Eling is a producer of frequency converters + induction furnaces for melting of ferrous and nonferrous metals / alloys. For ferrous metals the pouring system is designed with rammed lining, and for nonferrous metals with graphite melting pots. The furnaces are suited for the steel and cast iron foundries, non-ferrous foundries, laboratory test appliances, precious metal melting, etc.

Eling manufactures as well electromagnetic casting tables for aluminum billets casting, and induction heating systems for surface treatment of metals, annealing, hard welding, heating of workpieces before forging, and other applications.



Sabacki put bb, Loznica 15300, SERBIA
tel.: (++381 15) 812 314,  fax: (++381 15) 812 640
e-mail:   eling@loznica.com
website: www.eling.rs