CKD Kutna Hora a.s., Czech Republic, ductile cast iron and steel castings slevarna, foundry patterns, pressure diecasting / permanent moulds, steel shot and grit CKD KUTNA HORA A.S.  -  CZECH REPUBLIC

CKD Kutna Hora a.s. is a renown producer of railway bogies, weldments and castings. The company consists of the following plants: the Foundries in Kutna Hora, Ceske Budejovice and in Chrudim, the Engineering plants in Kutna Hora and in Chrudim, the Tool shop and the Pattern shop.

The foundry in Kutna Hora manufactures carbon steel castings, low and medium alloyed steel castings for rail vehicles, construction machines and valve bodies. The enterprise has automatic moulding line (castings 5-150 kg), sand slinger moulding line (castings 80-600 kg), ST line (Alphaset-process, capacity 3500 t/year) and hand moulding (castings 100-10000 kg).

The foundry in Ceske Budejovice supplies steel and ductile iron castings for industrial fittings, railway vehicles, earthmovers, electric engines, the ship industry and other engineering branches. In the foundry operate automatic moulding machine HWS Seiatsu system (castings 15-100 kg), two sand slinger moulding line (castings 80-500 kg, and 300-1500 kg), mechanical moulding line (castings 15-100 kg) and hand moulding (castings 300-12000 kg).

The foundry in Chrudim produces ductile iron and steel castings with help of automatic moulding line GF (castings 1.5-50 kg), mechanized moulding line (castings 50-700 kg) and hand moulding (castings 25-700 kg).

The company manufactures as well:
  • wooden, plastic, metal and combined foundry patterns and core-boxes, forms for the pressure / gravity die casting of non-ferrous alloys, and moulds for the pressing of plastics / rubber and foaming of polyurethane;
  • round steel shot - C > 0.75 %, 460560 HV, and steel grit - P < 0,04 %, S < 0,04 %, 4653 HRC, for shot blasting of castings, roughening the surfaces of metal components or structures, rust removal, paint removal, etc.
CKD Kutna Hora is a holder of ISO 9001:2000 and exports to the markets of the Western Europe, USA and Canada.



Karlov 197, 28449 Kutna Hora, CZECH REPUBLIC
tel.: (++420 327) 506116,  fax: (++420 327) 506587