Foundry Suppliers from Moldova

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ALIMENTARMASH S.A.  -  manufacturer of technological equipment for processing agricultural and food products, own non-ferrous pressure die casting foundry, forging and cold / hot punching workshop, powder metallurgy, thermal processing, machining, painting and assembly departments.

ARTMET S.A.  -  mechanical factory producing all kind of goods of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, own pressure die casting foundry, cast aluminium ware, cutleries, casseroles, frying pans, badges, medals, art-issued lattices, fencings, metal doors, dies for gravity / pressure die casting, stamps, non standard equipment.

ARES UT S.A.  -  cast iron castings for the agricultural machinery and other machines involved in the manufacturing sector, cast iron castings for urban and municipal services - manhole covers, storm grates, decorative fences, park benches, bollards and lamp posts, cast iron castings for stoves, fireplaces and barbeque - ash-pit and furnace doors, facings, plates, fire grates, chimney dampers, cast iron cookware.

ELECTROMASINA S.R.L.  -  motor cultivators and appliances, household utensils, semi-automatic washing machines, gas stoves, spare parts, cold sheet forming, nonferrous pressure die casting, production of technological equipment - casting moulds, cold forming dies, instruments.

INTROSCOP S.A.  -  production of electric / electronic devices and components for them - cranes, elements of thermal networks, leak detectors, defect scopes, magnetic and ultrasonic flaw detectors, assembling of modular parts, aluminium alloys pressure die casting, precision processing, chemical processing of surfaces, tools production - press forms, casting dies, punching forms, repair and modernization of scientific devices and the equipment.

MOLDOVAHYDROMASH S.A.  -  chemical, faecal, sea, circulating and special electric pumps producer, machine workshops, assembling departments of pumping equipment, forging shop, steel casting production - output up to two thousand tons of a different kind of castings in a year, cast iron castings, aluminium alloys, bronze and brass castings, sand moulding, investment casting, pressure die casting, chill casting.

QUARC S.A.  -  aluminium gravity / pressure die castings with weight from 40 g up to 4 kg, fully machined cast components for building, power engineering and communication - bodies of gearboxes, flanges, hand wheels, clips for electro network, nails for sectoring motorways, covers boxes for communication systems and electro motors, different machine body parts.

UZINA DE POMPE DIN RIBNITA S.A.  -  manufacturer of industrial pumps, agricultural equipment, tools and machinery, own foundry for cast iron castings,
a subsidiary of Agroexim-Moldova.

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