Turkcast 2008, Istanbul-Turkey, support of Shandor Ltd. Turkcast 2008, Istanbul, Turkey

Turkcast'08, the National Flags of the participants, TV tower Turkcast'08, the main building and a facade of the Tuyap Fuar (Fair) Trade Show Turkcast'08, the huge anteroom which connects the exhibition halls Turkcast'08, one of exhibition halls, on left-Alexandr Lysenko, Director of Shandor Ltd., on the right-Denyo Alipiev, TU-Sofia Turkcast'08, Marmara Metal exhibition stand Turkcast'08, manhole covers production foundry Turkcast'08, trade meetings and conversations, in the middle of the picture: Vl. Kotsev, Techceramic-M, Bulgaria Turkcast'08, ALSA Laboratuvar Cihazlari Ltd, exhibition stand, Laboratory test units, Strength Test equipment supplier Turkcast'08, Bozkurt exhibition stand, foundry patterns, tools and equipment Turkcast'08, CMS Cetin Makina, foundry moulding machines-presses Turkcast'08, Omega Foundry Machinery Ltd. UK, sand mixers, sand reclamation, mould handling systems, core machines, exhibition stand Ms Lynn Postle, Editor of World No1 Foundry Trade Journal, UK, Thanks for this great moment!, Denyo Alipiev - CastingArea Turkcast'08, Tudoksad-Turkish Foundrymen's Association, exhibition stand Turkcast'08, Gur Metal Istanbul, Lost Wax Process foundry, exhibition stand Elkem-Norway, Remeko-Bulgaria, Thanks for your sponsorship, Denyo Alipiev - CastingArea Turkcast'08, Hidroteknik exhibition stand Turkcast'08, Boran Celik Dokum - Boran Steel Casting Co, exhibition stand Turkcast'08, Metal Enjeksiyon Presleri - Metal Pres Company, exhibition stand Turkcast'08, The Serbian Group of Foundry Directors Turkcast'08, one of exhibition halls Alexandr Lysenko, Director of Shandor Ltd Istanbul, night adventures one of the Major mosques of Istanbul Istanbul, Kapali Carsi, and Denyo Istanbul, The Grand Bazaar (Kapalicarsi in Turkish), one of the the largest covered markets in the World, and Alexandr Istanbul, Mangal Restaurant, and Denyo Istanbul, October 2008, streets and flowers Istanbul, on the highway to Bulgaria
Pictures: CastingArea