Ferro-Term Sp. z o.o., Poland, ceramic foam filters for cast iron, steel and aluminium alloys, refractory materials, chromite sand, pattern plates, www.ferroterm.pl FERRO-TERM LTD.  -  POLAND

Ferro-Term Ltd. was founded in 1989. Since its beginning company works at the field of foundry industry.

Ferro-Term Ltd. offers ceramic foam filters for:
  • cast iron and non-ferrous alloys (SiC-based),
  • cast steel (ZrO2-based),
  • aluminium alloys.
The use of silicon carbide and special aluminum oxide for their production ensures their resistance to thermal shock and dimensional stability during the flow of liquid metal.

The enterprise produces:
  • square, rectangular and round filters of dimensions required by the client and porosity 10 and 20 pores per linear inch;
  • ceramic foam filters permanently joint with solid cast insert which enable the connection in one process the inoculation and filtration of liquid cast iron.


176/178, Przybyszewkiego str., 93120 Lodz, POLAND
tel.: (++48 42) 253 3030,  fax: (++48 42) 250 2442
e-mail:   ferroterm@ferroterm.pl
website: www.ferroterm.pl