Foundry Suppliers from Oman

IMnI 48th Annual Conference 2024, June 3-5, 2024, Muscat

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DUNES INDUSTRIES LLC  -  steel foundry, production of carbon steel, high manganese and high chromium steel castings for cement plants, crushers and quarries, mining sector and other industrial applications, production capacity of 4000 MT per annum and weighing of castings from 1 kg to 2500 kg, no-bake moulding process.

DUNES OMAN LLC  -  manufacture of ductile and grey cast iron castings for the automotive industry - brake calipers, master cylinders, wheel cylinders, steering knuckles, torque plates, turbo charger components, power train components and compressor parts, two Disamatic high pressure flaskless green sand moulding lines, a part of Brakes India Pvt. Ltd.

METAL ENGINEERING LLC  -  cast parts, gates, hand rails, grilles, lights and lanterns.

SYNERGIES CASTINGS LLC  -  a joint venture between Synergies Castings India and Omani investors, manufacturer of various sizes and models aluminium alloy and chrome-plated car wheels for the automotive industry.

SOHAR FOUNDRY AND MARINE ENGINEERING (SFME) LLC (link does not work)  -  production of anode stems, crucibles and vessels for aluminium industry, aluminium, bronze, cast iron, carbon and stainless steel castings for various industries.

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