Foundry Suppliers from Peru

43rd Congress ALAFAR 2024, December 6-12, 2024, Lima

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FUNDICION CALLAO S.A.  -  cast spare parts for mining, cement, agricultural and minerals processing industries, no-bake and green sand molding, steel, cast iron, bronze, brass and other copper alloys castings, crawler shoes, teeth and adapters, drive sprockets, buckets and scooping feeders, bowl liners, eccentrics, clamping rings, spider caps and the complete crusher bodies, toggles, jaw plates and grizzly bars for jaw crushers, shell, head and throat liners.

FUNDICIONES ESPECIALES S.A. - FUNESPA  -  casting, manufacturing, design and supply of steel, iron and bronze parts and components addressed to the needs of the mining, metallurgical and general machine industry.

FUNDICION FERROSA  -  manufacture of brake drums and other gray and nodular cast iron automotive parts for the assembly factories, special steel cast products for the mining, cement, earthmoving, paper, metal and mechanical industries.

FUNDICION FUMASA S.A.  -  gray and nodular cast iron, carbon and special steel castings for the cement, mining, automotive and agricultural industries.

FUNDICIONES LANDAURO  -  cast iron, bronze and aluminum art and ornamental castings, sculptures, statues, busts, animal figures, bells, gratings, frames, poles, lanterns, fountains, benches, chares, tables, grills.

FUNDICION MORENO S.A.C. - FUMOSAC  -  ductile cast iron pipe, valves and fittings, carbon and special steel castings.

FUNDICION VENTANILLA S.A. - FUNVESA  -  steel and cast iron castings for crushers and impacting equipment, cutting elements and caterpillars, slurry pumps and valves, reception, classification and milling equipment, mill liners, parts for steel scrap shredders, furnaces and calcinators.

FUNDICION WAYRAS S.A.C.  -  spares and parts for the mining, oil and gas industries, gray cast iron, nodular cast iron, stainless steel, manganese steel, low carbon steels, medium and high alloy steel, green-sand and resin-sand molding.

INFUMEC S.A.C.  -  gray and nodular cast iron, bronze and aluminum castings for mining, electrical machinery and general machine-building.

METALURGICA PERUANA S.A.  -  carbon, manganese and stainless steel castings, grey cast iron and nodular cast iron components for mining and heavy industries.

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