Siblitmash-Russia, foundry machine-building plant SIBLITMASH JSC  -  RUSSIA

The public joint-stock company "Siblitmash" - Russia has 50 years of production experience. The enterprise designs and produces lines, installations and machines for manufacturing temporary moulds by using any technology: from air impulse to jolt, jolt-squeeze, sand-throwing or vacuum-film moulding.

"Siblitmash" offers competitive high-quality:
  • Moulding machines - designed for manufacture of half-moulds by jolting method with repressing.
  • Impulse moulding machines - low-pressure impulse squeeze moulding machines with frame-lift if half-moulds, for sequential manufacture of bottom and top half-molds from clay-sand mixture.
  • Horizontal-plunger cold chamber die-casting machines - intended for large-scale production of intricate-shape and high-quality casting from non-ferrous alloys.
  • Moulding sandslingers.
  • Inertia shake-outs for shaking out moulds.
  • Automated moulding lines intended for manufacture of ferrous and non-ferrous castings with mass of 10 to 1000 kg and designed on the basis of moulding machines of different types: vibrating-squeeze, jolt, squeeze, jolt-squeeze and impulse sand compacting.
  • Automatic flaskless molding line intended for manufacture of vertically-parted sand molds by the blow-squeeze molding method.
  • Equipment for coke-oven batteries.
The Foundry of "Siblitmash" produces iron castings - from sewer manholes and cast-iron fences to heave bed frames of metal-working equipment. Many of produced foundry machines and mechanisms are firstly tested and approved directly at the plant.



2, Betonnaya Str., Sibiryakov-Guardeytsev square, 630024 Novosibirsk, RUSSIA
tel.: (++7 383) 353 4001,  fax: (++7 383) 353 4551