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ECUASAND, ECUADOR  -  supplier of silica sand of high purity, sodium and calcium bentonite for foundries, and hydrated lime for industrial and agricultural use.

EGYPTALUM, EGYPT  -  manufacturer of aluminum / aluminum alloys slabs, billets, wire rod, T-bars, and foundry ingots - Sr or Sb modified or non-modified.

ELING, SERBIA  -  a producer of induction furnaces for melting of ferrous and nonferrous metals / alloys, frequency converters, electromagnetic casting tables for aluminum billets casting, induction heating systems for surface treatment of metals, annealing, hard welding, heating of workpieces before forging.
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ECOMETAL AS, ESTONIA  -  lead battery and accumulators recycling plant, production of lead and lead alloys about 12 000 tons annually.

ELTECNA AG, SWITZERLAND  -  planning and project management, building materials industry, beam machines, dust and flue gas cleaning systems, foundry equipment and blasting machines - sand preparation / mixers, sand separation, pneumatic conveying systems, vibratory feeders.

ENTECH AB, SWEDEN  -  supplier of standard and fully customized high temperature furnaces and kilns for various industrial applications, distributors in the Nordic countries for Nabertherm, EPSI and Zirc.

ESTEL AS, ESTONIA  -  development, manufacture, adjustment and technical maintenance of electric power equipment, frequency converters for induction heating devices and melting furnaces, power suppliers for electric arc furnaces, transformers, heat exchangers, current-limiting and smoothing reactors, electromagnetic products, rectifiers, etc. for power engineering, iron-and-steel works, foundries and metal working factories.

EXOVA AB, SWEDEN  -  consultancy in materials technology, strength testing, non-destructive testing, corrosion testing, abrasion testing, blasting, peening and cleaning, chemical and physical analysis.

EGYPTIAN AMERICAN COMPANY FOR MINING AND MINES (EAC), EGYPT  -  supplier of hematite for steel and iron industries, calcium oxide for lining furnaces, quartz for ceramics, refractoriness and ferrosilicon industries, feldspar for glassmaking and ceramics.

EMIRATES ALUMINIUM (EMAL), UAE  -  aluminium smelter complex, primary aluminium standard ingots, sheet ingots and extrusion billets.

EASTERN ALLOYS, INC., USA  -  manufacturer of zinc alloys.

ERZ & PARTNER A/S, DENMARK  -  management consulting, strategy, operations, technology and engineering, experience in the international automotive, foundry and metal industry.

EVANS & REID ALLOYS LTD., UK  -  production of primary aluminium alloy ingots.

ELEKTROKARBON A.S., SLOVAKIA  -  manufacturing and sale of final and semi-finished products made from carbon materials - crystallizers for continuous metal casting, crucibles for metal melting, moulds for metal casting, heating resistance elements.

EGELHOF & UWE MUELLER MODELLBAU GmbH & CO. KG, GERMANY  -  production of foundry patterns and core boxes using all kinds of materials such as steel, cast iron, non-ferrous and light metals, plastic and wood.

EGYPT BENTONITE & DERIVATIVES COMPANY (EBDC), EGYPT  -  supplier of bentonite for foundries, ceramics, oil / water drilling, civil works and agriculture.

ENERCO B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  producer of customised coal brand for the ferro-silicon industry, fesilero-coal for the steel and foundry industries for the secondary metallurgical treatment - deoxidizing and alloying of steel and adjusting of specified material characteristics for foundry products.

EGYCAN CO., EGYPT  -  die and mould making for the pressure die casting, plastic injection, sheet metal forming and glass blowing.

EGYPTMETALS CO., EGYPT  -  a recycling plant, manufacturer of aluminium alloys ingots, lead and antimonial lead ingots and copper cathodes, import and export of a range of metals in ingot, cathode, ash and semi die-cast form, a subsidiary of Koriem Group.

ENGINEERED CERAMICS CORPORATION, USA  -  refractories for melting and transfer applications, ladle liners, crucibles, ramming materials.

ERIE COKE CORPORATION, USA  -  producer of foundry coke.

EGYPTIAN COMPANY FOR CHEMICALS (ECC), EGYPT  -  production of solid, powder and liquid sodium silicate.

EGYPTIAN CO. FOR MELTING, REFINING & MANUFACTURING LEAD, EGYPT  -  production of pure lead ingots, lead alloys ingots, lead sheets and lead pipes of various diameters.

ENGLISH CLAYS GmbH, AUSTRIA  -  supplier of mineral and chemical raw materials for the green sand foundries and precision casting foundries, refractory, ceramics, polymer and insulation industry - bentonite, chromite sand, zircon sand and flour, industrial waxes, fused silica, microsilica, mica and mullite.

ESK CERAMICS GmbH & CO. KG, GERMANY  -  products in a wide variety of industrial manufacturing processes and product areas, antioxidants & deoxidants for refractories, additives and copper melts, thermocouple protection tubes, accessories, sealing components, casting nozzles, heater and riser tubes, release agents and lubricants of boron nitride powder suitable for use in high-temperature manufacturing applications, boron nitride sprays as release agents / coatings for separation of molten light metals, such as aluminum, magnesium and zinc, boron nitride ceramic crucibles, wholly owned subsidiary of Ceradyne Inc. - USA.

ELITE CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES (PTY) LTD., SOUTH AFRICA  -  a manufacturer of a wide range of epoxy / polyurethane and polyester resin systems for the electronic, mining and quarrying, general and civil engineering sectors of the industry, wear resistant epoxy compounds for production of foundry resin patterns, mould making, general casting and repair worn castings.

EXPRESSLAB CO., LTD., KOREA, SOUTH  -  technology solution provider, advanced simulating software for continuous casting: CC-Master - professional tool for process design, process optimization and quality estimation in continuous casting, CC-Eye - on-line Version which offers a function of on-line tracking of slab defects such as cracks and central segregation based on transient condition, CC-Design - design roll geometry of pass-line under which internal and surface cracks are prevented.

EASTERN CRUCIBLE REFRACTORIES CO., USA  -  variety of crucible sizes and special shapes.

ELI-CHEM RESINS UK LTD., UK  -  suppliers of epoxy resins & adhesives, polyurethane resins, polyester resins & gelcoats, acrylic resins & adhesives for a wide variety of industrial applications.

ENKER D.D., BiH  -  spark plugs and industrial alumina ceramics factory, metalized ceramics and metal-ceramic assemblies, electrical and thermal insulators, tubes for thermoelements, sand blasting, spraying and welding nozzles, laboratory crucibles and accessories, ceramic linings, refractory porous ceramic products - pouring elements (filters) for molten metals, heater supports, refractory saggers.

ENGINEERING DR. KARL ABLEIDINGER AND F. BAUERNSTATTER GmbH, AUSTRIA  -  melting consulting for steel castings in basic lined electric arc furnaces, ladle furnaces, neutral or basic lined induction furnaces, AOD or VOD converters, consulting to improve the sand system - optimizing the sand reclamation, optimizing the chromite / silica sand separation, optimizing of resin and catalyst addition.

ELOR d.o.o., SLOVENIA  -  moulds for pressure / gravity diecasting, stamping tools, plastic injection mould, tooling services.

EUROSABA D.O.O., SERBIA  -  steel shot blast / grit, ferro silicon, a representative of Zeleznik a.d. - North Macedonia.

EKP ELKER A.D., BiH  -  ceramic sieves, tubes and items for metal pouring systems, aluminum pressure die casting.

EGYPTIAN ECONOMIC CENTER, EGYPT  -  supplier of silica sand, silica fume, sodium silicate, calcium carbonate, kaolin, ferro-silicon.

EURO EGYPT METALS CO. (EEMC), EGYPT  -  producer and exporters of aluminium alloy ingots, copper and copper alloy ingots, zamak ingots and stainless steel.

EGES ELEKTRIK VE ELEKTRONIK GERECLER SANAYI VE TICARET A.S., TURKEY  -  manufacturer of induction furnaces, converters, cooling systems.

EGYPTIAN FERRO ALLOYS CO. (EFACO), EGYPT  -  production and export of ferrosilicon & microsilica dust in the international and domestic markets, ferrosilicon production capacity 50000 tons / year, silica dust production capacity 20000 tons / year.

EUROPEAN FOUNDRY CONSULTING E.K., GERMANY  -  an independent management consulting and consulting engineering network advising all management levels within companies active in the metal industry.

EKW GmbH, GERMANY  -  high refractory-products.

ELECTRONICS GmbH, GERMANY  -  process data measuring systems for the die-casting industry.

ELAG GIESSEREIMASCHINEN AG, SWITZERLAND  -  sales and consulting, individual support through proven foundry experts, foundry raw materials, consumables, auxiliary products and equipment, furnaces.

ELFUSA GERAL DE ELETROFUSAO LTDA., BRAZIL  -  production of fused mullite for investment casting and other refractory applications, abrasives for blasting, abrasives for grinding wheels, ferrosilicon, and other products for the ceramic, abrasive and refractory industries, a part of the Grupo Curimbaba.

ESM GROUP, INC., USA  -  magnesium products and injectors for steel desulphurization.

EKK, INC., USA  -  3-d finite element casting process simulation software.

EMSCO, INC., USA  -  an Inductotherm Group company, repair of induction furnaces, coils, water cooled leads and associated systems.

ESSEN INDUSTRIES, INDIA  -  lustrous carbon additive for superior finish for green sand moulding in ferrous foundries, sulphur free carbon additive to ductile cast iron - shell coke, bentonite for foundries.

EVERWOOD INTERIEURBOUW & MODELMAKERIJ, THE NETHERLANDS  -  manufacturer of wooden and plastic patterns for the foundry industry by conventional technology.

EGYPTIAN IRON & STEEL CO. (HADISOLB), EGYPT  -  the major iron and steel producing company in Egypt, manufacturer of semi finished steel products - ingots up to 4 tons, killed and rimmed steels, blooms, billets hot rolled or continuously cast, squares, slabs continuously cast, hot strip mill products - hot rolled coils & strips, plates, cold strip mill products - cold rolled coils & strips, cold rolled sheets, pig iron for foundries, limestone, blast furnaces and oxygen converter slags, foundry shop, cast iron, steel and non-ferrous castings.

EXOTERM-IT d.o.o., SLOVENIA  -  manufacturer and supplier of auxiliary materials for foundries and steel industry - exothermic compounds, fluxes, graphite, carbon electrodes for furnaces, coatings for sand molds and cores, mold / core binding agents, aluminum powder, ferrosilicon.

ELECTRO INDUSTRIAL LLOBREGAT (EIL), S.L., SPAIN  -  gravity die casting units, melting induction furnaces.

ETS INDUSTRIAL TECHNICAL SYSTEMS ENGINEERING COMPANY, TURKEY  -  manufacturer of induction furnaces for melting of copper alloys.

E-JAY THERMO PRODUCTS, USA  -  temperature controls for the die-cast industry, thermo laminate refractory ladles, thermo cast ceramic specialiies, thermo sentry thermocouple units, thermo buoy floating thermocouple, specialty thermocouple, thermo diffuser degassing tubes, thermo guard protection tubes, high-temperature coating & bonding refactory cement.

EUROCAST KFT., HUNGARY  -  aluminium smelter with a nominal production capacity 13 000 tons per year, aluminium primary and secondary alloys in form of ingots.

EBALTA KUNSTSTOFF GmbH, GERMANY  -  a complete product range of materials necessary for model making, mould making, rapid prototyping and tooling, polyurethane and epoxy resins, silicone and board materials.

EUROCAST KOSICE S.R.O., SLOVAKIA  -  cast iron foundry, production of patterns made of epoxide and others castings materials for automatic moulding lines, and patterns made of wood for hand moulding.

ENGINEX LTD., BULGARIA  -  production of electro-furnaces and vacuum casting systems for non-ferrous and noble metals, the vacuum casting complexes are widely used for intricate casting in jewelry, applied art, precise machine details.

EVRICOM LTD., BULGARIA  -  pattern wax products for investment (lost-wax) casting.

ERGOLINES LAB S.r.l., ITALY  -  production of electromagnetic stirrers and special instrumentation for billet and bloom casters / continuous casting facilities - electromagnetic mould level measurement and control systems, powder thickness measurement and control systems, automatic mould powder feeder systems, portable electromagnetic gauss-meter probes, mould oscillation monitoring systems and oscillator checkers, mould thermal monitoring and breakout prevention systems, vibrational slag carry-over detection systems, spare parts, after sales consultancy, instrumental analysis and system calibration, personalized training courses.

EQUIPMENT MERCHANTS INTERNATIONAL, INC. (EMI), USA  -  supplier to the foundry industry, equipment design, manufacture, technical assistance (for installation, start-up), equipment inspections / reviews, equipment remanufacturing programs, spare parts along with complete turn-key systems, equipment for core making, green sand molding, matchplate molding, flasks and pallet cars, semi-permanent mold casting, low pressure aluminum casting, robotic applications, casting wedge devices and briquetting presses, used equipment.

ETA METAL LTD., BULGARIA  -  a trading company dealing in the field of ferroalloys, consulting and engineering, own production of special alloying additives for non-ferrous foundries and metallurgy plants.

ECONOMIDES METAL RECYCLING LTD., CYPRUS  -  scrap metal collecting, processing and trading company, production of secondary aluminium alloys in ingot or pyramid form.

ECIL MET TEC LTDA., BRAZIL  -  thermocouples, digital temperature indicators, portable digital instruments for control of temperature in liquid ferrous and
non-ferrous metals, instruments for oxygen activity measurement of the liquid metals, samplers for analysis of the molten metal, thermal analysis immersion sensors, carbontip cups, poles, lance holders and pedestals, woslady screw lock connectors, compensation and extension cables, a part of Grupo Ecil.

ERYAS MADENCILIK TIC. LTD. STI., TURKEY  -  supplier of olivine sand for cast iron and steel foundries, olivine sand for metallurgical furnaces and tundishes, olivine products for refractory and slag manufacturers, sand blasting materials.

EMPRESA METALURGICA VINTO (EMV), BOLIVIA  -  tin smelter, production of tin ingots.

EL NASR COMPANY FOR COKE & CHEMICALS, EGYPT  -  production of coke for the iron and steel industry, foundries, ferro alloys manufacturers, chemical and sugar industry.

EMMANUEL PATTERN AND ENGINEERING WORKS, INDIA  -  patterns in wood, aluminum, both with and without cores for use with steel, cast iron and aluminum, for hand or machine moulding.

ELECTROHEAT (PVT) LTD., PAKISTAN  -  manufacturer of high tech induction melting and heating furnaces and equipment - capacitors, series & parallel control panels, software controlled power supply units, medium frequency solid state generators, series type inventers, duraline yokeless crucibles, steel frame crucibles.

EILDON REFRACTORIES, UK  -  refractories and ladle products.

ESSIX RESOURCES, INC., USA  -  supplier of raw materials and minerals for the foundry and steel industries, ladle sands, ladle carbons, alumina fluxes, foamy met slag, deox briquettes, metallurgical coke briquettes, calcium aluminates, ferro alloys, aluminum briquettes and chips, refractories, silica sand, importer of Norwegian olivine sand.

EMIRATES RECYCLING LLC, UAE  -  one of the leading secondary aluminium recycling plant in UAE with a production capacity of 18 000 tons / year, production a wide range of cast alloys in ingot form to the automobile, architectural, furniture and other industries, a member of Harwal Group of Companies.

ELECTRARGEN S.A., ARGENTINA  -  optical microscopes, electron microscopes, X-ray diffractometers and spectrometers, imaging systems for quantitative metallography, calculation of grain size and distribution, counting and classification of inclusions, a wide range of accessories and consumables.

EPOLYGLAS, S.A. de C.V., MEXICO  -  epoxy resins for production of patterns and core boxes for foundries.

EGYPTIAN SAUDI FOR CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES (ESACI), EGYPT  -  manufacturer and exporter of basic raw materials, solid and liquid sodium silicate for foundries, paint, coating, paper and water-treatment industries.

ELECTRO-SENSORS, INC., USA  -  industrial control and motion detection systems for belt conveyors, vibratory conveyors, and mixers

ELECTROVEK-STEEL LTD., UKRAINE  -  nichrome heating resistance alloys, kanthal heating resistance alloys, stainless tubes, strips, wires, sheets and plates, titanium and titanium alloy rods, wires, sheets and plates, thermocouple wires alumel, chromel, copel and constantan, tungsten products, molybdenum products, specialty steels inconel, incoloy, hastelloy.

EUSKATFUND S.L., SPAIN  -  representation and distribution of a wide range of foundry materials and machinery of important European firms, silica sand, chromite sand, resins for mouldmaking and coremaking, refractory coatings, graphite products, insulating and exothermic sleeves, ceramic tubes, elbows, funnels and stoppers, ferroalloys, steel shot, auxiliary products, green-sand moulding machines, continuous sand mixers, core-shooter machines, carousels and other solutions for the transport and handling of moulds, sand reclaimers, thermal recuperators, second-hand foundry machinery.

EKELUND S.r.l., ITALY  -  holding furnaces for aluminium melting and heat treatment, solutions for the annealing and quenching of aluminium castings, lost wax casting technology solutions, customers: mechanical and metallurgical industrial plants, foundries, enterprises of heat treatment, manufacturers of automotive components, aerospace parts and construction equipment, agricultural, railway, electrical and electronic sectors.

ELECTROMAC S.r.l., ITALY  -  design and manufacture of electropneumatic machines for non-ferrous metal gravity casting.

ELECTROMASINA S.R.L., MOLDOVA  -  manufacturer of washing machines, household utensils, motor cultivators and appliances, production of technological equipment, dies for aluminium alloys gravity / pressure die casting, cold forming / stamping dies and auxiliary tools.

EMTI S.r.l., ITALY  -  buy and sale good second hand machinery.

ENVIRO TECHS, INDIA  -  shot blasting machines, air pollution control equipment.

EASTERN TECHNICS CORPORATION, JAPAN  -  mould makers for die cast parts of automobile and communication apparatus.

EMCO-TEST PRUFMASCHINEN GmbH, AUSTRIA  -  production of portable and stationary hardness testing machinery, accessories, user-specific equipment and complex systems for the metal processing industries, foundries rolling mills, steelworks, automotive and railway sectors, automation industry, schools, universities and businesses with laboratories and testing departments.

EXPORTS UNLIMITED, INDIA  -  manufacturer and supplier of precision brass turned parts, brass stamped parts, brass electrical accessories, brass fasteners and fixing components, brass pipe fittings, aluminium turned parts, steel turned parts, moulding and foundry supplies - aluminium and brass core-box vents, brass dowels, clamps, brass screen filters, foundry chaplets, expansion inserts, own brass casting foundry

EXTRACCION Y MOLIENDA de BARRO, S.A. de C.V. (EXMOBA), MEXICO  -  fireclay for refractory bricks, fireclay for the repair of cupola furnaces, floors and walls of empty pots and electric ovens channels.

ESTANOS Y SOLDADURAS SENRA S.L., BRAZIL  -  manufacturer of tin-lead alloys, tin-silver alloys, tin-copper alloys, high silver content filler rods, copper phosphorus rods, lead-free ecological ingots and ecological anodes, and a complete line of fluxes, products for the building industry, automotive industry, electronics and imitation jewellery.

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