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NSF Foundry Congress 2024, May 30 - June 2, 2024, Hamar

18th Nordic Aluminium Casthouse Conference - NorCast 2024, May 29-30, 2024, Arendal

5th International Conference on Light Materials - Science and Technology - LightMAT 2023, June 21-23, 2023, Trondheim, Held in Hybrid Format.

National Conference on Materials Technology 2022 - Opportunities in the Green Shift, June 1-2, 2022, Oslo

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AMUNDSEN K EFTF METALLSTOPERI  -  lead, zinc, tin, brass and bronze metal works, new crafting or copying, repair of iron, steel and brass objects, various letters, signs and plaques in brass and bronze, brass door handles, vintage car or boat parts, cast shapes and plaques to artists, fencing and poles, small castings in brass and bronze, brass candelabra parts, new and original for late renaissance period lamps, chromed and engraved bells, cast brass medals, antimagnetic bronze anchors for Norwegian navy mine sweepers, lost-wax technology and sand mould casting.

ELART METALL AS  -  aluminium alloys foundry, seiatsu automated moulding line - the weight of castings up to 30 kg, self hardening moulds - castings up to 500 kg, patternmaking using traditional methods of wood and plastic, and by machining on the 3D files.

FARSUND ALUMINIUM CASTING (FAC) AS  -  manufacturer and supplier of complex hollow and solid low pressure die cast aluminium products mainly for the automotive customers - sub frames and structures, low control arms, knuckles and hubs, a part of Benteler Automotive Company - Germany.

FURNES JERNSTOPERI AS  -  grey cast iron and ductile cast iron parts, manhole covers and grates, street bollards, industrial castings.

FREKHAUG STAL AS  -  castings from 0.5 kg to 500 kg of acid-resistant stainless-steel, cast parts for valves, pumps, connector boxes and flanges, equipment for aquaculture, chemical, food and paper industry, components for the military and civil aviation, and ship-building, own patternshop for wood, steel, cast iron and bronze patterns.

HAMJERN AS  -  foundry and machining company, furan sand and hand moulding, various grades of ductile cast iron and grey cast iron castings for the shipping industry, railways, wind and other offshore and onshore industries.

K. ANDRESENS METALLSTOPERI AS  -  aluminium alloys castings, sand moulding, product range - pipe joins / bends, swivel joints, clamps, boxes, casings, valves, pulleys, castors, caps, lids, trays, motion blocks, switches, slide bars, frames, wheels, rings, brackets, vent stacks, mouthpieces.

MAGNUS AASE AS  -  pressure diecast parts in aluminium alloys, zink alloys and brass.

MANDAL CASTINGS AS  -  grey cast iron and nodular cast iron castings from 1 kg up to 5,5 tons for shipbuilding, construction, transport, forest and agriculture.

MARCUSSEN METALLSTOPERI AS  -  aluminium and copper alloys foundry, sand moulding and gravity die casting.

MJOS METALLVAREFABRIKK AS  -  production of small- and medium-sized series of bronze and aluminium alloys castings, manufacture of foundry patterns.

NIDAROS METALLVAREFABRIKK AS  -  brass, bronze, lead, tin and aluminium casting, bells, church chandeliers, art bronze casting plates, fittings and door handles, classic car parts, castings for graves and monuments.

OSTLANDSKE LETTMETALL AS  -  casting and machining of parts made of aluminium alloys, sand moulding and gravity die casting.

OLAUSSENS METALL AS  -  bronze cast parts, centrifugal casting, shell and sand moulding foundry technologies.

OSHAUG METALL AS  -  bronze castings for ships propellers.

OLSEN NAUEN KLOKKESTOPERI AS  -  bronze church bells, brass ship bells, clocks, other cast products moulded in sand by ancient traditions.

ROLVSOY METALLINDUSTRI AS  -  aluminium and zinc alloys pressure die casting.

STOPERI NORD AS  -  production of castings in small and medium series from 5 to 1000 kg, grey and ductile cast iron, wear-resistance alloys, furan sand moulding.

SPERRE STOPERI AS  -  a part of the Sperre group, castings in grey iron, ductile iron, aluminium, and copper alloys for hydraulic components and pumps, cranes, construction machinery, forestry machinery, transport applications, and marine propellers, machine moulding, hand moulding, gravity die casting.

ULEFOS JERNVAERK AS  -  the biggest manufacturer of street castings in the Nordic countries, manhole covers, gully tops and industrial castings, production capacity - 21 000 tons of ductile cast iron and 16 000 tons of grey cast iron castings.

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