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DCM, AUSTRIA  -  trade in ores, ferro alloys, noble alloys and metals, mineral sands.

DELPHORGE 83 LTD., UK  -  hand pouring ladles & plungers, robotic ladle cups & steel crucibles, filters, studs, chaplets and brads, protective wear.

DYNEA AS, NORWAY  -  supplier of specialty wood adhesives, foundry resins, formaldehyde based resins, additives for hot melts, additives for the coating industry, insulation resins and other related industrial products.

DUBAI ALUMINIUM CO. LTD. - DUBAL, U.A.E.  -  the world’s largest modern aluminium smelter, the company produces almost one million tonnes of high quality finished aluminium products per year, in three main forms: foundry alloy for automotive applications; extrusion billet for construction, industrial and transportation purposes; and high purity aluminium for the electronics and aerospace industries, foundry alloys are supplied in many ingot shapes, sizes, strontium modified and unmodified, and are grouped according to international designations, the alloys produced include: A356.2, ALSi7Mg, ALSi9Mg, ALSi10Mg, ALSi11Mg, ALSiCu, and Silafont36.

DS & D CAST SOLUTIONS, INC., USA  -  scrap reduction, continual improvement, quality systems, foundry technical & metallurgical issues.

D & E FOUNDRY PRODUCTS CO., USA  -  ladles for foundries.

DYNAMIC AIR, INC., USA  -  pneumatic conveying systems for a wide variety of applications - cement industry, chemical industry, power industry, foundry applications: bentonite and phenolic resin bulk bag unloading systems, bond premix weighing and delivery systems, dust collector fines removal and de-dusting systems, new sand and bond premix delivery systems, no-bake reclaim sand and new sand delivery systems, resin coated shell sand delivery systems, shakeout sand, bond premix and prepared molding sand delivery systems.

DAIKI ALUMINIUM INDUSTRY CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  secondary aluminum alloy ingots for die-casting, casting, deoxidation and for roll products, aluminum mother alloy ingots, desin, construction, and repair of aluminum smelting furnaces, from large smelting furnaces to mini furnaces and small pot furnaces, aluminum scraps recycling.

DELTA ARENAS INDUSTRIALES S.A., ARGENTINA  -  extraction and production of foundry silica sand at different stages - sorting, drying and marketing.

DIRGODAZ AZARBAIJAN REFRACTORIES CO., IRAN  -  production of refractory bricks, castables, mortars, ramming masses and cements for cast iron, steel and non-ferrous foundries, power plants, refineries, petrochemical factories, plaster, cement, porcelain and ceramics plants.

DANREF A/S, DENMARK  -  supplier of machinery and refractory materials to the foundries, steel plants, minerals, chemicals and recycling industries.

DEE-BLAST INDUSTRIES, USA  -  a complete product line, from small portable blasters to large pressure blast cabinets, for metal fabrication, die casting, plastic rotational molding and injection molding.

DAHUA CASTING & NEW MATERIALS CO., LTD., CHINA  -  ceramic foam filters.

DIE CAST MACHINERY LLC, USA  -  a global leader in procurement and sales of previously owned die cast machinery, all types of the equipment used in the die casting industry including: die cast machines, trim presses, furnaces, automation, finishing, process, inspection and machining equipment.

DRUMMOND COMPANY, INC., USA  -  coal and coal-based derivatives, producer of foundry coke with an annual capacity of 730 000 tons.

DIPOL CHEMICAL INTERNATIONAL, INC., UKRAINE  -  expanded polystyrene materials for evaporated patterns used in lost foam ferrous and non-ferrous casting.

DFC CERAMICS, LLC, USA  -  manufacturer of assay crucibles, refining silicon carbide or graphite crucibles, casting crucibles, dental / jeweler crucibles, fused silica melters, cupels, roasting dishes, crucible and cupel tools, electric cupellation furnaces, electric assay furnaces, furnace parts.

DUNAFERR CO. LTD., HUNGARY  -  pig iron production, blast-furnace and foundry coke, industrial and household coke, coke oven gas, coal tar, coke oven benzole, liquid sulphur.

DIE CAST PRESS MFG. CO., INC., USA  -  manufacturer offering new and used diecast machines, remanufactured, and rebuilt die casting equipment, trim presses, shot ends, shot controls, retrofit manifold packages and replacement parts.

DELTA CORP. SDN. BHD., MALAYSIA  -  trading company, supplier of foundry bentonite and ferro alloys.

DALI ELECTRONICS, INDIA  -  import-export company, supplier of special kinds of metal alloys and master alloys for metal casting, aluminum beryllium, beryllium copper (beryllium bronze) and aluminum titanium boron, invar, kovar, inconel, monel, chromel, silverin, tungsten and its alloys, molybdenum alloys, niobium alloys, rhenium alloys, titanium, vanadium, chromium, zirconium, hafnium, ruthenium, electrical, thermal and high temperature insulation materials for industrial furnaces, molten metal filters, protective clothing, a part of Domadia Group.

DHWANI ENGINEERING, INDIA  -  manufacturer and exporter of cold and hot chamber die-casting machines, dies and foundry equipments, hydraulic gear pumps, cylinders, fitting, accumulators and other spares.

DROSS ENGINEERING, UK  -  a Franco-British company dedicated to the design and manufacture of furnaces and equipment for processing non-ferrous metals.

DUKHEUNG ENGINEERING, KOREA, SOUTH  -  aluminum high-pressure die casting dies for automotive parts, electronics and white goods industry products.

DYNAMIC EXIM CORPORATION, INDIA  -  supplier of refractory materials to the ferrous, non-ferrous, chemical, petrochemical and sugar plants, cement, petroleum and electroplating industries - refractory fire bricks, fireclay bricks, high alumina bricks, dense fire bricks, acid resistance bricks, fireclay mortars and high alumina mortars, conventional and low cement castables.

DIAZ E HIJOS S.A., ARGENTINA  -  extraction, separation and supply of silica sand for production of castings and surface treatment.

DSB EURO LTD., CZECH REPUBLIC  -  gray, ductile, artificial cast iron and cast steel, pattern-shop production - various patterns from wood, metal and resin.

DIVYA ENGINEERING WORKS PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  solutions in CAD / CAM / CAE application areas for a variety of products involving castings, machining and moulded items, prepare designs for production tools for metal casting, pattern making, machine master patterns in different materials, metal patterns for foundries using Disamatic lines and machine moulding, core boxes, gravity casting dies, patterns for shell moulding, etc.

DS FIBERTECH CORP., USA  -  manufacturing - furnace chambers, custom heaters, ceramic vacuum fiber heaters, vestibule blocks & insulation, torch elements & temperature controllers, soft gaskets & collars.

DMB-FAO D.O.O., SERBIA  -  production of die casting moulds, metalcasting tools and equipment.

DJ FORNOS INDUSTRIAIS LTDA., BRAZIL  -  manufacturer of furnaces for melting non-ferrous metals, aluminum automatic dosing furnaces, crucible furnaces, furnaces for heat treatment of metals, furnace type filter for cleaning aluminum, rotary furnace for melting and recovery of metals, lab ovens, accessories for foundries - casting pots, transfer chutes, grips, shells, bells, skimmers, a full line of electrical resistances for the most varied applications, supports refractory, control panels, pyrometers for temperature control with wide range of protective tubes, thermocouple sheaths, compensating cables, controllers and sensors.

DIETERT FOUNDRY TESTING EQUIPMENT, INC., USA  -  green sand / core sand / shell sand testing equipment, spectrographical sample preparation equipment, moisture testing equipment, strength machines, mold permeability testers, calibration instrumentation, consumables.

DEGENBECK GmbH, GERMANY  -  purchase and sale of used foundry machines, foundry liquidations.

DEHUI GROUP, CHINA  -  release agents / anti-sticking lubricants widely used in rubber, epoxy resins, polyurethane, composites, metal processing, friction materials, glass and cement industries.

DISA GROUP, DENMARK  -  supplier of foundry equipment and metal surface finishing systems, air pollution control solutions.

DPSTAR GROUP, MALAYSIA  -  distributor and provider of factory, building and process automation solutions, manufacturer of tubular heaters, infrared silica quartz heaters, industrial thermocouples and sensors.

DMT GmbH & CO. KG, GERMANY  -  independent technology services in testing, consulting, engineering, measuring and development, a wide range of services in the field of cokemaking technology - from consulting, testing and assessing to planning and constructing coke plant equipment.

DEMIDOV INDUSTRIES AS, ESTONIA  -  a metallurgical company, aluminium master alloys, ferro-alloys, grain refiners and modifiers.

DOMANOVSKY INDUSTRIAL-COMMERSIAL COMPLEX JSC, BELARUS  -  liquid sodium glass (water glass) for foundries, metallurgy, machine-building industry, textile industry and building sector.

DANAHER INDUSTRIAL CONTROLS GROUP (DICG), USA  -  monitoring, sensing, motion control, gas flow meters and liquid flow meter products.

D.I.E ENGINEERING CORPORATION, JAPAN  -  vacuum systems for pressure die casting.

DAI-ICHI HIGH FREQUENCY CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  induction heating equipment, high frequency power supply, compact induction melting furnaces.

DIDION INTERNATIONAL, INC., USA  -  supplier of rotary sand screens, separators, reclaimers, vibratory equipment.

DWYER INSTRUMENTS, INC., USA  -  a manufacturer in the controls and instrumentation industry, temperature indicators (crayons) for zinc foundries, aluminum processing and the glass industry, iron & steel industry, temperature / process controllers, temperature sensors, temperature transmitters, thermocouples.

DINAS JSC, BULGARIA  -  quarrying of quartzite, production of acidic ramming masses for induction furnaces, foundry silica sand in different grain sizes and particle size distributions, silica powder, quartzite for the production of ferrosilicon, and specialized dedusted abrasive sand for the sandblasting processes.

DRITAS KIRIAKOS & CO., GREECE  -  trading of copper, brass, aluminium, and their alloys.
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DAIWA KOUGYO CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  pressure die-casting molds.

DUY KHANH ENGINEERING CO., LTD., VIETNAM  -  pressure die casting molds, stamping molds, injection molds, blowing molds, rubber molds.

DR. KHAN INDUSTRIAL CONSULTANTS PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  colloidal silica, fumed silica, ethyl silicate-40, tetraethyl orthosilicate, silicon tetrachloride.

DAFTAR KOLE KALA INDUSTRIAL CO. (DKKI), IRAN  -  equipment and accessories for foundry and steel industries, thermocouples, molten metal samplers for representative analysis, molten slag samplers, oxygen- and sublance probes, thermal analysis cups, thermal analysis systems, portable and stationary temperature measurement instruments, hydrogen in molten metal vacuum analysis system, accessories, consulting service, a member of Minco Group - USA.

DY-KAST SUPPLY and EQUIPMENT CO., USA  -  coatings and lubricants for die casting, ladles, skimmers, die heaters, die clamps, melting equipment.

DILERS LTD., LATVIA  -  production of secondary aluminium alloys in ingots, sales and processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals scrap, collection and utilization of domestic and hazardous wastes.

DUKRAFT LTDA., CHILE  -  raw materials, related machinery and services for the industry - bentonite, zirconium silicate, granuled aluminium, granuled magnesium, magnesium ingots, silicon metal, ferroalloys, graphite electrodes, graphite recarburizers.

DONGYING LUCHANG PRECISION CASTING CO., LTD., CHINA  -  designing and manufacturing of precision casting dies for pipe fitting & valve, marine, hardware, golf head, saddlery, propeller, impeller and all kinds of machine parts.
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DASSO MINERALI, ARGENTINA  -  trading and exporting of minerals, bentonite, dolomite, kaolin, silica sand, graphite, calcium carbonate.

DOBLER MODELLBAU, SWITZERLAND  -  production of deep drawing dies, polyester forms, foundry patterns, architectural models.

DYBACKEN METALL AB, SWEDEN  -  scrap smelter, production of special and standard aluminum alloys in form of ingots.

DURA METAL ALLOY PRODUCTS GROUP LLC, USA  -  supplier of speciality steel, nickel alloys, titanium products, tungsten carbide products, components and pre-fabricated parts.

DELTA MISR COMPANY, EGYPT  -  supplier of metals, alloys, raw materials and equipment related to steel & foundry industries - basic pig iron, foundry pig iron, pig iron sorel grade, hot briquetted iron, non-ferrous master alloys, ferro chrome, ferro manganese, ferro molybdenum, ferro silicon, ferro silicon manganese, steel scrap, carbon raiser, metallurgical coke, graphite electrodes, refractories.

DAEBO MAGNETIC CO., LTD., KOREA, SOUTH  -  magnetic equipment manufacturing company, magnetic separators used in cement, coal, mines, chemicals, iron and steel foundries, ceramic and environmental industries, lifting magnets used in transporting steel and scrap iron, electromagnetic testing equipment.

DONGSEO MECHATRONICS CO., LTD., KOREA, SOUTH (in reconstruction)  -  manufacturer of low pressure die casting machines, gravity die casting machines and rotary gravity die casting machines for aluminum alloy cast parts production, industrial testing machines and induction heaters.

DOWA MINING CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  nonferrous metal smelting and refining - copper, zinc, silver, gold, lead, sheet and coil, brass strip, and ingots.

DENVER MINERAL ENGINEERS, INC., USA  -  a range of mining process equipment for cyanide gold recovery, water treatment and mineral processing, tilting electric furnaces for gold, silver, copper and base alloys smelting, crucible furnaces for gold mining, investment casters, small foundries, jewelry production, glass working and hobbyists, silicon carbide crucibles, refining accessories, material handling tools, cast iron ladles and tongs, personal protection, consulting services.

D. M. FOUNDRIES LTD., UK  -  ferrous and non-ferrous sand castings, manufacturer of wood, metal and plastic patterns.

DOGUS METAL LTD., TURKEY  -  crucibles for non-ferrous alloys.

DOKUM MAKINA LTD., TURKEY  -  complete quality control and material testing laboratories for the foundry, metallurgy, machinery factories and metallurgical & materials research centers, laboratory spectrometers, carbon-sulphur analysers, tribology wear metal analyser, laboratory hardness testers, metal thickness gages, coordinate measuring machines.

DELTA MOULDS S.r.l., ITALY  -  specialised in design and production of permanent steel moulds and core boxes for gravity and low pressure die casting of aluminium alloys.

DEMO MODELTEC S.r.l., ITALY  -  production of small and large aluminium, cast iron, steel, wood, resin and polystyrene patterns, gravity / low pressure die-casting moulds, precision machining.

DEFEKTA NDT S.R.O., CZECH REPUBLIC  -  non-destructive testing of the quality of materials and products, testing of welded joints, castings, pressure vessels, inspection of lifting equipment, measuring the thickness of coats.

DANSK NDT TEKNIK A/S, DENMARK  -  nondestructive testing (NDT), ultrasound inspection for industrial applications, a complete range of portable hardness testers for quick and convenient on-site hardness testing, magnetic particle inspection, penetrate testing, radiography (X-ray), visual sensing & inspection technologies.

DOANH NGHIEP TRUNG THANH, VIETNAM  -  ferro-alloys, pig iron, aluminum, lead, copper, tin and zinc ingots, metallurgical coke, carbon powder, carbon electrodes for furnaces, refractory ramming masses and bricks.

DIACO OY AB, FINLAND  -  an agency representing mainly German and Austrian companies on the Finnish market - sand mixers, moulding machines, core blowing machines, induction furnaces, gas heating furnaces, sand / casting separation, vibratory conveyors, sand and casting coolers, shot blasting machines.

DYNAREF PRODUCTS, AUSTRALIA  -  products for the foundry industry, refractories for all furnace types for iron, steel and non ferrous applications, crucibles, ceramic hollowware (gating systems), fluxes suitable for aluminium and copper alloys, bentonite for ferrous and non-ferrous green sand systems, phenolic resins for the shell process, non contact sensors for molten metal level control.

DOLMAN PATTERN AND MODEL MAKERS, AUSTRALIA  -  manufacturer of foundry patterns for automotive, engineering and architectural castings.

DATUM PATTERN & MODEL MAKERS LTD., UK  -  production of pattern and model equipment in wood, resin, metal and polystyrene.

DELTA PATTERN & MODEL WORKS, USA  -  wooden, aluminum and plastic foundry patterns, core-boxes and prototypes.

DIVERSIFIED PLASTICS CORP., USA  -  a custom molder of all types of plastics, from expandable foam co-polymers to injection grade plastics, production of lost foam foundry patterns.

DELMER PRODUCTS LTD., INDIA  -  supplier of jewellery manufacturing equipment, wax injectors, automatic investment mixers, rotary burnout furnaces, centrifugal vacuum casting machines, melting furnaces for the manual casting of gold, silver and other precious metal alloys in a graphite crucible suitable for quantities from 2 to 15 kg, finishing and polishing media and machines, tools and consumables.

DUROCAST (PTY) LTD., SOUTH AFRICA  -  supplier of refractory, corrosion resistant and specialized building products, manufacturer of refractory concretes used in blast furnace runners and steel plant ladles.

DDL PATTERN SHOP, UK  -  patterns for foundries.

DALIAN RUIMEI INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD., CHINA  -  supplier of antimony ingot, lead antimony alloy ingot, tin ingot, cerium alloy, magnesium alloy, babbitt metal, silicon metal, ferro silicon, ferro manganese, cobalt powder, tungsten powder, nickel powder.

DOE RUN PERU, PERU  -  a mining and metals company for premium metals including copper, lead, zinc, bismuth, silver and indium.

DURRANS RMS (PTY) LTD., SOUTH AFRICA  -  the Resistant Materials Services Group (RMS Group) offers high temperature insulation products - ceramic fibers, bricks and mortars, refractories - induction furnace linings, castable refractories, foundry consumables - exothermic sleeves, insulating powders, parting powders, mould coatings, sodium silicate and slag coagulants.

DEGUISA S.A., SPAIN  -  manufacture products related to the cast iron, steel and non-ferrous foundries, metallurgical, glass, petrochemical, cement and ceramic industries, shaped and unshaped refractories, sliding gate valves systems for ladles, tundishes and electric furnaces, combustion and control systems.

DRUGUET S.A.S., FRANCE  -  dies for gravity or pressure die casting of aluminium alloys and zamak, foundry tooling.

DEL SOL INDUSTRIAL SERVICES INC., USA  -  provider with the best possible line of new foundry equipment and supplies available - pneumatic transporters, batch mixers, greensand control systems, shakeouts, transfer conveyors, fluidizing heaters and coolers, tele-manipulators, riser knock-off cannons, wedge riser removal systems, a full line of metal transfer vessels and accessories including retrofit gearboxes, automatic green sand molding machines, core machines, reclamation systems, melting furnaces, good used foundry equipment.

DELIMEX-SOFIA LTD., BULGARIA  -  production of foundry patterns and core-boxes made out of wood, resin and metal, complicated shape forming parts for gravity / pressure dies for non-ferrous casting, blast moulds and injection moulds, electrodes for erosion.

DOUBLE STAR LUOHE ZHONGYUAN MACHINERY CO., LTD., CHINA  -  specialized in manufacturing and exporting of foundry machinery - resin sand / green sand / sodium silicate sand molding lines, V-process molding lines, lost foam molding lines, sand mullers, shot blasting machines, rotary flask shakers, shakeout machines, dust removal equipment and surface cleaning equipment.

DEAD SEA MAGNESIUM LTD., ISRAEL  -  pure magnesium and commercial magnesium alloy ingots and T-bars.

DALMEC S.p.A., ITALY  -  manufacture of industrial manipulators for various sectors from mechanical, chemical and food industry to the building sector, incl. manipulators for the foundry industry - for the handling of rims, moulds, precision castings, having different dimensions and weights.

DIMEX Sp. z o.o., POLAND  -  supplier of foundry and metallurgical coke, authorized dealer of two coking plants: Walbrzyskie Zaklady Koksownicze Victoria S.A. and Koksownia Zdzieszowice.

DOMET Sp. z o.o., POLAND  -  aluminium alloys ingots and deoxidizers in the form of chits, granules, pyramids, hemispheres, aluminium castings.

DAYTON T.BROWN, INC., USA  -  the largest and most thoroughly equipped independent engineering and testing laboratory in the U.S., a full spectrum of dynamic, structural, environmental, electro-magnetic, fatigue, ballistics, metallurgical engineering, program engineering and testing services.

DYSON TECHNICAL CERAMICS LTD., UK  -  manufacturer of advanced refractories and ceramics - zirconia tundish metering nozzles, exchangeable and stationary metering nozzles, zirconia inserts, sliding gate plate inserts and firebricks for the steel industry, pressed foundry ladle nozzles, composite nozzles, holloware and firebricks for foundries, zirconia crucibles for the investment casting, medical and aerospace industries.

DOUBLE TREE INDUSTRY ENTERPRISE CO., LTD., CHINA  -  manufacturer and exporter of chemical raw materials, including synthetic cryolite (sodium aluminium fluoride) which is used as a flux in the smelting of aluminium, as a flux in aluminum alloy casting, in the production of ferrous alloys, and as a wear-resistant filler for resins.

DOSHI TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  manufacturer of electric arc furnaces, ladle refining furnaces, visualization systems for furnace control, ladle transfer cars, scrap charging buckets, a complete range of induction equipment for reliable operation of induction furnaces - aluminium frames, induction coils, hydraulic cylinders for lifting and tilting stands, top-bottom insulation blocks, water-cooled cables, electrolytic grade copper rope & end terminals, induction power supply and control panel components.

DIRMETA UAB, LITHUANIA  -  manufacturer of mould tools for aluminum casting and plastic products, sheet metal stamping tools, machinery and non standard equipment.
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DRACHE UMWELTTECHNIK GmbH, GERMANY  -  ceramic foam filters and filter boxes, high temperature coatings based on advanced ceramic materials - boron nitride, aluminium titanate, silicon nitride and zirconium oxide, products for aluminum and steel filtration, nodular, grey and malleable iron and non-ferrous casting.

DE WINTER ENGINEERING B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  new aluminium melting furnaces (14 and 32 tons), furnace renovation including total upgraded melting furnaces, furnace pressure control systems, auxiliary equipment.

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