East African Foundry Works (K) Ltd. - Nairobi, Kenya, gray cast iron, nodular cast iron castings,  manhole and drainage covers, counter weights, agricultural and mining spares EAST AFRICAN FOUNDRY WORKS (K) LTD.  -  KENYA

East African Foundry Works was established in 1972 and it has become a successful engineering and metal products company.

The company is a renown East Africa's manufacturer of grey iron and nodular iron castings - manhole covers and frames, storm water gulley gratings, road gratings, telecommunication covers, rail brakes, weights, gravity die or centrifugal bronze, brass and aluminum castings, service parts and coomponents for the building, agricultural and mining industries, a part of East African Foundry Works Group.



P.O. Box 48624 - 00100 Nairobi, KENYA
tel.: +254-(0)20-861500,  fax: +254-(0)20-861507/861263
e-mail:   eafw@alloysteel.com
website: www.eafw.co.ke