Litmash-Moldova, foundry moulding / core/ die-casting / investment casting machines, LITMASH - MOLDOVA

Litmash (The Kirov Plant) is the oldest and one of the biggest engineering enterprises in the region. The plant is renown producer of casting machines, lines for making shoes and injection moulding machines.

In the Foundry area, Litmash is specialized in production of:
  • Die-Casting machines (the first picture below, from left to right). They are intended for making wide range of castings from aluminium, zink and copper alloys. The locking force varies from 1600 kN up to 22000 kN. The machines have the following facilities: control system, automatic ladling unit, die and press-plunger lubricators, casting removers, melting furnaces, and other according to the contract;
  • Low-pressure Die-Casting machines (second picture), models 83105, ALUG-3 and ALU03;
  • Foundry-Squeezing machine model LPS-8 (third picture) with max. expression force of 600 kN and original system of castings extraction;
  • Investment Casting machines (fourth and fifth picture): for preparing pattern composition & making patterns and pattern link, for preparing of refractory coating, and for application of refractory coating, making ceramic-pattern cluster and pattern compound melting-out from it;
  • Centrifugal Bush-Casting machines (sixth picture) for making sleeves (bushes) of iron and copper alloys, models 552-2 and 553-2;
  • Automatic Chill-Casting line А120B, 45 moulds/hour, mould size 1000 x 100 x 250 mm, line overall dimensions
    50000 х 10000 х 4700 mm;
  • Chamber-autoclave (seventh picture) for cast iron modification. The chamber is designed for inoculating cast iron with magnesium and graphitizing inoculants in ladles with charge weight of 0.8 t, applying excessive pressure on molten metal surface in order to get high-strength cast iron and gray cast iron.
Litmash exports to India, Syria, China, Tunisia, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Brazil, Italy.



Sakriera str., d. 2-B, Tiraspol 3300, MOLDOVA
tel. / fax: +373 (533) 9-40-97