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Hebei Chida Manufacture and Trade Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and exporter of casting and refractory materials:
  • Ceramic beads.
    It is a kind of refractory sand for casting, which is made of high alumina calcined bauxite, produced by using special process - fusing, spurtting sand, getting rid of impurity and sieving (the first picture). As the shape is globe (the second pictute), it has excellent fluidity and filling character. The surface is glazed which gives very good viscidity of the bond. As the sand is very hard and not easy to break, it is good in re-generation and repeated using and can reduce the operation cost. It is usable for either big or small steel castings, also it is suitable for various mould systems and processes: organic or inorganic self-hardening, furan-resin, alkali-phenol resin, Cold-box, CO2, etc. All of these advantages are proved by many domestic and abroad customers.

  • Cenosphere beads.
    They are hollow vitreous spheres arising as a small proportion of the waste ashes from certain coal-burning power stations. When disposal of the fuel ash is by means of settlement lagoons, fly ash beads collect on the surface and are known as "floaters". Fly ash beads are excellent substitutes of other fillers such as glass spheres, calcium carbonate, clays, talc and other silica materials. They are mainly used in petroleum, metallurgy, space flight, etc.
The company exports 300 Mt/monthly of Globose Casting Sand to Japan market.


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