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BAGGES AS, NORWAY  -  high temperature resistance insulating panels, fiber based flexible and easily formable insulation products, refractory coatings, high temperature electrical insulation sleeving.

BOLIDEN AB, SWEDEN  -  mining and milling, smelting, refining and recycling of metals, the second largest copper supplier (cathodes, wires, plates, tubes, machined products and superconductors) and the third largest zinc supplier (slabs and jumbo ingots) in Europe, other metals produced include primary and secondary lead (cast ingots), gold (ingots and granules) and silver (granules).

BORCHERT ASSOCIATES, USA  -  career and employment services, specializing in mid-management through executive level search and placement for foundries and foundrymen exclusively.

BELARUSIAN AUTOWORKS (BELAZ) OJSC, BELARUS  -  a major world manufacturer of mining dump trucks of heavy-duty and super-size load capacity, construction and road-building equipment, heavy vehicles for intrafactory transportation of technological loads and transportation of liquid slag in ladles at metallurgical works.

BOGNAR AND COMPANY, INC., USA  -  supplier of a complete line of carbon products for the electric furnace steel mills and foundries, recarburizers for ladle addition, injection, charge and foaming slag, metallurgical coke, anthracite coal, petroleum coke, graphite, remachined electrodes, refractory products, fire clay, gunning mixes, sand, well block mix, insulation materials for the ladles, associated companies: EJ Bognar Inc. and Carb-Rite Co.

BISLEY & CO. PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  supplier of raw materials to the metallurgical, chemical, fertiliser, refractory, ceramics, construction, plastics and rubber industries, a diverse range of raw materials for aluminium pot rooms, anode production and cast houses - primary aluminium ingot and billet, aluminium casting alloys, alloys for grain refining, alloys for eutectic modification, degassing and cleaning fluxes for aluminium and aluminium alloys, sheet, coil and foil flat rolled products, aluminium rod for cable drawing and steel deoxidation applications, copper casting alloys for the foundry and die casting industries, primary magnesium ingots, ferro alloys, high purity graphite and carbon products to the foundry and steel making industries, refractory / ceramic raw materials, zircon flour and zirconium silicate.

BRUKER AXS GmbH, GERMANY  -  analytical instrumentation for elemental analysis, materials research, structural and surface investigations, optical emission spectrometers for metal analysis, atomic force and scanning probe microscopy, X-ray fluorescence solutions, tribological tools and mechanical testing products.

BIT & GML S.r.l., ITALY  -  production of plywood, polystyrene, resin and aluminium foundry patterns, rotational moulds, models for moulds in composite materials (fiberglass and carbon) for the marine, automotive, aeronautical sectors and furniture, thermoforming moulds, aesthetic and functional models.

B & L INFORMATION SYSTEMS INC., USA  -  integrated management software for the foundry & die cast industries.

BUSCHLE & LEPPER S.A., BRAZIL  -  manufacturer and distributor of chemicals, agricultural and building materials, chemical products for metallurgical industry and foundries - natural or activated sodium bentonite, cold box resins and catalysts, precoated sand, exothermic powders, ferro-alloys, foundry coke, inoculants, natural graphite, non-ferrous treatment fluxes, ceramic filters.

BAHRAIN ALLOYS MANUFACTURING CO. (BAMCO) B.S.C. , BAHRAIN  -  manufacturer of a wide range of primary and secondary aluminium alloys, master and special alloys for the automotive and die casting industries.

BERJAK & PARTNERS, AUSTRALIA  -  traders in ferrous and non-ferrous metals and scrap, mineral sands - rutile sand and flour, zircon sand and flour.

BISLEY ASIA PTE. LTD., SINGAPORE  -  a wholly owned subsidiary of the Bisley Group, supply of construction raw materials and products - ferro alloys, specialty and noble alloys, graphite electrodes, carbon products, metal powders to the automotive and jobbing foundries, steel making, powder metallurgy, aerospace and welding industries.

BLAST & PEEN SERVICES PTE. LTD., SINGAPORE  -  equipment, spare parts and abrasives for use in the abrasive blasting and shot peening industries, Scorpion blast abrasive blasting cabinets, pressure, suction, manual, semi automatic and automatic configurations, spare parts - operator safety equipment including blasting helmets and breathing filters, remote controls and abrasive metering valves, blast hoses, couplings, nozzle holders, tungsten carbide and boron carbide blast nozzles, specialty blasting equipment, internal pipe, flat surface robot, dust collector filter cartridges and reverse pulse equipment, abrasives - plastic media, glass beads, aluminium oxide, carbon steel, stainless steel, zinc, copper and aluminium cut wires, ceramic beads, steel shot and grit, zinc shot, stainless steel shot, walnut shell, silicon carbide, vibratory finishing media.

BOLIDEN BERGSOE A/S, DENMARK  -  products for foundry, electronics, packaging, plumbing and mechanical industries, lead-free and leaded solder in rods, wire and paste, tin alloys, lead alloys and zinc alloys in ingots, a wholly owned subsidiary of Swedish mining company Boliden AB.

BENTONISA - BENTONITA DO NORDESTE S.A., BRAZIL  -  activated bentonite for green sand molding.

BEMZ - BREST ELECTROMECHANICAL PLANT JSC, BELARUS  -  production of multipurpose agricultural units, electricity meters and medical devices, design and manufacture of dies and patterns for foundries.

BMP BLIZNACI LTD., BULGARIA  -  family owned firm, buy up of aluminium scrap, melting the scrap and sale of secondary aluminium ingots, monthly capacity of
350-400 t.

BESTECHNOLOGIES BESTEL S.A.S., FRANCE  -  production of wood, resin and metal foundry patterns and core boxes, moulds for plastic injection, tools for thermoforming, prototypes, the company owns an aluminum foundry, castings weight up to 700 kg.

BEE CHEMS, INDIA  -  manufacturer of nano silica / colloidal silica binders and refractory for the use in investment casting industry - 30-40% nano silica sols, fast drying new generation sols for investment castings, silica / alumina sols for ceramic applications, refractory grains for investment casting and ceramic shells.

BEYONZ CORPORATION, JAPAN  -  automobile components and parts, core pins and inserts for pressure dies.

BINDICATOR CO., USA  -  supplier of point level sensors and dry flow meters for industrial applications.

BENTONITAS COLOMBIANAS - BENTOCOL LTDA., COLOMBIA  -  foundry bentonite for green-sand molding.

BALAJI COKE INDUSTRY PVT. LTD. (BCIPL), INDIA  -  low ash metallurgical coke manufacturer & trader.

BHUSHAN POWER & STEEL LTD., INDIA  -  a fully integrated steel making company - manufacturer of flat, rounds and long products, billets, hot / cold rolled coils, pig iron for production of cast iron castings and steel, precision tubes, black pipe, cable tapes, wire rod and special alloy steel, supplier to fast-growing sectors like automotive, white goods, construction, furniture, fasteners, telecommunication, etc.

BODEGA DAVILA, CHILE  -  metallurgical coke.

BUHLER DRUCKGUSS AG, SWITZERLAND  -  die casting solutions from process specific die design to die cavity filling and solidification simulations up to the point of readiness for quantity production - die casting machines, dies, consulting services for conventional die casting of molten aluminum alloys, magnesium die casting, vacuum casting process.

BERA DE BOLIVIA (ALEACIONES) S.A., BOLIVIA  -  manufacturer of non ferrous metal alloys - tin / lead soft solders with a variety of melting points and working temperature ranges for specific purposes, lead free solders, solid or flux cored wires, bars and sticks solders in tin / lead alloys, tin / silver alloys and lead free alloys, a full range of antifriction (Babbitt) metals used for bearings and castings operations, specific alloys for electrolytic and metallurgical processes, a part of
Boliden Bergsoe A/S - Denmark.

BETA DIE CASTING EQUIPMENT, CANADA  -  a die casting machine dealer who specializes in new and used die casting machines and diecasting equipment, die casting machinery, buying excess equipment, plant liquidations and global equipment searching.

BO-DA D.O.O., SLOVENIA  -  spare parts for machines and equipment on lines of casting, sandblasting and dust-collecting technologies.

BOSIO D.O.O., SLOVENIA  -  production of electrical and gas heated industrial furnaces - for heat treatment, for aluminum alloys melting, for ceramic and glass products, laboratory furnaces, gas furnaces for warming up and cooling of small pieces up to weight of 100 t, high temperature ceramic fibres insulating materials for temperature range up to 1600C, measurments of temperatures in the furnaces, control programmes, control thermoelements and equipment, temperature regulators.

BARRACUDA ENGINEERING 2008 LTD., NEW ZEALAND  -  specialised in the design and manufacture of casting patterns and boxes, plastic injection moulds, vacuum moulds, machined precision parts.

BREITLANDER EICHPROBEN + LABORMATERIAL GmbH, GERMANY  -  material and various manual, semi-automatic and automatic sample preparation machines and consumables.

BATAVIA ENGINEERING CO., USA  -  steel hand ladles and saucer-shaped skimmers for the metal casting industry.

BORDEN ENGINEERING CONSULTING & TRADE CO. LTD., TURKEY  -  representation of foreign producers of technical products and raw materials, engineering, planning and management consultancy in the area of casting, forging, iron, steel, non-ferrous industry, aluminium foil, galvanizing, coil coating, ceramic, glass, cement and machine producers.

BRADFORD EQUIPMENT CO., INC., USA  -  buy and sell used foundry machinery & equipment.

BHUNIT ENGINEERING CO. PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  castings for various industries, capabilities to design & manufacture permanent moulds.

BELTOR-ELITE LTD., BELARUS  -  specialized scrap processing plant, production of bronze, brass, aluminium alloys and zinc alloys ingots.

BLAST ENGINEERING LTD., BULGARIA  -  a full range of sandblasting equipment - from small injector guns to 50, 100 and 200 liters mobile pressure units, using copper slag or silica sand as abrasive material, suitable for cleaning and surface preparation of all kinds of steel, cast iron and other cast details.

BILGUNOGLU ENDUSTIRI MALZEMELERI SAN. VE TIC. A.S., TURKEY  -  metals and metal alloys, pig iron and nodular pig iron, ferro alloys, binders and chemicals for iron, steel and non-ferrous foundries, foundry crucibles, furnace refractories, foundry lubricants, ceramic filters, low carbon steel shot & grid, microscope and laboratory equipment, metrology measuring equipment, hardness testers, destructive and non-destructive measuring systems, quality control and measuring software.

BELLOI E ROMAGNOLI S.r.l., ITALY  -  production of foundry machinery and equipment, complete green sand preparation plants, automatic moulding lines for cast iron, steel and nonferrous metals, multi-piston squeeze head moulding machines, air impact + squeeze moulding machines, rotary sand and casting cooling drums, cold-blast cupolas and loading systems, automatic systems for sand control, every kind and size of ladles.

BARROMEX ESPANA S.A., SPAIN  -  refractory materials for steel, aluminium, ceramic and cement industries.

BPB FORMULA, UK  -  an industrial plaster division of BPB plc, manufacturer of metal casting plasters, the products are used for a wide variety of purposes including investment or precious metal casting (gold, silver) pressure or static casting of metals with high temperature melting points such as aluminium, copper and brass, and non-ferrous metal alloys, and for making bronze statue pieces.

BAKER FURNACE, INC., USA  -  industrial ovens, furnaces and kilns, thermal oxidizers, afterburners, telemetry systems for remote data collection and monitoring.

BILITON FOR MINING & GLOBAL TRADE CO., EGYPT  -  industrial minerals supplier and exporter, high grade silica sand for foundries, glass industry and filtration, kaolin, calcium carbonate powder, dolomite powder, red iron oxide powder, potassium feldspar, chromite ore.

BOOTE GODAZ CO., IRAN  -  production of carbon electrode paste for manufacturers of ferro-alloys, calcium carbide, copper & aluminum products, cold ramming paste for aluminum electrolysis cells, blast furnaces and other smelting furnaces.

BEIJING GREAT WALL CO., LTD., CHINA  -  solid graphite materials and machined parts, graphite soft / rigid felts, carbon / carbon composite materials, graphite electrodes, graphite & ceramics (quartz) crucibles, products for machinery, electron, semiconductor, mono-crystal silicon metallurgy, electrical furnace and atomic energy.

BOSELLO HIGH TECHNOLOGY S.R.L., ITALY  -  the company operates in the field of NDT (non-destructive testing), and specifically in industrial radioscopy to control product quality through X-Ray, which find their application in various sectors: automotive, aerospace, food, new radioscopic NDT solutions - computed tomography for castings which gives the third dimension to the fluoroscopic analysis for making measurements and identifying possible defects.

BRICMONT, INC., USA  -  a member of the Inductotherm family of companies, a wide range of control systems to the ferrous and non-ferrous metals industries.

BEIJER INDUSTRI AB, SWEDEN  -  a technically orientated trading company, materials & equipment for the foundry industry and the industries of manufacturing and smelting of metals, refractory and insulation products, crucibles, quartz sand, bentonite, mold and core binders, a complete range of alcohol-and water-based coatings, insulating and exothermic feeding tubes and powders for aluminum, copper, iron and steel, foam filters, a part of Beijer Tech AB, which is included in the Beijer Alma Group.

BORGESTAD INDUSTRIES AS, NORWAY  -  supplier of refractory products and solutions for the steel, aluminium, copper, ferro-alloy, pulp and paper, sulfate, cement and other industries.

BANDEIRA INDUSTRIA DE ALUMINIO LTDA., BRAZIL  -  aluminum recycling, production of aluminum alloys ingots.

BENTOMAR INDUSTRIA E COMERCIO DE MINERIOS LTDA., BRAZIL  -  silica foundry graded sands, chromite foundry sand, resin coated sand for shell molding, exothermic and insulating sleeves for cast iron, steel and non-ferrous castings, resins and catalysts for cold-box process and shell molding, mold coatings and coatings for non-ferrous chill casting.

BALCIK ISI ELEMANLARI SAN. VE TIC. A.S., TURKEY  -  tubular heating elements for electrical household and industrial ovens appliances, a distributor of Kanthal-Sandvik Materials Technology-Sweden.

BULGARIAN INDUSTRIAL GROUP (BIG) JSC, BULGARIA  -  design and manufacturing of instrumental equipment - foundry patterns, dies for pressure die casting, injection moulds, stamps.

BODYCOTE INTERNATIONAL PLC, UK  -  heat treating, hot isostatic pressing, materials testing and metallurgical coatings service company.

BILFINGER INDUSTRIAL SERVICES NORWAY AS, NORWAY  -  a multi-trade supplier of industrial maintenance, project management and engineering, workshop manufacturing, industrial masonry and consultancy for the process-industry and energy producers, refractory maintenance, projects and modifications in the aluminium industry - foundries, cathode construction and anode furnaces, and ferro industry - ferro manganese or ferrosilicon scoops and reactors, a part of the Bilfinger Industrial Services GmbH.

BELNIILIT JSC, BELARUS  -  equipment for the production of castings of nonferrous alloys - equipment for chill casting, for low pressure casting, for centrifugal casting, equipment for the production of castings of ferrous alloys - equipment for centrifugal casting, for the production of ductile iron, for casting a chill lined, and for production of cast steel and cast iron shot, foundry sand mixers and mixture complexes, hoppers, moulding machines, equipment for melting of metals and alloys.

BENTONITE JSC, BULGARIA  -  foundry bentonite.

BET-KER OY, FINLAND  -  manufacturer of monolithic refractory materials and precast shapes for steel industry - ladles, tundishes, metallurgical smelting furnaces, metal reheat furnaces, coke oven batteries, for foundries - wear lining castables, coating mixes, plastic repair mixes, precast shapes, for other metal smelting industries.

BARALDI LUBRIFICANTI, ITALY  -  producer of lubricants and release agents for aluminum and magnesium die-casting.

BLASTCLEAN LTD., UK  -  designers and manufacturers of shotblasting / sandblasting machines and equipment, consumables, protection clothing.

BRONALCO LTDA., COLOMBIA  -  a metal recycling company, production of brass, copper, aluminum and zamac ingots, supplier of foundry refractories, crucibles, quartz sand, natural molding sand and clay.

BUEHLER LTD., USA  -  manufacturer of scientific instruments, supplies, and laboratory furniture for use in materials analysis - metallography, materialography, microscopes, sample preparation, hardness testing, image analysis with fully modular imaging system & software solution.

BEJARANO L.H. INDUSTRIAL E.U., COLOMBIA  -  production of molds for balls with any design, dies for gravity and pressure die casting, and plasic blow molds, castings in zamak, aluminum and bronze-brass, shaw and lost wax processes.

BRADKEN-LONDON LTD., CANADA  -  foundry patterns and tooling in wood, metal, plastic and styrofoam, using either CNC or conventional methods, Bradken's Engineered Products Division.

BOMBAY LUBRICANTS OIL CO., INDIA  -  importer & supplier of industrial chemicals, oils and lubricants, bentonite powder for reheating furnaces, refractory and bonding of mould sand, foundry sodium metasilicate (water glass) available in aqueous solution and in solid form, manganese carbonate for production of basic refractory bricks, magnesite and several dolomite minerals.

BLOMSTERMALA METALLGJUTERI AB, SWEDEN  -  non-ferrous castings made by the sand moulding method, manufacturer of patterns made of wood, plastic or metal.

BOHMS MODELLFABRIK AB, SWEDEN  -  wooden and plastic patterns and core-boxes for the foundry industry.

BRONX MINING & INVESTMENTS (PTY) LTD., SOUTH AFRICA  -  supplier of graded silica sand for filtration, glass and foundry use.

BR MASKINFABRIK A/S, DENMARK  -  all types of high-precision machine-tooling, moulds (dies) for pressure die casting.

BRONDERSLEV MODELSNEDKERI A/S, DENMARK  -  foundry patterns in wood, plastic, aluminum, steel and cast iron.

BEFESA MEDIO AMBIENTE S.A. (BEFESA), SPAIN  -  steel waste recycling, aluminium waste and salt slags recycling, industrial waste management, production of aluminium alloys for the automotive industry and the construction sector.

BELFELDSE MODELMAKERIJ B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  manufacturer of foundry patterns, die-casting dies, prototypes and tools using various types of materials.

BROUWER METAAL B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  supplier of dies and other casting equipment made out of copper alloys and aluminium bronzes, copper plungers for aluminium pressure die casting, copper chill vents, resistance welding consumables, spare parts for welding machines, copper bars and plates, wire mesh and wire products.

BADGER MINING CORP., USA  -  industrial silica sand, limestone and other aggregates, industrial markets include hydraulic fracturing, gravel packing, foundry core and molding applications, industrial and construction fillers, boiler sand, wet grinding media, and fluxing agents.

BROCK METAL COMPANY, UK  -  zinc and aluminum alloy ingots for pressure die casting.

BAR-METAL D.O.O., SLOVENIA  -  trading and distribution, products for metalcasting: Si-C ladles and protective tubes, foundry guns, dippers, clamps, digital thermometers, kanthal wire, accessories, ingots for foundries: bronze and special copper alloys, aluminum alloys, pig iron.

BEST MACHINE ENTERPRISE CO., LTD., TAIWAN  -  manufacturer of foundry machines and equipment, moulding sand hoppers, sand conveyors, vibrating tables, shake and screen systems, dust collectors, automatic sand mills, sand desintegrators for used green sand, automatic sand core blowing machines, jolt squeeze moulding machines, shot blasting machines, accessories.

BARE-METAL FOIL CO., USA  -  supplier of hobby products, polyurethane casting resins, silicone rubber, silicone based release agents, light and dark bronze powder for cold cast bronze, microbulb hallow glass filler and solid glass spheres for filling polyurethane resin, and other mold making compounds and materials for foundry patterns, resin casting, jewelry patterns molds, human body molds, statuary casting, candle molds, concrete stamping pads, pre-cast stone mold, and other mold making projects.

BOHMER MASCHINENBAU GmbH, GERMANY  -  special solutions to optimize the die casting process, product range includes spray tools, robot-spray systems, linear sprayers, spray control devices, peripheral systems for loading and clearing the casting machine, mixing release agents, stages and safety fences necessary for completing the die casting workcell area.

BAIXIN MOULD (HONGKONG) CO., LTD., CHINA  -  mould manufacturer, various aluminum, zinc alloy die casting dies for automotive, home appliance, bathroom, lighting, and industrial appliances.

BRACH MACHINE, INC., USA  -  nozzles, plungers, couplings, shot rods for die casting machines.

BOSEN MOLD INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD., CHINA  -  manufacturer of die casting moulds and injection moulds, production of plastic and metal parts for household appliances, medical equipments, electronics, automotive and processing industries.

BEPOWER MOULD LTD., CHINA  -  manufacture of die casting moulds and plastic injection moulds for the worldwide customers, pressure die casting in aluminum, zinc and own special die-casting alloys.

BARALOGAM MULTIJAYA PT., INDONESIA  -  suppliers of non-ferrous master alloys, non-ferrous metal ingots, ferro-alloys, nodularizers, carburizers, foundry coke, petroleum coke, resin coated sand, additives, graphite, magnesite or zircon based mould coatings, graphite powder, steel grit and shot.

BMS METALLURGICAL PTE. LTD., SINGAPORE  -  supplier & distributor of heat processing equipments, bath-type furnaces, crucibles, lubricants, fluxes, foundry coke, pig iron, ferro alloys, aluminium alloys and deoxidants for steel and cast iron foundries, aluminium and zinc die-casting foundries.

BEFAY MAKINA SANAYI VE TICARET LTD., TURKEY  -  aluminium melting, holding and heat treatment furnaces, charging machines, billet casting machines.

BAODING NINGXIN CAST MATERIAL CO., LTD., CHINA  -  consumable ceramics and refractory products for foundry and metallurgical industries - zirconia, alumina or silicon carbide ceramic foam filters, extruded ceramic filters, fiber filters, fiberglass mesh.

BEIJER OY, FINLAND  -  a specialist supplier of industrial products, machinery and raw materials to the metallurgical, foundry and engineering industries, products for the foundry industry includes iron, steel, aluminium alloys, alloying materials, melting furnaces, monolithic refractories and firebricks, graphite electrodes, slag-forming additives, filters, foundry chemicals - binders, coatings, sand mixers, moulding machinery and lines, die-casting machines, spare parts, control systems, also offered technical advisory and consultation services.

BLAST-ONE INTERNATIONAL, AUSTRALIA  -  blasting and cleaning equipment for surface preparation and corrosion control in many different industries - oil & gas, mining, structural steel fabrication, water infrastructure, marine and bridge refurbishment work, airless shot blasting systems for descaling, shot peening, deburring, key finishing or for the removal of sand, rust or paint, used extensively by foundries, steel fabricators, investment casters, automotive component manufacturers and heat treaters, abrasives - aluminium oxide, plastic media, tempered steel grit and steel shot, a division of Blastmaster Management Pty. Ltd.

BENTONITE, OOO (LTD.), UZBEKISTAN  -  extraction of raw material and production of bentonite for oil and gas industry, metallurgy and foundries, agriculture sector, ceramic, construction and textile industry.

BLAYSON OLEFINES LTD., UK  -  investment casting wax and equipment for the lost wax process.

BENDIGO PATTERNMAKERS, AUSTRALIA  -  traditional patternmaking, CNC patternmaking, master patterns, prototypes and pattern solutions to a wide range of industries - foundries, toolmaking, vacuum forming, automotive, aviation, transport / rail, agriculture and general manufacturing, a Keech Australia subsidiary.

BEZA PATTERNS AUSTRALIA PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  production of foundry patterns and core boxes, prototypes.

BLASCH PRECISION CERAMICS, INC., USA  -  crucibles, low pressure stalk tubes, thermocouple protection tubes, porous plugs, immersion heater tubes.

BENTONITE PERFORMANCE MINERALS CO., USA  -  bentonite for foundries.

BARNES PRODUCTS PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  supplier of silicone rubber, polyurethane resin, clay, glues, chemicals, fibreglass, gypsum, low melt alloys, metal powders, wax products, mould making and pattern making materials, tools and accessories for sculpting, moulding and casting.

BISCHOFF PELLOUX S.A.R.L., FRANCE  -  patterns, tooling and prototypes for the industry.

BLASTMAN ROBOTICS LTD., FINLAND  -  foundry blast cleaning systems for surface treatment of heavy weight castings for diesel engines, shipyards, turbine cases, paper mills, etc.
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BARROMEX REFRACTARIOS, S.A. de C.V., MEXICO  -  refractories for ferrous and nonferrous foundries and metallurgy - monolithic refractories of alumina and silica-alumina in a wide range of compositions and unique forms of application, ramming masses, refractory cements.

BAHRAIN STEEL, BAHRAIN  -  production of high-grade iron ore pellets for direct reduced iron processes and blast furnace steelmaking.

BADUN S.A., ARGENTINA  -  vibrating screens, rotating screens, complete transportation systems, spare parts for conveyors.

BATERPOL S.A., POLAND  -  recycling of lead-acid batteries and lead processing, producer of lead alloys and refined lead with antimony, tin, selenium, calcium, silver, rolled and extruded lead and its alloy products - sheets, strips, anodes, pipes, rods, wires, lead alloys and refined lead ingots.

BLASTING S.A., ARGENTINA  -  blasting machines, pressure blasting systems with single or double working chamber, manual or automated blast cabinets, blast rooms, blast pots, automated systems, closed-circuit recovery equipment, blasting nozzles, inspection Instruments, spare parts, safety systems for blasting activities, a variety of abrasives glass beads, steel grit, aluminum oxide, copper slap.

BROSOLO S.A., ARGENTINA  -  production of all kinds of tooling for foundries - metal and plastic patterns and core-boxes, dies for aluminium and zinc gravity
die-casting, plates and tools for shell moulding.

BABAK SILICA (BABAKSILCA) CO., IRAN  -  silica sand mass production for sandblast, and cement mortar - an internal protection lining of steel and cast iron pipes for water distribution.

BENTONITAS SANTA GEMA, ARGENTINA  -  bentonite for foundries.

BERG S.L.U., SPAIN  -  supplier of products for the foundry industry - handle ladles, fork ladles, carrying forks for ladles, siphon-ladles, crane ladles and drums, stopper ladles, pouring bowls and spoons, skimmers, immersion bells, crucible scrapers, hand and crane tongs for crucibles, melting crucibles of refractory cast iron or stainless steel for die casting machines suitable for melting aluminium, zinc, lead and zamak, melting crucibles especially for magnesium casting, graphite and silicon carbide melting crucibles, graphite pyrometer pipes, immersion type pyrometers, infrared handheld thermometers, magnetic high-temp thermometers, ceramic foam filters, chaplets, chill nails, sleekers, riddles, pattern plates, bentonite, zircon sand, sodium silicate, mould powder, zircon mould coatings, melting, covering and refining fluxes, pattern and sculpture waxes for art castings.

BAK-SA MOLD CO., LTD., KOREA, SOUTH  -  die-casting molds, injection molds.

BELEC SPEKTROMETRIE OPTO-ELEKTRONIK GmbH, GERMANY  -  manufacturer and supplier of mobile and stationary optical emission spectrometers for metal analysis in the steel industry, foundries, recycling companies and the automotive industry.

BALOSSI S.r.l., ITALY  -  production of lubrication systems for die-casting machines, spray nozzles, hand spray gun models, automatic spray nozzles for robotics, manifolds with any kind of dimension, pitch and features, plunger lubrication systems, dispensers, tanks, pneumatic pumps, accessories.

BARATTIERI S.r.l., ITALY  -  hardness measuring instrumentation for forging, foundries, heat treatments industry and steel factories.

BEIJING TREND AOFU FINE CERAMICS CO., LTD., CHINA  -  ceramic foam filters, monolith, and honeycomb items made of cordierite, mullite, cordierite / mullite, and zirconia.
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BASLER TRADE KFT., HUNGARY  -  industrial chemical products for the metal-processing plants, release agents for aluminum, magnesium and zinc alloys pressure die-casting, representative of Petrofer-Germany.

BHOLSTER TECHNOLOGIES LTD., CANADA  -  experts in casting simulation, product and process development, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) consultancy services in the high pressure die casting industry, a consulting associate of Flow Science Inc., the creator of Flow-3D, an internationally recognized simulation software which is used by scientists and engineers around the world for simulating a vast range of fluid dynamics, heat transfer and multi physics problems.

BRAZCO THERMOFILTER LTDA., BRAZIL  -  distributor of amorphous silica fiber mesh filters for metal casting.

BALTICAL UAB, LITHUANIA  -  secondary aluminum refinery, production capacity is up to 16000 tons per year, aluminum alloys ingots for foundries and aluminum ingots for steel deoxidation in metallurgy plants.

BECK u. KALTHEUNER GmbH & CO. KG (BEKA-FEUERFEST), GERMANY  -  production of unshaped refractories for the coke plants, blast furnaces, cast iron and steel foundries.

BENTONIT UNIAO NORDESTE INDUSTRIA E COMERCIO LTDA., BRAZIL  -  supplier of activated bentonite for green sand molding mixtures, furan resins and catalysts for molds and cores production.

BRUSH WELLMAN, INC. (BWI), USA  -  producer of beryllium, beryllium-containing alloys and beryllium engineered ceramics, high strength, high conductivity and fine grain copper beryllium casting alloys available as casting ingot or as master alloy in ingot or shot form.

BMM WESTON LTD., UK  -  producer a wide range of highly reliable moulding machines and associated equipment for a variety of applications in new or existing production lines.

BASSLER / WILLIAMSPORT PATTERN WORKS, USA  -  wooden, metal & plastic industrial patterns for foundries, epoxy tooling, industrial models & LOM rapid prototyping.

BEST YIELD MOULD PRECISION MANUFACTURING LTD., CHINA  -  molds for aluminum and zinc die-casting foundries.

BINANI ZINC LTD., INDIA  -  a part of Braj Binany Group, manufacture of special high-grade zinc metal of 99.99 / 99.995% purity, capacity of 30 000 mt per annum, cadmium 65 000 kg per annum, and sulphuric acid - 51 000 mt per annum, for customers across all industry segments, including foundry industry.

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