Armex Trade Ltd. - Bulgaria, Refractories, graphite and metallurgy materials. Armex Trade Ltd. - Bulgaria
Refractories, graphite and metallurgy materials.
Foshan Ceramics Research Institute (FCRI) & Jin Gang Group - China, a leading manufacturer of ceramic foam filters for metal casting. FCRI & Jin Gang Group - China
Refractory bricks, industrial ceramics, ceramic foam filters.
Remeko Ltd., Bulgaria, metallurgy products, representative of leading companies from Europe and USA. Remeko Ltd. - Bulgaria
A representive of leading companies from Europe and USA, metallurgy products.
Bulgarian Suppliers

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5M ELEKTROMEKANIK, TURKEY  -  manufacturer of melting furnaces, holding furnaces, heating furnaces, spare parts.

ALEASTUR, SPAIN  -  production of precast shapes, mixes, castables, insulating products, and monolithics for metallurgical industries - iron, steel, aluminium and ferroalloys production plants.

ATHERM, FRANCE  -  production of immersion heaters designed to keep aluminium, zinc and magnesium in molten state, immersion heaters for pre heating of empty vessels or furnaces, road transport ladles (holding furnaces).

ATHLETICON, AUSTRIA  -  ladle coating, digital pyrometers, corundum and graphite crucibles.

AURAS-2000 KFT., HUNGARY  -  consulting and trading, refractories and insulating materials, refractory castables and masses, refractory bricks, fibre insulating materials, graphite products.

ADITYA AGENCY, INDIA  -  manufacturer and reseller of thermocouple one end close sheaths, flexible thermocouple cables, thermocouples bare wires, silicon carbide heating elements, nichrome 80 / 20 - Kanthal A-1 wires & strips, inconel, titanium, monel metal pipes & sheets, graphite and silica tubes.

ALZCHEM AG, GERMANY  -  products for hot metal desulfurization based on calcium carbide produced in the own plant, adapted to the related process, flow-treated lime for mono-injection or co-injection with magnesium, and different magnesium mixtures for co-injection with calcium carbide and / or lime, a broad spectrum of products for the secondary metallurgy - technical calcium cyanamide used as an agent for nitridation, calcium carbide for deoxidation at converter tapping and lime for desulfurisation of steel.

ARMAN AYEGHE SEPAHAN CO., IRAN  -  refractory bricks, refractory concrete and insulation, mortars, ceramic fiber insulation, fiberglass insulation, wool fiber.

A & S METALLURGICAL RESOURCES LTD., UK  -  foundry refractories.

AMELT CORPORATION, CANADA  -  design and manufacturing medium frequency induction melting, holding, heating, forging and hardening furnaces, thyristors, power rectifier diodes, and power semiconductors modules, all type of capacitors, design and manufacturing reactors, DI / Dt, high frequency transformer, chocks in different powers, manufacturing all type of water cooled power cable with different connector and custom made.

ARYATEC CO., IRAN  -  engineering and commercial services, supplier of refractory raw material, lead ingot.

ASBURY CARBONS, USA  -  refractories, specialty binders for refractory bricks, slag foamers produced from anthracite coal.

ALEXANDRIA CO. FOR REFRACTORIES, EGYPT  -  manufacturer of alumina silicate refractories, high alumina refractories, chemical bonded refractories, insulating refractories, castables, air-setting wet mortars, calcined kaolin.

ARMIL C.F.S., INC., USA  -  high temperature furnaces for diverse applications in a wide range of industries, full line of ceramic fiber products, firebrick, castables, mortars, custom cast shapes, high temperature gaskets.

APPLIED CERAMICS, INC. (ACI), USA  -  alumina and zirconia special refractory shapes, crucibles and other containers for molten and/or dry thermal processing.

AUDEC CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  manufacturing of various kind of chemical products, ceramic paints and protective coats on fire bricks, ceramics for casting, castable ceramic powders for electric insulation.

AGNI CITRA PERKASA PT., INDONESIA  -  carbon, tungsten carbide and silicon carbide crucibles.

AUSTRALIAN COMBUSTION SERVICES PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  gas burners and controls for industrial & commercial applications, burners and systems that are suitable for all forms of metal heat working - aluminium processing, brass / bronze melting, die, mould and launder heating, die heating hand torches, zinc processing, lead / solder melting, gold / silver processing, ladle / crucible preheating, furnace burners, etc.
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A.CESANA S.r.l., ITALY  -  manufacturer and supplier of fluxes for the metallurgical treatment of aluminium, copper, magnesium and zinc alloys, casting release agents, coatings for low pressure and gravity die casting, lubricants for the aluminium extrusion, crucibles, refractory, insulation and accessories for cast-houses and foundries, degassing units, analyzers for molten aluminium control, accessories for continuous casting machines and casting slabs and billets, metallurgical processes consultancy - density, composition, dosage, maintenance, ecology and investment.

AMOL DIRGODAZ INDUSTRY CO., IRAN  -  manufacturer of lightweight refractory bricks and special refractory parts.

ALPARI D.O.O., SLOVENIA  -  production and sale of flame-resistant products on the basis of graphite and additives for high temperature applications, products for the various metalcasting techniques, graphite crucibles, plugs, dosing tubes, ladle bowls, plungers, launders, stoppers and nozzles for steel casting, pyrometer tubes, filling cones, masses for the repair of furnaces solvent, foundry accessories, a representative of Aug. Gundlach GmbH GmbH - Germany.

ASSISTCO ENERGY AND INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION, PHILIPPINES  -  dense and insulating refractory castables, plastic mouldables, ramming, and gun mixes, low and ultra cement castables, engineered to meet the requirements of the ferrous and non-ferrous industry.

ACETARC ENGINEERING CO. LTD., UK  -  the UK's leading manufacturer of foundry ladles - transfer and casting ladles, treatment ladles for the production of ductile iron, desulphurising ladles, bottom pour ladles, special pouring units, lip-axis-pouring ladles.
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ALTEK EUROPE LTD., UK  -  design, manufacture and installation of aluminium dross and scrap processing systems, dross processing presses, dross pans, dross and salt cake cooling heads, magneto-hydrodynamic induction stirring systems, tilting rotary furnaces, auto furnace tending machines, spares support, consultancy services to many aluminium operations around the world in the area of dross minimization, handling and aluminium recovery from dross.

ASFOUR FOR MINING AND REFRACTORIES, EGYPT  -  production of refractories for steel, ferrous, nonferrous, ceramic and cement industries, shaped bricks and unshaped alumina silicate refractories, basic shaped bricks and unshaped refractories with MgO content, acid resistance refractory bricks, insulating castables, chamotte for refractories, calcined kaolin.

ALFATEC FEUERFEST TECHNIK GmbH, AUSTRIA  -  high-temperature insulation manufactured with vacuum forming technology, pouring-ladles, pouring nozzles, gaskets (seals) for melting furnaces, back up isolations in industrial furnaces, tap hole cones, riser isolations sleeve for sand casting, thermo-couple-protecting tubes, insulating feed bushes, roller-isolations, shadow-tube-seals, pouring cups, crucibles, heat plates, a Unifrax Company.

ALPHOTRONIC GmbH, GERMANY  -  induction heating and melting systems, high and medium frequency technology, furnaces for melting plants, casting plants, soldering plants, special plants for special customer requests with an output of 5 kW up to 500 kW.

ABP INDUCTION, USA  -  induction systems for melting, pouring and holding ferrous and non-ferrous metals, heated and unheated pouring furnaces, inductive heating equipment for forming, heat treatment and hardening, control systems for the melting process of the induction furnaces.

AERISS, INC., USA  -  refractory products, ladle, runners, coatings, sand additives.

ARCAST, INC., USA  -  research and production vacuum arc melters and induction furnaces for reactive and refractory metal alloys typically used in shape memory and advanced material alloys.

ARDAKAN INDUSTRIAL CERAMICS (A.I.C.) CO., IRAN  -  manufacturer of alumina-based and silicate-based industrial ceramics - alumina grinding balls and liners, wear resistant alumina-based bricks, catalyst bed supports and other special products used in the iron, steel and mining industries, ceramics, porcelain, glazing, pigment and cement industries, oil, natural gas, petrochemical and chemical industries.

ABP INDUCTION SYSTEMS GmbH , GERMANY  -  induction melting, holding and pouring furnaces, a part of Pillar Induction Group.

AAGES LTD., ROMANIA  -  a range of induction heating equipments used in different areas of applications - heat treatments, melting in coreless furnaces, heating for metal forming by pressing, forging, rolling, stamping, pulling and extrusion, heating for brazing, warm assembly and plastic coating, heating in chemical industry, supply of individual subassemblies - thyristor converters, inductors, heat exchangers, pirometers, capacitor banks.

APRONECS LTD., BULGARIA  -  power electronics, engineering, automated technological control systems, ultrasonic devices and equipment, custom design of new electronic and technological devices.
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AVS LTD., UKRAINE  -  carburization agents, graphite crucibles, graphite blocks, graphite powder, refractories.

ATBIN MFG & ENG. CO., INC., IRAN  -  industrial furnaces, ovens, temperature controllers and thermocouples for metal, metallurgy, chemical, casting, paint, food, ceramic, electric and electronic industries.

ALUMINIUM MARTIGNY FRANCE, FRANCE  -  crucibles, fluxes and other products for non-ferrous foundries.

ADO MINING INDUSTRY AND TRADE CORP., TURKEY  -  barite producer and exporter, olivine products producer and exporter, electrical arc furnace and tundish supporting sand, raw material for refractory industry, olivine foundry sand, blast cleaning sand.
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ALLIED MINERAL PRODUCTS, INC., USA  -  a global manufacturer of monolithic refractories and precast refractory shapes, manufacturing facilities in 8 countries and representatives located in more than 20 countries.

ARGEN MINERA S.A., ARGENTINA  -  industrial raw materials - dolomite and limestone in different particle sizes and special powders.

ALLIED METALLURG SOUTH AFRICA (PTY) LTD. (AMETSA), SOUTH AFRICA  -  monolithic refractory products and services utilized in various industries in differing applications: integrated steel works, foundry, primary and secondary aluminum, power, and all non-ferrous industries.

ABEL METAL SERVICES PTY LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  manufacture and distribute metallurgical consumables for foundries, steelmaking and smelting, refractories, recarburisers, inoculants, fluxes.

ALUSIL PRODUTOS CERAMICOS LTDA., BRAZIL  -  production of tap hole clay for blast furnaces, conventional castables, low and ultra cement castables, free flow, gunning and insulating castables, mouldables, mortars, cements and special parts, carbon bonded silicon carbide crucibles on different shapes and models.

AREMCO PRODUCTS, INC., USA  -  high temperature metal repair compounds & sealants for cast aluminum and cast iron, high temperature protective coatings for heater & furnace manufacturers.

ANSAC PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  design and manufacture of specialized equipment for applications in the industrial and mining market, supplier of tilting smelting furnaces for gold producers.

AMERICAN PRECAST REFRACTORIES, INC., USA  -  precast refractory shapes and services for foundries.

ATOOR REFRACTORIES CO., IRAN  -  production and supply of shaped and unshaped refractory products for steel, aluminium and cement industries.

AZAR REFRACTORIES CO., IRAN  -  manufacturer of refractories and dolomite products, capability to produce 150 000 mt shaped, unshaped and special refractories, and 300 000 mt lime for domestic & abroad steel, cement, aluminum, petrochemical, power plants, refineries, and copper industries.

ALTINGOZ REFRAKTER MADEN LTD.CO., TURKEY  -  refractory bricks for steel industry.

ALNOOR REFRACTORIES (PVT) LTD., PAKISTAN  -  one of the leading manufacturers of alumina refractories in Pakistan, an annual peak capacity of 15000 tons of shaped products, in addition the company produces monolithic (cast able and mortar) and insulation bricks for variety of industries.

AMR REFRACTARIOS S.A., SPAIN  -  refractory materials to steel, iron-alloys, copper and cement industries - BOF converters, electric arc furnaces, steel ladles, tundish, RH degassers, copper Converters, cement rotary kilns, a part of Krosaki Harima Corporation - Japan.

ARCILLAS REFRACTARIAS S.A. - ARCIRESA, SPAIN  -  supplier of refractory raw materials, bentonite, molding sands, fused silica in different sizes, chamotte with different percentages of alumina, recarburants with different carbon contents.

ALFRAN S.A., SPAIN  -  refractory products.

ATESA S.A. de C.V., MEXICO  -  manufacturer of tubular heater elements in any configuration.

ARSLAN TUGLA LTD., TURKEY  -  furnace bricks, refractory & isolation materials.

ACIREF S.R.L., ARGENTINA  -  refractory bricks, insulating refractory bricks, insulating refractory concrete, refractory mortars, mineral wool, ceramic fiber, antacid ceramic gail, installation and assembly of refractories.

AXIOMS THERMO FURNACES PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  manufacturer of electric resistance heated, oil or gas fired rotary aluminium melting and holding furnaces, graphite or silicon carbide crucible melting and holding aluminium furnaces, gas fired lead melting furnaces suitable for battery manufacturing industries, a full range of heat treatment furnaces, driers and ovens.

AMTEC TRADING GmbH, GERMANY  -  low pressure die casting machines, casting and cooling control systems, casting process automatization, software solutions, melting and holding furnaces, material flow management systems, mold design and manufacture, consulting services to foundries and related industries worldwide.

an exclusive representative of manufacturers of refractories, sodium silicate, welding fluxes, graphite electrodes, silver and black graphite powder, kaolins, refractory and ceramic clays, burnt chamotte granules, corrundum, silicon carbide, mullites, bauxites, calcium-aluminate cements, steel, ferroalloys, steel and cast iron granules ARMEX TRADE LTD., BULGARIA  -  an exclusive representative of plants-manufacturers of the following products - refractories (magnesia, magnesia-carbon, chrome-magnesia, mortars, ramming masses, chamotte refractories, high alumina refractories, etc.), sodium silicate, welding fluxes, graphite items (electrodes for electric-arc furnaces, graphite and carbon blocks for blast furnaces, electrode paste for production of ferroalloys, silver and black graphite powder), kaolins, refractory and ceramic clays, burnt chamotte granules, corrundum, silicon carbide, mullites, bauxites, calcium-aluminate cements, low, medium and highly alloyed steel, instrumental steel, ferroalloys, steel and cast iron granules.
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AJAX TOCCO MAGNETHERMIC CORPORATION (ATM), USA  -  a large international company with facilities worldwide, induction melting and heating equipment and associated services, replacement parts, used equipment, technical assistance.

ASTEGIANO Y CIA S.R.L., ARGENTINA  -  products and minerals destined for specific metallurgical plants and cast iron, steel and nonferrous foundries, pig iron, domestic and imported alloys, inoculants, nodulizers, metallurgical coke, natural and synthetic graphite, graphite crucibles, refractories, firebricks, refractory cement, quartz sand, zirconium sand, coated sand, bentonite, binders, mould additives, release agents, exothermic sleeves, filters, steel shot.

BAGGES AS, NORWAY  -  high temperature resistance insulating panels, fiber based flexible and easily formable insulation products, refractory coatings, high temperature electrical insulation sleeving.

BOGNAR AND COMPANY, INC., USA  -  supplier of a complete line of carbon products for the electric furnace steel mills and foundries, recarburizers for ladle addition, injection, charge and foaming slag, metallurgical coke, anthracite coal, petroleum coke, graphite, remachined electrodes, refractory products, fire clay, gunning mixes, sand, well block mix, insulation materials for the ladles, associated companies: EJ Bognar Inc. and Carb-Rite Co.

BOSIO D.O.O., SLOVENIA  -  production of electrical and gas heated industrial furnaces - for heat treatment, for aluminum alloys melting, for ceramic and glass products, laboratory furnaces, gas furnaces for warming up and cooling of small pieces up to weight of 100 t, high temperature ceramic fibres insulating materials for temperature range up to 1600C, measurments of temperatures in the furnaces, control programmes, control thermoelements and equipment, temperature regulators.

BATAVIA ENGINEERING CO., USA  -  steel hand ladles and saucer-shaped skimmers for the metal casting industry.

BILGUNOGLU ENDUSTIRI MALZEMELERI SAN. VE TIC. A.S., TURKEY  -  furnace refractories, foundry crucibles.

BARROMEX ESPANA S.A., SPAIN  -  refractory materials for steel, aluminium, ceramic and cement industries.

BAKER FURNACE, INC., USA  -  industrial ovens, furnaces and kilns, thermal oxidizers, afterburners, telemetry systems for remote data collection / monitoring.

BOOTE GODAZ CO., IRAN  -  production of carbon electrode paste for manufacturers of ferro-alloys, calcium carbide, copper & aluminum products, cold ramming paste for aluminum electrolysis cells, blast furnaces and other smelting furnaces.

BEIJING GREAT WALL CO., LTD., CHINA  -  solid graphite materials and machined parts, graphite soft / rigid felts, carbon / carbon composite materials, graphite electrodes, graphite & ceramics (quartz) crucibles, products for machinery, electron, semiconductor, mono-crystal silicon metallurgy, electrical furnace and atomic energy.

BEIJER INDUSTRI AB, SWEDEN  -  a technically orientated trading company, materials & equipment for the foundry industry and the industries of manufacturing and smelting of metals, refractory and insulation products, crucibles, quartz sand, bentonite, mold and core binders, a complete range of alcohol-and water-based coatings, insulating and exothermic feeding tubes and powders for aluminum, copper, iron and steel, foam filters, a part of Beijer Tech AB, which is included in the Beijer Alma Group.

BORGESTAD INDUSTRIES AS, NORWAY  -  supplier of refractory products and solutions for the steel, aluminium, copper, ferro-alloy, pulp and paper, sulfate, cement and other industries.

BALCIK ISI ELEMANLARI SAN. VE TIC. A.S., TURKEY  -  tubular heating elements for electrical household and industrial ovens appliances, a distributor of Kanthal -
Sandvik Materials Technology-Sweden.

BILFINGER INDUSTRIAL SERVICES NORWAY AS, NORWAY  -  a multi-trade supplier of industrial maintenance, project management and engineering, workshop manufacturing, industrial masonry and consultancy for the process-industry and energy producers, refractory maintenance, projects and modifications in the aluminium industry - foundries, cathode construction and anode furnaces, and ferro industry - ferro manganese or ferrosilicon scoops and reactors, a part of the Bilfinger Industrial Services GmbH.

BET-KER OY, FINLAND  -  manufacturer of monolithic refractory materials and precast shapes for steel industry - ladles, tundishes, metallurgical smelting furnaces, metal reheat furnaces, coke oven batteries, for foundries - wear lining castables, coating mixes, plastic repair mixes, precast shapes, for other metal smelting industries.

BRONALCO LTDA., COLOMBIA  -  a metal recycling company, production of brass, copper, aluminum and zamac ingots, supplier of foundry refractories, crucibles, quartz sand, natural molding sand and clay.

BAR-METAL D.O.O., SLOVENIA  -  trading and distribution, products for metalcasting: Si-C ladles and protective tubes, foundry guns, dippers, clamps, digital thermometers, kanthal wire, accessories.

BMS METALLURGICAL PTE. LTD., SINGAPORE  -  supplier & distributor of heat processing equipments, bath-type furnaces, crucibles, lubricants, fluxes, foundry coke, pig iron, ferro alloys, aluminium alloys and deoxidants for steel and cast iron foundries, aluminium and zinc die-casting foundries.

BEFAY MAKINA SANAYI VE TICARET LTD., TURKEY  -  aluminium melting, holding and heat treatment furnaces, charging machines,billet casting machines.

BEIJER OY, FINLAND  -  a specialist supplier of industrial products, machinery and raw materials to the metallurgical, foundry and engineering industries, products for the foundry industry includes iron, steel, aluminium alloys, alloying materials, melting furnaces, monolithic refractories and firebricks, graphite electrodes, slag-forming additives, filters, foundry chemicals - binders, coatings, sand mixers, moulding machinery and lines, die-casting machines, spare parts, control systems, also offered technical advisory and consultation services.

BLASCH PRECISION CERAMICS, INC., USA  -  crucibles, low pressure stalk tubes, thermocouple protection tubes, porous plugs, immersion heater tubes.

BARROMEX REFRACTARIOS, S.A. de C.V., MEXICO  -  refractories for ferrous and nonferrous foundries and metallurgy - monolithic refractories of alumina and silica-alumina in a wide range of compositions and unique forms of application, ramming masses, refractory cements.

BERG S.L.U., SPAIN  -  supplier of products for the foundry industry - handle ladles, fork ladles, carrying forks for ladles, siphon-ladles, crane ladles and drums, stopper ladles, pouring bowls and spoons, skimmers, immersion bells, crucible scrapers, hand and crane tongs for crucibles, melting crucibles of refractory cast iron or stainless steel for die casting machines suitable for melting aluminium, zinc, lead and zamak, melting crucibles especially for magnesium casting, graphite and silicon carbide melting crucibles, graphite pyrometer pipes, immersion type pyrometers, infrared handheld thermometers, magnetic high-temp thermometers, melting, covering and refining fluxes, pattern waxes, ceramic foam filters, zircon mould coatings.

BECK u. KALTHEUNER GmbH & CO. KG (BEKA-FEUERFEST), GERMANY  -  production of unshaped refractories for the coke plants, blast furnaces, cast iron and steel foundries.

COATINGS & COATINGS (INDIA) PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  foundry fluxes, innoculants, slag coagulants, refractory coatings.

CARBON & GRAPHIC SUPPLIES CC, SOUTH AFRICA  -  manufacturer and supplier of composite and non composite carbon and graphite products for industry, graphite moulds, carbon brushes, brush holders, brush gear assemblies, mechanical seals, sleeves, furnace electrodes, carbon crucibles.

CALDERYS AUSTRIA GmbH SOFIA OFFICE, BULGARIA  -  representation of Calderys Austria GmbH, refractory materials for ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy and foundries.
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CERQUISA ANTIACIDOS Y REFRACTARIOS S.A., SPAIN  -  manufacture of shaped and unshaped refractory products for cast iron and steel, aluminium, copper, tin, brass, lead and zinc foundries, bricks, special refractory parts, concrete, masses, putties, mortars, paints, graphite powder for foundry sands.

CORONA BRASIL, BRAZIL  -  manufacturer of silicon carbide and graphite crucibles for nonferrous metals casting.

COMMANDER CERAMICS, PAKISTAN  -  manufacturer of fire clay, medium and high grade alumina refractory suitable for blast furnace stack steel ladle lining and heat treatment furnace, stoves walls checkers lining and electric arc furnace roof, nozzles for tundish and pouring items, magnesite and magnesite chrome bricks for converters, steel melting furnaces, secondary steel making, ferrous & non-ferrous foundries, low porosity bricks for copper furnaces, silicon carbide bricks, acid proof bricks, abrasion resistant bricks, insulation bricks, gunning, ramming mix, cements, mortars and castables refractories.

CONSARC CORP., USA  -  vacuum induction melting furnaces and vacuum arc remelting furnaces for specialty and reactive metals and alloys.

CREATIVE CARBON PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  supplier of engineering products for industrial applications, fire bricks, fire clay, castables, ramming masses and other furnace consumables, silico-manganese and ferro alloys, continuous core and mould drying ovens, sand mixers, turbo mixers, continuous mixers, induction melting furnaces, ladle refining furnaces, frequency converters, ladles for metal pouring, safety leather uniforms, hand gloves and shoes.

CHR - CERAMICA TECNICA, BRAZIL  -  manufacturer of ceramic tubes for diverse applications such as steel, petrochemical, chemical and ceramic industries.

CONSOLIDATED ENGINEERING COMPANY (CEC), USA  -  ovens, furnaces, washers, dryers and systems.

CARLO GENNARI FORNI, ITALY  -  plant and machinery supply for ferrous and non-ferrous foundries, melting and holding furnaces, mini furnaces for low-medium capacity bronze, brass foundries, laboratory, educational, prototyping, gold, etc., ladles for liquid metal's transport, heat treatment furnaces, furnaces for forging processes, heating systems in metallurgy, mixers for paints for dies and sand moulds, second hand casting machines, second hand melting and holding furnaces for aluminium, brass, bronze, zamak, second hand complete plants for different sectors, metal news center specialized both in the study of ferrous and non ferrous metal markets from production to transformation and recycling, both in Italy and abroad, consulting services.

C-E MINERALS, USA  -  aluminas, alumina-silica calcines, and fused minerals used in refractory, investment casting, semiconductor, abrasive, metal producing and many other industrial applications.

C.H.EVENSEN INDUSTRIOVNER AS, NORWAY  -  manufacturer and supplier of industrial furnaces and industrial heating equipment with low energy consumption and environmental protection, heat treatment furnaces, furnaces for metal melting and holding, dryers, spare parts, installation services.

CERAMICA INDUSTRIAL AVELLANEDA S.A., ARGENTINA  -  fireclay and high alumina refractories, fire bricks and shapes, refractory mortals, cements and coatings, refractory and insolating castables, ramming mixes, ceramic fiber insulation materials, special ceramics.

CERAFLUX INDIA PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  manufacturer & exporter of foundry chemicals, specialized in the design, development and production of precast refractory shapes and joining aids for molten aluminium handling systems, non ferrous foundry fluxes, degasser, grain refiner, master alloy, die coats and lubricants for gravity and pressure die aluminum castings, sand additives, silicate binders, refractory coatings for ferrous foundries and supplliers of ceramic foam and extruded filters for ferrous and non-ferrous castings.

C.I. TERMOINDUSTRIALES S.A.S., COLOMBIA  -  thermal solution for the industrial processes, melting furnaces for nonferrous metals, heat treatment furnaces.

COMEX JSC, BULGARIA  -  production of various refractory materials and ceramics for foundries and heat-treatment workshops, fireclay, mortar, ramming masses, heat-treated quartz powder for investment casting, ceramic foam filters, ceramic pipes and funnels, primary aluminium ingots and billets.

COMETECH LTD., BULGARIA  -  foundry ladles, graphite electrodes, graphite crucibles.
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CIHAN METAL LTD., TURKEY  -  silicon carbide crucibles, refractory materials.

CONSOLIDATED REFRACTORIES AUSTRALASIA PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  a wholesaler of refractory products - refractories, fire bricks, furnace, bricks, ceramic fibre, fibrecoat, furnace cote.

CAPITAL REFRACTORIES LTD., UK  -  manufacture and supply of linings for coreless induction furnaces, a complete range of castables for the melting and holding of aluminium, crucibles, ancillary products - chamottes, earth leakage electrodes, furnace formers, gas diffusers, insulation products, temperature measurement, vibration equipment, wash coats.

CONIEX S.A., SPAIN  -  plate semi-automatic and automatic centrifugal machines for the production of cast accessories for the footwear industry, costume jewellery, promotional articles, key rings, automatic presses for the vulcanization of rubber, silicon and organic moulds, automatic electric ovens for melting of zamak and pewter, extensive range of rubber and silicon moulds, specially designed for zamak, pewter, lead, and other materials such as resins and waxes, zamak and pewter alloy ingots, online consultations.

CAVENAGHI S.p.A., ITALY  -  refractory materials.

D & E FOUNDRY PRODUCTS CO., USA  -  ladles for foundries.

DAIKI ALUMINIUM INDUSTRY CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  desin, construction and repair of aluminum smelting furnaces, from large smelting furnaces to mini furnaces and small pot furnaces.

DIRGODAZ AZARBAIJAN REFRACTORIES CO., IRAN  -  production of refractory bricks, castables, mortars, ramming masses and cements for cast iron, steel and non-ferrous foundries, power plants, refineries, petrochemical factories, plaster, cement, porcelain and ceramics plants.

DFC CERAMICS, LLC, USA  -  manufacturer of assay crucibles, refining silicon carbide or graphite crucibles, casting crucibles, dental / jeweler crucibles, fused silica melters, cupels, roasting dishes, crucible and cupel tools, electric cupellation furnaces, electric assay furnaces, furnace parts.

DALI ELECTRONICS, INDIA  -  import-export company, supplier of special kinds of metal alloys and master alloys for metal casting, electrical, thermal and high temperature insulation materials for industrial furnaces, molten metal filters, protective clothing, a part of Domadia Group.

DROSS ENGINEERING, UK  -  a Franco-British company dedicated to the design and manufacture of furnaces and equipment for processing non-ferrous metals.

DYNAMIC EXIM CORPORATION, INDIA  -  supplier of refractory materials to the ferrous, non-ferrous, chemical, petrochemical and sugar plants, cement, petroleum and electroplating industries - refractory fire bricks, fireclay bricks, high alumina bricks, dense fire bricks, acid resistance bricks, fireclay mortars and high alumina mortars, conventional and low cement castables.

DS FIBERTECH CORP., USA  -  manufacturing - furnace chambers, custom heaters, ceramic vacuum fiber heaters, vestibule blocks and insulation, torch elements and temperature controllers, soft gaskets and collars.

DJ FORNOS INDUSTRIAIS LTDA., BRAZIL  -  manufacturer of furnaces for melting non-ferrous metals, aluminum automatic dosing furnaces, crucible furnaces, furnaces for heat treatment of metals, furnace type filter for cleaning aluminum, rotary furnace for melting and recovery of metals, lab ovens, accessories for foundries-
casting pots, transfer chutes, grips, shells, bells, skimmers, a full line of electrical resistances for the most varied applications, supports refractory, control panels, pyrometers for temperature control with wide range of protective tubes, thermocouple sheaths, compensating cables, controllers and sensors.

DAI-ICHI HIGH FREQUENCY CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  induction heating equipment, high frequency power supply, compact induction melting furnaces.

DINAS JSC, BULGARIA  -  quarrying of quartzite, production of acidic ramming masses for induction furnaces, foundry silica sand in different grain sizes and particle size distributions, silica powder, quartzite for the production of ferrosilicon, and specialized dedusted abrasive sand for the sandblasting processes.

DY-KAST SUPPLY and EQUIPMENT CO., USA  -  ladles, skimmers, melting equipment.

DELTA MISR COMPANY, EGYPT  -  supplier of metals, alloys, raw materials and equipment related to steel & foundry industries - graphite electrodes, refractories, pig iron, master alloys, ferro alloys, carbon raiser, metallurgical coke.

DENVER MINERAL ENGINEERS, INC., USA  -  a range of mining process equipment for cyanide gold recovery, water treatment and mineral processing, tilting electric furnaces for gold, silver, copper and base alloys smelting, crucible furnaces for gold mining, investment casters, small foundries, jewelry production, glass working and hobbyists, silicon carbide crucibles, refining accessories, material handling tools, cast iron ladles and tongs, personal protection, consulting services.

DOGUS METAL LTD., TURKEY  -  crucibles for non-ferrous alloys.

DOANH NGHIEP TRUNG THANH, VIETNAM  -  ferro-alloys, pig iron, aluminum, lead, copper, tin and zinc ingots, metallurgical coke, carbon powder, carbon electrodes for furnaces, refractory ramming masses and bricks.

DIACO OY AB, FINLAND  -  an agency representing mainly German and Austrian companies on the Finnish market - sand mixers, moulding machines, core blowing machines, induction furnaces, gas heating furnaces, sand / casting separation, vibratory conveyors, sand and casting coolers, shot blasting machines.

DYNAREF PRODUCTS, AUSTRALIA  -  products for the foundry industry, refractories for all furnace types for iron, steel and non ferrous applications, crucibles, ceramic hollowware (gating systems), fluxes suitable for aluminium and copper alloys, bentonite for ferrous and non-ferrous green sand systems, phenolic resins for the shell process, non contact sensors for molten metal level control.

DELMER PRODUCTS LTD., INDIA  -  supplier of jewellery manufacturing equipment, wax injectors, automatic investment mixers, rotary burnout furnaces, centrifugal vacuum casting machines, melting furnaces for the manual casting of gold, silver and other precious metal alloys in a graphite crucible suitable for quantities from 2 to 15 kg, finishing and polishing media and machines, tools and consumables.

DUROCAST (PTY) LTD., SOUTH AFRICA  -  supplier of refractory, corrosion resistant and specialized building products, manufacturer of refractory concretes used in blast furnace runners and steel plant ladles.

DEGUISA S.A., SPAIN  -  manufacture products related to the cast iron, steel and non-ferrous foundries, metallurgical, glass, petrochemical, cement and ceramic industries, shaped and unshaped refractories, sliding gate valves systems for ladles, tundishes and electric furnaces, combustion and control systems.

DYSON TECHNICAL CERAMICS LTD., UK  -  manufacturer of advanced refractories and ceramics - zirconia tundish metering nozzles, exchangeable and stationary metering nozzles, zirconia inserts, sliding gate plate inserts and firebricks for the steel industry, pressed foundry ladle nozzles, composite nozzles, holloware and firebricks for foundries, zirconia crucibles for the investment casting, medical and aerospace industries.

DOSHI TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  manufacturer of electric arc furnaces, ladle refining furnaces, visualization systems for furnace control, ladle transfer cars, scrap charging buckets, a complete range of induction equipment for reliable operation of induction furnaces - aluminium frames, induction coils, hydraulic cylinders for lifting and tilting stands, top-bottom insulation blocks, water-cooled cables, electrolytic grade copper rope & end terminals, induction power supply and control panel components.

DE WINTER ENGINEERING B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  new aluminium melting furnaces (14 and 32 tons), furnace renovation including total upgraded melting furnaces, furnace pressure control systems, auxiliary equipment.

ELING, SERBIA  -  a producer of induction furnaces for melting of ferrous and nonferrous metals / alloys, frequency converters, electromagnetic casting tables for aluminum billets casting, induction heating systems for surface treatment of metals, annealing, hard welding, heating of workpieces before forging.
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ENTECH AB, SWEDEN  -  supplier of standard and fully customized high temperature furnaces and kilns for various industrial applications, distributors in the Nordic countries for Nabertherm, EPSI and Zirc.

ESTEL AS, ESTONIA  -  development, manufacture, adjustment and technical maintenance of electric power equipment, frequency converters for induction heating devices and melting furnaces, power suppliers for electric arc furnaces, transformers, heat exchangers, current-limiting and smoothing reactors, electromagnetic products, rectifiers, etc. for power engineering, iron-and-steel works, foundries and metal working factories.

ELEKTROKARBON A.S., SLOVAKIA  -  manufacturing and sale of final and semi-finished products made from carbon materials - crystallizers for continuous metal casting, crucibles for metal melting, moulds for metal casting, heating resistance elements.

ENGINEERED CERAMICS CORPORATION, USA  -  refractories for melting and transfer applications, ladle liners, crucibles, ramming materials.

ESK CERAMICS GmbH & CO. KG, GERMANY  -  products in a wide variety of industrial manufacturing processes and product areas, antioxidants & deoxidants for refractories, additives and copper melts, thermocouple protection tubes, accessories, sealing components, casting nozzles, heater and riser tubes, release agents and lubricants of boron nitride powder suitable for use in high-temperature manufacturing applications, boron nitride sprays as release agents / coatings for separation of molten light metals, such as aluminum, magnesium and zinc, boron nitride ceramic crucibles, wholly owned subsidiary of Ceradyne Inc. - USA.

EASTERN CRUCIBLE REFRACTORIES CO., USA  -  variety of crucible sizes and special shapes.

EGES ELEKTRIK VE ELEKTRONIK GERECLER SANAYI VE TICARET A.S., TURKEY  -  induction furnaces, converters, cooling systems.

EKW GmbH, GERMANY  -  high refractory-products.

ESM GROUP, INC., USA  -  magnesium products and injectors for steel desulphurization.

EMSCO, INC., USA  -  an Inductotherm Group company, repair of induction furnaces, coils, water cooled leads and associated systems.

EXOTERM-IT d.o.o., SLOVENIA  -  manufacturer and supplier of auxiliary materials for foundries and steel industry, fluxes, graphite, carbon electrodes for furnaces.

ELECTRO INDUSTRIAL LLOBREGAT (EIL), S.L., SPAIN  -  melting induction furnaces.

ETS INDUSTRIAL TECHNICAL SYSTEMS ENGINEERING COMPANY, TURKEY  -  induction furnaces for melting of copper alloys.

E-JAY THERMO PRODUCTS, USA  -  temperature controls for the die-cast industry, thermo laminate refractory ladles, thermo cast ceramic specialiies, thermo sentry thermocouple units, thermo buoy floating thermocouple, specialty thermocouple, thermo diffuser degassing tubes, thermo guard protection tubes, high-temperature coating & bonding refactory cement.

ENGINEX LTD., BULGARIA  -  production of electro-furnaces and vacuum casting systems for non-ferrous and noble metals, the vacuum casting complexes are widely used for intricate casting in jewelry, applied art, precise machine details.

ERYAS MADENCILIK TIC. LTD. STI., TURKEY  -  supplier of olivine sand for cast iron and steel foundries, olivine sand for metallurgical furnaces and tundishes, olivine products for refractory and slag manufacturers, sand blasting materials.

ELECTROHEAT (PVT) LTD., PAKISTAN  -  manufacturer of high tech induction melting and heating furnaces and equipment - capacitors, series & parallel control panels, software controlled power supply units, medium frequency solid state generators, series type inventers, duraline yokeless crucibles, steel frame crucibles.

EILDON REFRACTORIES, UK  -  refractories and ladle products.

ESSIX RESOURCES, INC., USA  -  supplier of raw materials and minerals for the foundry and steel industries, ladle sands, ladle carbons, alumina fluxes, foamy met slag, deox briquettes, metallurgical coke briquettes, calcium aluminates, ferro alloys, aluminum briquettes and chips, refractories, silica sand, importer of Norwegian olivine sand.

EKELUND S.r.l., ITALY  -  holding furnaces for aluminium melting and heat treatment, solutions for the annealing and quenching of aluminium castings, lost wax casting technology solutions, customers: mechanical and metallurgical industrial plants, foundries, enterprises of heat treatment, manufacturers of automotive components, aerospace parts and construction equipment, agricultural, railway, electrical and electronic sectors.

EXTRACCION Y MOLIENDA de BARRO, S.A. de C.V. (EXMOBA), MEXICO  -  fireclay for refractory bricks, fireclay for the repair of cupola furnaces, floors and walls of empty pots and electric ovens channels.

FERBECK & FUMITHERM S.A., FRANCE  -  furnace construction, refractory linings, industrial chimney construction and maintenance, the operations cover a variety of industrial fields including energy, incineration, nuclear, aluminium, steel and cement production, oil refineries, thermal treatment, flat glass and glass packaging production, supply and installation of refractory linings for all types of metal furnaces, for foundries, coke plants, blast furnaces, steel converters, smelting stations, continuous pour and for transfers - wagons and ladles, a part of the Lizmontagens Group.

FREECOM-BG LTD., BULGARIA  -  direct importer of stainless steels, sheets, seamless pipes, profile pipes, thick-walled pipes, rods, electrode wire, fasteners, Kanthal heaters and materials for industrial furnaces.
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FAUCHON BAUDOT S.A.S., FRANCE  -  refractory hollowwares and bricks intended to foundries of sand moulding and precision casting, and ceramic industries.

Foshan Ceramics Research Institute (FCRI) & Jin Gang Group - China, a leading manufacturer of ceramic foam filters for metal casting FOSHAN CERAMICS RESEARCH INSTITUTE (FCRI) & JIN GANG GROUP, CHINA  -  A leading manufacturer of ceramic foam filters for metal casting, high temperature ceramic rollers, cooling rollers, strippable protective coatings for ceramic rollers, refractory bricks - corundum refractory product series, alumina bubble ball brick series, high alumina or mullite lightweight bricks, alumina grinding balls, industrial ceramics.
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FORZA DO BRASIL LTDA., BRAZIL  -  manufacturer and distributor of refractories and thermal insulation products for foundries, metallurgy, glass, ceramic, chemical and petrochemical sectors, insulating bricks and special refractory parts, refractory mortars and concretes, refractory concrete with high content of metallic fiber, ceramic fiber for cone seals, gaskets, insulating caps for gutters, thermal insulation of pipes and tubes, thermal gloves and heating chambers, ceramic filters, supplier of master alloys, ferro-alloys, briquettes / tablets for aluminum alloying, salts for the treatment of aluminum alloys.

FURNACE DESIGN CO., LTD., THAILAND  -  electric or gas melting furnaces, high, medium and low frequency induction melting and heat treatment furnaces, crucibles, insulation products, accessories.

FOUNDRY ECOCER, ITALY  -  products and auxiliaries for non-ferrous foundries, fluxes for modification, purification and refining of non-ferrous alloys, master intermediate alloys for melts, coatings for protection of metallic dies, cores and sand moulds with organic-inorganic binder, lubricants and detaching products for die-casting extrusion and metal working, refractory and insulating materials specific for aluminium alloys casting, refractory cements, pre-shaped ceramics, ceramic foam filters, glass fibers filtering tissue, filter-bowls, crucibles, transfer ladles, technical assistance and consulting services.

FURNACE ENGINEERING, AUSTRALIA  -  design, manufacturing and installation of a wide range of furnaces, heat processing equipment and engineering services for aerospace, aluminium, defence, electronic, extrusion, heat treatment, induction heating and melting, mining, pharmaceutical, food processing and scientific research, the range products includes melting & holding furnaces, environmental chambers, process ovens, clean room ovens, heat treatment furnaces.

FAR EAST (CHINA) MACHINERY CO., LTD., CHINA  -  production of copper melting induction furnaces, aluminum melting and holding furnaces, vacuum induction melting furnaces and electric arc furnaces.

FOURS ET REFRACTAIRES S.A.S., FRANCE  -  refractory mixes for foundry usages, refractory materials for linings the various parts of conventional, cold or hot blast cupolas, refractories for long campaign cupolas, products for the lining of all parts of coreless induction furnaces, ramming mixes for ladles for cast iron, ladles for ductile cast iron treatment, ladles for cast-steel, ladles for aluminium, machines for placing refractory gun-ables of all types through cold or hot guniting, all types of ceramic fiber modules to be used in forge and heat-treatment furnaces, slag-coagulants.

FUJI ELECTRIC THERMO SYSTEMS CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  low, medium and high frequency crucible induction melting furnaces, induction channel furnaces, vacuum induction melting furnaces, devices, equipment and associated systems.

FUNDICION FUNDIFER, ARGENTINA  -  cast iron castings, incl. crucibles for melting of aluminum, zamak and lead.

FIREBRICK INDUSTRIES (M) SDN. BHD., MALAYSIA  -  production of fire clay bricks, high alumina bricks, refractory mortars and castables for all types of furnaces, kilns, boilers and dryers.

FORNOS JUNG LTDA., BRAZIL  -  industrial furnaces for smelting of nonferrous metals and heat treatment, special laboratory heating furnaces.

FERCAM MOLDES E EQUIPAMENTOS LTDA., BRAZIL  -  production of pouring ladles, flasks and other equipment for small, medium and large foundries.

FUNDICION MARORA LTDA., COLOMBIA  -  supplier of fluxes, bentonite, additives for foundry sand, resins for no-bake and cold-box processes, crucibles for metal melting, refractories for induction furnaces, refractory linings for ladles, grit for the treatment of metal surfaces.

FIVE POWER ELECTRIC MACHINERY MFG. CO., LTD., TAIWAN  -  production of low, medium and high frequency induction furnaces for metal casting, forging furnaces, vacuum furnaces, heat treatment furnaces.

FEDMET RESOURCES CORP., CANADA  -  worldwide suppliers of refractories and refractory products to the iron and steel industry, non-ferrous metals industry and other industries.

FONTES REFRACTAIRES S.A., FRANCE  -  refractory products for installation in industrial furnaces, a part of Ipratec Group / SGI Group.

FILPA S.A., COLOMBIA  -  refractories and insulation materials for foundries.

FOMET S.r.l., ITALY  -  induction furnaces for cast iron, copper and brass, furnace equipment and automation pouring systems.

FUNDPROD S.R.L., ARGENTINA  -  products and services for foundry plants, silica or chromite sand, bentonite, moulding binders, catalysts, coke, granular graphite, ferroalloys, slags, refractory bricks and cements, ceramic filters.

FESIL SALES S.A., LUXEMBOURG  -  a complete range of products for the steel and foundry industry - aluminium, chromium metal, copper, manganese, silicon metal, tin, pig iron, ferroalloys, alloying elements, coal & coke, graphite electrodes, insulating / exothermic risers for steel, cast iron and non-ferrous casting, inoculants for ladle and in-mould treatment, recarburizers, extruded filters, foam filters, a subsidiary branch of the British Columbian global supply chain company MFC Industrial Ltd.

FOUNDRY SERVICE S.p.A., ITALY  -  release lubricants, protective oils and waxes, fluxes and pads for every kind of alloy, capsules for degassing, modifying, deoxidating, ceramic filters, filtering nets, paints, refractory, melting pots, crucibles for aluminum, brass, bronze and zamak, foundry machinery and testing tools, consulting services.

FEUERFEST SIEGBURG PETER LICHTENBERG GmbH & CO. KG, GERMANY  -  complete refractory solutions for all applications in iron and steel industries.

FOUNDRY TECHNOLOGY LTD., UK  -  new and used foundry plant and equipment - machinery for melting, pouring, moulding, coremaking, sand preparation, shotblasting and laboratory.
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Foundry Technology Ltd. - UK is your global partner for supplying new and second hand foundry equipment.

FURNACE TECHNOLOGIES PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  manufacturer of heat treatment furnaces, fire assay furnaces, tilting smelting furnaces, kilns, ovens and driers, gas, electrical and oil fired industrial process equipment, ceramic fiber refractory, crucibles, graphite electrodes for electric arc furnaces, fine grained graphite structures, controls systems, burners and switching devices, safety clothes for head and eye protection, hand and body protection, foot wear.

FUNDIDOS Y COMPONENTES, S.A. de C.V. (FYCOMEX), MEXICO  -  supplier of ferroalloys, cast iron ingots, aluminum or zinc alloy ingots, coke for cupola furnaces, inoculants, deoxidisers, amorphous graphite, protective fluxes, silicon carbide crucibles, silica sand, bentonite, phenolic resins, coated silica sand for shell process, refractory clay, firebricks, high alumina concrete, ramming masses, mortars.

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