Songshan Enterprise Group-China, electric heating elements for furnaces HENAN ZHENGZHOU SONGSHAN ENTERPRISE GROUP CO., LTD.  -  CHINA

Henan Zhengzhou Songshan Enterprise Group Co., Ltd, China, is a key enterprise of high and new technology, subordinating five subsidiaries and one research institute, with the largest production base of temperature electric heating elements in China.

Up to now, the Enterprise have accumulated a plentiful wealth of producing experience, tremendous strength of technique, advanced manufacture equipments, integrated effective ISO 9000 guarantee system of quality and scientific managerial mould. Presently, all kinds of products of the Enterprise have passed ISO 9002 of UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service). Enjoying perfect quality regulation and after-sales system, its products are highly praised on the markets both at home and abroad. Now, they cover throughout China, and are exported to Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Mid-East, Europe and U.S.A as well.

The products' specification is as following:
  • Molybdenum Disilicide (MoSi2) Electric Heating Elements 1700 ºC type and 1800 ºC type, U-type and W-type, products of different size;
  • Carborundum (SiC) Electric Heating Elements Stick type, U-type, W-type, products of different size;
  • Industrial Kilns Full-automatic knockout plate type, kiln-car type, roller-way type, mesh-belt type, chain type and shuttle type tunnel resistor furnaces, box-type, well-type, bell-jar-type, rotary type and pipe type electric furnace, gas- shielded furnace etc, with the working temperature at the range of 200~2500 ºC;
  • Tungsten, Molybdenum Material and Products Various types of ammonium molybdate, molybdenum trioxide, molybdenum powder, molybdenum bar, molybdenum plate, molybdenum electrode, tungsten-molybdenum alloy electrode, molybdenum filament and other heterotypic molybdenum products, various types of tungsten trioxide, tungsten powder, tungsten bar, tungsten electrode, tungsten filament and other heterotypic tungsten products.

Yang Xuehao  -  Commercial Director


Sanlizhuang High & New Tec. Industrial Zone, Dengfeng Zhengzhou, Henan 452483, CHINA
tel. / fax: (++86 371) 62768046