J.Bekrodimitris company is a renown supplier of various materials for foundry industry. The company offers: foundry quartz sand, moulding sand, precoated sand, chromite sand; furan resins, resins for Cold-Box process, catalyzators; activated and non activated bentonite; exothermic powders, tablets for aluminium, bronze and zamak; refractories, ramming masses, fire cement, isolated bricks and chamotte; graphite electrodes, crucibles; steel shots for shotblasting machines; resins for pattern making; ferroalloys; pig iron; pyrometers, hardness testers, shotblasting machines.

10-km. Old Road Thessaloniki-Kilkis, P.O.B. 90 Ionia, 57008 Thessaloniki, GREECE
tel.: (++30 2310) 780120,  fax: (++30 2310) 780831,  website: www.bekrodimitris.gr,  mail: bekrodi@otenet.gr

John Bekrodimitris S.A. - Greece, some pictures of Plovdiv (Bulgaria) Fair presentation of the company
                            International Technical Fair, Plovdiv 2007.   Pictures CastingArea.