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12th International Copper Conference - Copper 2025, Extraction Meeting & Exhibition 2025 and 6th Symposium Ni-Co 2025, November 16-20, 2025, Phoenix, AZ

Exhibition and Technical Conference - Aluminum USA, May 28-29, 2025, Nashville, TN

49th International Conference and Expo on Advanced Ceramics and Composites (ICACC2025)>, January 26-31, 2025, Daytona Beach, FL

9th International Conference on Manufacturing Technologies - ICMT 2025, January 13-17, 2025, Atlanta, GA

7th International Conference on Materials Science and Engineering - MAT 2024, October 28-30, 2024, MD, In Hybrid Format

American Society for Nondestructive Testing Annual Conference - ASNT 2024, October 21-24, 2024, Las Vegas, NV

ICI 2024 Technical Conference and Expo, October 20-23, 2024, Milwaukee, WI

Furnaces North America - FNA 2024, October 14-16, 2024, Columbus, OH

Materials Science & Technology Technical Meeting and Exhibition MS&T24 - Where Materials Innovation Happens, October 6-9, 2024, Pittsburgh, PA

29th International Federation for Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering World Congress - IFHTSE 2024, October 1-3, 2024, Cleveland, OH

Die Casting Congress & Exposition 2024, September 30 - October 2, 2024, Indianapolis, IN

Foundry Leadership Summit 2024, September 22-24, 2024, Colorado Springs, CO

15th International Symposium on Superalloys - Superalloys 2024, September 8-12, 2024, Champion, PA

19th International Conference on Aluminum Alloys - ICAA19, June 24-27, 2024, Atlanta, GA

Powder Metallurgy and Metal Additive Manufacturing Conferences PowderMet2024 / AMPM2024, June 16-19, 2024, Pittsburgh, PA

Additive Manufacturing for Investment Casting Educational Symposium (AM4IC), June 11-12, 2024, Youngstown State University, Youngstown, OH

IPMI 48th Annual Conference, June 8-11, 2024, Orlando, FL

Ductile Iron Society (DIS) Annual Spring Meeting - 2024, June 3-6, 2024, Cedar Falls, IA

Iron & Steel Technology Conference and Exposition - AISTech 2024, May 6-9, 2024, Columbus, OH

AFS Metalcasting Congress 2024, April 23-25, 2024, Milwaukee, WI

MetCoke World Summit 2023, November 8-9, 2023, Pittsburgh, PA

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ACE ALUMINUM BRASS CASTING CO.  -  casting in aluminum, brass and bronze, address plaques, custom plaques, rosettes, ornamental & antique parts, table legs, finials, indoor and outdoor ornamental banisters, fence rails, door knockers, handles, brackets.

ARGOS ART CASTING FOUNDRY  -  a full-service art foundry, sculpture fabrication and metal work, highly detailed figurines, life-size statues and large public-art sculptures, time-worn art objects restoration, lost wax process.

A&B DIE CASTING CO., INC.  -  aluminum and zinc pressure die castings to the automotive industry.

A&B FOUNDRY, INC.  -  medium-sized and large aluminum castings up to 320 kg with V-process molding technology, large aluminum castings up to 3410 kg with highly complex geometries made by Air Set molding process, castings for machine tool components, medical imaging equipment, laboratory equipment, manufacturing OEMs, undersea, law enforcement robotics, pumps, motors, cryogenic equipment, castings for a variety of defense and nuclear requirements.

APEX ALUMINUM DIE CASTING CO., INC.  -  aluminum and zinc die casting.

ALUMINUM ALLOYS, INC.  -  the foundry specializes in difficult, high volume, and physically large aluminum alloys castings.

AB&I FOUNDRY  -  cast iron soil pipe and fittings, gray iron custom casting.

ALLEN ARCHITECTURAL METALS, INC.  -  custom and art casting, restoration, and preservation.

AMERICAN AEROSPACE TECHNICAL CASTINGS, INC. (AATC)  -  manufacturer of steel castings to print, assemblies and kitted products, investment casting process.

ART BRONZE  -  art foundry, finest bronze art created by world renowned artists and hand crafted.

ANCHOR BRONZE & METALS, INC.  -  continuous cast copper alloys, centrifugal castings, continuous cast iron, bronze bearings.

AMERICAN BRONZE CORP.  -  jobbing foundry for brass and bronze sand castings.

ALU-BRA FOUNDRY, INC.  -  brass, lead free brass, bronze and aluminum castings up to 150 kg, green sand molding, air-set / nobake molding, castings to the following industries: agriculture, bushings, chemical, construction, fire apparatus, fluid handling, gears, gas, industrial, machinery, manufacturing, medical, motors, natural gas, oil, plumbing, pumps, valves, water works, metal, urethane and wood pattern making.

ADVANCE BRONZE, INC.  -  bronze centrifugal castings, continuous cast gray and ductile iron rounds, rectangles and squares.

ALCAST COMPANY  -  permanent mold aluminum casting company.

ALUMINUM CASTING & ENGINEERING CORP.  -  aluminum castings, permanent mold, semi-permanent mold and sand casting.

ATLANTIC C & E CORPORATION, INC.  -  investment casting foundry, large and small complex non-ferrous castings, cast impellers and stators for aerospace, military, automotive and other commercial customers.

ATLAS CASTINGS & TECHNOLOGY  -  cast parts in carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel, duplex, super duplex, super austenitic, and nickel base materials, castings for pump, valve, turbine, compressor, nuclear, navy shipbuilding, transportation.

ALLOY CASTINGS CO., INC.  -  aluminum casting, decorative poles, fire alarm pedestals, traffic bases, and bollards, a wide range of reproduction antique poles and bases for period lighting fixtures.

ALPINE CASTING CO.  -  jewellery casting and finishing in gold, silver, brass and bronze.

ALUMA CAST FOUNDRY, INC.  -  aluminum prototype casting.

ACME CASTINGS, INC.  -  steel, iron and bronze impeller castings for the pump industry, a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous castings utilizing investment,
V-process, sand and permanent-mold technologies.

AMERICAN CAST IRON PIPE COMPANY (ACIPCO)  -  manufacturer of ductile iron pipe, fire hydrants and valves for the waterworks industry.

ART CASTINGS of COLORADO  -  art foundry, lost wax process.

ART CASTINGS of ILLINOIS  -  art foundry.

ALGONAC CAST PRODUCTS, INC.  -  brass, bronze, manganese and aluminum alloys industrial and marine castings and finished hardware.

ATI CASTING SERVICE  -  production of castings ranging from 250 kg to 100 tons in all grades of ductile and gray iron, 16 cylinder diesel locomotive engine blocks, automotive stamping dies, printing presses, machine tool frames.

ALL-CRAFT WELLMAN PRODUCTS, INC.  -  cast bronze and aluminum plaques, bas reliefs, donor recognition trees, engraved nameplates and signs.

ALLOY DIE CASTING CORP.  -  large, small and complex die castings using aluminum and zinc / aluminum alloys, cast products for military, medical, commercial and automotive indiustries.

ALUMINUM DIE CASTING CO., INC.  -  aluminum die castings and machined parts for the aerospace, military, electronic, medical, dental & commercial industries.

AELCO FOUNDRY  -  sand and investment castings.

ARTWORKS FOUNDRY  -  art castings.

ALBCO FOUNDRY & MACHINE, INC.  -  sand casts in a variety of brass, bronze and aluminum alloys, graphite permanent molded aluminum and zinc alloys.

AKRON FOUNDRY COMPANY  -  permanent mold, low pressure mold, squeezer sand mold and floor foundry sand mold aluminum casting.

ALPHA FOUNDRY COMPANY  -  a producer of small, close-tolerance aluminum alloy sand castings utilizing the Alpha Process.

AIRCRAFT FOUNDRY CO., INC.  -  aluminum sand castings, housings and bases for medical analyzing machines, valve bodies used in cardio pulmonary machines, different types of castings for the commercial and private sector lighting industries, heavy aluminum rammer butts used in the compaction of dirt, castings for the articulated sound booms used in the filming industry, castings used in the lapping (polishing) of steel ball bearings, castings for the catering truck industry, etc.

ATLAS FOUNDRY COMPANY, INC.  -  lightweight gray iron castings for products from the floral industry, construction, compressor, automotive and trucking industries.

ANACONDA FOUNDRY FABRICATION COMPANY (AFFCO)  -  abrasion resistant and heat resistant industrial castings for a wide variety of industries including mining, smelting, cement, and pulp and paper.

AMERICAN FOUNDRY GROUP, INC. (AFGI)  -  castings in aluminum, brass, bronze, aluminum-bronze, carbon steel, stainless steel, low alloys, monel, hastelloy and duplex stainless, green sand, air-set, shell and investment methods of casting.

ALUMINUM FOUNDRIES, INC.  -  aluminum castings for all industries - including the petroleum, electric, automotive, and machine components, sand, permanent mold, and die casting.

AUSTIN GROUP, LLC  -  aluminum lost foam casting.

ALCUMET, INC.  -  non-ferrous and ferrous foundry, production of investment casting, permanent mold casting and rapid prototype casting.

ALLCAST, INC.  -  aluminum die casting.

ARCHITECTURAL IRON COMPANY, INC.  -  architectural cast iron works, art & decorative fabrications, historic metal restoration, fence panels, railings, rosettes, urns, bollards.

ALCON INDUSTRIES, INC.  -  producer of heat and corrosion resistant alloy castings and fabrications.

A.L. JOHNSON CO.  -  a producer of precision aluminum and zinc castings and a pioneer in the use of the rubber plaster mold process, castings for a wide variety of leading technology industries such as biomedical, telecommunications, computer peripherals, guidance and navigation.

AERO METALS  -  investment cast ferrous and nonferrous components.

ARMSTRONG MOLD CORPORATION  -  manufacturer of aluminum, zinc and plastic components in prototype and low-volume production quantities, rubber plaster molding, graphite die casting, precision airset sand casting, one-shot casting, reaction or rapid injection molding, machining and hogouts.

AURORA METALS DIVISION, LLC  -  vacuum casting process for brass and bronze impellers, permanent mold casting for aluminum bronzes, yellow brasses, silicon brasses, copper and aluminimum items, sand casting for cast iron and copper alloys castings.

ALL METAL PRODUCTS COMPANY  -  small to midsize production runs of decorative metal castings and cast products for the architectural, utility and construction industries, sand molding and investment casting.

AVALON PRECISION CASTING COMPANY  -  precision investment castings in a wide variety of ferrous and nonferrous alloys - several grades of carbon and alloy steels, tool steels, austenitic and martensitic stainless steels, PH stainless steels, cobalt alloys, nickel-copper, high alloy nickel, alloy 600, brass, bronze, aluminum and aluminum magnesium.

ART RESEARCH ENTERPRISES  -  art foundry, services from mold making to complete fabrication.

A.R.K. RAMOS  -  cast aluminum, brass, bronze and stainless steel plaques, letters and decorative items.

AHRESTY WILMINGTON CORP.  -  aluminum die castings.

AJAX X-RAY, INC., FOUNDRY DIVISION  -  a full service nonferrous foundry with over 40 years experience specializing in high quality aluminum, brass and bronze castings, own pattern shop which has complete facilities to produce new wood, metal and epoxy patterns and to handle alteration and maintenance of any of customer's existing patterns.

BASS & HAYS FOUNDRY, INC.  -  municipal type manholes, frames & grates, manhole accessories.

BODINE ALUMINUM, INC.  -  aluminum sand and permanent mold castings, St. Louis Plant - aluminum sand and permanent mold castings for hydraulic & pneumatic components, electrical equipment, diesel engine components, agricultural equipment, pumps, compressors, valves & transmissions, automotive, Troy plant - low pressure, permanent mold, and high pressure casting facility dedicated 100% to Toyota Motor Company.

BERNTSEN BRASS & ALUMINUM FOUNDRY  -  high-conductivity copper castings for electrical applications, special high-strength aluminum-bronze castings for petroleum industry, lawn and garden related castings.

BAILSCO BLADES & CASTINGS, INC.  -  producer of a wide variety of specialty aluminum castings, cast aluminum airfoil propellers and v-belt sheaves (pulleys) directed to the air movement market.

BECKETT BRONZE CO., INC.  -  manufacturer of bronze centrifugal castings, and continuous cast bars for the hydraulic, pump, diesel engine and compressor industries.

BRONZE CRAFT CORP.  -  non-ferrous products, ranging from very simple sand castings to fully fabricated assemblies.

BAY CAST, INC.  -  castings in carbon steel, alloy steel, heat resistant stainless steel, tool steels, alloy cast iron classes.

BREMEN CASTINGS, INC.  -  a greensand ductile and gray iron casting foundry.

BUCK COMPANY, INC.  -  gray, ductile and malleable iron castings, non ferrous castings.

BERNIER CAST METALS, INC.  -  aluminum, brass, copper, zinc, grey iron, ductile iron, and steel castings by the green sand molding, air-set (no bake) and Lost Foam casting, producer of wood or plastic patterns.

BENICIA FOUNDRY AND IRON WORKS, INC.  -  a wide array of iron beds, cast aluminum garden furniture, and other ornamental iron works.

BADGER FOUNDRY COMPANY  -  gray iron castings, green sand and no bake molding processes.

BROST FOUNDRY COMPANY  -  one-stop-shop company with metal casting and machining capabilities in aluminum, brass, copper and steel alloys, casting processes - precision investment casting, shell molding, permanent molding, green sand and no-bake.

BENTON FOUNDRY, INC.  -  gray iron, ductile iron and austempered ductile iron cast parts for pumps, valves, compressors, motors, drives, marine, agriculture, railroad and mining.

BLOOMFIELD FOUNDRY, INC.  -  gray iron foundry, cast parts for a multitude of industries.

BRONZES FROM THE SEA  -  art castings, limited edition production of bronze and sterling sculptures.

BESCAST, INC.  -  investment casting foundry, gas turbine engine and compressor components such as integrally-cast compressor wheels, turbine wheels, turbine nozzles, fuel pump impellers, shrouded gas compressor impellers and combustion swirlers.

BRANDON INDUSTRIES, INC.  -  cast aluminum decorative street signs, sign trims, sign poles, bases and finials, traffic signs.

BERMAG INDUSTRIES, LLC  -  aluminum, zinc, and bronze castings, plaster and airset sand molding processes.

BRILLION IRON WORKS, INC.  -  gray and ductile iron castings for truck and automotive components, fluid power products, and other transportation, construction and agricultural equipment.

BARDANE MANUFACTURING COMPANY  -  aluminum and zinc die castings.

BUFFALO METAL CASTING CO., INC.  -  aluminum, brass, bronze, and copper castings, green sand molding, no-bake sand casting, precision shell casting, loose pattern and floor molding are also available for prototype and short run production, pattern-making.

BARRY PATTERN & FOUNDRY, INC.  -  gray iron, ductile iron and aluminum municipal and construction castings, cast abrasive nosings & treads, cast abrasive structural treads, cast abrasive thresholds, catch basin drainage - grates and frames, curb and sidewalk guards, standard curb inlet grates, frames & hoods, standard manhole rings & covers, tree grates, trench grates, stop plank grooves, cast aluminum brick vents, cast stadium seat brackets, cast column bases, extruded aluminum nosings.

BIG SKY BRONZE ART FOUNDRY  -  fine art bronze casting, scilpture casting.

CHICAGO ALUMINUM CASTINGS CO., INC.  -  aluminum sand casting foundry, castings for a broad range of industrial applications including machine tools, scientific products, conveyor equipment, railroads, food processing equipment, pumps, decorative items, and many others, squeeze and automatic molding with wood, metal and epoxy patterns.

C & C METAL PRODUCTS  -  zinc die-casting for ornaments, medallions, hardware, zipper pulls and closures.

COMPASS AUTOMOTIVE GROUP, LLC  -  manufacturer of aluminum automotive cast components using pressure die casting, squeeze casting and vacuum / pressure riserless casting process.

CENTURY BRASS WORKS, INC.  -  brass, bronze and aluminum castings.

CRECO CORPORATION  -  two manufacturing divisions: Nutco, manufacturer of panel nuts and special fasteners and Creco Cast for small and miniature zinc pressure die castings for sporting goods, fasteners, connectors, automotive parts, medical appliances, fiber optics components.

CASTCO - CAST ALUMINUM CORP.  -  sand, shell, no-bake and permanent mold castings from 0.5 kg up to large 2 000 kg aluminum castings.

COOPER CROUSE-HINDS CASTINGS  -  non-ferrous castings, sand and gravity die casting.

CARTERET DIE CASTING CORP.  -  an ISO Certified, world-class producer of precision zinc pressure die-castings, serving customers in North America and around the globe, pressure die-castings for a diverse marketplace, including electronics, fiber optics, architectural hardware, medical, automotive, hand tools, communications, electrical hardware, appliance, telecommunications, computer hardware, military and ordnance.

CASTING DESIGNS, INC.  -  architectural castings.

COLUMBIANA FOUNDRY CO.  -  carbon, alloy, stainless and tool steels, gray, ductile and alloy cast iron castings, no-bake sodium silicate process, market segments served - agriculture, automotive, construction machinery, energy, food processing machinery, glass and plastics manufacturing, machine tools, military, mining, oilfield machinery and equipment, pulp and paper equipment, railroad, robotics, shipbuilding, steel mills, trucks and off-highway.

CITATION FOAM CASTING CO.  -  a part of Citation Corporation - a manufacturer of cast, forged and machined components for the capital and durable goods industries, lost foam ductile & gray iron castings.

CASTRITE FOUNDRY CO., INC.  -  aluminum and bronze castings, sand, permanent mold, shell, no bake, CO2 molding processes.

CROSBIE FOUNDRY CO., INC.  -  green sand casting, non ferrous metals, band instrument components, brass decorative tiles, clamps and other casting for utility line work, drawer pulls and other decorative castings, fluid metering valves, golf course signage, railroad key blanks, trim corners for trailers and boats.

CARLEY FOUNDRY, INC.  -  a custom non-ferrous foundry located in Blaine, Minnesota, permanent molding, green sand molding, chemically bonded sand molding, investment casting, a wide variety of aluminum alloys cast parts from a few kilograms to over 250 kilograms, manufacturer of wood and metal patterns, all types of core-boxes and permanent molds.

CLARKSVILLE FOUNDRY, INC.  -  pattern making and castings up to 750 kg, gray cast iron, ductile cast iron and alloy cast iron, short-to-medium run production of architectural and industrial castings.

CAST-FAB TECHNOLOGIES  -  precision gray, ductile & alloyed ferrous castings.

CUSTOM IRON & CASTING WORKS, INC.  -  precision ferrous and non-ferrous metal casting, restoration of antique street lamps, gates, fences, fountains, benches and urns, recasting of missing parts and broken sections of antique metal artifacts.

CARR LANE CASTINGS  -  castings in a variety of materials for both artwork fabrication and production, the foundry works with world renown artists, producing sculptures, plaques, awards, and ornate architectural pieces.

CALLEN MANUFACTURING CORP.  -  aluminum die casting, zinc die casting, miniature zinc die casting components.

CLEARFIELD MACHINE CO., INC.  -  gray cast iron and ductile cast iron products from 5 kg up to 9000 kg in various configurations from basic bars and rings, to highly cored volutes cylinders, and impellers, lost-foam casting process.

CHICAGO VACUUM CASTING CORP.  -  precision investment castings from parts weighing as little as a few grams to parts weighing up to 25 kg in both ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.

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