IGC Technologies manufactures and blends custom products for diverse industries. The company is organized into four divisions: Foundry Products, Abrasive Products, Plasters/Polytek® Products and Innovative Products.

IGC Technologies produce three classes of products based on our exclusive formulations and patented processes. The products we manufacture in the Foundry Products division are designed to address these problems and create savings by reducing scrap, rejects and rework:
  • Veinseal™ is an antiveining compound for use in gray and ductile iron castings. When mixed with foundry sand and resin to form the core, Veinseal™ prevents thermal deformation or cracking of the silica. Two other Veinseal™ formulations are also available to improve surface finish and to prevent penetration.
  • Mastertop exothermic topping is applied to many types of castings to allow for the uniform cooling of the casting after pouring.
    The products are used in steel, centrifugal, brass and large ferrous castings.
  • Metallpur™ fluxes are used for removal of impurities in molten metal. We have formulations for aluminum, brass, bronze, and ferrous melts.
We export our products to Austria, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, and Spain.



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