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International Trade Fairs for Southeast Asia GIFA, METEC, Wire and Tube, September 17-19, 2025, Bangkok

Thailand Industrial Fair - TIF 2025 - Driving Industry Through Sustainability, February 12-15, 2025, Bangkok

8th International Conference on Materials Engineering and Applications (ICMEA 2025), January 15-18, 2025, Bangkok

38th MetalEx 2024, November 20-23, 2024, Bangkok

5th International Conference on Materials Science and Engineering - Materials Oceania 2024, September 23-26, 2024, Phuket

Manufacturing Expo 2024, incl. 30th InterMold Thailand 2024, June 19-22, 2024, Bangkok

40th InterMach and MTA Asia 2024, May 15-18, 2024, Bangkok

14th International Conference on Advanced Materials Research (ICAMR 2024), with two workshops: 7th ICAEM and 8th ICCBM, January 25-27, 2024, Phuket Island

6th International Conference on Innovative Engineering Materials (ICIEM 2023), September 18-20, 2023, Bangkok

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A.A.ART CO., LTD.  -  bronze foundry for sculptures, statues, art castings, animal figures, fountains, urns, coffee tables, miniatures, and lamp holders.

ASAHI TEC METALS (THAILAND) CO., LTD. (link does not work)  -  cast iron products - diff carriers, brackets, bearing housings, turbine housings, bearing cases, ex-manifolds, gear boxes, hubs, disc brakes, drum brakes, fly wheels, pressure die casting products - cover assay rockers, transmission cases, pinion housings, rack housings, cases for oil pumps, cylinder heads and cylinder blocks, gravity die casting products - intake manifolds, air pipes, thermostat housings, hubs.

BDI ALLOY ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. (BAE)  -  pressure die casting, motorcycle and automobile spare parts, machinery parts, electronic parts, electrical appliances,
a subsidiary of B.D.I. Group.

BPS & IIW  -  Burapa Steel Co., Ltd (BPS) - cast steel and ductile iron parts for automotive (especially trucks and trailers) industry, water works, agricultural, earth moving, electrical and machinery parts, green sand and CO2 sand manual moulding lines, International Iron Works Co. Ltd. (IIW) - grey and ductile iron parts,
a vertical automatic line, two horizontal automatic lines, a furan sand line and a manual moulding line.

BIS PIPE FITTING INDUSTRY CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer and exporter of malleable cast iron pipe fittings.

CSP CASTING (THAILAND) CO., LTD.  -  a manufacturer of aluminium and zinc pressure die castings and gravity die casting products, mainly automotive parts and electrical parts.

DAISIN CO., LTD.  -  aluminium gravity die casting, low- and high-pressure die casting, squeeze casting, cast parts for brake systems for vehicle manufacturers.

DECHO MOULD & DIE-CASTING CO., LTD. (link does not work)  -  aluminium die-casting manufacturer, components and spare parts for motorcycles and diesel engines.

ENKEI THAI CO., LTD. (link does not work)  -  a provider of aluminium alloy wheels and other cast parts to the global automotive and allied industries, tilting gravity die casting technology and low-pressure die casting technology.

HONDA FOUNDRY (ASIAN) CO., LTD. (HFA) (link does not work)  -  the Southeast Asian production base of Honda Foundry Co., Ltd. - Japan, automotive pistons for supply to the Thai and overseas automobile assembly sectors.

KULTHORN KIRBY FOUNDRY CO., LTD.  -  grey and ductile cast iron components for Kulthorn Kirby P. Co. Ltd., plant capacity is about 22 000 tons per year.

KULTHORN PREMIER CO., LTD. (link does not work)  -  manufacturer of grey cast iron castings for electronics and agricultural machinery.

LIANG HUAO HENG FOUNDRY AND MACHINERY CO., LTD.  -  grey cast iron casting up to 500 tons per month, Disamatic plant, green sand, airset moulding and shell core capability, castings for shipbuilding, train and railway, automobile and motorcycle parts, electric machine, hardware, agricultural machinery, appliances, construction parts.

METAL ENGINEERING CO., LTD. (link does not work)  -  manufacturer of copper brass & bronze castings, cast parts to various engineering industries - sugar mill, rock crushing mill, food machinery, water pumps, valves and fittings, marine merchant ships, sanitary parts, bushing bearings, sleeves, slide plates, gear and worm wheels, stainless steel drawing dies, punches and blank holders.

MIKUNI (THAILAND) CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer of carburetors for motorcycles, parts for automotive industry and general purpose engines, pressure die casting.

N.L. SANITARY FITTINGS CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer and distributor of faucets, sanitary fittings and bathroom accessories, gravity die casting.

PATIMA BRONZE FOUNDRY CO., LTD.  -  art bronze and brass casting, bronze sculptures from the miniature size up to life size, monumental works, hand moulding and lost wax process.

SHENGTAI BRASSWARE (THAILAND) CO., LTD.  -  production of bathroom brassware, low pressure die casting, gravity die casting, forging, machining and assembly.

SANKO DIECASTING (THAILAND) CO., LTD.  -  pressure die casting, cast parts for cars, motorcycles, agricultural machines and electric product manufacturers.

SHIN-EI HIGH TECH CO., LTD.  -  aluminium gravity die and pressure die casting and machining of computer parts and automotive parts.

S.P.K. METAL WORKS CO., LTD.  -  brass, bronze, stainless steel, high manganese steel and cast iron parts for construction equipments, excavators, bulldozers and tractors, sodium-silicate moulding, manual and automatic green sand moulding, furan no-bake process, full-mould process, investment lost wax casting.

SUWAN SUPPLY CAST ALLOY ART FOREVER CO., LTD.  -  aluminium alloy cast products, such as gates, fences, baluster rails, home & garden furniture and accessories in variety of styles, finishes and colors.

SIAM SANPO CO., LTD.  -  aluminium and zinc alloys pressure die casting, machining and assembly, automotive engine parts, car air conditioner parts, car audio parts, office printer parts.

STAMFORD SPORT WHEELS (SSW) CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer of aluminium alloy wheels for passenger cars, SUV, MPV and light trucks, tilting gravity die casting technology and low-pressure die casting technology, a subsidiary of Stamford Tyres Corp. Ltd. (STCL) - a global distributor and retailer of tyres, alloy wheels and car accessories.

THAI HENG FOUNDRY AND MACHINING (1959) CO., LTD. (link does not work)  -  grey cast iron and aluminium casting, various types of pulleys, agricultural vehicle, spare parts, automobile parts, production capacity 500 tons per month.

THAI METAL CRAFTERS CO., LTD.  -  bronze, aluminium and stainless steel art foundry, sculptures, monuments, decorative castings, plaster moulding and lost wax process.

THAI YANAGAWA CO., LTD.  -  aluminium pressure die casting, machining and assembly, automobile parts, motorcycle parts, multipurpose engine parts, escalator parts.

WATANAPANICH (THAI BRONZE GARDEN SCULPTURE)  -  bronze foundry, lost-wax casting, classical, western and oriental statues, garden sculptures, lamps and fountains, furniture.

YAMAHA MOTOR PARTS MANUFACTURING (THAILAND), CO., LTD. (link does not work)  -  manufacturing of parts for the automotive industry, cast iron castings - cam shifts, bearing housings, sleeve cylinders, mass dynamic damper, aluminium gravity die castings - joint carburetors, head cylinders, crown handles, manifolds, elbows, aluminium pressure die casting - cylinder bodies, crank cases, clutch housings, water pump housings, forgings, machining.

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