The open joint-stock company "Khakass Bentonite" is the largest Russian supplier of bentonitic clay.

Daily manufacture a bentonitic clay of mark P1Т1А - more than 200 tons. The enterprise has a full cycle of manufacture: from extraction bentonitic clay before packing ready bentonitic gel. Production of a factory is used in preparation of moulding mixes on the automated lines of continuous moulding and preparation of chisel solutions. The enterprise not only successfully competes to manufacturers gel powder in a home market, but also exports production abroad.

The combination of own development and active introduction in manufacture of various innovative projects allow "Khakass Bentonite" quickly to react to requirements of the enterprises of Russia and the near abroad in bentonitic gel various marks. Using own industrial resources and reliable partner attitudes with more than 50 industrial enterprises of Russia, "Khakass Bentonite" is ready to carry out of a problem of any industrial complexity. All production is issued according to branch normative documents and has certificates of GOST Р 9001-2001 (ISO 9001:2000) on all kinds made bentonitic gel. Quality of production is supervised by the factory laboratory, certified Grew the standard.

The basic employer bentonite OJSC "Khakass Bentonite" are: OJSC "AvtoVAZ", G. Fischer Disa, OJSC "GAZ", OJSC "KAMAZ", OJSC "ZIL", OJSC "UAZ", НГК "SlavOil", НК YOKOS, OJSC "GazProm".


Vladimir Danilov - General Director


P.O. Box 17, Chernogorsk - 1, Republic Khakassia, RUSSIA
tel. / fax: (++7 39031) 20875