The company Igor Lanik – Techservis Boskovice was established in 1990. In 2002 the company already employs 90 people and its annual turnover grew up to 5 millions Eur. The scope of our activity is production and sale of auxiliary materials for metallurgical industry, especially for foundry practice, metallurgical processing of Al alloys and forging.

Our company is engaged in the production of ceramic foam filters Vukopor® A and S for non-ferrous alloys, nodular and grey cast iron and also large ceramic foam filters for metallurgical application. The development of Vukopor® filters began in 1985 and we have started making them since 1990. Good tradition has production of lubricants and release agents for high pressure die casting and forging, including dosing devices. Very good results are reached in range of special foundry coatings for sand moulds, cores and permanent moulds, especially for styrene patterns in Lost–Foam technology.

Over 85 % of our production is exported over to 28 EU and other countries with success and we are also supplying VW concern and foundries in the Middle East countries that are making wheel castings for Volvo Company. Our filters are used also in primary or secondary production of aluminium as Slovalco, Alusuisse Czech Republic, Alcoa Hungary, Impol Slovenia, Skawina Poland, Aral Jordan and others. In case of international sales we use trading companies as Ajay Metachem India, Aluminium Martigny France, Ingram Foundry Supplies Ltd. U.K. that can give the right help and technical support to the end consumer.

Other part of our activities is production of special foundry coatings, refining and slag forming additives, graphite shaped pieces, production of filter carousels and filter boxes.

The Company has Extensive product range; please request separate data sheets for any item of interest. Most of products are available "Off the Shelf" and if you require any further details please do not hesitate to contact our sales department where there is always someone on hand to give Technical Advice & after Sales Support.


Petr Bohacek  -  Sales manager


Chrudichromska 7, Boskovice 68001, CZECH REPUBLIC
tel.: (++420 516) 428 460,  fax: (++420 516) 428 499
e-mail:   info@lanik.eu
website: www.lanik.cz