The Pattern-making and Foundry Works "Legmod" is founded in 1998, however, the company succeed 30 years foundry tradition and experience.

Legmod manufactures patterns in wide dimensional range, for castings from several kilograms up to dozens of tons:
  • wooden patterns for cast steel, cast iron and non ferrous castings;
  • patterns of very high-durability resins;
  • aluminum patterns;
  • patterns of complex wood-metal and wood-plastic structures;
  • patterns boards of any sizes and shapes.
The company activity includes also production of various wear resistant, high-strength carbon and alloy cast steel, grey and ductile iron castings - parts for mills and crushers, teeth for excavators and loaders, caterpillars for heavy vehicles, rope pulleys, gear wheels, sprocket wheels, wheel hubs, casings, etc.



178/184, Zlotoryjska str., 59220 Legnica, POLAND
tel./fax: (++48 76) 851 1281
e-mail:   legmod@legmod.pl
website: www.legmod.pl