RSP-India, ramming masses and coreless induction furnace linings RSP CORPORATION  -  INDIA

RSP Corporation is the flagship of RSP Group of India. RSP Group has got interests in mining, mineral processing, steel making, soap making and monolithic refractory.

RSP Corporation, is the largest producer and exporter of Quartz (Glassy) and Silica Ramming Mix (Monolithic Refractory for Induction furnace) from India. During its existence of 15 years, they have been able to make substantial inroads into the world market including, Italy, Spain, Israel, UAE, Kuwait, Iran, Oman, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Ghana. Plans are underway to open their international warehouse somewhere in Europe.

The mineral division caters to Glass, ceramic, sanitary ware, porcelain, steel, welding, pesticides, chemical and other relevant industries. All the customers are ISO companies and include the world leaders like, Corning, Techneglas, Degussa, Ceramica Italia etc.

The Monolithic refractory division of RSP Corporation has launched a new series of Silica Ramming Mix under the VINRAM series. Various grades are available, in multiple options of pre mix or without binder and also as per furnace make and capacity.

This product started in 2002, has been highly successful in the International market. The most important reason is the quality, since it is very well known that Indian Quartz is among the best in the world. Secondly the price advantage in compared to European and American manufacturers, give VINRAM an extended advantage of value for money.

RSP is now looking for an European distributor. The concerned company to be based preferable in Turkey or any other strategic location, so that distributing the products in deep Europe is no problem.


Ms Rashmi Nair  -  Dy. Manager


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