The Simpson Group of companies: Simpson Technologies Corporation, Beardsley & Piper LLC, and Hartley Controls Corporation

The Simpson Group of companies comprises Simpson Technologies Corporation, Beardsley & Piper LLC, and Hartley Controls Corporation.

Simpson Technologies Corporation was founded in 1912 by the Scottish engineer Peter L. Simpson. The company is still privately held by the Simpson family and is now in its fifth generation of family management. Simpson has a long history in the foundry industry; and, products bearing the Simpson name are widely known and utilized in foundries throughout the world.

In 1998 Simpson acquired Beardsley & Piper, LLC to further strengthen its position in sand preparation and to enter the markets for core making, mold making and pollution control equipment for foundries. Beardsley & Piper, LLC is the original designer of the Speedmullor® high intensity muller type mixer and other sand preparation equipment; flaskless matchplate molding machines; mold handling systems; cold box, hot box and shell core making equipment; pollution control equipment; gas generators and amine distribution systems.

In 2000 Simpson acquired Hartley Controls Corporation to provide the Group with advanced technology for the control and automation of molding sand mixers and sand preparation systems. Hartley Controls Corporation also manufactures pneumatic weighing & transportation used primarily for bentonite in a green sand system or other dry additives in a core sand preparation system.

The Simpson Group is best known for our batch and continuous molding sand mixing equipment. A full range of products includes the medium speed, batch type Simpson Mix-Muller® for low volume applications, the high-speed, batch type B&P Speedmullor® for medium to high volume applications and the continuous, high efficiency Simpson Multi-Mull® for high volume applications. From this portfolio of machines the best solution can be found for applications ranging from a laboratory sized mixer to over 500 tons per hour in a single machine for all types of molding machines and metals.

The Simpson Multi-Cooler® is the world's most popular sand cooling and pre-conditioning equipment. The Multi-Cooler is available in sizes to match operations include: system design based on heat transfer capability; continuous monitoring of incoming sand temperature; controlled addition of water to absorb heat via evaporation and maintain discharge moisture percentage; continuous introduction of air to take away heat; efficient blending of sand to remove inconsistencies and create continuous contact between sand, air and water; integrates easily into existing sand system.

The unique design of the Hartley® Automatic Bond Determinator provides accurate and consistent control of compactability and bond content for all batch and continuous mixers. It provides consistency and quality in molding sand preparation, as well as eliminates the need for any mixer supervision, reducing sand related scarp and cleaning room costs, and increases productivity and efficiency.

Since its introduction to market in 1993, Simpson®+Gerosa electronic sand laboratory instrumentation has become the overwhelming choice of the foundry industry. Unlike traditional sand testing equipment, the designs of the modern Simpson+Gerosa equipment utilizes advanced electronics and on board microprocessors. Studies have shown that Simpson+Gerosa equipment is more accurate, more repeatable, easier to calibrate and easier to use for busy laboratory personnel. The advanced design of these instruments offers more features and testing possibilities than older equipment.

More than 500 Simpson Pro-Claim® and Even-Flo® series pneumatic sand reclaimers are in use for highly efficient reclamation of clay or resin bonded sands.

The newest product is the advanced CSM series of high speed, batch type core sand preparation systems. More than three years in development, the CSM series in unmatched in batch preparation accuracy, repeatability and productivity.

Both the Swiss branch and the American home office are fully staffed with engineering, service, manufacturing and technical support capabilities. The company is dedicated to continuous improvement in the technology and value of its products. Simpson is highly automated and fully utilizes computerization in CAD based engineering, internal publication of technical documents with desktop publishing and automated order handling, purchasing and inventory control.



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