Upetrolam S.A., Romania, commercial company, continuous casting segments, aluminium ingots casting machines UPETROLAM S.A.  -  ROMANIA

Upetrolam S.A. is a commercial company from the mechanical processing sector, having flexibility in the execution of the most different and complex equipments for iron and steel industry, cement industry, energetic industry, machine constructions industry, naval industry or gas and petrol extraction industry.

The company offers for iron and steel and metallurgic industries: expanders for longitudinally-welded pipes, edge-milling machines, plate chamfering machines for welding, roller tables for plates and pipes, continuous casting segments, continuous casting conveyors, rolling mill stands, presses, aluminium ingots casting and transport machines, spare parts - rods, nuts, columns, rams, anvils, rolling cylinders for cold- and hot-rolled strips, support cylinders, connecting rods and sleeves, stand bearings.



104, Berceni str., Bucharest-4, 041919, ROMANIA
tel.: (++40 21) 319 4470,  fax: (++40 21) 319 4421
e-mail:   office@upetrolam.ro
website: www.upetrolam.ro