Joy Fortune Limited is the only producer of unique new foundry sand TCFA:

TCFA - Twice Calcined Fused Alumina can 100% replace zircon for foundry / casting industry with same performance but much lower cost. It is already proved in the investment casting foundries, and the performance shows that there is no difference from zircon sand. The castings have a even smoother surface than using zircon. The refractoriness, the taking off of mould shell and the thermal expansion is as perfect as zircon sand or even a little better, but price of our TCFA is considerably lower than zircon sand.

Joy Fortune Limited new 2014:

For difficult castings with thin sectioned cores and complicated cores, you can use our spherical alumina sand to reduce or even eliminate casting defects. Processed with our special know-how, spherical alumina sands are turned into perfect round ball shape.
The material have very high refractoriness, high crushing strength, high flowability, very low thermal expansion, good shakeout property etc. The experience of our customers are that in most cases using our Spherical Alumina Sand is better and cheaper than making more defective or waste castings when our products can solve sand casting defects like bending, crack, finning, scabbing etc.

Joy Fortune Limited 2013:

To cut down cost and improve performance for foundry industry, we developed new foundry sand and new linings for induction furnace.
Our olivine sand is always better solution than chromite because our products is cheaper with same or even better performance.

1. Olivine Sand

Our Olivine Sand is specially selected by floatation process, calcined at precisely controlled temperature, crushed, dedusted and sieved into designed mesh sizes. Our Olivine can give the following benefits for foundry industry:

A. Our olivine sand is high refractoriness, corrosion resistant against steel liquid, low thermal expansion and chemically stable. It prevents casting defects such as sand inclusion and sand adhering etc. It is good for achieving the designed size and shape of casting pieces accurately.

B. Our olivine sand do not contain free SiO2, it is no dust and no release of CO/CO2 during casting.

C. Our olivine sand is basicity at high temperature and do not react with MnO, Cr2O3 etc in alloy steel.

D. It can improve the smoothness of surface. In wet sand mold method, the roughness can be 1.6-3.2 µm like refined casting.

E. Cheaper than other foundry sand such as chromite, fused alumina etc, but performance is acceptable or even better

F. Please note that our olivine foundry sand is suitable for casting of high Mn steel, high alloy steel and low alloy steel with C below 0.3%. Because the character of our olivine sand is basicity, better do not use furan resin because furan resin is acid solidified. Our olivine sand is very satisfactory performance with other types of resin.

2. Linings for induction furnace

We developed special refractory material for linings of middle frequency induction furnace widely used in foundry industry. Our material is low cost good performance and the life time is always more than 100 heats (more than 100 batch for one furnace). This is even better than some of world famous brand.

Try it, you will know its benefits and we can give you technical advice according to your products and casting process.


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