graphite electrodes, carbon paste, graphite rods, blocks, bricks, granules and powders GRAPHITE INDIA LTD.  -  INDIA

Graphite India Ltd. (GIL) has the unique distinction of being a trail blazer in the introduction of Graphite Electrode manufacture in India.

Incorporated in 1963 in collaboration with "The Great Lakes Carbon Corporation of USA", its first plant at Durgapur in East India, was set up in 1967. Today with a combined capacity of 33,000 MT per annum spread over three plants at Durgapur, Bangalore and Nashik, GIL boasts of possessing the largest pool of technical personnel in Graphite technologies.

With a state of the art Research & Development Centre at Bangalore, GIL has been in the forefront of developing cutting edge technologies in new areas of applications. While Graphite Electrodes still contribute to a major share of the total output, GIL has graduated to becoming a Graphite technology specialist, providing solutions with products for applications in the Metallurgical (ferrous & nonferrous), Chemical & Process, Aerospace and Nuclear industries.

A truly global company, GIL now exports around 65% of its production overseas with a customer base of over 150 in 50 countries.


Mr. V.P.Benjamin  -  Sr. Vice President


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tel.: (++91 33) 40029600,  fax: (++91 33) 40029676