Kovohute Pribram A.S. - Czech Republic is the unique manufacturer of lead and lead products. The Company ensures the highest quality of all its activities.

Recycling division of Kovohute Pribram JSC focuses on purchase, buy–outs and recycling of lead and lead alloys wastes, as well as lead accumulators, wastes with content of precious metals in the form of ingots and drosses and amortization electrotechnical wastes. Recycling division produces the lead and lead alloys in ingots and raw silver in the form of anodes, with content of Au, Pd and Pt. The technology for processing of lead waste and following oxidizing refining gains the alloy with minimum content of 98% of Ag, Au and Pd from wastes with content of precious metals.

Products division of Kovohute Pribram JSC is engaged in manufacture and sales of broad palette of products based on lead, antimony and other non–ferrous metals base. The whole manufacturing assortment, i.e. about 2000 products, can be sorted in four categories – lead products and semi–products, solders, ammunition and cast alloys.



Pribram VI c.p. 530, 261 81 Pribram, CZECH REPUBLIC
tel.: (++42 318) 470111, 470311,  fax: (++42 318) 470254, 470244
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