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ADITYA AGENCY, INDIA  -  manufacturer and reseller of thermocouple one end close sheaths, flexible thermocouple cables, thermocouples bare wires, silicon carbide heating elements, nichrome 80 / 20 - Kanthal A-1 wires & strips, inconel, titanium, monel metal pipes & sheets, graphite and silica tubes.

ALROKO GmbH & CO. KG, GERMANY  -  exclusive sales representative for many important producers of industrial raw materials and machine manufacturers around the world, magnesium ingots, tin ingots, tungsten alloys, natural and synthetic graphites for foundry and powder metallurgy, mould release agents, phenolic resins, brown fused alumina, zirconium silicate, powder and sand, limestone, shot-blasting beads, zirconia grinding beads.

ASSENOVA KREPOST JSC, BULGARIA  -  supplier of packagings for the fertiliser, cement, agriculture and food industry, polyethylene foil for V-process foundries.
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ALDA INDUSTRIAL POLYMERS A.S., TURKEY  -  sealants, industrial adhesives and coatings based on silicones, epoxies and polyurethanes.

ASTO METAL, BULGARIA  -  steel wire screens for moulding-sand preparation.
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ALFSEN og GUNDERSON AS, NORWAY  -  production and supply of filters, spot filters, electrostatic precipitators, suction systems, dynamic separators, tailor made hoods, all types of dampers, fans for air transporting systems, ducts in a variety of sizes and materials, pneumatic and mechanical transport systems, complete solutions for most industrial processes.

AVA RASIS CHEMICAL INDUSTRIAL CO., IRAN  -  manufacturer of spray machinery, industrial sprays and chemical products, metal casting micro-porosity treatment (impregnation) solutions.

ALOS S.A., GREECE  -  foundry gloves, equipment for welding, gloves for heavy work, gloves for chemical guts, masks for whole or half face, protection glasses, crash helmets.
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ASTEGIANO Y CIA S.R.L., ARGENTINA  -  products and minerals destined for specific metallurgical plants and cast iron, steel and nonferrous foundries, pig iron, domestic and imported alloys, inoculants, nodulizers, metallurgical coke, natural and synthetic graphite, graphite crucibles, refractories, firebricks, refractory cement, quartz sand, zirconium sand, coated sand, bentonite, binders, mould additives, release agents, exothermic sleeves, filters, steel shot.

BATAVIA ENGINEERING CO., USA  -  steel hand ladles and saucer-shaped skimmers for the metal casting industry.

BILGUNOGLU ENDUSTIRI MALZEMELERI SAN. VE TIC. A.S., TURKEY  -  alloys, binders, refractories, lubricants, ceramic filters, low carbon steel shot and grid, laboratory equipment.

BLASTCLEAN LTD., UK  -  designers and manufacturers of shotblasting / sandblasting machines and equipment, consumables, protection clothing.

BLAYSON OLEFINES LTD., UK  -  wax for the investment casting process.

BABAK SILICA (BABAKSILCA) CO., IRAN  -  silica sand mass production for sandblast, and cement mortar - an internal protection lining of steel and cast iron pipes for water distribution.

BERG S.L.U., SPAIN  -  supplier of products for the foundry industry - handle ladles, fork ladles, carrying forks for ladles, siphon-ladles, crane ladles and drums, stopper ladles, pouring bowls and spoons, skimmers, immersion bells, crucible scrapers, hand and crane tongs for crucibles, melting crucibles of refractory cast iron or stainless steel for die casting machines suitable for melting aluminium, zinc, lead and zamak, melting crucibles especially for magnesium casting, graphite and silicon carbide melting crucibles, graphite pyrometer pipes, immersion type pyrometers, infrared handheld thermometers, magnetic high-temp thermometers, ceramic foam filters, chaplets, chill nails, sleekers, riddles, pattern plates, bentonite, zircon sand, sodium silicate, mould powder, zircon mould coatings, melting, covering and refining fluxes, pattern and sculpture waxes for art castings.

COOINDA CERAMICS PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  production of of industrial ceramics, ceramics for the foundry industry - high alumina ceramic pouring and running systems, tubes, reducing tubes, bends, tees, tapered downsprues, slotted ingates, flowered ingates, rod covers, pouring wells, pouring bells, Ezy-pour bells, ceramics for investment casting - cones, solid rods.

CREATIVE CARBON PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  supplier of engineering products for industrial applications, fire bricks, fire clay, castables, ramming masses and other furnace consumables, silico-manganese and ferro alloys, continuous core and mould drying ovens, sand mixers, turbo mixers, continuous mixers, induction melting furnaces, ladle refining furnaces, frequency converters, ladles for metal pouring, safety leather uniforms, hand gloves and shoes.

CONFECCIONES ESTE S.L., SPAIN  -  producer of workwear - heat & flame retardant and metal splash articles certified up to D3 and E3 for aluminium and molten iron splash.

C. HILZINGER-THUM GmbH & CO. KG, GERMANY  -  grinding, deburring and polishing tools, and technical rubber rollers for the metal / machine industry.

CKD KUTNA HORA A.S., CZECH REPUBLIC  -  wooden, plastic, metal and combined foundry patterns and core-boxes, forms for the pressure and die casting and permanent mould casting of non-ferrous alloys, blasting materials - round steel shot, steel grit.
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CARDINAL LTD., BULGARIA  -  production of tin low-carbon steel chaplets with square plates for sand moulding.

CECON TECHNOLOGY, USA  -  foundry control systems, robotics, vision systems, production data management systems.

DELPHORGE 83 LTD., UK  -  hand pouring ladles & plungers, robotic ladle cups & steel crucibles, filters, studs, chaplets and brads, protective wear.

DALI ELECTRONICS, INDIA  -  import-export company, supplier of special kinds of metal alloys and master alloys for metal casting, electrical, thermal and high temperature insulation materials for industrial furnaces, molten metal filters, protective clothing, a part of Domadia Group.

DOUBLE TREE INDUSTRY ENTERPRISE CO., LTD., CHINA  -  manufacturer and exporter of chemical raw materials, including synthetic cryolite (sodium aluminium fluoride) which is used as a flux in the smelting of aluminium, as a flux in aluminum alloy casting, in the production of ferrous alloys, and as a wear-resistant filler for resins.

ENKER D.D., BiH  -  spark plugs and industrial alumina ceramics factory, metalized ceramics and metal-ceramic assemblies, electrical and thermal insulators, tubes for thermoelements, sand blasting, spraying and welding nozzles, laboratory crucibles and accessories, ceramic linings, refractory porous ceramic products - pouring elements (filters) for molten metals, heater supports, refractory saggers.

EKP ELKER A.D., BiH  -  ceramic sieves, tubes and items for metal pouring systems, aluminum pressure die casting.

EXOTERM-IT d.o.o., SLOVENIA  -  manufacturer and supplier of auxiliary materials for foundries and steel industry - exothermic compounds, fluxes, graphite, carbon electrodes for furnaces, coatings for sand molds and cores, mold / core binding agents, aluminum powder, ferrosilicon.

EVRICOM LTD., BULGARIA  -  pattern wax products for investment (lost-wax) casting.

EXPORTS UNLIMITED, INDIA  -  manufacturer and supplier of precision brass turned parts, brass stamped parts, brass electrical accessories, brass fasteners and fixing components, brass pipe fittings, aluminium turned parts, steel turned parts, moulding and foundry supplies - aluminium and brass core-box vents, brass dowels, clamps, brass screen filters, foundry chaplets, expansion inserts, own brass casting foundry

FERO 11 LTD., BULGARIA  -  screens, iron / steel shot, grit, electrodes for cast iron castings, roller chains.
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FREECOM-BG LTD., BULGARIA  -  direct importer of stainless steels, sheets, seamless pipes, profile pipes, thick-walled pipes, rods, electrode wire, fasteners, Kanthal heaters and materials for industrial furnaces.
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FREEMAN MFG. & SUPPLY CO., USA  -  the industry-leading supplier to anyone making parts, patterns, tools, or molds, casting resins, mold releases, pattern coatings, core box air release vents, core box alignment pins and bushings, supplier of hand molding appliances - riddles, benchrammers, sprue cutters, slicks and trowels, mouth spray cans, paste bulbs.
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FERNOTECH (PTY) LTD., SOUTH AFRICA  -  foundry and welding protection equipment, safety clothing, gloves, lenses, helmets.

FURNACE TECHNOLOGIES PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  manufacturer of heat treatment furnaces, fire assay furnaces, tilting smelting furnaces, kilns, ovens and driers, gas, electrical and oil fired industrial process equipment, ceramic fiber refractory, crucibles, graphite electrodes for electric arc furnaces, fine grained graphite structures, controls systems, burners and switching devices, safety clothes for head and eye protection, hand and body protection, foot wear.

FONG YONG CHEMICAL CO, LTD., TAIWAN  -  a manufacturer of resins - epoxy, silicones, acrylic and polyurethane, the products are intended for mold making, pattern making, casting, coatings, adhesives.

GUN EI CHEMICAL INDUSTRY CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  ester-cured alkaline phenolic no-bake system for Alphaset-process, ester-cured alkaline phenolic cold box system for Betaset-process, industrial phenolic resin for: shell molding, raw materials for epoxy resins for foundry patterns, shaped refractory, electrical insulating materials, and general grinding wheels, kynol carbon fiber products for: high heat resistance work clothes, safety devices, and safety products.

GILBERT GAUTHIER S.A., SWITZERLAND  -  raw materials for foundry and ceramic industries - silica sand, quartz gravel, corundum, silicon carbide, sandblasting accessories - nozzles, hoses, helmets.

GIETERIJTECHNIEK HOLLAND B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  supplier of a wide range of products and machines for the ferrous and non-ferrous foundries - graphite and silicon carbide crucibles, pour spoons, skimmers, immersion heaters, mould / core chaplets and chills, ceramic filters, thermo-elements, protective tubes, water-based and oil-based lubricants for aluminium, magnesium and zinc, graphite coatings, powders, sand, furan and phenol resins, binders and substances, melting and dosing furnaces, transport systems for liquid metal, quality control testing instruments, personal protective equipment.

HOHNEN & CO. KG, GERMANY  -  tools for melting and pouring, chills and chaplets, accessories for moulders and core-makers, fettling tools and laboratory accessories, all kind of tools and necessary basic materials for the production of patterns, core-boxes and chill-moulds, protection clothing.

HOFMANN CERAMIC GmbH, GERMANY  -  technical ceramics for the foundry industry - round-hole filters, round-hole filters for steel casting, foam ceramic and cell filters, feeders, silicon-carbide chill-plates, pouring systems and monoblock stoppers, products specifically for investment casting: ceramic pouring, cross shaped ceramic stands, stood elements in different shapes and sizes, ceramic tie rods and tie bars, refractory heavy-duty ceramics for all types of oven construction - ceramic refractory shaped products and services for high-temperature applications in the cement and lime, energy, chemicals, non-ferrous metals, glass, iron and steel, and environmental technology industries, wear-resistant parts made from oxide ceramic for the wire and cable industry - wire and fibres, wire guides, ceramic thread guides, high quality pulleys, drawing cones, rings and capstans.

HYUPSHIN CO., LTD., KOREA, SOUTH  -  silicone rubber, urethane rubber, liquid plastics, spray plastics, rigid & flexible foams, life casting materials, release agents, adhesives, modeling tools.

HIMSNAB NAIRI LTD., BULGARIA  -  wholesale and retail trade in chemical products and industrial consumables, foundry bentonite, protective and work clothing, personal protective equipment.

IMAN GOHAR MATERIAL (IGM) CO., IRAN  -  import / export of metals and industry minerals, ferro alloys, pig iron ingot, bentonite, core making resins, core additives, foundry and metallurgical coke, recarburizers, inoculants, coatings, chaplets, ceramic filters, exothermic sleeves, steel shot & grit.

INSUMOS PARA INDUSTRIA (IPI), MEXICO  -  supplier of foundry coatings, refractory paints, release agents, greases, glues, silicon-carbide crucibles, exothermic sleeves, refractory bricks, clays, refractory cements and mortars, thermocouple elements with its ceramic isolation parts, steel dowels, molding plates, core box
air-release vents.

ILARDUYA S.A., SPAIN  -  wide range of products for the foundry industry sector - furan resins for no-bake moulding, alkaline phenolic resins for steel casting, inorganic no-bake systems based on sodium silicate for steel and non-ferrous casting, phenolic urethane reactive systems for steel and aluminium casting, cold box binders for foundry sand core shot manufacturing, hot box binding systems (pre-coated sand, damp mixtures, cordis inorganic system), refractory coatings for moulds and cores, chromite, olivine, zirconium, cerabeads and bauxite special sands, ferroalloys, silicon, manganese, chromium, silicon carbide, phosphorus and fluorspar briquettes for cupola melting, nodulisers, inoculants, exothermic sleeves and feeders, steel shot / grit, cut wire pellets.

JOHN BEKRODIMITRIS S.A., GREECE  -  supplier of various materials and equipment for foundry industry - pig iron, ferroalloys, coke, graphite electrodes, refractories, crucibles, foundry quartz sand, moulding sand, precoated sand, chromite sand, furan resins, bentonite, steel shots for shotblasting machines, blasting machines, resins for pattern making, pyrometers, metal analysis equipment, hardness testers.

JUTEC GmbH, GERMANY  -  heat-protection clothing for radiant heat up to 1000C, protection from flying sparks and from the effects of flames, base material of Aramid / Perox with aluminum foil coating, gloves for protection from heat radiation and contact heat at the workplace for temperatures from 200C - 1100C,
heat-protection aprons, face protection with swinging frame with polycarbonate mask, universal for many helmets.

JHAS INDUSTRIES, INDIA  -  aluminium & brass core box vents for foundry and moldmaking industry.

JEETMULL JAICHANDLALL (P) LTD., INDIA  -  manufacturer of wire mesh, welded wire fabrics, vibrating screens, perforated sheets, chainlink fencing, hexagonal wire netting, dutch weave, double crimped mesh, dovex screen, rectangular screen cloth, wire conveyor belts, demister pads, test sieves, air filter mesh, wedge wire screen, concertina barbed wire, and other wire products.

KLINGSPOR AG, GERMANY  -  abrasive products - rolls, sheets, belts, fibre discs, grinding discs, cutting-off wheels, mop wheels, diamond cutting blades, products for surface procesing.

K & R LADLE CO. PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  manufacture a thermic lances (Australian Thermic Lance Co., a division of K & R Ladle Co.), heavy duty ladles, light ladles - metal spun, cone-shaped bowls, skimmers, tongs, degassing plungers, specialised furnace tools to suit the specific requirements of each company.

KS INDUSTRIA DE METAIS LTD., BRAZIL  -  a leader in the manufacture of and solution for metal artifacts for foundry - round washer chaplets, special chaplets, square washer chaplets, pin chaplets, denseners, separators.

KC INDUSTRIES PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  manufacturer of general technical ceramics, foundry tubes, molten metal sampling devices, resistor formers, terminal blocks, beads and spacers for electrical insulation, element supports tubes, high temperature radiants for the heating industry, mill balls, tower packing and boiler tubes for the chemical engineering industry, grinding media, stud welding ferrules, combustion boats.

KRYPTON INDUSTRIAL RESOURCES, CO., PHILIPPINES  -  materials, chemicals and equipments for the mining, foundry and electroplating industries - fireclay crucibles, pure bone ash cupels, steelballs (forged and casted), laboratory equipment, safety clothes.

KERAMSERVISS LTD., LATVIA  -  crucibles, refractory, cups and auxiliary instruments for metal casting, heat protection clothing - gloves, jackets, trousers, coats, hoods.

KIRKSIDE PRODUCTS PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  materials supplier for industry, fabricators, manufacturers, mould makers, pattern makers and artists - silicone moulding rubber, silicone elastomers and silicone oils, fast cast urethanes, epoxy adhesives, polyester resins, sculpting clay, sculpting wax, self hardening modeling & repair compounds, carbon firbre, fiberglass reinforcements, release agents.

LUKAS-ERZETT GmbH & CO. KG, GERMANY  -  cutting, grinding and milling tools for any type of casting material, discs suitable for a range of grey iron / nodular iron, brass and red bronze separation processes, milling and engraving tools, grinding and polishing tools of bonded abrasives or fexible abrasives, cutting and grinding tools, cubic boron nitride / diamond grinding tools, power tools and tool-sets / accessories for the automotive, vehicle construction, railway construction, aircraft and aerospace industry, steel and tank construction, apparatus engineering, machine and plant engineering, shipyards, offshore, tool making, chemical, medical and food industry, environmental technology, energy production building and craft, mould and die production, surface optimization consultancy.

LUDWIG FOEBUS GmbH & CO. KG, GERMANY  -  supplier of products and accessories for foundries, patternmaking and metal industry - pins, skimmers, fork pans, vents, sand immersion nozzles, dowels, release agents, measuring tools, brushes, ceramic ladles, special files for core making and molding, ceramic foam filters, honeycomb filters, glass filter mesh for aluminum, iron and heavy metal castings, mineral fiber insulating feeders.

LACKPROM JSC, BULGARIA  -  epoxy resins and hardeners for the manufacture of foundry resin patterns and core-boxes, protective anti-corrosion systems for ferrous and nonferrous metals, fireproof paints for metal and cables, heat resistant coatings, epoxy paints, varnishes and primers.
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LOCK-N-STITCH, INC., USA  -  manufacturer of crack and thread repair products, specializes in all aspects of the repair of cracked and damaged cast iron and other cast metals.

MAC'ANTS GROUP, UK  -  chilled iron grit, steel shot & grit and stainless steel shot both chrome and chrome nickel available, and cut wire pellets in stainless and regular carbon steel.
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MANGUITOS ARROSI S.L., SPAIN  -  products for foundries - exothermic and insulating sleeves, refractory fireclay shapes for gating systems, ceramic foam filters, carbon composite based non ceramic foam filters.

MEIWA CHEMICAL CO., LTD., THAILAND  -  fire resistant hydraulic fluids - water glycol base for steel mill and die casting process, hot forging lubricants, cleaning, covering and drossing off fluxes for Al-primary smelters, semi-fabricators and re-smelters.

METALURGICA ESTANY S.A., ARGENTINA  -  production of mould chaplets, chills, spacers and armors, core box vents.

MALCOM G. STEVENS, INC., USA  -  a foundry supply, equipment, and safety clothing distributor, accessories for pouring, ladles, resin coated sand, bentonite, ferro alloys.
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MUMZA INDUSTRIES, PAKISTAN  -  manufacturer and exporter of leather gloves, garments and accessories for a wide range of applications, safety gloves for welders and foundrymen.

MATHEWS INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  supplier of gas, diesel or electric furnaces for fusion, cupellation, tilting, static, gold room or foundry smelting, graphite and silicon carbide foundry crucibles, multi-use fire assay crucibles, fire and insulation bricks, ceramic industrial insulation, furnace lining kits, furnace pouring spouts, locating and burner blocks, thermocouple complete systems, analytical combustion boats, cupels, laboratory consumables, protective clothing, footwear, gloves and safety equipment.

MTM LTD., BULGARIA  -  a representative of Carboline Company - manufacturer of industrial chemical resistant fire-proof protective paints and coatings.
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MODELARNA LIAZ SPOL. S R.O., CZECH REPUBLIC  -  design and manufacture of wooden, metal and plastic patterns and core boxes for hand moulding and for machine moulding, permanent moulds and dies, self-cleaning foundry vents.
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METACHEM MANUFACTURING COMPANY PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  the manufacture of a wide range of expandable graphite extremely effective when used with normal exothermic or insulating type anti-piping compounds, casting powders and bottom poured teeming compounds.

MARSHALL MOFFAT S.A., ARGENTINA  -  production of personal protective equipment, fireproof clothing for the working at high temperature.

MARUTI PROTECTIVES, INDIA  -  manufacturer and supplier of waxes for investment casting foundries, wax formulations for use on all kinds of wax injection machines with reasonable controlling set-up, filled and unfilled pattern-waxes, water emulsifiable pattern-waxes, water soluble core-waxes, sticky and patch waxes.

MC SCIENTIFIC PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  a laboratory consumable supplier, combustion analysis equipment, ceramic, graphite, porcelain and quartz crucibles, furnace silicon carbide heating elements, thermocouples, thermocouple tubes, furnace tubes, X-ray and spectro-chemical sample preparation equipment and accessories, metal sieves for industry and laboratory, safety equipment - clothing, glasses, gloves.

MEDEMET S.R.L., ARGENTINA  -  manufacturer and supplier of raw materials for ferrous and non-ferrous foundries, exothermic and insulating sleeves, refractory coatings, lubricants, fluxes, inoculants, ferro-alloys, master alloys, silicon carbide and graphite crucibles, ceramic foam filters, thermocouples.

MUZZI S.r.l., ITALY  -  producer of electroplated diamond and CBN tools for applications in various technical fields, from precision mechanics to soft stone shaping, abrasive tools for deburring cast iron castings - deburring wheels for automatic machines and grinding robot cells, cutting discs for feeder heads, cylindrical burrs with round or flat head.

NAXOFLEX AB, SWEDEN  -  abrasive narrow belts, wide belts, discs, rolls and sheets for various industries - wood & furniture, engineering plants, steel mills, faucets, foundries, fabrics and leather.

NANJING KIN YONG FA PLASTIC MFG. CO., LTD., CHINA  -  EVA foil for vacuum casting (V-Process) foundries, thickness from 0.05 mm to 0.20 mm, the maximum width 2300 mm.

NIHON PARKERIZING CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  production and sales of metal surface treatment chemicals, corrosion prevention chemicals, industrial chemicals.

PROFOND DE MEXICO, MEXICO  -  supplier to the companies operating in the sector of non-ferrous metal smelting and casting, electric or gas furnaces, crucibles, refractory cements, ceramic fiber insulation products, spoons insulating sleeves, foam filters, fluxes and degassing tablets, lubricants for piston casting machines, separating agents, insulating and conductive coatings for die casting, steel spoons, wrought iron bells, skimmers, thermocouples, personal safety gloves and shoes, silicone rubbers, a part of MGM Foundry Supply Group - Italy.

PROCOR FOUNDRY AND STEEL SUPPLIES CC, SOUTH AFRICA  -  manufacturer and supplier of auxiliary foundry consumables, sodium silicate, slag coagulants, parting powder, foundry spirits, heat insulating sleeves, exothermic sleeves, exothermic inserts, exothermic and insulating powders, cover fluxes, foundry mould coatings, high temperature insulation products.

PLASTIMO JSC, BULGARIA  -  expanded polystyrene for foundry patterns.
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PEEG - KORUND S.R.O., SLOVAKIA  -  sales of grinding and polishing materials, abrasive papers, discs and safety clothes for foundries, machine-building industry and other end users.

PREVENTA LTD., BULGARIA  -  a joint Bulgarian-French company, importer of personal protective equipment and protective clothing, safety gloves, clothes, safety shoes and boots, helmets, protective screens, respiratory masks, protective equipment and clothing for foundries and metalwork engineering.
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PLOMP MINERAL SERVICES B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  an internationally operating trading and distributing company in industrial minerals for the foundry, steel, refractory, abrasive, glass, ceramic, filler and oil-drilling industries, foundry grades chromite sand for cores and moulds in steel and cast iron foundries, foundry grade zircon sand, silica sand / flour, metallurgical grade chromite, mainly used as a base material for ferro-chrome production, refractory grades chromite, mainly used in chrome-magnesia or magnesia-chrome bricks, standard grade refractory bauxite, ferro-alloys and metals, hematite, cenospheres, brown fused alumina (synthetic corundum), steel shot and steel grit.

PA RESINS AB, SWEDEN  -  refractories - ramming masses, tap-hole clay, tundish lining, carbon electrodes, foundry binders - furan resins, alkaline resins for high sand recovery, complete range of hardeners, abrasives - a wide range of liquid and powder phenolic resins for the grinding wheels & glass cloth industry.

PACIFIC RIM FOUNDRY SERVICES, AUSTRALIA  -  foundry binders, second hand foundry machines, safety products to the foundry and related industries.

PARS-SHENPASH CO., LTD., IRAN  -  manufacturer of portable and cabinet sand blast machines, blast rooms & air spray systems, and paint spray machines with different kind of capacities, safety equipments & accessories.

PRUMYSLOVY SERVIS-VACLAV HANTON, CZECH REPUBLIC  -  a trade company dealing with different materials for foundries - steel abrasives, chilled iron abrasives, stainless steel shot, silicone carbide products, foundry vents.

PANGBORN-UK LTD., UK  -  a represenative of Pangborn Corporation - USA, manufacturer of standard blast machines and custom designed systems for cleaning, deburring, descaling, decoring, deflashing, and peening a wide variety of products - ferrous and nonferrous castings, steel sheet, plate and wire, small metal fabrications, heat treated forgings, die castings, and small automotive parts, abrasive media - steel shot and grit.
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REFRATA, BRAZIL  -  production of refractories for handling and pouring steel and iron - funnels, funnels with three flat faces, funnels with one flat face, funnels with groves, long funnels, flow ducts, elbows, tubes, distributors for tubes, T-distributors with reduction, male / female unions, attack nozzles, crossings, segmented curves, strangulating disks, supports for filters.

RODRIGUES & BRANDAO LDA., PORTUGAL  -  importer and distributer, ferro-alloys, steel shot and grit for foundry industry, steel grit for the cutting of granite blocks, raw materials and rubber products for rubber industry.

REICHMANN & SOHN GmbH, GERMANY  -  specialized grinding and deburring machines for the cast iron foundries-suppliers for the automotive industry, aviation industry, railways, and medical spares, cut-off machines for the removal of joint flashes and separation of castings, grinding, polishing and cut-off machines for the metal manufacturing sector.

RONDAL d.o.o., SLOVENIA  -  production and distribution of slugs from pure aluminium and aluminium alloys.

REYNOLDS-FRENCH & COMPANY, USA  -  casting repair service, repair of cracked or damaged castings - cylinder heads, engine bases and main frames, exhaust manifolds, compressor cylinders / power cylinders, pump housings, compressor frames, industrial castings of all types.

ROSE METAL INDUSTRIES, INC., USA  -  hemispherical pressed steel bowls, ladle bowls with stub handles, custom ladles - low carbon, stainless or cast, standard and custom skimmers and hand tools for the metal casting industry and other industrial processes - hooks, rakes, scrapers, fluxers, pry bars, tongs, test spoons.

RIKEN OPTECH CORPORATION, JAPAN  -  industrial safety and health protective equipment, safety spectacles, eye protectors for radiation, goggles, face shields, safety devices and accessories.

SIMPLICON, INDIA  -  temperature instruments, thermocouples, thermowells, compensating & extension cables, special purpose heaters & heating systems.

STAR ABRASIVES CO., LTD., CHINA  -  manufacture and distribution of coated abrasives and resin bonded abrasives - grinding wheels, cup wheels, cut off wheels, dental cutting wheel, flap discs, fiber discs, sanding discs.

SONNIMAX A/S, DENMARK  -  distributor of new and used foundry machines and equipment, riser sleeves and tubes, foundry filters, steel shot and grit, cut wire, chemical for foundries - additives, cold box binders, inorganic binder system inotec and for CO2-process, furan binders and catalysts, release agents.

STEAM AND SAND PORIRUA LTD., NEW ZEALAND  -  abrasive blasting, industrial coatings.

SOON CHAMPION ENTERPRISE CO., LTD., TAIWAN  -  supplier of materials and products for foundries - alloy ingots, ferroalloys, nodulants, inoculants, sand molding materials - silica sand, resin sand, bentonite, sodium silicate, artificial graphite, natural amorphous graphite, refractory materials, crucibles, ceramic foam filters for ferrous foundries, steel shot and grit, chaplets, release agents, plunger lubricant and coating pastes for die casting, handle air spray guns.

SWATYCOMET D.O.O., SLOVENIA  -  wheels with silicon carbide and aluminium oxide used for mechanical treatment of metals, steel, light alloys, stainless steel, refractory products - castables, ramming masses, jointing materials.

SAUNDERS FOUNDRY SUPPLY, INC., USA  -  supplier to the precision investment casting industry, art casting and architectural restoration - wax melting tanks and pots, turntable mixers, fluidized beds, foundry burn-out furnaces, metal melting furnaces, crucibles, crucible tongs, crucible shanks, safety pouring shanks, refractories, digital hand lance pyrometers, foundry waxes, molding rubber and releases, safety clothing.

SINAR KHARISMA MITRA AGUNG (SIKMA) PT., INDONESIA  -  supplier of high temperature insulation material system and refractory products, fluxes, refractory coatings, riser tubes and sleeves, ceramic foam filters, wire mesh filters, fiberglass filtration cloth, round and square braid, vents, thermocouples, thermocouple protection tubes, spray gun buns, aluminium pipe spray for die-casting, wheel moving launders, transferring launders and crucibles, pouring cups.

SETEC S.A., ARGENTINA  -  manufacturing special ceramic and refractory products for all systems and processes for aluminum casting, silica-alumina based floats, peaks, nozzles, couplings, nipples, plugs, distribution boxes / feeders, plates, filter housings, micro-porous ceramics degassed, sheaths for temperature measurement in metal bath, rotors, studs for pistons, monolithic alumina insulation, plastic masses, mortars, tamps, seals.

STANCHEM Sp. j., POLAND  -  supplier of raw materials for metallurgy, foundry, welding and refractory industries, abrasive materials and electroplating, primary aluminium ingots, aluminium master alloys ingots, aluminium based additives, zinc, lead, magnesium, manganese, tin, copper metals, brass, bronze, ferro alloys,
ball-shaped steel and cast iron shot, graphite electrodes, bentonite, chromite sand, zirconium sand, silica gel, sodium metasilicate, a sister company of
PPH "Standard" Sp. z o.o., specialized in trade with raw materials and chemicals.

SEBESTA S.R.O., CZECH REPUBLIC  -  mediation, consultancy and representation of the suppliers to the foundry industry, crucibles, pouring ladles, thermocouples, hydrogen testers, degassing units, grain refining products, alloys, anticorrosive paints for castings, vents for core-boxes, tools and appliances for patternmaking, foundry sand mould chaplets and chills.
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SCHOW TRADING, DENMARK  -  a trading company, agent for a number of companies in Germany and Britain, exothermic-insulating products, cold-box-bound feeder sleeves, chemical and metallurgical products for aluminum wrought and cast alloys, release agents, cold-hardening sands, hot-hardening sands, high temperature resistant coatings, activated charcoal, shot blasting, steel sand for surface cleaning, measuring and control equipment.

THAIBURNER 89 CO., LTD., THAILAND  -  manufacturer of melting furnaces for non-ferrous alloys, distribution of refractory materials, temperature controllers, heat protection clothing.

TEBECO AB, SWEDEN  -  supplier of foundry consumables, abrasives for surface treatment, steel sand, steel shot and grit, release agents, ceramic foam filters, insulating feeder sleeves, protective shirts, leggings, gloves and coats, a part of Beijer Tech AB.

TEKCAST INDUSTRIES, USA  -  supplier of spin casting equipment, vulcanizers, metal melting furnaces, liquid rubber and organic and silicone rubber mold compounds, plastic casting resins, and metal casting alloys.

TECNOBRIQ INDUSTRIA DE MAQUINAS LTDA., BRAZIL  -  manufacturer of hydraulic briquette machines for metal turnings, powders of almost all types of metals, zinc diecast scrap, dust exhaust filter deburring castings, dust resulting from the grinding of metals or alloys.

TEMC METAL & CHEMICAL CORP., TAIWAN  -  supplier of foundry materials for all steps of melting, mold preparation and casting, refractory mold coatings for alloy steel, high manganese steel, gray iron and ductile iron castings and for different mold making processes like silicate bonded mold, furan mold, hot box process, cold box process, release agents for green sand, striping agents for furan-sand patterns, core adhesives, lubricants and release agents for pressure / gravity die casting, slag coagulants, degassing fluxes, covering fluxes, modifying fluxes for aluminum-silicon alloys, grain refining agents, varied shape of riser sleeves for production of all kind of steel, cast iron, copper and aluminum alloy castings.

TYROLIT OY, FINLAND  -  grinding tools for all grinding and cutting-off applications in the fettling shops of steel, cast iron and non-ferrous foundries.

TONGKAI REFRACTORIES AND ABRASIVES CO., LTD., CHINA  -  supplier of abrasive materials for blasting media - brown fused alumina, white fused alumina, pink fused alumina, black fused alumina, green silicon carbide, black silicon carbide, refractory materials and ceramics.

TERMOLITA, S.A. de C.V., MEXICO  -  producers of variety of products based on mineral perlite and other similar materials for the filtration, cryogenic and textile sector, for sandblast, for fire resistant insulating materials in the refractory industry, and for foundries - crude perlite which is used as a slag in foundry processes.

VEKTRA d.o.o., CROATIA  -  supplier of abrasive materials and grinding tools widely used for surface grinding, incl. cast parts.

VAUGHANS (HOPE WORKS), UK  -  blacksmithing and foundry supplies, crucibles, ladles, foundry tongs, coke and stone forks, riddles, sieves, leaf, square, round and oval spoon, moulding boxes, moulders dry brushes, leather gloves, panorama safety spectacles, martindale face mask, screw type goggles.

VSK KENTAVAR LTD., BULGARIA  -  clothing for special protection against heat and flame, protective clothing for foundrymen and welders.

VENTISTAMP METALURGICA LTDA., BRAZIL  -  manufacturer of specific vents for each casting process.

VEMEK S.R.L., ITALY  -  foundry chaplets.

VARMET S.R.O., SLOVAKIA  -  manufacture of foundry chaplets, trade in ferrous alloys, metals, alloying elements and auxiliary materials for foundries and metallurgical plants.

VIKING-T, BULGARIA  -  protective safety clothes and personal protective equipment, professional work shoes, boots, gloves, ear protection, protective helmets, respiratory protection, goggles, protective equipment, clothing and accessories for foundries and metalworking plants.
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VIDIA-V-04 JSC, BULGARIA  -  a company for manufacturing of cutting tools, straight & taper shank twist drill bits, purposed for drilling or enlarging cast or stamped holes in alloyed and unalloyed steel, gray cast iron and malleable cast iron, light and non-ferrous metals, synthetics, wood, etc.
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WIRE D.O.O., SLOVENIA  -  production of cored wire for liquid metal treatment - for nodulizing grey iron castings on the basis of FeSiMg and Mg, for inoculation on the basis of FeSi, Ba and La.

W.GRANOWSKI PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  expert in surface preparation technologies, production of both standard and custom-built air blast machines and wheel blast shot blasting machines, abrasive blasting equipment, spare parts and degreasing equipment for a wide range of industrial applications - general manufacturing, marine, aircraft engines, parts and panels, automobile manufacturers, surface preparation for coatings in rail transportation, aluminium smelters, surface preparation for die cast products, cleaning castings large and small, a full range of high performance abrasive from steel shot and grit, garnet, and glass bead for all blasting needs, second hand machines and equipment.

YIELD CHANCE ENTERPRISE CO., LTD.. TAIWAN  -  supplier of pure metal, aluminum master alloys, alloying additives, ferro-alloys, ceramic foam filters, fiberglass filters, flux granules for covering, refining and drossing off of aluminum and aluminum alloys, steel granules and pellets, thermic lances, calorized oxygen lances, lance holders, protective equipment, safety clothing.

YILKAN MACA SUPPORTLARI A.S., TURKEY  -  pin, square, double head and triple head core chaplets, core clips and plates, chills, and vents for foundry sector.

ZAGREBACKI ABRAZIVI D.O.O., CROATIA  -  manufacturer of coated abrasives for all kinds of materials - wood, metal, plastic materials, paint, varnish, leather, rubber, abrasive grains can be natural - flint, zirconium, diamond or synthetic - corundum, silicone-carbide, synthetic zirconium, synthetic diamond, products are available in different shapes in paper, cloth and other materials.

ZHENGZHOU CHIDA W & Mo PRODUCTS CO. LTD., CHINA  -  manufacture and sale of molybdenum disilicide electric heating elements, SiC heating elements, tungsten and molybdenum products, tin dioxide electrodes, molybdenum crucibles.

ZHONGBANG FELT MANUFACTURING CO., LTD., CHINA  -  manufacturing metal surface treatment polishing felt wheels.

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