Modellteknik AB is one of Sweden's largest manufacturers of patterns, moulds and prototypes, with more than 40 years of experience in the business.

Products and Services:
  • Patterns: we take care of manufacturing the patterns, casting and machining of components in iron and aluminium. We have close collaboration with foundries for both precision casting of aluminium in plaster, plus sand casting of aluminium and iron.
  • Tooling and moulds: we make tools and moulds for prototypes and short series made of plastics, sample tools from steel, aluminium or plastic. We can also support you with parts produced from these tools, and new products can quickly and efficiently go into production. When the time for production arrives, we manufacture the production tools. In addition to injection moulding tools, we also make pressure die casting moulds, cast iron moulds and dies for lost wax casting.
  • Prototypes: Prototypes are essential for testing and evaluating functionality and design. We produce prototypes in many different materials through milling, turning, casting or fabricating them in our FFF- or vacuum-casting equipment. Having access to all of these methods, we can suggest the best way to go ahead in every special case.
  • Assembled units: to give our customers the best possible support in early production stages, we can also assemble finished components.
  • Other services: we also do 3D-modelling in CAD, converts CAD-data to different formats and scanning and measuring parts in our coordinate measuring machine.
  • Rapid Prototyping: rapid prototyping is a subject that often is connected only to FFF (free form fabrication). At Modellteknik we say that FFF is only one method for rapid prototyping. The CAM systems available today combined with modern machinery, using HSM (High Speed Milling) give us a manufacturing that in many cases is both faster and cheaper. In some cases, even a skillful craftsman can beat computers and machines. At the end, it is the customers requirements for tolerances, surfaces, material and number of parts to be produced that decides what method to use. At Modellteknik, we have the possibility to choose among many methods to achieve these requirements in a rapid way.


Froslundavagen 5, Box 109, 631 02 Eskilstuna, SWEDEN
tel.: (++46 16) 107670,  fax: (++46 16) 120740