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32nd International Scientific-Technical Conference and Exhibition "Foundry and Metallurgy 2024. Belarus", November 20-22, 2024, Minsk

27th International Exhibition of Industrial Technologies and Innovations - TechInnoProm 2024, September 24-26, 2024, Minsk

International Trade Fair of Foundry and Metallurgical Technologies LitMetExpo - 2024, April 9-12, 2024, Minsk

International Conference "Modeling the Synthesis and Destruction of Advanced Materials" - MSDAM-2023, October 19-21, 2023, Minsk

15th International Scientific and Technical Conference "Advanced Methods and Technologies of Materials Development and Processing", October 4-6, 2023, Minsk

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AMKODOR-BELVAR JSC  -  aluminium and zinc alloys castings from 0.005 kg to 4.5 kg, pressure die casting, a part of the Amkodor Holding.

ART CASTINGS  -  monumental, garden and park sculptures, figurines, reliefs, plaques, souvenirs, interior items and ritual supplies of bronze, aluminium and artificial stone, investment casting, cold-harden sand moulding, gravity / pressure die casting.

ALSTRONG LTD.  -  high pressure die casting of aluminium alloys, weight of castings from 0.2 to 9 kg, a part of Alutech Group.

BEMZ - BREST ELECTROMECHANICAL PLANT JSC  -  manufacturer of agricultural machines, multipurpose agricultural units, electricity meters and devices, medical devices, aluminium casting parts weighing up to 1 kg, steel investment casting, dies and patterns for foundries.

BELTOR-ELITE LTD.  -  scrap processing plant, production of copper and bronze castings, and non-ferrous ingots.

BOBRUISK MACHINE-BUILDING PLANT JSC  -  the largest in CIS countries manufacturers of centrifugal pumps for oil refining, petrochemical, mining, metallurgical, power generation, pulp and paper industries, cement producing plants as well as for handling of pure and waste / sewage water in municipal, agricultural and industrial water supply systems, different type of manholes - road manhole covers, lightweight manholes, floating sewage manholes, rectangular rain water collectors for streets, yards and other territories, cast iron home ovens, doors, wind box doors, semi-doors and other parts, aluminium cast cookware, own foundry for steel, cast iron and non-ferrous castings, a part of HMS Group.

BARANOVICHY MACHINE-TOOL PLANT  -  grey cast iron and ductile cast iron parts with weight from 0.05 kg up to 40 kg, castings used for own production of compressors, and automotive parts - brake disks for passenger cars, brake drums and hubs for trailers, brake cylinders, clutch cylinders and crankshafts, automatic moulding lines Disamatic, capacity of 24 000 tons of fit castings per year, a part of Atlant Company - manufacturer of refrigerators, freezers, washing machines and household appliances.

BELARUSIAN OPTICAL AND MECHANICAL ASSOCIATION (BELOMO)  -  production capabilities concentrated in special-purpose production lines, such as mechanoprocessing, optical, polymeric material processing, stamping shops, electroplating shops, assembly shops and tool shops, foundry for aluminium, copper and zinc alloys, carbon steel, stainless steel and heat-resistant steel, gravity and pressure die casting, investment casting.

GRODNO ARMATURE PLANT TZWETLIT  -  water and gas armature production, brass and aluminium alloy castings, pressure die casting.

GOMEL FOUNDRY AND STANDARDS WORKS (GZLiN)  -  production of maize and grass headers, pick-ups for forage technique, grain headers for combines, a large range of pull-type machines for harvesting of grain and fodder crops, pre- and postsowing tillage technique, casting items from high-strength cast iron, aluminium and bronze castings, fasteners and consumption goods.

GOMEL FOUNDRY PLANT TSENTROLIT  -  grey and ductile iron castings, bronze and brass castings, products for oil and gas industry, electric energy, telecommunication, metallurgy, machine-building and civil building - beds, cases, carriages, tables, wheels, pulleys, rolls, counterbalances, braking drums, hydraulic booster bodies, housings, turbine bodies, bearing bodies, matrixes, under stamp plates, tubings, ingot moulds, pallets, crucibles, manhole covers and grates, rain gullies, fireplace grates, furnaces for a cottages, park benches, street lamps, fence elements, flower-bed & refuse bins, art casting.
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KUZLITMASH  -  castings for hydraulic and pneumatic presses, foundry equipment (moulding lines, moulding / core machines, gravity die-casting units, sand mixers, flasks), agricultural machinery, spare parts.
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LIDA FOUNDRY AND MECHANICAL PLANT JSC  -  grey, nodular and special alloy cast iron castings, cylinder liners for automotive and tractor engines, gravity die casting, shell-mould casting, centrifugal casting, green-sand moulding.

LEGMASH JSC  -  grey cast iron castings weighting 0.1–40 kg, capacity of 360 tons per year, steel investment castings weighting 0.005-2 kg, capacity up to
50 tons per year, aluminium pressure die castings weighting 0.1-2 kg, capacity up to 150 tons per year.

LMZ UNIVERSAL  -  the Foundry and Mechanical Factory - Universal is a manufacturer of mining equipment, lifting and transporting equipment, chemical equipment, non-standard equipment, steel, cast-iron and non-ferrous castings weighing from 0.5 kg up to 15 tons.

MOLODECHNO FOUNDRY PLANT LTD.  -  grey cast iron and ductile cast iron castings from 0.5 kg up to 5 t, continuous casting, pattern making.

MINSK HEATING EQUIPMENT WORKS JSC  -  heating radiators for systems of heating of inhabited, public and industrial buildings raised floor of a building, pig-iron section boilers for a heat supply of individual apartment houses and other similar buildings and the constructions equipped with water systems of heating with natural or compulsory circulation of the heat-carrier (water), fittings - connecting details for various pipelines, nipple for connection radiators and boilers, boiler and radiator set, cylinders for automobiles, Disa moulding lines, art castings for exert an elevating interiors, the areas of squares, cemeteries, country sites, rural building, art creativity in streets, interior of office buildings and premises, benches, lanterns, urns, section protections, storm lattices, protections for trees, park sculptures, fireplaces, chimney sets, fixtures, tables, signboards, arms, bells, tablets, crosses, vases, frameworks under a medallion, fencings, little tables, gravestone inscriptions.

MOGILEVLIFTMASH JSC  -  passenger lifts, freight elevators, small goods lifts, freight elevators for transportation of cars, hospital lifts, panoramic lifts, steel and cast iron castings.

MOZYR MACHINE-BUILDING PLANT JSC  -  a large range engineering products for agriculture, forestry, energy enterprises, land reclamation and road works, steel and cast iron foundry, castings up to 100 kg, tool production for the manufacture of technological equipment of all types of production.

MINSK MOTOR PLANT  -  diesel engines manufacturing, engines for tractors, automobiles, buses, agricultural and other special machines and production units, foundry for aluminium alloys castings, gravity and pressure die casting, pistons, intake manifolds, pipes, reservoirs, pump casings, cylinders, connecting rods, weight of castings from 0.1 kg to 20 kg.

MOGILEV METALLURGICAL WORKS JSC  -  one of the largest metallurgical plants in Belarus, cast iron manholes of access gullies for underground infrastructure, for heat, gas supply pipeline and cable networks of water piping, and sewage system.

MOGILEV PLANT STROMMASHINA JSC  -  a multiline machine building enterprise, manufacturer and supplier of technological lines for production of ceramic refractory bricks, technological lines and equipment for production of construction materials and railway ties, asbestos-cement products, soft roofing, railway sleepers and pointwork sleepers, cement goods, tower cranes, cast iron tubbings for shaft fastening of underground structures and mines, own foundry for cast iron castings, capacity of 10000 t per year, and non-ferrous pressure die castings, capacity 380 t per year.

MVZ TSVETMET CJSC  -  production of aluminium and zinc alloy castings for machine engineering plants, household appliances manufacturers and gas appliances enterprises, gravity die casting, pressure die casting and investment casting technologies.

OSIPOVICHY AUTOMOBILE UNITS PLANT  -  aluminium alloys cast parts for the automotive industry, gravity and pressure die casting, sand moulding.

PROMLYNX JSC  -  production of solid ferrite microwave devices - switches, valves, circulators used in the wireless microwave and satellite communications systems, radar technology and cellular communication, production of gas water heaters flow components - gas valves, heat exchangers, water regulators, cast burners, pressure die casting and gravity die casting parts made of aluminium alloys, brass and bronze.

RATON JSC  -  a diversified enterprise with the following production works - machining, assembly and mounting, all types of stamping, frame-welding, foundry for pressure die casting of aluminium and zinc alloys.

STROYMASH JSC  -  manufacturer of building machines for concrete, earth, painting and decorating, roofing, hydroinsulating and general building of the work, cranes and lifting-transport equipment, production of cast iron castings - light, middle, heavy manhole covers for sewerage, cable and heat networks, grates, storm water drainage funnels, garden furniture.

TECHNOLIT POLOTSK JSC  -  grey iron castings for agricultural equipment, cattle-breeding complexes, doors, plates and other parts for home coal-burning stoves, cast cookware, manhole covers, gully grates, fittings, brake shoes for railways, art castings - sculptures, memorial plaques, decorative park benches, tables, tree frames and fences.

VOLMET JSC  -  producer of door locks, handles, padlocks, latch mortise locks, bolts and keys, aluminium and zinc alloys pressure die casting.

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