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Armex Trade Ltd. - Bulgaria, exclusive representative of plants-manufacturers of refractories, graphite and metallurgy materials, ferroalloys, steels, etc., office@armextrade.com Remeko Ltd. - Bulgaria, a representive of leading companies from Europe and USA, foundry materials, technical solutions and consulting in metalcasting, www.remeko.com Shandor Ltd. - Bulgaria, delivery and sale of power thyristors and diodes for induction furnaces for foundries, heat treatment, forge and galvanization shops Telemat Trade Ltd. - Bulgaria, consultancy services, representation of manufacturers of foundry equipment, distribution of foundry materials from foreign producers, sale of castings and spares, own production of mould and core materials, www.telemat.bg

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ALUMEX-64 LTD.  -  production of bronze, brass and aluminium castings, green-sand moulding, self-hardening sand moulding, gravity die casting, lost-wax industrial and art casting.

ALFA-3 LTD.  -  aluminium alloys cast wheels and other products, counter-pressure, low-pressure and gravity die casting.

ALESTA - ALEXIEVI BROTHERS LTD.  -  design, production and restoration of metal art and architectural works - bronze, brass, iron, cast iron in various classical and modern technologies, precision casting of bronze, brass, aluminium and special alloys, wrought iron and wrought copper, interior and exterior metalworks, railings, decorative gates, grilles and fences, reliefs and sculptures, metal garden furniture, bar tops and chairs.

ARARAT COMPANY  -  bronze, brass, aluminium alloys and cast iron casting, machinery components, plates and rings for coal-burning stoves, manhole covers and grates, parts for fireplaces, ornamental casts for lighting fittings, fountains, benches, tops of fence rails.

ARCUS CO.  -  production and supply of defence-related products, machine tools and equipment for the machine-building industry, non-standard equipment and repairs, automotive spares, products and services for the civilian market, the production capabilities include cast iron and non-ferrous alloys casting (in the subsidiary OK-Olymp JSC, Omurtag).

ART GANAR AS LTD.  -  art casting - small plastics and monumental sculptures of brass, bronze and aluminium alloys, capabilities of moulding sizes up to 8 m, full treatment of the finished castings, polishing, patina-forming treatment.

ALUCOM JSC  -  foundry for casting and machining of aluminium parts, counter pressure, low pressure and high pressure die casting, cast parts for hydraulic systems, pump housings, cast parts for the military industry and automotive industry, light-alloy wheel rims for personal cars and heavy-duty vehicles.
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AQUASTO LTD.  -  aluminuim alloys and brass high pressure and gravity die casting, production of floor drains, decorative caps and grids, plates for stoves and fireplaces, brass handles, machining, polishing, decorative nickel and chromium plating, assembly of finished products.

ARZ POBEDA JSC  -  spare parts and accessories for trucks and trailers, agricultural machines, repairs of automobiles, steel, cast iron and aluminium alloys castings.

ALUMINA TRIMEX JSC  -  pressure die casting, aluminium and zinc alloys, production of aluminium radiators for heating.

BULGARIAN FOUNDRY LTD.  -  centrifugal cast products made of grey cast iron, carbon and alloy steel, small series and single castings of gray iron and steel in sand moulds, castings for machine-building, chemical, metallurgical and mining industries.

BADESTNOST JSC  -  manufacturer of hydraulic distributors and hydraulic components, own cast iron foundry, shell-process.

BAMEX JSC  -  production of cast iron, steel and non-ferrous castings for metallurgy, quarry and road-building machines, automotive industry, forklifts, agriculture machines, ore-output and ore-processing industry, water supply and sewerage (manhole covers, grates, hydrants), decorative castings, classic green sand-bentonite base moulding lines, own V-process foundry having an automatic V-process moulding line, delivered by Sintokogio - Japan, specialized in serial manufacture of castings mainly for counterweights.

BELASSITSA JSC  -  manufacturer of water meters and products for measurement and control for hot and cold water, gas and electrical control apparatus, spare parts, gravity die casting of brass parts up to 3 kg without cores or up to 10 kg with cores.

BULCHIM JSC  -  grey and spherodical graphite cast iron, steel and non-ferrous metals casting, cast parts for metal-tool equipment companies - spindle-shaped box, gear box, support box, carriage, lunette.
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BACHO LTD.  -  castings in grey cast iron, bronze and aluminium alloys, spare parts for the general machine-building, agricultural machines and farm implements, castings for the furniture production.

BILBOBUL LTD.  -  a company staffed by Spanish and Bulgarian professionals with over 25 years of experience in metallurgy, sand-moulded casting in carbon steel, stainless steel, grey and nodular cast iron, bronze and aluminium alloys, cast parts for valves, pumps, turbine blades and other related machinery.
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BRONZE LTD.  -  bronze, brass, aluminium alloys and grey cast iron castings, spare parts for agricultural machines, road sanding equipment, ceramic industry and power engineering, park and street interior decorative appliances, centrifugal casting, gravity die casting and green-sand molding, production of dies and patterns.

CHUGUNENA ARMATURA - BULGARIA JSC  -  industrial cast iron fixtures for water supply, steam installations, power generation, aquaculture planta, cast iron castings with a weight from 0.2 up to 1800 kg.

CENTROMET JSC  -  foundry for centrifugal steel and cast iron castings - tubes and tube assemblies for chemical industry, cylinder liners for marine diesel engines and diesel generators, rolls for the ceramic industry, furnace rolls, double-layer rolls, bi-metal parts, special cylinders for flush pumps for mine industry and geological researches, other cast parts for the chemical, metallurgic, mining and machine-building industries, a member company of Metal Technology Group.
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CHUGUN LTD.  -  manufacturer of wear-resistant cast iron and steel castings, facing plates, walls and balls for mills, hammers and plates for rotary crushers, blades and facing plates for asphalt and concrete mixers, brake discs and drums, parts of sliding bearings, heat-resistant cast iron facing plates for clinker coolers and trays for steam boilers.

CHUGUNOLEENE PARVOMAI JSC  -  castings in white, ductile and alloy cast iron with a maximum weight up to 60 kg, grist balls, grinding solids (cilpebs) and protective lining for chutes for crushers in ore, cement, copper, building and energy industries, all types brake shoes for railway transport, brake discs, castings for hydraulic elements, for automotive and forklifts industries, spare parts for energy industry, general machine building, agricultural machines and farm equipment, ornamental castings for fence elements and park-furnish equipment, carbon steel castings with a maximum weight up to 2000 kg - castings for agricultural machines and spare parts for general machine building, spare parts for energy industry.

CASTING TECHNOLOGY LTD.  -  aluminium and zinc pressure die casting for the automotive, medical and machine-building industries.

DROUZHBA CO.  -  production of pistons, piston rings and piston pins for internal-combustion engines - automobiles, trucks, compressors, and road construction machines, aluminium alloys casting, gravity die casting, semi-liquid stamping.

DYNAMO JSC  -  specialization in automotive electric equipment, electric motors and complete electric drive systems for CNC controlled machine tools and other automation processes and household appliances, own foundry for pressure die casting of aluminium parts.

DEKOMET LTD.  -  grey cast iron decorative castings for fences, doors and banisters, casts for fire-grates and protecting gratings.

DRAGOLOVI LTD.  -  aluminium alloys casting, floor traps / siphons, according to the most commonly used size standards for water drainage systems.

ELEKTROSTOMANA-2004 JSC  -  carbon, alloy and manganese steel, grey and nodular cast iron, spare parts for tractors, bucket loaders, bulldozers, concrete-mixers, road construction and agricultural machines, crushers, ball mills.

ET ALPLAST  -  production of aluminium alloy castings, industrial cast parts, shape forming details for optics, floor siphons, drainage grates, street and garden lighting lanterns, benches and fence elements, green-sand moulding, gravity die casting and pressure die casting.

ELMOT JSC  -  manufacturer of electric brake motors with cone rotor, rope electric hoists with capacity from 1 to 20 t, reduction gears and geared motors, elastic couplings for driving systems, crane components, DC traction motors, own foundry for aluminium alloys pressure die casting.

ENERGOREMONT-KRESNA JSC  -  castings from carbon, low- and high alloyed steels, the max weight 4500 kg, castings from grey iron, the max weight 600 kg, castings from spheroidal-graphite iron, the max weight 250 kg, aluminium castings, the max weight 50 kg, castings and spare parts for power engineering, for mining and cement industry, for shipbuilding, turbine blades, etc.

ELMETAL MV LTD.  -  carbon steel, stainless and manganese steel, cast iron, aluminium alloy, zinc-aluminium alloy, brass and bronze castings for the construction machinery, electrical engineering, household needs, chemical, textile, food and automotive industries, green sand moulding, pressure die casting, precise (investment) casting in ceramic and shell forms - casting, artwork.

FREKO - BRATYA KOSTOVI LTD.  -  investment casting, gravity die casting, stainless steel, bronze and brass castings, classic and retro floor drains, shower drains, drain grates, drainage system, traps, furniture hardware, handles, hangers, fireplace accessories, horn oarlocks, handicrafts, decoration and art castings.

HERMES-IKO LTD.  -  pressure die casting for the automotive, electrical and machine-building industries, production of dies and tools.

IPO LTD.  -  cast iron, steel, brass and bronze castings.

INSTITUTE OF METALCASTING AND FOUNDRY EQUIPMENT (IMLT)  -  grey cast iron, nodular cast iron and steel castings.
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KARLAK-97 LTD.  -  grey iron and aluminium castings - manhole covers, bell traps of lower drainage, drain bell-mouths for flat roots, single wash-basins with two broad-boards, squatting-type closets, consoles for wash-basins, rounded shafts, square decorative elongated shafts, electric cooker plates, rings for oil stoves.

KNEZIM JSC  -  production of industrial fittings for technological lines and installations, cast iron castings, carbon and stainless steel cast parts.

KOOP-METALURGIA  -  cast iron, aluminium alloys, brass and bronze casting, manhole covers, frames and grates.

LAKI 131 LTD.  -  aluminium alloys pressure die casting.

LEIARMACH JSC  -  grey cast iron and nodular cast iron, yearly production capacity - 5000 tons of castings for bodies, columns, boxes, washers for machine tools, compressors, pumps and cranes, maximum weight of castings - up to 8000 kg.

LEASTOM LTD.  -  cast iron parts, manhole covers, steel investment casting.

M99 LTD.  -  sculpture studio and bronze art foundry, classical and contemporary sculptures, restoration of works of art, production of household articles.

METALPLAST-2 LTD.  -  bronze, brass, aluminium and zinc alloys, and grey cast iron castings, hand moulding, green-sand and fast-hardening mould mixtures, gravity die casting.

METALIK-BCP JSC  -  steel, brass and aluminium castings for automotive industry, textile, agricultural and defence machinebuilding, investment casting, shell casting, high pressure die-casting.
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MACHINE DESIGN LTD.  -  grey and ductile cast iron castings for the machine-building industry and household, bodies of lathes, bridges for lathes, support boxes, handing boxes, gearboxes, belt wheels, hulls of electrical motors, benches, lamp pillars, anti-parking posts, grates, manhole covers, parts for fireplaces.

MADARA JSC  -  steel castings made of carbon, low alloyed steel, high-tensile steel with good welding qualities, grey iron, ductile iron, annual output 8 000 tons, production of trucks, front rear and tandem driving and dead axles for trucks, buses, trolleys, roadbuilding machines, gear wheels.

MMOTORS JSC  -  aluminium alloys pressure die-casts for electric motors, weight of castings up to 3 kg.

MECHANICAL-REPAIRING PLANT (MRP) GORNA ORYAHOVITSA LTD.  -  cast iron, steel and non-ferrous casting, pattern equipment, production of heat-exchanger apparatuses, tanks, mixers, condensers, transporters, elevators, feeders, mechanical-repairing of the agricultural, building and road-engineering machinery.

METAKOM SCW INVEST JSC  -  steel and cast iron casting, cast parts for heavy-freight car manufacture, road-building technics, metal cutting machines, ceramic industry, press-forging equipment, hydro power equipment, drying aggregates, gears and couplings, hoisting and hauling devices, furnace building, combustion chambers for fireplaces, sewerage shafts (manhole covers, grids), street and garden lighting posts, garden seats and tables, own pattern shop, foundry patterns and core boxes made of wood, epoxy resins or metal.
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METAL TECHNOLOGY GROUP  -  Metal Technology Group - Angel Balevski Holding AD - Sofia incorporates leading Bulgarian companies - Alucom, Centromet, Ossam - specialized in production of aluminium, grey and ductile cast iron, steel and alloyed steel castings, foundry methods - counter pressure, low pressure and high pressure die casting, shell process, sand-mould and centrifugal casting.
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NORD JSC  -  non-standard equipment, spare parts, reduction gears, gears, shafts, pumps and other equipment for the chemical, cement, ship-repair and shipbuilding industries, the company produces in its foundry castings up to 2500 kg; Nord has a system for corrosion protection of large-sized non-standard details.

NAYDENOV-SM  -  castings in iron, steel and non-ferrous metals and alloys, vacuum supported shell casting and investment casting, green sand hand moulding, art casting in brass, bronze, silver and other non-ferrous metals and alloys, garden furnishing, interior and exterior decorative cast items, patternmaking.

OSSAM JSC  -  grey, ductile and austampered ductile cast iron castings weighting from 1 kg up to 50 kg, sand moulding, cast parts for water-pipe and gas fittings, cars and trucks, engine- and electric-powered trucks, agricultural machinery, resin and metal foundry patterns production.
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PROGRESS JSC  -  grey iron and nodular iron castings for hydraulic and the pneumatic technologies, for the motor industry, for the electrical and mechanical engineering, art castings, street and park lighting poles, taps, benches, fountains, fences.

PERLA JSC  -  agriculture engineering producer, plant protection engineering, soil cultivating engineering, seedlings planting engineering, cattle–breeding engineering, woodworking machines, spare parts - three piston pumps, bearing junctions, harrow discs, production of various steel components by precision casting, grey cast iron items, cast iron grit & shot for blasting.

PRIBOR P-61 LTD.  -  production of devices and accessories which find application in energetics, central heating systems, chemical, oil refining and catering industries, capacity for pressure die casting of aluminium and zinc alloys.

RABAR  -  production of precise aluminium and zinc alloys castings for mechanical engineering, hydraulics, household appliances, locks and hinges, gravity die casting and pressure die casting.
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RMZ 2001 JSC  -  spare parts for the metallurgy, general engineering, chemical, building, and agricultural industries, home consumer goods, cast iron parts up to 2000 kg, castings in carbon and alloyed steel up to 500 kg, aluminium and aluminium alloys, brass and bronze, zinc and zinc alloys, lead and lead alloys.
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ROZA EMAIL LTD.  -  producer of flue pipes and enameled coal-burning heaters / cooking stoves, own foundry, annual capacity of 1000 t cast iron castings.

RTR LTD.  -  grey cast iron and alloy cast iron castings, centrifugal casting - production of cylinder liners for internal-combustion engines and components for machinebuilding, sand moulding - valves seats' saddlers, valves heads’ castings, hammers and iron mills' balls, weights for bars and weightlifters, machinebuilding castings.

RUANA LTD.  -  bronze, brass and aluminium alloys castings, spare parts for the machine-building industry, decorative cast articles, green sand molding, gravity die casting, pattern making.

RADOMIR METALS INDUSTRIES JSC  -  manufacturer of large-scale castings and forgings, the steel foundry is designed for annual production of 25 000 tons of castings with unit weight from 4 to 120 tons using self-hardening moulding mixtures on the basis of quartz sand, water glass and catalyst, or quartz sand, furan resin and catalyst, the production is directed to structure-defining economic branches, such as power engineering, shipbuilding, cement and chemical industry, mining industry, heavy investment machinery, ferrous and non-ferrous metal industries, nuclear / conventional energy sector and specific military equipment.

SAMEL-90 JSC  -  pressure die casting, aluminium and zinc alloys items.

SILA JSC  -  grey iron castings, weight range from 0.4 up to 800 kg, steel castings, aluminium alloys, bronze and brass castings.

SLAVOV LTD.  -  steel, cast iron, bronze, brass and aluminium alloys foundry, cast parts for shipbuilding and ship repair, chemical industry and mechanical engineering, sand moulding and centrifugal casting, pattern making.

STAK LTD.  -  production of grey and alloy cast iron, carbon, stainless and alloy steels and non-ferrous castings, manhole covers and grates, drainage grills and shafts, augers, vanes, rollers for trolleys, teeth for excavators, housings and turbines for water pumps, housings for gearboxes, cast iron plates for bbq and stoves, spare parts for construction and agricultural machinery, mining and ceramics.

SUPERSPLAV LTD.  -  aluminium and zinc alloys cast parts for mechanical engineering, transport, electricity supply companies, tobacco and food industry, gravity die casting and sand moulding, aluminium and zinc based anodes for protection against corrosion on boiler containers, sea and river vessel hulls.

TISINA LTD.  -  manufacturer of grey and nodular cast iron castings weighing up to 400 kg, cast parts for agricultural, road construction and general machinery, machine components for normal, tropical and explosion-proof hoists, manhole covers and grates, cast appliances for solid fuel fireplaces and stoves.

TCHERNO MORE CO.  -  design, production and trade with sea and river navigation radar systems, ground radars for automatic detection, tracking and identification of moving ground targets, coastal radar systems, airport surface movement radars, own foundry, aluminium alloys pressure die casting, investment casting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

TT-TEHNOLOGIA LTD.  -  a non-ferrous foundry, manufacturer of chill castings, low pressure castings, high pressure castings, dies for chill casting and pressure die casting.
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VEGA-03 LTD.  -  production of ferrous and non-ferrous castings and spare parts, centrifugal casting and sand moulding.

V.I.P. LTD.  -  aluminium alloys pressure die casting, production capacity up to 300 t, spare parts for the automotive industry - starter and alternator housings and other minor parts, parts for electric motors - housings, output terminal boxes, elements for heating radiators, parts for washing machines, sets for GSM amplifiers.

VIPOM JSC  -  manufacturer of pumps, pumping units, pumping stations, small hydroelectric stations, grey cast iron and bronze castings, artistic casting.

VMV METAL LTD.  -  grey and nodular iron casting, production of large sized castings up to 25 tons in furan moulding mixture, small and medium sized castings from 6 to 600 kg in green sand on an automatic line Kunkel-Wagner, continuous casting of round, square and rectangular cast iron bars, own pattern shop.

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 (now VMV Metal Ltd.)

VRATZA START JSC  -  ferrous castings for single and low serial quantities with weight from 0.5 kg up to 800 kg made from grey iron, high-strength iron, alloyed iron, low and medium carbon steel, alloyed steel, manufacturer of instrumental equipment, foundry patterns, and spare parts for machine building industry.

ZMM METALIK-FOUNDRY JSC  -  grey cast iron castings intended for the machine-building, mass per unit up to 2000 kg, green-sand machine moulding, furan cores, manufacturing of wooden and metal patterns.

ZMM STOMANA JSC  -  development and production of wood-processing machines - single, twin and multi-operational machines, planers, thickness planers, drillers, circular saws, milling machines, belt saws, lathes and belt-grinders, edge banding machines, air aspirators, own foundry for cast iron, steel and aluminium castings.

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