ALCOA  -  Worldwide. Primary Aluminum Ingot.

AFRIDANA A/S  -  representative of group of companies-manufacturers of lubricants, carburizing materials, foundry bentonite, furnaces, moulding machines and lines, sand preparation plants.

ASHLAND SPECIALTY CHEMICAL COMPANY  -  International Links. Foundry binders, Refractory coatings, Pattern release agents.

BAKELITE AG  -  International Links. Binder systems - phenolic resins, epoxy resins, furan resins, amino resins, curing agents for mold and core fabrication processes and all types of castings.

BREITLANDER Eichproben + Labormaterial GmbH  -  Distributors. Material and various manual, semi-automatic and automatic sample preparation machines and consumables for OES and XRF.

COGNIS  -  Cognis manufactures and provides natural-sourced specialty chemicals and related services worldwide, sodium and potassium silicates, binders for risers and foundry molding sands.

DISA GROUP  -  Agents worldwide. Foundry machines & equipment, metal surface finishing systems, air pollution control solutions.

DIDION INTERNATIONAL, INC.  -  Global Representative Locator. Supplier of rotary sand screens, separators, reclaimers, vibratory equipment.

EIRICH  -  Locations Worldwide. Eirich designs, manufactures and supplies batch and continuous machinery and systems for the processing of raw materials, compounds, waste and residues in the following fields: ceramics, glass, building materials, chemicals, molding sand, technical products, surface finishing materials, metallurgy, agricultural chemicals and environmental protection.

FURTENBACH GmbH  -  International Links. Binders and coatings for the foundry industry.

FOSECO INTERNATIONAL LTD.  -  Locations Worldwide. Foseco is a global operation with a presence in 34 countries with major facilities in the primary foundry markets in the UK, USA, Germany, Brazil and Japan.

FEDMET RESOURCES CORPORATION  -  International Locations. Worldwide suppliers of refractories and refractory products to the iron and steel industry, non-ferrous metals industry and other industries.

HOFMANN CONSULT  -  representative of German companies, crucibles.

HEINRICH WAGNER SINTO MASCHINENFABRIK GmbH  -  Worldwide Representatives. Individual moulding machines and components for complete lines.

IMF (Implianti Macchine Fonderia)  -  IMF in the world. A leading company in the field of machines for chemically hardened mould production.

INDUCTOTHERM GROUP  -  Locations Worldwide. Melting & Refining systems - melting, smelting, refining, holding, charge, handling, degassing, filtration, automatic pouring, metal transfer, thermal engineering, die casting.

LAEMPE  -  Worldwide Representatives. Machines and equipment for the complete core shop from sand silos to robotic core processing systems.

LECO CORPORATION  -  Locations. Trusted for analytical instrumentation since 1936.

LINN HIGH THERM GmbH  -  Local Dealers, more than 50 representatives offices all over the world. Electrically heated laboratory- and high temperature furnaces, microwave and vacuum furnaces, induction heated fusion and remelting units for laboratories, workshop, research and industry.

MORGANITE CRUCIBLE  -  International Links. World Leader in the provision of metal melting and molten metal delivery solutions for non-ferrous foundries, based upon refractory consumables, and tailored to the specific needs of the End User.

MK INDUSTRIEVERTRETUNGEN GmbH  -  Agencies Worldwide. Development, production and sales of measuring systems for the aluminium industry.

MINELCO LTD.  -  The World of Minelco. A wide range of industrial mineral products to various end use applications.

MATSUSHIMA MACHINERY LABORATORY CO.  -  Overseas Representatives. Blast furnace level meters, belt speed monitoring sensors, various position sensors, dust measuring devices, defect inspection systems and other products for factory automation in the field of iron & steel, cement, power plant, mining.

META METALURJI MAKINA SAN. VE TIC. LTD. STI.  -  Distributor & Representative for companies offered foundry materials and equipment.

NORSK HYDRO  -  Worldwide Links. Foundry alloys.

NORTHERN INSTRUMENTS  -  Distributors & Representatives. Nothern Instruments - temperature conversion, immersion pyrometer, thermal analysis of molten metal, infrared thermometers, thermocouples, etc.

OXBOW GROUP  -  International Locations. Metallurgical coke, petroleum coke.

OTTO JUNKER GmbH,  -  Agencies Worldwide. Furnaces for foundries.

SPECTRO ANALYTICAL INSTRUMENTS  -  Worldwide. Metal analyzers, laboratory analytical instruments, ICP / XRF spectrometers.

SIMPSON GROUP  -  Representative Worldwide. Sand Preparation, Sand Reclamation, Mold & Core Making, Sand Testing.

SUPERIOR GRAPHITE  -  Customer Service Centers. Engineered carbon-based products to service a wide range of industrial applications around the world.

SAINT-GOBAIN CERAMICS  -  International Links. A worldwide manufacturer and expert of specialty refractory products for the ceramics, metallurgy, chemical, petrochemical, power generation, waste processing and glass making industries.

SPEKOM LTD.  -  reps of Thermo ARL, Thermo Electron Austria and Exploranium. Sales and service of Emission spectrometers and X-ray spectrometers.

SINTERCAST LTD.  -  Worldwide. Process control for the production of compacted graphite iron.

SINTOKOGIO LTD.  -  Sinto Group's worldwide engineering and service network. Molding machines and peripheral equipment.

THERMAL CERAMICS  -  Locations Worldwide. Refractory Ceramic Fibre Products.

THE JAMES DURRANS GROUP  -  Links to 21 Agents. Refractory coatings for all moulding media, Graded Coal, Bentonite blends for optimum green sand practice, Carburisers for Steel, Foundry and Allied Industries.

THE PQ CORPORATION  -  Worldwide Locations. PQ Corporation manufactures many products that can be used as foundry binders - sodium silicate, potassium silicate and silicate powders, etc.

THE RATH GROUP  -  Sales Offices. Refractory products.

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