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FERO 11 LTD., BULGARIA  -  screens, iron / steel shot, grit, electrodes for cast iron castings, roller chains.

FLUKE, USA  -  Global Test Supply is a distributor of new and refurbished test equipment.

FERROLEGERINGAR AB, SWEDEN  -  supplier of ferroalloys and carbon products for the steelworks, foundries, aluminium smelters, sintered carbide producers and the welding industry.

FERROMET AB, SWEDEN  -  ferrous raw materials trading, on-time supply of noble and bulk ferroalloys, and metals - manganese, magnesium, silicon, cadmium, bismuth, antimony, chrome, nickel, tin, pig iron.

FICK and ASSOCIATES, USA  -  consulting services in casting and forging.

FONDRIMA & CO LTD., BULGARIA  -  production of aluminium alloys ingots, trading with non-ferrous metals and alloys.

FOOLAD ARYA CO., IRAN  -  steel shot and grit for cleaning, stripping and improving a metal surface.

FERBECK & FUMITHERM S.A., FRANCE  -  furnace construction, refractory linings, industrial chimney construction and maintenance, the operations cover a variety of industrial fields including energy, incineration, nuclear, aluminium, steel and cement production, oil refineries, thermal treatment, flat glass and glass packaging production, supply and installation of refractory linings for all types of metal furnaces, for foundries, coke plants, blast furnaces, steel converters, smelting stations, continuous pour and for transfers - wagons and ladles, a part of the Lizmontagens Group.

FESIL A.S., NORWAY  -  one of the world’s largest producers of ferro silicon used as an essential alloy in the production of steel and cast iron, mainly as a deoxidant and an alloying element.

FIBERFLON A.S., TURKEY  -  manufacturer of fiber glass filters for casting of aluminium pistons.

FATA ALUMINUM S.r.l., ITALY  -  supplier of a wide range of products for aluminium and iron foundries, multi-purpose casting machines for the gravity die casting of aluminium castings, piston casting machines, carousels, core shooting machines, sand reclamation / sand regeneration systems, lost foam systems, pouring robots for the production of gravity aluminium casting, pouring benches, automatic casting unloaders, core setters, engineering 6 axes robots, ancillary equipment, integrating cells, process control systems.

FUNDICION AVELLANEDA S.R.L., ARGENTINA  -  non-ferrous metal smelting and special alloy manufacturing, copper, bronzes, aluminum, aluminum alloys, magnesium, magnesium alloys, zinc, zinc alloys.

FREECOM-BG LTD., BULGARIA  -  direct importer of stainless steels, sheets, seamless pipes, profile pipes, thick-walled pipes, rods, electrode wire, fasteners, Kanthal heaters and materials for industrial furnaces.
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FAUCHON BAUDOT S.A.S., FRANCE  -  refractory hollowwares and bricks intended to foundries of sand moulding and precision casting, and ceramic industries.

FONDEL COMMODITIES B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  production and sale of raw materials from stainless steel and steel scrap to most primary alloys used for stainless steelmaking, a supplier of ferroalloys and nickel to the stainless steel, low-alloy steel, foundry and chemical companies.

FOUNDRY CASTING CONSULTANCY, TURKEY  -  consulting company specializing in iron castings, foundry processes and factory investments.

FOUNDRY COATINGS, INC., USA  -  a specialty coating manufacturing company, water base coatings for use with the Lost Foam casting process, a graphite refractory coating designed for both ferrous and non-ferrous applications, a zircon refractory coating designed for heavy sectioned iron and steel castings, a ladle coating designed for applying on ceramic or ferrous surfaces to prevent molten aluminum adhesion, an oil based parting agent which contains several release agents along with an anti-corrosive inhibitor to eliminate rusting, a water based paste that can be used on most binder systems, and which will stop metal runout at the parting line of each mold, a graphite-based mudding compound which is used for repairing surface defects on all chemically bonded sand cores and molds, an oil carried phenolic resin adhesive manufactured for the shell molding process to produce dimensionally accurate castings in ferrous and non-ferrous, a water based release agent used to release resin-bonded shell molds and cores in the metal casting process, a permanent mold coating designed for both ferrous and non-ferrous applications.

FOUNDRY CONSULTANTS, INC., USA  -  consulting services and solutions from prototypes to full production, representing foundries, pattern-making and layouts services.

FUNDISOFT CONSULTORIA LTDA., BRAZIL  -  consultancy and technical assistance in all areas of foundry technology, a representative of Synchro ERP - software solutions to the foundry industry, and Tennant Metallurgical Group Ltd. - supplier of ferro alloys, metals and minerals.

FURUKAWA CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  metal smelting and refining - copper, gold, silver.

Foshan Ceramics Research Institute (FCRI) & Jin Gang Group - China, a leading manufacturer of ceramic foam filters for metal casting, ceramic rollers, refractory bricks, industrial ceramics, www.fcri.com.cn FOSHAN CERAMICS RESEARCH INSTITUTE (FCRI) & JIN GANG GROUP, CHINA  -  A leading manufacturer of ceramic foam filters for metal casting, high temperature ceramic rollers, cooling rollers, strippable protective coatings for ceramic rollers, refractory bricks - corundum refractory product series, alumina bubble ball brick series, high alumina or mullite lightweight bricks, alumina grinding balls, industrial ceramics.
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FUNDICION DE ALUMINIO COLON, ARGENTINA  -  non-ferrous metals refinery, production of aluminium alloys ingots.

FOUNDRY DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY, USA  -  foundry consulting and implementation worldwide with ability to provide very good used, rebuilt and new equipment.

FORZA DO BRASIL LTDA., BRAZIL  -  manufacturer and distributor of refractories and thermal insulation products for foundries, metallurgy, glass, ceramic, chemical and petrochemical sectors, insulating bricks and special refractory parts, refractory mortars and concretes, refractory concrete with high content of metallic fiber, ceramic fiber for cone seals, gaskets, insulating caps for gutters, thermal insulation of pipes and tubes, thermal gloves and heating chambers, ceramic filters, supplier of master alloys, ferro-alloys, briquettes / tablets for aluminum alloying, salts for the treatment of aluminum alloys.

FURNACE DESIGN CO., LTD., THAILAND  -  electric or gas melting furnaces, high, medium and low frequency induction melting and heat treatment furnaces, crucibles, insulation products, accessories.

FENOLIT D.D., SLOVENIA  -  producer of phenolic molding compounds (thermosetts), phenol-formaldehyde resins "Borofen", phenol "Fenolit".

FABRICA DE MAQUINAS PARA FUNDICION ROSSI, ARGENTINA  -  manufacturer of moulding machines and special equipment for foundries, repair of used foundry machines.

FERROCRTALIC D.O.O., SLOVENIA  -  sand / shot blasting machine and painting equipment, blasting solution for cleaning and deburring of moulds, tools between technological procedures, removing of foundry sand.

FIMAGO D.O.O., SLOVENIA  -  consultancy and assistance services, personnel recruitment, marketing strategy and planning, representation, production service in aluminum gravity diecasting.

FONDEX ENGINEERING, SWITZERLAND  -  engineering, expertise and services primarily on the area of the foundry and construction of facilities in general, advice and studies for new investments, studies of operational improvements, achievements layouts, project management, selling instructions.

FOUNDRY ECOCER, ITALY  -  products and auxiliaries for non-ferrous foundries, fluxes for modification, purification and refining of non-ferrous alloys, master intermediate alloys for melts, coatings for protection of metallic dies, cores and sand moulds with organic-inorganic binder, lubricants and detaching products for
die-casting extrusion and metal working, refractory and insulating materials specific for aluminium alloys casting, refractory cements, pre-shaped ceramics, ceramic foam filters, glass fibers filtering tissue, filter-bowls, crucibles, transfer ladles, technical assistance and consulting services.

FURNACE ENGINEERING, AUSTRALIA  -  design, manufacturing and installation of a wide range of furnaces, heat processing equipment and engineering services for aerospace, aluminium, defence, electronic, extrusion, heat treatment, induction heating and melting, mining, pharmaceutical, food processing and scientific research, the range products includes melting & holding furnaces, environmental chambers, process ovens, clean room ovens, heat treatment furnaces.

FAR EAST (CHINA) MACHINERY CO., LTD., CHINA  -  production of copper melting induction furnaces, aluminum melting and holding furnaces, vacuum induction melting furnaces and electric arc furnaces.

FULWORTH ENGINEERING LTD., UK  -  a provider of used foundry plant and equipment: fettling equipment, melting equipment, pattern shop equipment, laboratory & test equipment, core shop equipment including core shooters & blowers, handling equipment, sand plant, hoppers & silos, conveyors, mills and mixers for green sand and chemical sand, shell moulding equipment, moulding machines.

FOURS ET REFRACTAIRES S.A.S., FRANCE  -  refractory mixes for foundry usages, refractory materials for linings the various parts of conventional, cold or hot blast cupolas, refractories for long campaign cupolas, products for the lining of all parts of coreless induction furnaces, ramming mixes for ladles for cast iron, ladles for ductile cast iron treatment, ladles for cast-steel, ladles for aluminium, machines for placing refractory gun-ables of all types through cold or hot guniting, all types of ceramic fiber modules to be used in forge and heat-treatment furnaces, slag-coagulants.

FUJI ELECTRIC THERMO SYSTEMS CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  low, medium and high frequency crucible induction melting furnaces, induction channel furnaces, vacuum induction melting furnaces, devices, equipment and associated systems.

FUNDICION FUNDIFER, ARGENTINA  -  cast iron castings, incl. crucibles for melting of aluminum, zamak and lead.

FARAVARDEH FOOLADI CO., IRAN  -  manufacturer of steel abrasives - steel shot and grit, high chrome alloy spare parts for blasting equipment - blades, impellors and pins.

FEXA - FUNDICION EXTRUSION ALUMINIO, ARGENTINA  -  aluminum base alloys - pyramidal, half sphere, granulated material, ingots, bars and profiles.

FINCAST FOUNDRY FLUX CO., INDIA  -  exothermic compounds, desulpherisers, inoculants, slag coagulants, covering fluxes, deggasers, and nucleants, no bake air setting compounds, mould powders, mould paints, diecoats for the aluminium copper based alloys.

FILL GmbH, AUSTRIA  -  machine and plant construction company for the automotive, aircraft, wind energy, sport and building industries, low-pressure die casting machines for the production of aluminium castings, compact design without any additional equipment.

FROHN GmbH, GERMANY  -  manufacturer of conditioned steel cut wire for blast cleaning of steel castings and forgings, spheridural blasting media for aluminium castings, magnesium castings and aluminium forgings, sphero-zinc media deburring of zinc pressure die castings, spherinox media for cleaning of aluminium and stainless steel castings and forgings and zinc pressure die castings, gritinox for all kinds of aluminium castings, steel shot and shot peening accessories.

FURTENBACH GmbH, AUSTRIA  -  producer of binders and coatings for the foundry industry.

FUJIAN HAINENG ADVANCED MATERIAL CO., LTD., CHINA  -  producer of precipitated silica (white carbon), solid sodium silicate, silicon rubber.

FUNDICION GUTIERREZ - C.I. GUTIERREZ Y CYA. S.A., COLOMBIA  -  gold smelter and refiner, owner of jewelry production plants in Latin America, trade transactions on gold, silver, platinum and other metals.

FU HSIUNG STEEL MOLD CO., LTD., TAIWAN  -  high pressure die casting mold-making for aluminum die casting foundries.

FARGOWEAR, INC., USA  -  manufacturing replacement parts for virtually all brands of sand mixers, sand mullers, sand plows, molding machines, and continuous mixers.

FERRALLOY, INC., USA  -  the company's primary focus is in providing the metalworking industry with castings, fabrications, forgings, machining and related products, thermal process equipment service, scrap metal recycling, foundry consulting - customer retention, sales growth, process diversification, market expansion.

FENI INDUSTRIES AD, NORTH MACEDONIA  -  mine and smelting plant, ferro-nickel producer, a subsidiary of Cunico Resources N.V. - The Netherlands.
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FAIREY INDUSTRIAL CERAMICS LTD., UK  -  ceramic foam filters for the casting industry.

FEAL-INZENIRING D.O.O., SLOVENIA  -  supplier of auxiliary materials for foundries - fluxes for metallurgical treatment of non-ferrous alloys, modifying and grain refining materials, inoculants, foundry binders - water glass, ester-cured no-bake compounds, cold-box binders and catalysts, furan resins, consulting services - expertise and optimisation of the foundry processes, quality increasing systems, specializing in pressure die-casting defects.

FOSECO INTERNATIONAL LTD., UK  -  a part ot Vesuvius Group, products for foundries.

FIREBRICK INDUSTRIES (M) SDN. BHD., MALAYSIA  -  production of fire clay bricks, high alumina bricks, refractory mortars and castables for all types of furnaces, kilns, boilers and dryers.

FINFOCUS INSTRUMENTS OY, FINLAND  -  supplier of equipment for analysis, measuring and testing of metals and other materials, hardness testers - desktop and portable models, spectrometers, equipment for metallography sample preparation - various cutting instruments, clamps, plastic wrapping, grinding and polishing devices, measurement services.

FIRST IMPRESSION PATTERNS, USA  -  pattern making for foundry industry.

FOCHEM INTERNATIONAL (PTY) LTD., SOUTH AFRICA  -  manufacturer and supplier of application-specific products for many different processes of the metal working industry and other related industries, a large range of natural and synthetic graphite powders in different particle sizes, graphite dispersions in water and oil, spray type water-based wax-free release agents, oil-based release agents, thermo-insulating coatings, graphite-based release agents and graphite coatings for pressure and gravity die-casting, paste form release agents, plunger lubricants, plunger beads, graphite oils and pastes, lubricants for cold, semi-hot and hot-die forging, dry lubricants, liquids and pastes for extrusion process, specialised products for aluminium refineries and mining.

FOUNDRY INFORMATION SYSTEMS LTD., USA  -  control of casting processes.

FINTEHMASH JSC, BULGARIA  -  manufacturer of complicated technical tools - plastic injection molds, dies for aluminum / zinc pressure die casting, stamping tools.

FONDERIE JACQUET BVBA, BELGIUM  -  production of zinc ingot and solder tin, supplier of all non-ferrous metals.

FORNOS JUNG LTDA., BRAZIL  -  industrial furnaces for smelting of nonferrous metals and heat treatment, special laboratory heating furnaces.

FUNDICION J.V., S.A. de C.V., MEXICO  -  recycling and processing of aluminum scrap, production of aluminum alloys ingots.

FRANZ KLEIN GmbH & CO., GERMANY  -  tailor-made jet halls for all jet teams or robot systems, industrial blasting machines in any size, blasting equipment, blast cabinets, blasting halls, filter systems, centrifugal wheels, pass-wheel blast, accessories, sandblasting nozzles, blasting agents - cast iron pellets, cast steel rounds, non-metallic blast media / mineral abrasives.

FERROEX LTD., UKRAINE  -  supplier of ferroalloys - ferromanganese, ferrosilicon, ferrosilicomanganese, ferromolybdenum and ferrovanadium, metal and steel products, import / export, distribution.

FUNDIPOR LDA., PORTUGAL  -  phenol-formaldehyde resins, furan resins and catalysts, silica, chromite, olivine and zirconium sands, pre-coated sands, water based and alcohol based graphite, zirconium, magnesite and aluminium silicate mould coatings, ferro-alloys, nodularizers, inoculants, fluxes, graphite electrodes for electric arc furnaces.

FORSYTHE LUBRICATION ASSOCIATES LTD., CANADA  -  lubricants and functional fluids for industrial applications in iron & steel, mining, metal working, and pressure die casting.

FUCHS LUBRITECH GmbH, GERMANY  -  development and production of special lubricants for all industrial applications, incl. foundry industry, die release agents and auxiliaries for pressure and gravity die casting.

FAIRMOUNT MINERALS, USA  -  producers of industrial sand - high-purity silica sand, lake sand, resin-coated sand, silica gravel, and other specialty sands for abrasive, filtration, foundry, oil & gas, etc.

FMC-MIKODA, POLAND  -  a former patternshop of Iron Foundry Kutno-Mikoda, epoxy resin and bronze patterns and core-boxes.

FREEMAN MFG. & SUPPLY CO., USA  -  the industry-leading supplier to anyone making parts, patterns, tools, or molds, casting resins, mold releases, pattern coatings, core box air release vents, and core box alignment pins and bushings, supplier of hand molding appliances - riddles, benchrammers, sprue cutters, slicks & trowels, mouth spray cans, paste bulbs, etc.
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FOUNDRY MACHINERY AND SPARES LTD., UK  -  manufacturing a wide range of foundry equipment and spares to its customers worldwide, a full plant refurbishment service.

FOUNDRY MOLD & TOOLING PLANT, CHINA  -  foundry molds and tooling manufacture.
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FLEXBAR MACHINE CORPORATION, USA  -  unique and innovative products ranging from metrology grade replica and casting materials, precision inspection measuring instruments, machine tool accessories, machine safety guards, microscopes, hardness testers, surface roughness gages, and optical and video inspection systems.

FERCAM MOLDES E EQUIPAMENTOS LTDA., BRAZIL  -  production of pouring ladles, flasks and other equipment for small, medium and large foundries.

FISS MACHINES GmbH, GERMANY  -  a dealer of used pressure or gravity die casting machines and die casting equipment, new and second hand machines and equipments for foundry technology, continuous casting, melting, blasting technology, machining, metal forming and metal surface technology.

FUJI METAL INDUSTRIES CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  various metal ingots, white metal ingots, solders, copper alloy, low melting alloys, special alloys, aluminium alloy, alloys for processing a turbine blade of airplane jet engine, bearing metals of internal combustion machines, gas turbine engines, generators, air conditioners, and all sorts of industrial machines.

FERROUS METALLURGY INSTITUTE JSC - TEST CENTRE, BULGARIA  -  analysis of ferrous / non-ferrous metals, and foundry / metallurgy refractories, consulting services.
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FERAMO METALLUM INTERNATONAL LTD., CZECH REPUBLIC  -  grey iron castings foundry, own pattern-shop provides pattern equipment made of metal, wood, cast resin and their combination.
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FALCON METALS LTD., UAE  -  tin smelting and solder alloy manufacturing, tin / lead and lead free solder alloys, pure tin and lead, ingots, bars, sticks, billets.

FUNDICION MARORA LTDA., COLOMBIA  -  supplier of fluxes, bentonite, additives for foundry sand, resins for no-bake and cold-box processes, crucibles for metal melting, refractories for induction furnaces, refractory linings for ladles, grit for the treatment of metal surfaces.

FONEKSS METALS SIA, LATVIA  -  production of full range of aluminium casting alloy ingots, aluminium alloys for specific engineering requirements, aluminium dross-skimming and powder, and copper alloys, processing and trading of non-ferrous metal scrap.

FUNDICION MAXXIMA, S.A. de C.V., MEXICO  -  smelting of nonferrous metals, supplier of secondary aluminum alloys, copper and zamac ingots.

FRATELLI MAZZON S.p.A., ITALY  -  production of auxiliary chemical products for foundries - coatings for cores and molds, coatings for lost foam process, special coatings for metal molds, furan resins and phenol formaldehyde resins for No-bake process, cold and hot glues for cores and molds, parting agent for pattern plates, ceramic foam filters, silver graphite, natural graphite, talc, iron oxide, zirconium quarz.

FIVE POWER ELECTRIC MACHINERY MFG. CO., LTD., TAIWAN  -  production of low, medium and high frequency induction furnaces for metal casting, forging furnaces, vacuum furnaces, heat treatment furnaces.

FERNOTECH (PTY) LTD., SOUTH AFRICA  -  foundry and welding protection equipment, safety clothing, gloves, lenses, helmets.

FURNOVA POLYMERS LTD., INDIA  -  foundry products - furan resin, phenol formaldehyde resins, furfuryl alcohol modified phenol resins, epoxy compounds.

FEDMET RESOURCES CORPORATION, CANADA  -  refractories and refractory products to the iron and steel industry, non-ferrous metals industry and other industries.

FONTES REFRACTAIRES S.A., FRANCE  -  refractory products for installation in industrial furnaces, a part of Ipratec Group / SGI Group.

FALCON SMELTERS, SOUTH AFRICA  -  primary and secondary based aluminium alloys to international and customer specifications and standards, products and services to the foundry related industries.

FASEG S.A., SPAIN  -  manufacturer of foundry patterns in iron, aluminium, resin and wood, gravity dies for aluminium die casting, prototyping tools and series tooling.

FILIANOS S.A., GREECE  -  design and construction of production tools (dies) for the casting of non-iron metals and plastic materials.

FILPA S.A., COLOMBIA  -  refractories and insulation materials for foundries.

FUNDIRECICLAR S.A., ECUADOR  -  waste managers - metallurgical recycling of ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap, supplier of raw materials and equipment to the foundry industry, production of cast iron castings - manhole covers and grates, gate valves parts, fittings and water accessories.

FOUNDRY SOLUTIONS & DESIGN, LLC, USA  -  foundry solutions consulting, operational assistance, foundry general contracting, foundry equipment automation and installation.

FRANCOAL S.A.S., COLOMBIA  -  production of metallurgical coke, foundry coke, breeze coke and products for the ferroalloy manufacturing, production capacity of 36 000 metric tons per year.

FUNDIMOLDES S.A.S., COLOMBIA  -  metal, resin and wooden foundry patterns.

FUNDURAL S.A.S., COLOMBIA  -  production of aluminum alloy ingots, and aluminum and duralumin bars, manufacturer of aluminum castings up to 700 kg, silica sand molding.

FLOW SCIENCE DEUTSCHLAND GmbH, GERMANY  -  a representative of Flow Science, Inc. - USA, a globally located supplier of software for metal casting applications.

FINITE SOLUTIONS INC., USA  -  casting software.

FL SALES, INC., USA  -  used foundry machines and equipment.

FLOW SCIENCE, INC., USA  -  software for metal casting applications.
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FERROVAS S.L., SPAIN  -  secondary smelting and refining of aluminium alloys, aluminium ingots in different shapes and weights ranging from 100 g pyramid-shaped piglets to quadrangular large ingots weighting 900 kg, distribution of ferro-alloys.

FOUNDRY SERVICE S.p.A., ITALY  -  release lubricants, protective oils and waxes, fluxes and pads for every kind of alloy, capsules for degassing, modifying, deoxidating, ceramic filters, filtering nets, paints, refractory, melting pots, crucibles for aluminum, brass, bronze and zamak, foundry machinery and testing tools, consulting services.

FEUERFEST SIEGBURG PETER LICHTENBERG GmbH & CO. KG, GERMANY  -  complete refractory solutions for all applications in iron and steel industries.

FABRINCO S.R.L., ARGENTINA  -  foundry patterns, dies, prototypes.

FAPROSID S.r.l., ITALY  -  producer of exothermic and insulating materials for foundries and steel plants - exothermic microsleeves for spheroidal graphite cast iron and steel castings, insulating sleeves for all types of metal, sleeves with ceramic fibers, insulating sleeves with biosoluble fibres with melting point of
1000-1200 C° for non-ferrous metals and some types of cast iron, insulating and exothermic hot tops for steel ingots manufacturing.

FOMET S.r.l., ITALY  -  induction furnaces for cast iron, copper and brass, furnace equipment and automation pouring systems.

FOSMETAL S.R.L., ARGENTINA  -  production of phosphor-copper alloy in two forms: ingots and granules, widely used as alloy deoxidizer in copper and brass foundries, and for making silver soldering copper.

FUNDPROD S.R.L., ARGENTINA  -  products and services for foundry plants, silica or chromite sand, bentonite, moulding binders, catalysts, coke, granular graphite, ferroalloys, slags, refractory bricks and cements, ceramic filters.

FESIL SALES S.A., LUXEMBOURG  -  a complete range of products for the steel and foundry industry - aluminium, chromium metal, copper, manganese, silicon metal, tin, pig iron, ferroalloys, alloying elements, coal & coke, graphite electrodes, insulating / exothermic risers for steel, cast iron and non-ferrous casting, inoculants for ladle and in-mould treatment, recarburizers, extruded / foam filters, a subsidiary branch of the British Columbian global supply chain company MFC Industrial Ltd.

FOMPEX SPOL. S.R.O., SLOVAKIA  -  ferro-alloys, graphitisation inoculants and modificators, briquettes, auxiliary materials for foundries and metallurgy.

FURNACE TECHNOLOGIES PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  manufacturer of heat treatment furnaces, fire assay furnaces, tilting smelting furnaces, kilns, ovens and driers, gas, electrical and oil fired industrial process equipment, ceramic fiber refractory, crucibles, graphite electrodes for electric arc furnaces, fine grained graphite structures, controls systems, burners and switching devices, safety clothes for head and eye protection, hand and body protection, foot wear.

FERRO-TERM SP. Z O.O., POLAND  -  ceramic foam filters for cast iron, steel and aluminium alloys, refractory materials, chromite sand, pattern plates.
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FOUNDRY TECHNOLOGY LTD., UK  -  new and used foundry plant & equipment - machinery for melting, pouring, moulding, coremaking, sand preparation, shotblasting & laboratory.
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Foundry Technology Ltd. - UK is your global partner for supplying new and second hand foundry equipment. www.foundrytechnology.co.uk

FOSFATOS TRICALCICOS S.A. de C.V., MEXICO  -  bentonite, caolin, limestone and other mineral products for industry.

F.W. HEMPEL & CO., ERZE UND METALLE, GmbH & CO. KG, GERMANY  -  trading and distribution of metals, alloys and pig-iron, stock holding and service-centres for nickel alloys, titanium and stainless steel and stainless wire drawing, production of antimony-metal and lead-oxide.

FONG YONG CHEMICAL CO., LTD., TAIWAN  -  a manufacturer of resins - epoxy, silicones, acrylic and polyurethane, the products are intended for mold making, pattern making, casting, coatings, adhesives.

FUNDIDOS Y COMPONENTES, S.A. de C.V. (FYCOMEX), MEXICO  -  supplier of ferroalloys, cast iron ingots, aluminum or zinc alloy ingots, coke for cupola furnaces, inoculants, deoxidisers, amorphous graphite, protective fluxes, silicon carbide crucibles, silica sand, bentonite, phenolic resins, coated silica sand for shell process, refractory clay, firebricks, high alumina concrete, ramming masses, mortars.

FOSHAN YAMEI DIE-CASTING CO., LTD., CHINA  -  aluminum pressure die casting, pressure die casting moulds.

FUNDICION Y MAQUINADOS ARAIZA, MEXICO  -  supplier of aluminum alloys and brass in bars, rings and ingots.

FERROALEACIONES Y MINERALES INDUSTRIALES, S.A. de C.V., MEXICO  -  manufacturer and supplier of ferroalloys and non-metallic minerals - molding silica sand, sodium and calcium bentonite, kaolin clay, barite, calcium carbonate, dolomite, hematite, magnesite.

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