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AMANA FOUNDRY  -  castings of special bronze and other non-ferrous alloys for cement, oil and petroleum, marine, food and paper industries, gears of all types and sizes, bearing and bushes with all the different diameters, liners, impellers and propellers, bars and sections of bronze, continuous casting and sand moulding technique.

AMREYA METAL CO. (AMC)  -  carbon steel castings, austenitic stainless steel castings, grey and ductile cast iron products - motor couplings, passenger and commercial vehicles brake discs and drums, scaffolding accessories, electrical motors and accessories, valves, railway brake shoes, machine bases, manholes and grates, decorative lamp posts, cast iron cooking pots, Disamatic high pressure moulding line, jolt-squeeze green sand moulding line, manual set furan resin moulding line, an annual production capacity of over 14 400 tons, a 100% subsidiary of UCF, one of the largest group of foundries in the Middle East.

ABD MODERN FOUNDRIES CO.  -  manufacturer of carbon, low alloyed, heat resisting, stainless and corrosion resisting, wear and impact resisting steel castings for the cement, chemical, mechanical engineering, oil, construction and mining industries, mills, crushers, coolers and mechanical parts, earth moving equipment, concrete lines, cement and asphalt mixers, cast products for machinery, trucks, cranes and railways, valve bodies and covers, impellers, paper mill segments, blast machine parts and blades, fertilizer oven parts, high pressure automatic moulding, jolt-squeeze semi-automatic moulding for certain jobs, floor moulding for big castings and small batches.

ALEXANDRIA SHIPYARD  -  one of the significant modern shipbuilding and ship repair complexes in Mediterranean, own foundry workshop, manufacturing of steel and joinery works, spare parts (casted, machined) in ferrous and non ferrous metal - grey cast iron, cast carbon steel and stainless steel, phosphor bronze, casting for drainage projects, continuous casting components, equipment of pedestrian steel bridges.

EGYPTIAN IRON & STEEL CO. (HADISOLB)  -  the major iron and steel producing company in Egypt, manufacturer of semi finished steel products and pig iron for foundries, production of cast iron castings with capacity 2000 t / y, steel castings with capacity 6750 t / y and non-ferrous castings with capacity 350 t / y.

EL-NASR CASTINGS CO. (ENC)  -  grey cast iron, ductile cast iron and steel foundry, production of ductile cast iron pipes and fittings for water and waste-water sectors, rolls for steel rolling, flour mills, plastic and paper industries, decorative light posts, miscellaneous castings for the automotive, textile, chemical, cement and metallurgical industries.

GREATER CAIRO FOUNDRIES CO.  -  production of ductile and grey cast iron valves, fittings, mechanical joints, pipes and bigger sized castings up to 15 tons for water supply, dams, water treatment, pumping stations, pipe lines, irrigation, sewage and sewage treatment.

HELWAN IRON FOUNDRIES (HIF)  -  the biggest integrated complex of ferrous and non-ferrous foundries for grey cast iron, ductile cast iron, steel and brass castings for various industries, military products, grinding media balls, liners and hammers for ceramic, mining and cement industries, spare parts for automotive industry, parts for petroleum valves and water pumps, railway castings, manhole covers and grates, Disamatic and other automatic moulding lines, conventional and precision casting.

INTERNATIONAL CASTING & MODERN INDUSTRIES CO. (ICMI)  -  production of engineering casting required for various industries, grey cast iron, ductile cast iron, carbon steel, alloy steel and copper alloys castings from 1 kg up to 4 tons per cast pieces.

INFIT SAE  -  an Egyptian-German joint venture company, production of pipe fittings from malleable cast iron - crossovers, elbows, tees, reduced sockets, nipples, plugs, cups and unions, small jobbing cast iron castings - brake discs, brackets, fasteners, Disa moulding lines.

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