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ATALIUM, LEBANON  -  architectural aluminum systems, aluminum and glazing structures, fences and gates, railings & stainless steel works.

ALUMI CENTER CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  copper and copper alloys, aluminum alloys and other non-ferrous products.

ALMINE CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  aluminium and aluminium alloy sheet, coil, bar, shaped & welding wire rod, aluminium bar in coils with the largest diameter in the world.

ALUMINIUM DELFZIJL (ALDEL ) B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  aluminium smelter and supplier of primary aluminium rolling ingots and extrusion billets.

ACRONI D.O.O., SLOVENIA  -  steel making manufacturer of flat-rolled products.
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ATHICAL ENGINEERING PTE. LTD., SINGAPORE  -  sole representative & stockiest for copper alloy materials, copper nickel pipes, pipe fittings, flanges, plates, bars and rods, couplings.

AL EZZ STEEL REBARS (EZZ STEEL), EGYPT  -  producer of long and flat steel for use in a wide range of end applications.

AYAD GROUP, EGYPT  -  steel production, rebars, round, square or flat bars, angles, square, rectangular or round hollow sections, welded steel tubes and pipes.

ACERO GRILL C.A., VENEZUELA  -  electroforged bar gratings to highest international technical standards, using continuous manufacturing process, products for the oil, petrochemical, construction, utility and metal industries.

ARMENAL JSC, ARMENIA  -  manufacturer of a wide range of aluminium foil.
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ALUME LEBANON, LEBANON  -  specialized in aluminum and steel works, stainless steel accessories, stainless steel structures, steel subframes, aluminum composite panels.

ASARCO LLC, USA  -  a fully integrated miner, smelter and refiner of copper, production of copper rod, cake, cathode, precious metals - silver and gold ingots.

ANSAM METALS, USA  -  a merchant and a processor of new and scrap non-ferrous metals.

ANDRITZ METALS / ANDRITZ GROUP, AUSTRIA  -  supplier of metalforming technologies and complete lines for the production and further processing of cold-rolled carbon steel, stainless steel, and non-ferrous metal strip, a part of Andritz Group - a leading supplier of plants, equipment, and services for hydropower stations, the pulp and paper industry, the metalworking and steel industries, and for solid/liquid separation in the municipal and industrial sectors.

A. KALPINIS - N. SIMOS S.A. STEEL PRODUCTS, GREECE  -  the company operates in importing, processing and trading steel, steel sheets, iron products, metal and similar products, the main products cover the needs of technical and constructions companies, industrial plants, refineries, farming industries as well as the needs of shipbuilding and the ship-repairing industry.

ALUMINIUM PARS CO., IRAN  -  industrial aluminum coils, sheets, foils and laminates.

AHWAZ ROLLING AND PIPE MILLS CO. (ARPCO), IRAN  -  steel products - coiled steel strips, EIW and API pipes, rectangular profiles and galvanized pipes.

ALUMINIUM SERVICE BREUKELEN B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  production of different types of aluminium profiles, plates and finished products.

AICHI STEEL CORPORATION, JAPAN  -  specialty steel shapes / bars, stainless and titanium products, forgings.

ADVANCE SCT LTD., SINGAPORE  -  recycling and trading of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal, copper smelting, refining and manufacturing, a complete copper material solution from global sourcing, processing and global sales and distribution of copper materials and related products, copper coils consumed by copper cable manufacturers and copper foil manufacturers.

ARVIN TAV CO., IRAN  -  production of different kinds of aluminum profiles, aluminum pipes for fine tube air coolers, and industrial spare parts.

ASCO VIDAK D.O.O., SERBIA  -  manufacturer of low-carbon wires (galvanized and copper-coated), wire / reinforcement nettings, a member of ASCO Group -
the biggest industrial producer of gratings and fences in Greece.

ALUMINIUM WERKE WUTOSCHINGEN AG & CO. KG, GERMANY  -  production of aluminium extrusions, slugs and a wide range of aluminium alloys.

ANSHAN YING YAT TRADE CO., LTD., CHINA  -  manufacturer and exporter of steel and therefore products and relative processing machinery and production line.
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BANDINELLI & FORNI METALLI S.p.A., ITALY  -  supplier of a wide range of semi-finished products in ferrous and nonferrous metals, brass bars, plates and profiles, round brass pipes, bronze pipes, copper bars, plates and wire, aluminium sheet, plates and bars, carbon steel and corrosion resistance steel bars.

BERJAK & PARTNERS, AUSTRALIA  -  traders in ferrous and non-ferrous metals and scrap - tinplates, misprints, rails, axles, zinc dross, ash, fines, oxides, remelt ingots, lead sheets, sleeves, pipe, tubes, brass and bronze scraps, aluminium foils, shot, ingots, scrap, dross, dust, tin ingots, alloys, dross, ash, scrap, solder, high temperature alloys - tungsten, high speed and stainless steels, nickel.

BAOSTEEL GROUP CORPORATION, CHINA  -  the most competitive steel producer of China, carbon steel, stainless steel and specially-alloyed steel, with focus placed on automotive steel, appliance steel, oil pipeline steel, drill pipe, oil well tube, high pressure boiler steel, and cold rolled silicon steel.

BELL GROUP LTD., UK  -  the world's most comprehensive chromium metal supplier, specialists in the processing and refining of aluminothermic (lump, powder) and electrolytic chromium metal (broken cathode flake, powder), double de-gassed chrome briquettes.

BRAKO HOLDING, NORTH MACEDONIA  -  wire products, low carbon steel cold drawn wire, annealed wire, galvanized zinced wire, barbed wire, welded steel wire fabric, compact fence rolls, coil nails and construction nails.

BOLISEN MINERAL AB, SWEDEN  -  mining and milling, smelting, refining and recycling of metals, the second largest copper supplier (cathodes, wires, plates, tubes, machined products and superconductors) and the third largest zinc supplier (slabs and jumbo ingots) in Europe, other metals produced include primary and secondary lead (cast ingots), gold (ingots and granules) and silver (granules).

BAILIS PIPE & STEEL, INC., USA  -  supplier of sheet & coil products, angles, square & rectangular tubing, beams, channels, hot rolled plates, round & square bar, wire mesh, carbon and stainless steel bollards and bollard covers, pipes, flanges, fittings, structural steel shapes, and custom fabricated fencing for municipalities, universities, shopping centers and construction firms of all sizes.

BHUSHAN POWER & STEEL LTD., INDIA  -  a fully integrated steel making company - manufacturer of flat, rounds and long products, billets, hot / cold rolled coils, pig iron for production of cast iron castings and steel, precision tubes, black pipe, cable tapes, wire rod and special alloy steel, supplier to fast-growing sectors like automotive, white goods, construction, furniture, fasteners, telecommunication, etc.

BAKU STEEL COMPANY, AZERBAIJAN  -  metallurgy plant, different grades of steel billets, steel angle bars, rods, squares, tubes and wires, steel and cast iron castings.

BELARUSIAN STEEL WORKS, BELARUS  -  steel billets, profiled light-section bars, rebars for reinforced concrete constructions, rods, seamless pipes, hot deformed pipes for oil-and-gas industry, steel cord, weld wire, zinc-coated wire, carbon wire, reinforcing wire, bronze-plated bead wire, general-purpose wire, steel anchor fiber, consumer goods.

COPPER AND COPPER ALLOYS FOUNDRY, SERBIA  -  one of the integrated parts of Copper Smelter and Refinery Bor Ltd., continuous casting of copper and copper alloys, semi-continuous casting of brass, continuous casting of bronze and red brass, semifinished copper products for plastic processing - beams, bars, blocks, brass products for further plastic and machine processing - bars, rods and pipes, bronze products for further plastic and machine processing - blocks, rods, pipes and various profiles, copper cathodes.

CMC (AUSTRALIA) PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  hot rolled coil and strip, cold rolled coil and strip, galvanised coil, sheet pack, floor plate, boiler plate, gas and water pipe, painted rectangular, square, circular hollow sections, galvanised rectangular, square and circular hollow sections, seamless pipe, welded line pipe, mechanical tube, reinforcing bar, round bar, reinforcing mesh, wire mesh, tie wire, wire rod, fence wire, fence posts, ferro alloys, metals, aluminium grain refiners and modifiers, recarburisers, inoculants, nodulants, slag coagulants.

CHINA BEIHAIBUILDING MATERIAL CO., LTD., CHINA  -  manufacturer of aluminum foam panels (AFP) which have a porous structure that makes them excellent materials to absorb sound, impacts and vibrations, their metallic nature allows their use as electromagnetic shields and makes them stable at high temperatures, aluminium foams are recyclable and non contaminant, while offering a combination of physical, mechanical, thermal and acoustic characteristics typical of a homogeneous material - ideal for diverse and important applications in different industrial sectors, from aerospace or naval to motor and construction.

CINKARNA CELJE D.D., SLOVENIA  -  chemical processing company, production of zinc-aluminium alloys / zamak for foundries, titanium-zinc sheets for deep drawing, zinc wire for anticorrosion protection of metals, zinc anodes for zinc coating by galvanizing, cathode protection of land pipelines and metallic constructions in the sea, recycling old zinc sheets.

COMSIGUA - COMPLEJO SIDERURGICO DE GUAYANA, C.A., VENEZUELA  -  manufacturer of hot briquetted iron (HBI), capacity of 1 300 000 MT / year.

CELSA FRANCE, FRANCE  -  steel plant specialized in production of steel billets with square sections of 130, 140 and 160 mm and lengths varying from 8 to
13 meters.

CARAIBA METALS S.A., BRAZIL  -  a subsidiary of Paranapanema Group - mining and refining of copper ores, copper wire and plates products, copper slags.

CEMBRASS S.A., ARGENTINA  -  a metallurgical company, brass products - bars, sections, rolls, billets.

CUPROM S.A., ROMANIA  -  producer of electrolytic copper, continuous cast copper rod and enameled wire, one of the largest in the Eastern Europe.

CAPITAL STEEL & WIRE, INC., USA  -  producer and distributor of hot rolled steel wire, cold finished long products, and steel bars.

CEYLON STEEL CORPORATION LTD. (CSCL), SRI LANKA  -  production of round steel bars, hard drawn wire rods, wire nails, galvanized welded wire mesh sheets, gray cast iron, ductile cast iron and steel castings - manhole covers & frames, crusher jaws and parts for earth moving machinery, cast components for telecommunication, sugar, ceramics and cement industries.

DYNAMIC EXIM CORPORATION, INDIA  -  a merchant exporter of goods from India - steel welded tubes, stainless steel welded pipes, stainless steel seamless tubes and pipes, stainless steel strips and coils, and refractory materials.

DEBA ENTERPRISES CO. LTD., MALTA  -  manufacturing and exporting of steel wire products like barbed wire, chain link fencing - galvanized and PVC coated, nails, galvanized staples, nail wire, black annealed wire, PVC coated galvanized wire and galvanized wire, fencing poles and gates.
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DNEPROSPETSSTAL JSC, UKRAINE  -  producer of stainless, tool, heat-resistant, bearing, construction steel and alloys in rolled / forged rods / bars and flats.

DHT METAL, AZERBAIJAN  -  a Turkish-Azerbaijanian joint venture company, rolling mill plant and continue casting plant, total annual production is 150 000 mt, steel angles, deformed bars, round bars, square bars, U channels, billets.

DARKHAN METALLURGICAL PLANT JSC, MONGOLIA  -  iron ore concentrate, finished steel products from domestic iron ore, steel billets and bars, steel balls, production capacity to 300 000 - 500 000 tons per year.

DEUTSCHE NICKEL GmbH, GERMANY  -  manufacturer of nickel, nickel-based, copper-nickel, and iron-nickel wire, bar and forged products, and corresponding raw material alloys for strip and plate production.

DECKER S.A., ARGENTINA  -  copper and copper alloys tubes, plates, and bars.

EPSON ATMIX CORPORATION, JAPAN  -  metal powders that are stable in both chemical composition and physical properties, particle size from 3 to 1 µm.

EGYPTIAN COPPER WORKS CO., EGYPT  -  cold-rolled steel products, baling hoops, steel wires, steel rolls, copper, brass & aluminium ingots and billets, cathode plates, tubes, rods, strips, profiles, wires, discs, sheets, foil.

EURAL GNUTTI S.p.A., ITALY  -  production of semi-finished aluminium products, aluminium alloy profiles for high-tech industrial applications, extruded and drawn rods and bars.

ELVAL HELLENIC ALUMINIUM INDUSTRY S.A., GREECE  -  manufacturer of flat rolled aluminium products, plates, sheets, coils, circles, and foil.

EGYPTIAN IRON & STEEL CO. (HADISOLB), EGYPT  -  the major iron and steel producing company in Egypt, manufacturer of semi finished steel products - ingots up to 4 tons, killed and rimmed steels, blooms, billets hot rolled or continuously cast, squares, slabs continuously cast, hot strip mill products - hot rolled coils & strips, plates, cold strip mill products - cold rolled coils & strips, cold rolled sheets, pig iron for foundries, limestone, blast furnaces and oxygen converter slags, foundry shop, cast iron, steel and non-ferrous castings.

ELEKTROSTAL JSC, RUSSIA  -  various metallurgy products - wires, tapes, pipes, rods, forgings in structural, instrumental, high-speed, cutlery and stainless steel.

ENIMOR MET, ESTONIA  -  stainless steel and constructional rolled metal products.

EVEREST METAL INDUSTRIES LLC, UAE  -  manufacturer of cable support systems, cable trays, cable ladder and its accessories, metal struts.

EL-NASR STEEL PIPES & FITTINGS CO., EGYPT  -  manufacturer and exporter of welded steel pipes, gas and water pipes, structural and mechanical tubing - round, square and rectangular, spiral weld pipes, lighting poles for different sizes for overhead electric line transmission according to different standards.

ESSAR STEEL, INDIA  -  a global producer of steel, a fully integrated flat carbon steel manufacturer - from iron ore to ready-to-market products which find wide acceptance in highly discerning consumer sectors, such as automotive, white goods, construction, engineering and shipbuilding.

ESFAHAN STEEL CO., IRAN  -  steel beam, angles, round bars, spout.

EMIRATES STEEL INDUSTRIES (ESI), UAE  -  deformed reinforcing steel bars (rebars) for the construction industry.

FZC 11 OKTOMVRI AD, NORTH MACEDONIA  -  factory for welded pipes and sections - threaded tubes, precision tubes, line pipes, structural hollow sections, structural open sections, joining elements.

FONEX ALUMINIUM, MOROCCO  -  extrusion of aluminium profiles for facades, windows and doors, removable partitions, verandas, guard rails, a subsidiary of
Delta Holding Group.

FABRICA ARGENTINA DE HELICES S.A., ARGENTINA  -  bronze and other alloys propellers for ships of diverse size and functions.

FOSHAN APEX STAINLESS STEEL CO., LTD., CHINA  -  manufacturer and exporter of stainless steel serial products - cold rolled coils, welded pipes, sheets, circles, etc. for decoration items, steel furniture, home appliances (utensil items, cook wares), construction field, petroleum, medicine, machinery industry.

FABRIKA BAKARNIH CEVI A.D., SERBIA  -  manufacturer of sanitary and industrial copper tubes with inner diameter 0.5-76 mm and wall thickness 0.35-2.5 mm, technologies - pressing, cold rolling, and extrusion, application - water supply installations, gas and heating systems, fire protection systems, cooling facilities and appliances, various branches of industry: shipbuilding, production of machinery, chemical and food industry.

FRW CAROBRONZE S.A., FRANCE  -  specialised in bronze and high added-value copper alloys for high technology applications.

FAREKS D.O.O., NORTH MACEDONIA  -  sheet metal supplier.

FURUKAWA ELECTRIC CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  automotive components and electric wiring, wrought copper products, plates, strips, pipes, rods, and wires, electrodeposited copper foil, pocessed products for electronic parts, shape-memory and super-elastic alloys.

FEXA - FUNDICION EXTRUSION ALUMINIO, ARGENTINA  -  aluminum base alloys - pyramidal, half sphere, granulated material, ingots, bars and profiles.

FERRO GILAN COMPLEX (F.G.C.) CO., IRAN  -  Iran's first and largest private sector steel rolling company with production capacity of 2 million tons per annum of hot rolled and 500 000 tons per annum of cold rolled steel coils.

FLYER HARDWARE CO., LTD., CHINA  -  distributor of flanged concentric steel reducers, bronze ball / butterfly valves, 90 degree pipe elbows, pipe fittings and accessories.

FULAD HADID YAZD, IRAN  -  the biggest in Iran production enterprise of hot rolling (forging) grind steel ball mills with production capacity of 30 000 tons.

FUJINO KINZOKU CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  stainless steel, copper and aluminum tubes.

FIKO LTD., UKRAINE  -  producer of titanium ingots, titanium rolled bars, tubes, sheets, plates and wire.

F.W. HEMPEL & CO., ERZE UND METALLE, GmbH & CO. KG, GERMANY  -  trading and distribution of metals, alloys and pig-iron, stock holding and service-centres for nickel alloys, titanium and stainless steel and stainless wire drawing, production of antimony-metal and lead-oxide.

GLOBAL METALS LTD., NEW ZEALAND  -  distributor of hollow and solid brass rod, brass sections and profiles, continuous cast bronze bars, centrifugally cast bronze bars and copper alloys, bronze and brass precision machined components, non-ferrous and ferrous metals.

GLOBAL STEEL PTE. LTD., SINGAPORE  -  pipes, fittings, flanges, special forgings, special piping components and clamp connectors.

HIJOS DE JUAN DE GARAY S.A., SPAIN  -  cold drawn welded precision steel tubing, automotive tubular components, hot drawn and sized brass bars and shapes.

HUA GUAN METAL & ENGINEERING PTE. LTD., SINGAPORE  -  brass, aluminium, stainless steel, carbon and alloy steel bar and wire in various shapes and sizes.

HELCO METAL A/S, DENMARK  -  supplier of a very wide range of alloys and metal products, plates, pipes, rods, wire, profiles, bronze, brass, zink and tin ingots, ferroalloys.

HOKKO METAL CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  precious metals for electrical contact materials, silver & phosphor-copper alloys, wires and rods of silver brazing alloys, wires, rods and rings of phosphor-copper brazing alloys, wires and rods of special alloys.

HALCOR METAL PROCESSING S.A., GREECE  -  industrial production, manufacturing and processing of aluminium, copper and copper alloys pre-processed and end products with the methods of rolling and extrusion.

HI TEN STEEL PTE. LTD., SINGAPORE  -  import-export and wholesale of steel products - high tensile steel plates, wear plates, atmospheric corrosion resistance plates, ship building and stainless steel plates, hot & cold rolled steel plates, sheets and coils, round bars and alloy steel rods / bars, seamless pipes.

IRAN ALUMINIUM INDUSTRIAL CO. (IAIC), IRAN  -  manufacturer of aluminium profiles, architectural and industrial sections.

IRAN ALLOY STEEL CO. (IASCO), IRAN  -  production of different alloy and special steel grades for oil and petrochemical plants, automotive parts, machinery, tool manufacturing, medical, surgical and other industries.

ISFAHAN ALLOY STEEL COMPLEX (IASC), IRAN  -  heat treatable steels, cold / hot work tool steels, spring steels, stainless steels, producing a wide range of shapes including round, flat, stepped and polygonal bars.

I.B. LIVADIS, GREECE  -  metal parts, aluminium for lighting of streets, squares, factories, spot of aluminium cut, elements of aluminium - of sheet-metal for systems with lateral perforation for ventilation, downlights polygonal suitable for Pl-hqi for furred ceilings with holes lateral and in the base of products, elements of (aluminium-sheet-metal-brass-coper) negative form suitably for table lamps, headlights of interior - of exterior space for focuses of lighting, elements of brass-coper-aluminium-of sheet-metal for decorative utmost curtain tubes-of beds, covers of sound systems.

IRMAOS GALEAZI LTDA., BRAZIL  -  supplier of copper, brass, bronze, zinc, zamak, aluminum, lead and tin products - tubes, billets, bars, bushings, wires, foundry ingots, a part of Grupo Galeazi.

INDUMET LTDA., CHILE  -  copper, bronze, brass and aluminium products, tubes, plates.

INDUSTRIAS NACOBRE S.A. de C.V., MEXICO  -  copper and brass tubes, fittings, valves and flexible hose for water and gas, regulators, rolled sheets and rolls, industrial pipes, bars and shapes, wires and forged works, aluminum industrial, architectural shapes, integral building fronts and ladders, laminated products in rolls, sheets, disks, foil and converted foil.

INDUSTRIAS PENOLES, S.A. de C.V., MEXICO  -  a mining group with integrated operations in smelting and refining non-ferrous metals, the world’s top producer of refined silver, metallic bismuth and sodium sulfate, the leading Latin American producer of refined gold, lead and zinc.

IMPEXMETAL S.A., POLAND  -  foreign trade of non-ferrous metals, semi-finished products, and bearings, supplier to the automotive, installation, machines, constructing, metallurgy and metal producing industries.

IMPOL SEVAL - ALUMINIUM MILL A.D. SEVOJNO, SERBIA  -  hot rolled plates, hot rolled coils, cold rolled coils - uncoloured, coloured, embossed and ribbed, sheets - uncoloured, coloured, embossed and ribbed, the products are used all over the world in a wide range of applications - inner and outer coverings of all sorts of buildings, roof and facade profiled sheet metals, rainwater gatters, suspended ceilings, roller blinds, components for shipbuilding, railway and roads, buses and passenger cars, airplanes, superstructures for refrigerator trucks and fuel-carrying vehicles, boats and yachts, components for electrotechnical machines, transformer components, power station and power sub-station buildings, household cookware, cooking kettles and pots.

ISLAM STEEL MILLS LTD. (ISML), BANGLADESH  -  a subsidiary of S.Islam group of Companies, a steel melting and steel re-rolling complex consisting of two induction furnaces, one continuous billets caster, one automatic rolling mill, one foundry shop for steel casting, one refractory unit, one forging shop and one machine shop having all types of modern machines and full-fledged laboratory for chemical and physical test of the products.

JIN HON FORGING INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD., TAIWAN  -  manufacturer of alloy-steel, stainless-steel and aluminum-alloy forgings, automobile & motorcycle tools and parts, hardware tools and forged products - snap hooks, buckles and ratchets for various applications.

JEETMULL JAICHANDLALL (P) LTD., INDIA  -  manufacturer of wire mesh, welded wire fabrics, vibrating screens, perforated sheets, chainlink fencing, hexagonal wire netting, dutch weave, double crimped mesh, dovex screen, rectangular screen cloth, wire conveyor belts, demister pads, test sieves, air filter mesh, wedge wire screen, concertina barbed wire, and other wire products.

JOHNSON METAL A/S, DENMARK  -  bronze bars, pipes, plates, hexagonal profiles, plain bearing bushes, bronze alloys for sand moulding, centrifugal and continuous casting, a part of Johnson Metall AB - Sweden.

JAGDAMBA STEELS, NEPAL  -  the only integrated and the largest steel company in Nepal, a wide range of steel products: special earthquake resistant steel rebars, galvalum sheets and coils, structural steel angles, channels, beams, round and square rods, wires, flats, cut and bend products.

JBM STEEL, SOUTH AFRICA  -  suppliers of raw steel, stainless steel and aluminium material for construction, industrial and domestic purposes.

JIANGSU STEEL GROUP CO., LTD., CHINA  -  manufacturer of stainless steel (inox steel) products, stainless steel bars, stainless steel wires, stainless steel pipes, stainless steel sheets, plates and coil.

JMB-STEEL S.R.O., CZECH REPUBLIC  -  production and wholesale trade of heat proof stainless steel sheets, plates, bars and wires, and metallurgical special materials.

JAFARI WIRE INDUSTRIES CO., IRAN  -  production of different kinds of industrial wires, shafts, gas-shielded arc welding and submerged arc welding wire electrodes, applicable in all heavy industries fields and all automotive part manufacturing factories, forging and agricultural machineries.

KUWAIT ALUMINIUM CO., KUWAIT  -  design, fabrication, installation and maintenance of architectural aluminium products for construction and decoration uses - all types of doors, windows, internal partitions, wall cladding, curtain walls, security and decorative grills, louvers, handrails, skylights.

KUWAIT ALUMINIUM EXTRUSION CO. (KALEXCO), KUWAIT  -  aluminium extrusions for commercial and domestic buildings - window and door frame systems, curtain walls, exterior cladding, balustrades, roofing, awnings, blinds, gutters and down pipes, fencing, wall panels, partitions, heating and ventilation, scaffolding, ladders, extrusions for airframes, road and rail vehicles and in marine applications, extrusions for electrical appliances, lighting equipment and sporting goods.

KASHAN COPPER WORLD JSC, IRAN  -  copper rods and various wrought copper wires, annual production capacity up to 160 000 tones/year.

KYSHTYM ELECTROLYTIC COPPER PLANT JSC, RUSSIA  -  fire and electrolytic refining of copper that further processing to end-products, copper cathodes, copper wire rod, electrotechnical round copper wire, copper powder, copper based chemicals, measuring gold bar, gold ingot, silver ingot, technical grade selenium and tellurium.

KIM HENG CHIANG CO., LTD., THAILAND  -  importer and distributor of non-ferrous metals and stainless steel in various forms such as bar, rod, sheet, coil, tube and wire, copper alloy ingots.

KUWAIT METALS, KUWAIT  -  manufacturer and supplier of aluminium roll formed products metal sheets for roofs and ceilings, aluminium shutter slats, insulating glass spacers and grills for security and decorative application.

KIROV NON-FERROUS METALS PROCESSING PLANT (KZ OTSM) JSC, RUSSIA  -  manufacture of copper and copper alloy flat- and round-rolled metal, such as plates, sheets, bands, strips, rods, tubes and wires for the automobile construction, mechanical engineering, electrical and electronic industries, ferrous metallurgy, power engineering and other manufacturing industries.

KD-METAL CO., LTD., KOREA, SOUTH  -  manufacturer of various kinds of copper alloys continuous casting products - round bars, hollow bars and diversified rods.

KUWAIT PIPE INDUSTRIES AND OIL SERVICES CO. (KSC), KUWAIT  -  pipe and pressure vessels manufacturer, technical and engineering services in the pipe and oil services sectors.

KGHM POLSKA MIEDZ S.A., POLAND  -  the 9th-largest producer of copper and the 3rd-largest producer of silver in the world, the yearly production of electrolytic copper is 532 974 t, and of metallic silver in bars - 1 215 t, technologically advanced exploration and smelting activities.

KHORASAN STEEL COMPLEX CO., IRAN  -  steel making plant - continuous casting with a capacity of 630 000 tons billets per year, and rolling mill plant - different size and shape of constructional products, total capacity of 550 000 tons per year.

KINGYOUNG STEEL (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD. (KYSS GROUP), CHINA  -  a group of four manufacturers and one trading company, stainless steel, alloy steel, tool steel, carbon steel products with a variety of bars, bright bars, special bars, hexagon bars, flat pipes, square pipes, seamless pipes, welded pipes, tubes, strip, coil and sheet.

KRASNIY VYBORZHETS PLANT JSC, RUSSIA  -  brass, bronze, and copper products, plates, sheets, tubes and bars.

LE BRONZE INDUSTRIEL, FRANCE  -  a leading company in the production of any copper alloy product dedicated to wide industrial technologies, such as aerospace, energy, metallurgy, shipbuilding, automotive, nuclear, and railway, plates, rods, bars, pipes, casting wheels, rings, flanges, electrodes, engineered products, forged and machined fittings, continuous, semi-continuous and centrifugal casting, extrusion, forging (open die), hot stamping (closed die), drawing, caps cold forming, cold forming of tubes for fittings, thermal treatment.

LDM B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  manufacturer and supplier of copper alloy rod and billets for special high-grade applications in the automotive and aviation industries, the defence sector, construction, the premium bathroom fittings and fixture branch, and the maritime sector.

L.C.M.A. S.A., LUXEMBOURG  -  manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of titanium alloy semi-finished products - titanium bars, titanium ingots, titanium tubes, titanium sheets / plates and titanium wire.

LEONG JIN CORPORATION PTE. LTD., SINGAPORE  -  various grades of high tensile engineering and stainless steel in round bars, forged blocks, flat bars, mold & die (tool) steel materials, wear resistant steel plates for mining, cement plants and quarries.

LOUYANG JIANYU MOLYBDENUM & TUNGSTEN TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD., CHINA  -  molybdenum and tungsten products, various molybdenum crucibles mainly used in metallurgy (rare earth smelting) - round mouth crucibles, taper crucibles, ellipse crucibles and bottomless crucibles, molybdenum powder, poles / rods, slabs, bars, plates, sheets, wire, electrodes, screws, molybdenum-lanthanum rods and plates, tungsten powder, bars and poles, slabs, rolling plates, wires, electrodes.

LIEPAJAS METALURGS JSC, LATVIA  -  metallurgical company, low carbon and low alloyed steel products, including reinforcing bars, steel wire, nails, foundry works.

LAMIFIL N.V., BELGIUM  -  development, production and sale of aluminium alloy wire - wire rod, drawn wire, sector shaped wire and overhead line conductor, railway electrification & special copper alloy wire.

LEVADIA OU, ESTONIA  -  pipes and hollow sections, re-bars and round bars, sheet metal, profiles.

LAI XINFENG & SONS HARDWARE PTE. LTD., SINGAPORE  -  all kinds of wire meshes, sieves, wire screen, demisters and filter fabrics made from steel, stainless steel, galvanised iron, brass, aluminium, monel and synthetic fabrics.

MAKSTIL A.D., NORTH MACEDONIA  -  production of hot rolled heavy plates, part of Dufferco Group.

MEYER ALUMINIUM BLANKS, INC., USA  -  a part of Meyer Aluminium Ltd. - Hong Kong, one of North America's leading metal service centers specializing in aluminum circles for the lighting, cookware, and industrial ventilation industries.

MITSUBISHI ALUMINUM CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  production and sales of aluminum and aluminum alloy mill products and fabricated products - extrusions, plates, sheets, coils and foils.

MIGLIARI ALLUMINIO S.r.l., ITALY  -  wholesalers of semi-finished products in aluminium and all its main alloys, products in copper, bronze, brass and other
non-ferrous metals in form of sheets, strips, disks, wires, bars, tubes, cable conductors and profiles.

MEGHNA CORPORATION, INDIA  -  manufacturer and supplier of metal turned components, which are used in electrical, electronics, pneumatics and other engineering industries - electric plug and socket, brass terminal pins, pneumatic parts, cable glands, marine cable glands, general components, brass fasteners, and energy meter parts.
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MITAX CORPORATION, JAPAN  -  production and sales of copper alloys for usage in the production of various metal parts.

METALLIC EQUIPMENT CO. LLC, UAE  -  a wide range of products in the field of architecture ironmongery and hardware - doors and windows accessories, hand and power tools, bathroom accessories, kitchen fittings, decorative items, security locks and safety products.

METALL-EXPRES Sp. z o.o., POLAND  -  distribution of non-ferrous metals - aluminium, copper and brass in the form of flat bars, rods, profiles, wires, tubes, sheets and strips, supplier of metallurgical products to the energy industry, railway, mechanical, aerospace, automotive and construction industries, scrap management process.

MES HAFSHEJAN CO., IRAN  -  manufacturer of continuous cast copper rod used in the manufacturing of wire and cable products.

MKM - MANSFELDER KUPFER UND MESSING GmbH, GERMANY  -  manufacturer of preliminary and semi-finished products of copper and copper alloys - strips, sheets / plates. wire, tubes and bars.

MCK METALS PACIFIC, NEW ZEALAND  -  manufacturer of aluminium extrusions in both mill and surface finished form, and aluminium fabricated components and products.

MATESI, MATERIALES SIDERURGICOS S.A., VENEZUELA  -  manufacturer of hot briquetted iron (HBI).

MTC METAL TIC. LTD. STI., TURKEY  -  delivery of iron and steel products, billets, corrugated sheets, hot rolled steel plates, sheets and strips, cold rolled steel in coils and sheets, galvanized coils, deformed reinforcing bars, pipes, wire rods and mesh, wrought iron, profiles, scraps.

MOGILEV METALLURGICAL WORKS JSC, BELARUS  -  one of the largest metallurgical plants in Belarus, steel electro welded round and profile cross-section tubes, water and gas supplying tubes, unclosed galvanized profiles for system of windows from PVC, cast iron shot and steel shot, castings.

MED POVRLY, a.s., CZECH REPUBLIC  -  manufacture of rolled and extruded semi-products made from copper and brass for a wide variety of areas - production of bijouterie and haberdashery, manufacture of musical instruments, keys and locks, ammunition, electrical appliances and machines, shower hoses and sanitary conveniences, car manufacture, lighting engineering, welding or civil engineering, drainage systems and facade coating, a subsidiary company of Metalimex a.s.

MAGHREB STEEL, MOROCCO  -  hot rolled and cold rolled flat steel products, coils, sheet, strips, plates, overall production capacity of over one million tons of steel.

MADECO S.A., CHILE  -  a diversified group of manufacturing companies engaged in the production of copper and aluminum products - telecommunication wire and cable, brass mills, flexible packaging and aluminum profiles.

METALLODOMI S.A., GREECE  -  manufacture of cable trays, pipe supporting systems, anchors, grounding and lightning protection items for the electromechanical applications.

MAYBOD STEEL CO., IRAN  -  steelmaking plant, capacity of iron billet production up to 550 000 tons per year.

MOBARAKEH STEEL CO., IRAN  -  steel company having total steel output to 7 200 000 metric tons per year, hot and cold rolled sheets and coils, pickled coils, narrow strip coil, tinplate sheet and coil, galvanized coil, prepanted coil and slab.

MOLDOVA STEEL WORKS S.A., MOLDOVA  -  steel company with world-class production processes and technologies, production of continuous cast steel billets, plain and deformed reinforcing bars, heat treated bars in coils, equal angle bars, steel channels and wire rods of low carbon, high carbon and low alloyed grades to CIS and major international standards.

METALON WORKS S.A. (ZAVOD METALON), MOLDOVA  -  production of cold-deformed steel bars for reinforcement of concrete purposes, with three-sided rib pattern, in coils and in cut lengths, manufacture of embedded parts and welded reinforcement steel mesh, annealed and ribbed wire.

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