Foundry Suppliers from Russian Federation              Russian Association of Foundrymen (RAL)

International Exhibition for Metalworking and Welding - MashExpo Siberia 2025, April 1-4, 2025, Novosibirsk

17th International Specialized Exhibition Composite-Expo 2025, March 25-27, 2025, Moscow

25th International Specialized Exhibition "Metal Processing. Welding - Ural 2025", March 18-21, 2025, Ekaterinburg

28th International Industrial Forum - Exhibition "Russian Industrialist 2024", November 26-28, 2024, St. Petersburg

Specialized Exhibition "Metalworking and Welding" 2024, November 20-22, 2024, Krasnoyarsk

2nd International Forum-exhibition of New Materials and Technologies in Various Industries - AMTEXPO 2024, November 13-15, 2024, Moscow

Russian Industrial Forum and Specialized Exhibitions "Mechanical Engineering", "Metalworking" and "Innovative Potential of Ufa", November 12-14, 2024, Ufa

Moscow International Tool Expo - MITEX 2024, November 5-8, 2024, Moscow

30th International Industrial Exhibition Metal-Expo ' 2024, October 29 - November 1, 2024, Moscow

International Industrial Exhibition Heat & Electro / Machinery, October 29-31, 2024, Moscow

24th International Exhibition of Equipment for Non-destructive Testing - NDT Russia 2024, October 22-24, 2024, Moscow

International Polytechnic Exhibition "Equipment and Technologies for Construction Materials Processing" - Technoforum-2024, October 21-24, 2024, Moscow

Specialized Exhibition "Metal Processing. Metallurgy - 2024", September 24-27, 2024, Perm

23rd International Specialized Exhibition Mechanical Engineering. Metallurgy. Metalworking (within PromForum Udmurtia 2024), September 18-20, 2024, Izhevsk

17th International Specialized Exhibition and Conference Heat Treatment-2024, and Specialized Section Formex-2024, September 10-12, 2024, Moscow

12th International Congress and Exhibition - Non-ferrous Metals and Minerals - NFMSib-2024, September 9-13, 2024, Krasnoyarsk

18th International Exhibition for Mould and Tool Making, Equipment and Technologies for Product Manufacture - RosMould 2024, June 18-20, 2024, Moscow

International Trade Fair Metallurgy.Russia / LitMash.Russia 2024, June 4-6, 2024, Moscow

International Scientific Practical Conference "Materials Science, Shape-generating Technologies and Equipment 2024" - ICMSSTE 2024, May 28-31, 2024, Yalta

International Conference Aluminium. Casting, Pressing, Finishing, May 21-22, 2024, Moscow, In Hybrid Format.

24th International Specialized Exhibition for Equipment, Instruments and Tools for the Metalworking Industry - Metalloobrabotka 2024, May 20-24, 2024, Moscow

St. Petersburg Technical Fair (PTFair) 2024, April 24-26, 2024, St. Petersburg

27th International Exhibition and Congress - Corrosion Protection 2024, April 24-26, 2024, St. Petersburg

3rd International Conference on Technologies, Properties and Applications of Rare Metals and Related Materials - RareMet 2024, April 3-5, 2024, Moscow

6th International Metallurgical Summit "Metals and Alloys", March 14-15, 2024, Ekaterinburg

19th International Forum and Exhibition MIR-Expo 2024, March 4-7, 2024, Moscow

2nd International Conference High-Grade Steel 2024 - From Ore to Rolled Product, March 4-6, 2024, Moscow

15th Annual International Conference - Foundry Council 2023, December 7-8, 2023, Chelyabinsk

14th International Scientific and Practical Conference "Innovations in Mechanical Engineering" - ISPCIME-2023, November 26 - December 2, 2023, Kemerovo

13th Specialized Exhibition-Forum of Industrial Metrological and Testing Equipment and Instruments - Expo Control 2023, September 13-15, 2023, Moscow, Cancelled.

International Russian Conference on Materials Science and Metallurgical Technology - RusMetalCon 2023, September 10-16, 2023, Sochi

International Scientific Conference "Modern Materials, Advanced Production Technologies and Equipment" - SMPPTO-2023, June 30 - July 2, 2023, St. Petersburg

14th International Scientific and Practical Conference "Foundry Today and Tomorrow", June 22-24, 2023, St. Petersburg

International Anniversary Congress of Russian Foundryman, June 22-23, 2022, Moscow

Kama Industrial Forum 2022: Mechanical Engineering, Metalworking, Metallurgy, Welding, February 15-18, 2022, Naberezhnye Chelny

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AKS PLANT LTD.  -  Contact System Armature Plant, components in copper alloy, aluminium alloy and steel for the machine tool industry, shipbuilding, power-plant engineering enterprises and electrified railroads, lost-foam process, investment casting, equipment and complexes for the precision lost-foam castings, production of press moulds for the lost-foam and lost-wax technologies.
CastingArea's Presentation.

BARRICADY  -  centrifugal casting, tubes up to 380 mm in diameter and up to 6820 mm in length.

BALASHIKHA FOUNDRY AND MECHANICAL PLANT JSC  -  castings in titanium, magnesium and aluminium alloys, cast components for Russian aircraft industry.

BUMMASH JSC - FOUNDRY PLANT  -  paper manufacture machines and equipment, steel foundry for carbon, alloy steel and stainless steel forging blocks weighting 2, 8 and 19 tons, cast iron foundry, grey, ductile and wear-resistant iron castings, weight range from 1 kg up to 20 tons.

IRKUTSK AVIATION PLANT  -  the major manufacturing facility of the Irkut Corp., a full range of tooling design, production preparation, manufacturing, and after-sales support of various aircraft, the foundry facilities ensure manufacturing of parts and components made of any ferrous and non-ferrous metal.

INKAR JSC  -  production of fuel control systems and automation for aircraft turbojet engines, ferrous and non-ferrous cast components.

IZHMASH JSC  -  aluminium and zinc-base alloys die casting, grey and ductile cast iron products.

INPROM-PROFIL LTD.  -  cast products in aluminium alloys, bronze, brass and cast iron for building constructions, home furniture, automotive spare parts, artworks, hand and machine sand moulding, gravity die casting.

KURGANMASHZAVOD JSC  -  one of the leaders of Russian military industrial complex equipped by the most modern tools, which provide the full production cycle from any kind of technical processing to assembling and complex testing of ready articles, the company produces the world famous BMP-2 and BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles as well as BREM-L armored recovery vehicle and universal chassis on BMP-3 base that is used for carrying of various armament systems, aimed for the creation on its base armoured system, crew teaching means, and not only military vehicles but also wide range of civilian industry products - multifunctional small size steer-skid loaders with different hitches, snow and marsh all-terrain vehicles, car trailers, tracked chassis for road building machines, the used foundry technologies comprise: investment casting for castings with mass 0.005-10 kg from alloy and high-alloy steels, cast iron, nickel alloys, cobalt alloys, bronze alloys, casting by method of vacuum-film forming for castings with mass 5-100 kg from alloy steels, cast iron, bronze, brass, casting with crystallization under pressure for castings with mass 0.001-8 kg from aluminium alloys, low-pressure and chill casting for castings from aluminium alloys, casting in cold-curing mixture for castings with mass 0.01-25 kg from aluminium alloys, automatic green-sand moulding for castings from carbon, alloy, stainless, heat-resistant and frost-resistant steels, grey and high-strength cast iron.

KTIAM LTD.  -  scientific organization, production of grey and nodular cast iron components, aluminium, copper and zink alloys castings, foundry patterns.

KAMAZ-METALURGIA, INC. (KAMSKY FOUNDRY PLANT)  -  319 000 t per annum castings - grey and ductile cast iron, cast steel, non-ferrous alloys, cast parts mainly for automotive industry.

KODOS STANKOAGREGAT LTD.  -  production of woodworking machines, grey and ductile cast iron machine parts.

KAMENSK-URALSKY FOUNDRY (KULZ) JSC  -  one of the most powerful enterprises in the Russian aircraft industry, production of aircraft wheels complete with brakes and control systems, spares for aircraft accessories used both in military and commercial aviation, production of equipment for fuel, energy and gas industry, production of car disks, advanced casting of light-weight non-ferrous metals and alloys, friction facings of metal ceramic for domestic mechanical engineering, and consumer goods.

LIANOZOVO ELECTROMECHANICAL PLANT (LEMZ) JSC  -  manufacturing of radio and electronic equipment, a serial production of communication radio aids and radar stations, a variety of air defence radars, air-route and terminal surveillance radars for air traffic control, own foundry facility.

METALLITMASH  -  municipal casting - manhole covers and grates in ductile cast iron, art casting in cast iron and aluminium alloys, cast iron parts for compressors and lathes, cast spare components.

MOTORDETAL-KOSTROMA / KOSTROMSKOI ZAVOD AVTOKOMPONENTOV JSC  -  production of all parts of the cylinder group (pistons, cylinder liners, piston rings and pins) for cars and commercial vehicles, tractors and combines, buses and special purpose equipment, pistons: gravity die casting of aluminium-silicon alloys, heat-treated and machined.

MALLKO LTD.  -  copper, bronze, brass, and aluminium alloys casting, mainly bronze cast items - bushings, decorative and art castings, grey cast iron products, sand moulding, gravity die (chill) casting, centrifugal casting.

OMZ-SPECIAL STEELS  -  the base enterprise of OMZ Corp. - forgings, stamped / formed products, castings, hot-rolled sheets and plates of various in-house produced steel grades, castings for power engineering up to 145 t - bodies of pumps, castings for steam and gas turbines and compressors, bodies of working wheels, hubs, blades, vanes, castings for general machine building and metallurgical industry - for sintering, roasting and blast furnace equipment, beds of presses and rolling mills, castings for shipbuilding up to 70 t - hull castings of sternpost and stempost, castings of assembled and all cast propeller shafts and propellers, castings for mining industry - blanks for large quarry shovels and draglines, drilling machinery, gyratory crushers, ball and rod mills, castings for petrochemistry - bodies of pumps, gusher fittings.

PETROZAVODSKMASH  -  grey, ductile, vermicular, wear- and heat-resistant cast iron castings, carbon steel, stainless steel and heat-resistant steel castings, bronze and brass castings.

PETERBURGSKAYA BRONZA JSC  -  art foundry, bronze castings for interior decoration, furniture, plaques, ornamental parts, promotional and business presents.

PROMLIT CHEBOKSARY FOUNDRY LTD.  -  production of complicated steel, grey iron and ductile iron castings with weight from 10 to 6000 kg and size from 50 to 2000 mm, the annual production capacity of the foundry is over 110 000 tons of castings, the company has a new Heinrich Wagner Sinto V-process moulding line for production of side frames and bolsters for railroad cars and other large size castings for machine building industry.

PROLETARSKY PLANT JSC  -  production of shipboard machinery for navy and fishing, and power-generating equipment, ferrous and non-ferrous metal casting.

PERSEY-S LTD.  -  art casting, bronze and brass artworks for churches, monasteries and museums.

ROSTOV FOUNDRY  -  grey cast iron, malleable cast iron, steel and aluminium alloys castings for the agricultural mechanical engineering, auto industry, railway transport, electrical engineering, housing and communal services, household appliances, green-sand machine moulding and ground moulding, investment casting, pressure die casting and gravity die casting.

SURAAGROTEHNIK  -  production of spare parts, accessories and equipment for trailed agricultural machinery, own foundry facility for cast iron and carbon steel castings.

TIKHVIN RAILWAY CAR BUILDING PLANT (TVSZ)  -  in-house manufacturing of castings, the capacity of the first stage foundry production will amount to 6000 tons of heavy and medium-sized railway steel castings that will ensure the output of more than 4000 freight car bogies per annum, foundry technology on the basis of
V-process moulding carried out on HWS equipment.

VOTKINSK PLANT FOR THERMAL EQUIPMENT (VZTO), RUSSIAN FEDERATION-UDMURT REPUBLIC  -  thermal and non-standard equipment for the metallurgy and engineering complex, cast iron, steel and bronze V-process and centrifugal casting.

VORONEZH STEELWORKS  -  production of cast steel parts weighing from 30 kg up to 8 tonnes for oil field equipment and railway components, furan sand lines for moulds and cores production, for mass production of the company are implementing new equipment and technologies - HWS Seiatsu and V-process.

VLADIMIR TRACTOR PLANT JSC  -  production of tractors, two- and three-blade plows, universal cultivators, tractor-mounted buckrakes and other farmer tools, special vehicles for communal services, and forklifts, cast iron, low-alloyed cast iron, wear-resistant cast iron, special alloyed cast iron castings, cast products for mechanical engineering weighing from 1 kg up to 200 kg, castings for civil engineering and municipal services - bodies and covers of manholes, storm lattices, cast fencing, balustrades, picket, floor plates, weighing up to 200 kg, castings for the household purposes - grid-irons, burners, doors, shutters, cast furnaces for detached houses and country constructions, weighing from 1 kg up to 50 kg, castings for glass industry, cylinder head, mini-engine crank case, pipe-line, bonnet, fan rotor, fan distributor made of aluminium alloys, steel castings.

YURGA MACHINE-BUILDING WORKS  -  production of mining equipment, metallurgical equipment, motorized cranes, steel, cast iron and non-ferrous castings from
50 g up to 3.5 tons, green-sand moulding and investment casting, stamping.

ZAVOD im. GADZIEVA, RUSSIAN FEDERATION, DAGESTAN  -  manufacturer of steering machines, pumps and armature for piping water supply systems, own foundry for shaped cast iron castings weighing from 5 to 2000 kg, steel castings from 5 to 500 kg, bronze castings from 1 to 200 kg, and aluminium castings from 1 to 20 kg, green-sand moulding, chill casting and low pressure die casting.

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