milling or CNC turning, a composite of casting resin, block material and metal is used for foundry patterns - plastic plates and paste-like plastics for prototypes and sand-casting initial-batches, epoxy resin surfaces filled with corundum and impact resisting polyurethane surfaces for mid-range and small series production, aluminium or steel for larger lots, complex geometries and tempered forms, pattern-making for gearboxes, pumps, armatures, valves and turbines, expert know-how in all areas of mould-, jig- and tool-making.

ALL METALS INDUSTRIES (AMI) LLC, U.A.E.  -  carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, hi-chrome and nickel based castings, automatic fast loop moulding line, hand moulding facility for smaller run items, wooden, metallic and resin patterns manufacturing.

ANDORIA-MOT SP. Z O.O., POLAND  -  castings of gray iron and nodular iron for diesel engines - cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, fly wheels, fly wheel housings, water & oil pump housings, collectors, toothed gears, cast parts for generating sets, pump and drive assemblies, and compressors, patternmaking, patterns made of wood, resin and metal.
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ADVANCED PATTERN WORKS, INC., USA  -  custom manufacturer of foundry patterns including patterns made out of wood or composite plastic materials.

AGS JICIN JSC, CZECH REPUBLIC  -  patterns - wood, resin, metal, gravity dies for aluminium casting, pressure dies for aluminium, zinc and plastic casting, gravity dies for low-pressure aluminium casting, forging dies, trimming dies, pulling, cutting, bending and all other jigs.
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ARBARIYA STEELS, INDIA  -  ferrous and non-ferrous industry castings, metalic and resin pattern manufacturing facilities.

ARDOKSAN SFERO VE KALITELI PIK DOKUM SANAYI LTD., TURKEY  -  grey and ductile iron castings, producer of wooden, plastic and metalic patterns, and core boxes.

B & C NON-FERROUS FOUNDRY LTD., UK  -  sand castings in aluminium, bronze, gunmetal, copper and brass, specialist pattern making in wood, resin and metal.

BARRON-CLARK CASTINGS LTD., UK  -  sand and gravity die aluminium castings, the sister company Barron-Clark Pattern Makers Ltd. produces pattern equipment and models in wood, resin and metal for use within the foundry or externally.

BERNIER CAST METALS, INC., USA  -  aluminum, brass, copper, zinc, grey iron, ductile iron, and steel castings by the green sand molding, air-set (no bake) and Lost Foam casting, producer of wood or plastic patterns.

BRADKEN-LONDON LTD., CANADA  -  foundry patterns and tooling in wood, metal, plastic and styrofoam, using either CNC or conventional methods, Bradken's Engineered Products Division.

BLOMSTERMALA METALLGJUTERI AB, SWEDEN  -  aluminium and copper alloys castings made by the sand moulding method, manufacturer of patterns made of wood, plastic or metal.

BOHMS MODELLFABRIK AB, SWEDEN  -  wooden and plastic patterns and core-boxes for the foundry industry.

BAWOROWO S.A., POLAND  -  gray and nodular cast iron castings for textile industry, motor industry, agricultural machines, brake drums for buses & trucks, safety and shut-off valves for water or oil pressure plumbing, parts and components for pumps and compressors, production of patterns and core-boxes made of wood, epoxy resin and aluminum.
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BASSLER / WILLIAMSPORT PATTERN WORKS, USA  -  wooden, metal & plastic industrial patterns for foundries, epoxy tooling, industrial models & LOM rapid prototyping.

CHINAR 93 - GEORGI SAVOV ET, BULGARIA  -  production of wooden, aluminum and plastic patterns, specialized in manufacturing both small and ultra large patterns.

C.A. LAWTON COMPANY, USA  -  poured or machined urethane foundry patterns, mahogany, pine and plywood short run production foundry patterns, styrofoam patterns, near net shape castings for molding metals, plastics or composites, patterns for fiberglass composites, patterns for vacuum forming.

C.A. TOOLING, INC., USA  -  wood, metal, urethane and epoxy foundry patterns and core boxes, permanent mold tooling, prototyping.

CANLIN CASTINGS, UK  -  aluminium architectural casting, cast iron ornamental items, reproducing an ancient statue, casting a monumental artifact, ferrous and non-ferrous industrial casting for engineering, the company has an in-house pattern shop where wood, metal or resin patterns are produced.

CERDIC FOUNDRIES, UK  -  ductile iron castings (including low temperature impact grades), cast irons, wear and corrosion resisting alloyed iron castings, non-ferrous alloys casting, a wide range of sizes from 0.1 kg to 1000 kg weight, modern hard sand moulding / core-making techniques and lost foam technology, in house facilities for the manufacture of pattern equipment in wood, resin, metal and polystyrene.

CENTRAL INDIAN PATTERN and MODEL, INC., USA  -  urethane foundry patterns, prototype castings, molds.

CKD KUTNA HORA A.S., CZECH REPUBLIC  -  wooden, plastic, metal and combined foundry patterns and core-boxes, forms for the pressure and die casting and permanent mould casting of non-ferrous alloys, blasting materials - round steel shot, steel grit.
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CAPITAL PATTERN & MODEL, INC., USA  -  manufacturer of close tolerance foundry patterns and tooling in many types of materials from prototype wood and plastic patterns to full production equipment.

CRAFT PATTERN & MOLD, INC., USA  -  machined metal, urethane, and epoxy patterns and molds.

DSB EURO LTD., CZECH REPUBLIC  -  production of ferrous castings and various patterns from wood, metal and resin.

DINGZHOU DONGFANG FOUNDRY (DDF) CO., LTD., CHINA  -  an industry leader in counterweight manufacture, production capacities in excess of 10000 tons per month, cast product range between 100 g to 15000 kg, a wide variety of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys and metal types - grey and ductile iron, alloy, manganese and high strength steels, aluminum and brass, own pattern shop for wood, plastic and metal patterns.

DALIT IRON FOUNDRY D.O.O., CROATIA  -  grey iron, nodular iron and corrosion resistant iron castings for automobile, shipbuilding and machine-building industries, in-house pattern shop, patterns in wood and araldite-resins.
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DFK LTD., HUNGARY  -  member of Dunaferr Company Group, steel and cast iron castings, cast machine parts and components - crane wheel, gear body and gear rim, drive housing, grinding cone, crushing mantle, breaker jaw, sheave, rope drum, heat-, corrosion- and wear resisting parts for engineering industry, ferrous metallurgy, mining-machines industry, cement industry, power industry, construction materials industry, flour milling, vehicle industry, production of the most difficult wood and plastic patterns.

DOBLER MODELLBAU, SWITZERLAND  -  production of deep drawing dies, polyester forms, foundry patterns, architectural models.

D. M. FOUNDRIES LTD., UK  -  manufacturer of ferrous and non-ferrous sand castings, wood, metal and plastic patterns.

DIOSGYORI ONTODE KFT., HUNGARY  -  carbon, chrome-nickel and manganese steel casting - 2000 tons / year, gray and ductile cast iron casting - 1000 tons / year, steel ingot production - 30 000 tons / year, wood and plastic patternmaking.

DATUM PATTERN & MODEL MAKERS LTD., UK  -  production of pattern and model equipment in wood, resin, metal and polystyrene.

DELTA PATTERN & MODEL WORKS, USA  -  wooden, aluminum and plastic foundry patterns, core-boxes and prototypes.

EGELHOF & UWE MUELLER MODELLBAU GmbH & CO. KG, GERMANY  -  production of foundry patterns and core boxes using all kinds of materials such as steel, cast iron, non-ferrous and light metals, plastic and wood.

EUROCAST KOSICE S.R.O., SLOVAKIA  -  cast iron foundry, production of patterns made of epoxide and others castings materials for automatic moulding lines, and patterns made of wood for hand moulding.

FONDERIE GILLES PETIT S.A., SWITZERLAND  -  aluminum alloys, bronze and brass castings, green sand and self-hardening sand moulding, lost wax process, prototypes, small and medium series of levers, housings, safety devices, street signs, signaling boards, post-signs, memorial plaques, reproductions of sculptures, fountains, barriers, ornaments for furniture and clocks, garden decoration art objects, production of foundry patterns and tools from wood, aluminum or synthetic resins.

FMC-MIKODA, POLAND  -  a former patternshop of Iron Foundry Kutno-Mikoda, epoxy resin and bronze patterns and core-boxes.

FERAMO METALLUM INTERNATONAL LTD., CZECH REPUBLIC  -  grey iron castings foundry, own pattern-shop provides pattern equipment made of metal, wood, cast resin and their combination.
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FASEG S.A., SPAIN  -  manufacturer of foundry patterns in iron, aluminium, resin and wood, gravity dies for aluminium die casting, prototyping tools and series tooling.

GROWTH ASIA PT., INDONESIA  -  a member of the Growth Steel Group, cast iron and steel foundry, silicate ester sand / alkaline phenolic moulding processes, on-site fully equipped patternshop, patterns manufactured in metal, wood and resin.

GIESSEREI CHUR AG, SWITZERLAND  -  gray and nodular cast iron parts up to 300 kg, V-process, green-sand automatic moulding line, shell-process, construction and sewer casting - manhole covers with trap, round and rectangular, for oil-and gas tank cover, slurry box cover and chambers, street hats, floor drains with siphon, trap, rectangular and with bubble trap, dive sheets with handle, inlet-and road grids, street grates with frames, cast parts for machine-building industry - bearing covers, plates, feed housings, supports, augers, bars, stocks, gearboxes, production of wooden, styropor, metal and epoxy resin foundry patterns.

GETEKA FOUNINDO PT., INDONESIA  -  ferrous and non-ferrous castings for pump parts, machinery parts, automotive parts, dies & moulds, furan sand moulding process, pattern shop for wooden, epoxy resin and metal patternmaking, a part of TorishimaGuna - the joint venture between Torishima Pump Mfg. Co. Ltd. - Japan and PT Guna Elektro - Indonesia.

GEORGI LYATEV ET, BULGARIA  -  wood, epoxy / polyester resin and aluminum alloy pattern making.

GULF METAL FOUNDRY LLC, UAE  -  a division of Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group, the foundry is set up with a capacity to produce ferrous based castings of single price up to 1.5 MT, the range of products includes wear resistant high chrome iron castings for crushers, carbon steel and stainless steel valve components, ductile cast iron, Ni-resist cast iron and duplex steel components for engineering applications, chemically bonded sand molding line, hand molding for big castings, in house pattern shop for manufacturing & maintaining patterns and core boxes in wood, resin, aluminium & steel.

GIBSON PATTERNS & SOUTHERN LANTERNS, NEW ZEALAND  -  pattern making in wood, fibreglass, epoxy resin and metal, patterns for the general engineering industry, vacuum-form and roto-form tooling.

HAYTAS DOKUM SANAYI VE TICARET A.S., TURKEY  -  cast iron, ductile iron and steel casting, manufacturer of aluminium, bronze, and epoxy patterns and core boxes.

HODSON'S PATTERN MAKING, UK  -  foundry patterns in wood, metal or resins.

H. PHIPPS PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  toolmaking and pattern making, wood, plastic and metal foundry patterns and core-boxes, prototypes, cast iron gravity dies.

HANS SCHWARZ METALLGIESSEREI GmbH & CO. KG, AUSTRIA  -  aluminium and bronze foundry, production of wooden, plastic and metal models for manual casting, core boxes for cold box processes, and pattern plates for moulding machines.

IRON FOUNDRY FANSULD SP.J., POLAND  -  grey cast iron water-sewage system products, sewer manholes and sewer inlets, water and gas system fittings, machine moulding, hand moulding, gravity die-casting, production of metal and epoxy resin patterns.

IP MODELLER AB, SWEDEN  -  block-material, cast iron, polyurethane and epoxy patterns, core-boxes, prototypes, tools and fixtures for foundries and machine-building industry.

ISIKSAN MODEL DOKUM MAKINA SANAYI LTD. STI., TURKEY  -  ferrous foundry, manufacturing of patterns from cast iron, aluminium and polyurethane materials.

ISOFUND MODELACAO INDUSTRIA E COMERCIO LTDA., BRAZIL  -  foundry patterns in wood, resin, aluminum and styrofoam, production of steel and cast iron castings.

IGREK MAKINA SANAYI VE TICARET A.S., TURKEY  -  cast iron, nodular cast iron, cast steel, casting from copper and copper alloys, all sorts of patterns from wood, metal, araldite or polystyrene.

INGATE PATTERN PRODUCTION LTD., NEW ZEALAND  -  wooden, casting resins, fibreglass and aluminium foundry patterns, shell pattern plates and core boxes, investment casting tooling, foam moulding tools, vacuum forming tools, models, prototypes, rotational moulds.

JURK MODELACAO LTDA., BRAZIL  -  wooden, aluminum and epoxy resin foundry patterns, core-boxes, patterns plates.

KONCERN PETAR DRAPSIN A.D., SERBIA  -  production of castings, forgings and cylinder assemblies, own tools factory for all kinds of casting and forging dies, patterns and core-boxes made of wood, metal, plastic and araldit masses.

KIMBENY PATTERNMAKING PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  production of timber, plastic, epoxy and aluminium foundry patterns combining traditional skills with modern technology.

LEGMOD, POLAND  -  manufacturer of wood, plastic and metal patterns in wide dimensional range, for castings from several kilograms up to dozens of tons.
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LASALLE FOUNDRY & MACHINE COMPANY, USA  -  aluminum, bronze, copper, grey iron & ductile iron castings, wood, plastic and polystyrene foam patterns.

LORAIN MODERN PATTERN, INC., USA  -  manufacturer of patterns, materials include foam, wax, wood, plastic, urethane, epoxy, aluminum, steel & iron.

LIBERTY PATTERN & MOLD, INC., USA  -  foundry patterns, models, forms, prototypes, tooling, product materials - woods, urethane, epoxy, styrofoam, wax, composites & other compounds.

LITOSTROJ POTISJE D.O.O., SERBIA  -  gray and nodular iron castings for universal and high productive lathes, coordinating drilling machines, special purpose machines, production of patterns from wood and synthetic plastic materials according to drawings and specifications provided by customers.
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MEKAN & MODELL AB, SWEDEN  -  foundry equipment - patterns and core boxes in cast iron, aluminum and plastics, forming tools for sheet metal.

MIV D.D., CROATIA  -  valves, fittings and foundry works, gray cast iron, nodular cast iron and non-ferrous castings for processing, petrochemical and motor industry, decorative castings, production of patterns in wood, metal, plastic.
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MODEL FUND S.R.L.. ARGENTINA  -  production of foundry patterns and core boxes made of wood, epoxy resins, polystyrene and aluminium alloys.

MODELARSTVO HOHLER D.O.O., SLOVENIA  -  complete pattern production for foundry industry, master patterns and core-boxes of wood and resins (araldite) for mould manufacturers, expandable foam co-polymers patterns for the precision lost-foam castings, prototype models.

MFT LTD., CZECH REPUBLIC  -  producing of iron-foundry patterns for piece even series production, the patterns are made of wood, plastics and non-ferrous metals.

MOSLED LTD., CZECH REPUBLIC  -  castings from steel, grey and nodular cast iron, and aluminum alloys, patterns manufacture - wood, metal, casting resin, and polystyrene.

MODELARNA LIAZ LTD., CZECH REPUBLIC  -  design and manufacture of wooden, metal and plastic patterns and core boxes for hand moulding and for machine moulding, permanent moulds and dies, self-cleaning foundry vents.
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MODELARNA - NOVAK, CZECH REPUBLIC  -  production of wooden patterns and core boxes for production of the piece and big series, wooden and metalic pattern plates for hand or machine moulding, patterns from casting resin, polystyrene patterns for the piece and sample casting, repairs and design changes of patterns in accordance with technology of various foundries.

MODELARNA - NEMOSICE LTD., CZECH REPUBLIC  -  foundry patterns for machine / hand moulding in wood, metals and plastic.

MAYCAST-NOKES PRECISION ENGINEERING LTD., UK  -  aluminium and steel castings, a fully equipped pattern shop for single or multiple patterns in wood or resin.

MAGNUS-NORD SP. Z O.O., POLAND  -  a medium-size foundry, gray cast iron, spheroidal graphite cast iron and steel castings from 0,5 kg up to 3000 kg, cast parts for machine tools, tractors, pumps, automotive, power, ship and food industries, municipal castings, art castings, hand and machine moulding, furan resin bonded sand moulds, sand-bentonite moulds and water glass self-hardening moulds, Omega high-speed continuous sand mixer, forming machines FKT and HWS HSP Sinto, own pattern-shop for patterns and core-boxes from wood and resin.

MICRA PATTERN CO. LTD., UK  -  patterns in wood, resin and metal, shell moulding equipment.

MIDAS PATTERN CO. LTD., UK  -  production of pattern equipment and foundry tooling for supply to both ferrous and non-ferrous foundries, patterns and tools in hardwood, composites, resin and metal.

MEGAMODEL S.A., ARGENTINA  -  patterns in wood, aluminum, epoxy resins, polystyrene, dies for gravity die casting, shell-molding equipment.

METAKOM SCW JSC, BULGARIA  -  steel and cast iron parts for heavy-freight car manufacture, road-building technics, metal cutting machines, ceramic industry, press-forging equipment, hydro power equipment, drying aggregates, gears and couplings, hoisting and hauling devices, furnace building, combustion chambers for fireplaces, sewerage shafts (manhole covers, grids), street and garden lighting posts, garden seats and tables, own pattern shop, foundry patterns and core boxes made of wood, epoxy resins or metal.
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MODELFUSA S.L., SPAIN  -  foundry patterns, prototypes and dies in proper material - wood, epoxy resin, polyurethane, bronze, aluminum, steel.

MODELLISTA STEZZANESE S.r.l., ITALY  -  manufacturer of wood or resin foundry patterns and core-boxes, without limits of complexity of shape or size, traditional and CAD-CAM technology, production of foundry polystyrene patterns manually or via 5-axis milling for full-mould process (replicast-process, evaporative-pattern casting).

MODELLERIA VENEZIANA S.n.c., ITALY  -  production of resin patterns for foundries.

MODELARNA WIPO, CZECH REPUBLIC  -  patterns from casting resin, metal and wood.

NC CORPOREOS, ARGENTINA  -  production of foundry patterns in wood, epoxy resin, expanded polystyrene and aluminium, core-boxes, pattern plates for moulding machines and manual moulding.

NIELSEN ENTERPRISES, INC., USA  -  foundry patterns, prototypes, wood, metal, plastic types-patterns, molds, dies.

NEMES KFT., HUNGARY  -  the largest independent patternmaking shop in Hungary, patterns and core coxes for domestic and foreign foundries and machine manufacturers, wooden patterns up to 8000 mm length and diameter 2500 mm, metal patterns for Foromat and Disa moulding machines, plastic patterns up to 2000 x 2000 mm, polystyrene patterns.

NIJHUIS MODELARNA LTD., CZECH REPUBLIC  -  production of patterns - waterproof plywoods and polymers.

OSSAM JSC, BULGARIA  -  grey, ductile and austampered ductile cast iron castings weighting from 1 kg up to 50 kg, sand moulding, cast parts for water-pipe and gas fittings, cars and trucks, engine- and electric-powered trucks, agricultural machinery, poxy resin and metal foundry patterns and core boxes production.
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PAK BRONZE CO., IRAN  -  production of wood, aluminum, cast iron, araldite and cupper alloys patterns and core-boxes.

PULIDO COMERCIO LTD., BULGARIA  -  wood, lime, plywood, epoxy / polyester resin and aluminum alloys foundry patterns, core-boxes, pattern plates for flask / flaskless machine moulding and hand moulding, equipment for production of castings for chemical, food and cement industries, energy, shipbuilding and heavy investment engineering.
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PIB-EXTRA D.O.O., CROATIA  -  production of all types of foundry industry patterns in wood, metal and araldite-resin, production of complex tools with high precision machining.

PREMIER PATTERNS LTD., UK  -  a press tool pattern making firm which produces mainly patterns / models in polystyrene but also conventional engineering patterns in metal, wood and resin.

PAULINO SORARRAIN S.A., SPAIN  -  foundry patterns in wood, resin and polystyrene, patterns for propellers, wheels, valves, lamps, benches.

RIVER CITY INDUSTRIES, USA  -  specialists in modeling, programming, wax investment tooling, foundry patterns in wood, metal or plastics, production machining and turn key assemblies.

RUST PATTERN & WOODWORKING, INC., USA  -  a full service foundry pattern shop, patterns and core boxes made of wood, plastic, and metal.

RIS-PERT OY (RPT), FINLAND  -  wooden, epoxy and polystyrene foundry patterns, prototypes.

RELIABLE PATTERN WORKS, INC., USA  -  wood, steel, aluminum, plastic, urethane, and epoxy foundry patterns.

ROJAC TOOLING TECHNOLOGIES, UK  -  moulds, foundry patterns, models, jigs and fixtures made of polyurethane, epoxy resin, laminates, cast aluminium, cast iron, steels.

SLEVARNA & MODELARNA NOVE RANSKO LTD., CZECH REPUBLIC  -  copper and aluminium alloys sand-mould castings - machine and hand moulded, aluminium alloys gravity dies casting, wooden, plastic and metal patterns and core boxes for machine and hand moulding, dies for gravity casting.

SUMMIT CASTING CORP., USA  -  manufacturer of aluminum castings and mahogany, aluminum & epoxy patterns.

SLEVARNA PILANA HULIN LTD., CZECH REPUBLIC  -  steel and cast iron castings, production of resin patterns mainly, but also made of aluminium alloys, steel or wood.

SKODA STEEL, CZECH REPUBLIC  -  steel and ductile / grey iron castings, the pattern-shop is able to make any pattern device from wood, metal & cast resin.

TIROSH DAVID QUALITY CASTINGS LTD., ISRAEL  -  manufacturer of aluminum sand and permanent molded castings for the leading international aerospace companies, the largest in-house pattern making shop in Israel, the department combines CAD and CAM processes with conventional methods for manufacturing of wood, plastic and metal patterns.

TSS JSC, CZECH REPUBLIC  -  production of wooden patterns, resin patterns, aluminum alloy patterns, polystyrene patterns, repairs of damaged patterns and pattern equipment.
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TH. JENSEN & SONNER MODELFABRIK A/S, DENMARK  -  supplier of first class tools to the casting industry, CAD/CAM system and CNC machining centres to manufacture top quality patterns and core boxes, moulds for low pressure casting, wooden / plastic pattern equipment made by the traditional technologies, moulds to the polyurethane industry, prototypes and mass production tools.

TORSHALLA MODELLSNICKERI AB, SWEDEN  -  prototypes and foundry patterns in wood, plastic or metal, vacuum forming tools.

U.S. CASTING CO., USA  -  manufacturer of castings for a wide variety of domestic and international companies, carbon, low alloy steel, gray, white and ductile iron in weight ranging from 0.5 to 4000 kg, no-bake sand process, lost foam moulding, in-house pattern making and repair in wood, metal, plastic or polystyrene, depending upon customer needs.

UNIVERSAL PATTERN & MOLDMAKERS CO. LTD., NEW ZEALAND  -  patterns and moulds in wood, resin, steel and aluminium.

VSS FOUNDRY A.S., SLOVAKIA  -  grey cast iron and nodular cast iron castings, production of patterns and pattern equipment with complicated shapes up to maximum size of 6000 x 2500 x 2000 mm, made of wood, metals and synthetic resins.

VOSTERMANS TOOLING AND PROTOTYPING B.V., NETHERLANDS  -  patterns and tooling, incl. resin patterns.

WINONA PATTERN & MOLD, USA  -  wood, urethane, aluminum, cast iron & steel patterns.

WEST PATTERN WORKS, INC., USA  -  manufacturer of wood, metal and urethane foundry tooling.

WILLAMETTE PATTERN WORKS, INC., USA  -  experience in building pattern and core boxes made from quality materials - hardwoods, composites, urethanes, aluminum, iron, and steel. ZIMMERMANN FORMTECHNIK GmbH, GERMANY  -  pattern making and die construction for various companies of the automobile industry, wood and plastic foundry patterns and core boxes.

ZLIEVAREN TRNAVA S.R.O., SLOVAKIA  -  grey cast iron foundry, production of wood, metal and epoxy resin patterns.

Companies which offer compounds for foundry patterns and tooling

ABATRON, INC., USA  -  specialized in the research, development, and custom formulation of epoxy and polyester compounds, urethanes, acrylics, silicones, chemical specialties, for industrial, electronic, marine, and architectural applications, incl. for molds, castings, foundry patterns and tooling.

ALTROPOL KUNSTSTOFF GmbH, GERMANY  -  specialized in the development and formulation of high-quality epoxy resins, polyurethanes and RTV 2-pack silicone rubber systems for automobile manufacture and component suppliers, foundry industry - negatives, foundry patterns, core boxes, moulded plates, etc.

ALCHEMIE LTD., UK  -  specialised in the development and formulation of epoxy resin, polyurethane resin, silicone, model board, sheet wax and vacuum casting materials used in the preparation of prototypes, resin tools, foundry patterns, models and pre-production series.

ATUL LTD., INDIA  -  one of India's leading chemical companies, manufacturer of Lapox epoxy resins and hardener systems for applications in electrical casting, composites and laminating, civil and coating industries, foundry engineering, patterns & tooling, etc.

AXSON NORTH AMERICA, INC., USA  -  manufacturer of specialty formulated epoxy, polyurethane, polyester resins and adhesives for a master pattern, prototype or finish products.

ATLAS POLYMERS, UK  -  formulation, design and manufacture of a wide range of polymer systems and ancillary products, the product range includes 2-part polyurethanes and epoxy casting resins, epoxy and polyurethane adhesives.

CHEMOVATE PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  production of resins, polymers and specialty chemicals, novolac and resol phenolic resins, phenol formaldehyde resins, epoxy resins, refractory grade resins, foundry furan resins, resins for shell-moulding, resins for hot-box, cold-box, alpha-set or pep-set processes.

CVC SPECIALTY CHEMICALS, INC., USA  -  a worldwide specialist in niche epoxies, manufacturer of specialty epoxy resins for various industries and applications.

CAMATTINI S.p.A., ITALY  -  supplies a complete range of application cycles and products to the model and mould industry, the sales program includes the polyurethane, silicon and epoxy resins for negative and foundry patterns, tooling boards for foundry patterns, tooling boards for prototyping, etc.

CRIDEL THERMOSET INC., USA  -  manufacturing epoxy and urethane compounds for the tooling & pattern making - aluminum-filled casting resins, urethanes, high-end abrasion-resistant materials, materials used in foundry, patterns and core boxes, polyurethane elastomers, mould making and mould repair products, and mould release agents.

ELITE CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES (PTY) LTD., SOUTH AFRICA  -  a manufacturer of a wide range of epoxy / polyurethane and polyester resin systems for the electronic, mining and quarrying, general and civil engineering sectors of the industry, wear resistant epoxy compounds for production of foundry resin patterns, mould making, general casting and repair worn castings.

ELI-CHEM RESINS UK LTD., UK  -  suppliers of epoxy resins & adhesives, polyurethane resins, polyester resins & gelcoats, acrylic resins & adhesives for a wide variety of industrial applications.

EBALTA KUNSTSTOFF GmbH, GERMANY  -  a complete product range of materials necessary for model making, mould making, rapid prototyping and tooling, polyurethane and epoxy resins, silicone and board materials.

EPOLYGLAS, S.A. de C.V., MEXICO  -  epoxy resins for production of patterns and core boxes for foundries.

FREEMAN MFG. & SUPPLY CO., USA  -  the industry-leading supplier to anyone making parts, patterns, tools, or molds, casting resins, mold releases, pattern coatings, core box air release vents, and core box alignment pins and bushings, etc.
CastingArea's Presentation.

FURNOVA POLYMERS LTD., INDIA  -  foundry products - furan resin, phenol formaldehyde resins, furfuryl alcohol modified phenol resins, epoxy compounds.

GREMOLITH AG, SWITZERLAND  -  an independent manufacturer and supplier of unsaturated polyester resins, furan resins and phenolic resins including various condensation resins and polymers for a wide range of uses, polyurethane fast curing casting resins and epoxy tooling resins for models and casting molds, foundry patterns and negatives, special fillers, Gremol and Zip Slip release agents for all surfaces.

HAPCO, INC., USA  -  design, development, and manufacture of epoxies and urethanes for tooling and mold making for foundry, automotive, metal forming industries.

HUNTSMAN INTERNATIONAL LLC, USA  -  a global manufacturer and marketer of differentiated and commodity chemicals, Huntsman Advanced Materials, Belgium, is a leading global manufacturer and marketer of advanced epoxy resins, adhesives, coating systems, electrical insulating materials, printed circuit board technology, tooling materials and structural composites, the leading epoxy adhesive brand in Europe, the Americas and many parts of the world Araldite® is a registered trademark of Huntsman LLC.

HASTINGS PLASTICS CO., USA  -  a full line of polyester resins, casting epoxy resins, urethane resins.

JOHN BURN & CO (B'HAM) LTD., UK  -  specialised in materials for the tooling industry as well as the rapid prototyping market and foundry industry, the company is unique in that not only does it have one of the most comprehensive stocks of epoxies and polyurethane resins, tooling and modelling boards but it also stocks a wide range of consumables and ancillaries to complement these products, the product range includes Sika Epoxy & PU Biresin systems and SikaBlock, John Burn tooling systems and boards, mineral fillers, release agents and ancillaries, repair pastes, fillers & adhesives, pattern finishes, paints & varnishes, consumables.

KINDT-COLLINS CO., LLC, USA  -  pattern shop and foundry supplies, pattern making plastics, pattern shop tools.

KUKDO CHEMICAL CO., LTD., KOREA, SOUTH  -  manufacturer of plastic materials, organic / inorganic chemicals, epoxy resins.

NECUMER GmbH, GERMANY  -  development and processing of polyurethane for modelling, tooling and pattern making.

PTM & W INDUSTRIES, INC., USA  -  supplier of surface coats, laminating systems, adhesives, epoxy casting resins for a variety of industrial applications, incl. foundry patterns, urethanes, prototyping materials, accessory products.

POLYCHEM CORP., USA  -  manufacturers of a wide variety of resin products and systems, epoxy and polyester casting resins.

ROBNOR RESINS LTD., UK  -  manufacturer and distributor of resin systems for the marine, automotive, aerospace, defence, civil engineering, telecommunication, railways and OEM industries, epoxy, polyurethane, silicone, potting compound, encapsulation, elastomers, thermosets, casting, tooling, insulation compounds, coatings, epoxy moulding compounds.

TOOL CHEMICAL COMPANY, INC., USA  -  epoxy resin systems, room and high temperature, a wide variety of adhesives, laminating systems, surface coats, surface and mass casting systems, and syntactic foams.

UNITED RESIN CORP., USA  -  producer of epoxy systems, casting resins, adhesives, surface materials, laminating resins, high heat resins, for the aerospace, electronics, automotive, marine and construction industries.

VAGABOND CORPORATION, USA  -  manufacturer of polyurethane casting resins for model-makers, pattern-makers and mold-makers.

WPL INDUSTRIES, USA  -  materials for patternmaking, model making, design and prototyping, urethane modeling boards, modeling clays, pattern lumber, plywood, epoxy resin systems, fiberglass fabrics, tooling urethanes, RTV silicons resins, special adhesives.

W.P. NOTCUTT LTD., UK  -  a range of mould-making materials and polyurethane casting resins supplying sculptors, bronze founders, pattern / model makers, resin casters, and the restoration profession.

ZAKLADY CHEMICZNE ORGANIKA SARZYNA, POLAND  -  manufacturer of epoxy resins, incl. for foundry patterns.

* In process, June, 2015.

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