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INDUKTEH, BULGARIA  -  induction furnaces for melting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, high-frequency valve generators for hardening and heat treatment of metals, thyristor generators for volume heating of metal workpieces, machines for welding of metal-ceramic-alloy plates of lathe knives, mills, diamond disks.
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INONIBRAS, BRAZIL  -  additives for nodular graphite cast iron making.

INTELLECT ASSOCIATES, INDIA  -  manufacturer of industrial products, thermocouples - copper, constantan-iron, constantan-chromel, chromel-alumel, platinum-platinum rhodium, graphite crucibles, braided copper flexible connectors, carbon brushes.

INTOCAST AG, GERMANY  -  one of the world’s top three producers of casting auxiliaries - continuous casting powders and granules, ingot casting powders, anti-piping agents, insulating covering powders and synthetic refining slags, refractory products in the form of unshaped materials and precast shapes for the iron, steel and non-ferrous metal plants, foundries, cement, ceramics, chemical and petrochemical industries, complete solutions ranging from slag metallurgy consultation and application, appropriate refractory lining systems and the casting process.

INDONESIA ASAHAN ALUMINIUM (INALUM) PT., INDONESIA  -  aluminium smelter, capacity of 225 000 tons primary aluminium ingot per year.

IRANIAN ALUMINIUM COMPANY (IRALCO), IRAN  -  primary aluminium alloys, production capacity 170 000 t in the form of ingots, billets and slabs.

INDUSTRIA AUXILIAR DE FUNDICION, S.A. de C.V. (INAFUSA), MEXICO  -  manufacturer of a wide range of refractory mold / core coatings water and alcohol based, precoated sand for molds and cores, binders for molds and cores for the CO2-system, salt fluxes, degasifiers, refiners and grain modifiers for aluminum alloys, supplier of ferroalloys to the iron and steel industries, inoculants and nodulizing agents.

IBO-ANLAGENBAU GmbH, GERMANY  -  consultation, planning and analysis, representation of the most diverse fields - foundry, filtering technology, tunnelling, laboratory equipment manufacturing, machine building, vehicle construction and food industry.

IMSETHC-BULGARIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES - METALLOGRAPHY LAB, BULGARIA  -  metallography analysis of ferrous / non-ferrous metals, quality test of metal items made by casting, forging and welding, a part of the Department "Materials testing and analyses".

ING.-BURO KRAMER GmbH, GERMANY  -  a supplier and service provider to the foundries which cast molten metals via sand moulding, gravity / pressure die casting, centrifugal casting and continuous casting, supply and sale of second-hand foundry equipment and related machinery for melting plants, sand preparation, moulding shop, core shop, sand reclaim, conveying technology, fettling shop and finishing, measuring technology and material testing, extraction filter systems, tools and machine tools, new machines - fettling manipulators, conveyor belts, technology consultation, project planning, execution, supervision and commissioning, liquidation of foundries.

IJEVANI BENTONIT KOMBINAT JSC, ARMENIA  -  manufacturer of bentonite powder for foundries, ferrous-metallurgy, oil and gas industry, mining.

INDONESIA BENTONITE PT., INDONESIA  -  supplier of bentonite to many different industries - foundry, ceramic, construction, fertilizer, a part of Jeska Mitra Energi (JME) - Indonesia, consultancy and management services in oil, gas and energy industries.

INCAST CONSULTANCY, UK  -  consultants to the investment casting industry, services to both existing foundries and those entering the field of investment casting.

INDIANAPOLIS COKE, USA  -  foundry and blast furnace coke.

INSIDER CORP., BRAZIL  -  refractory products.

ITOCHU CERATECH CORPORATION, JAPAN  -  manufacturer of Cerabeads - a ceramic sand of spherical particles made of mullite and widely known as ceramic media or mullite sand, used by a growing number of foundries, especially for automotive component castings and steel castings, refractory raw materials - sintered alumina, sintered spinel, synthetic mullite, aluminite ball.

INCITO CONSULTING GROUP, USA  -  design and deployment of practical, real-world Lean Six Sigma solutions within the metal casting and foundry industry.

INDUSTRIAL COMMODITIES INC. (ICI), UKRAINE  -  supplier of industrial materials for metallurgy and metal casting, manganese and chrome ore, ferro alloys, slags, metallurgical coke, scrap.

IDRA CASTING MACHINES S.p.A., ITALY  -  producer of pressure die casting machines.

INDUSTRIA CARBONIFERA RIO DESERTO LTDA. BRAZIL  -  production of foundry coke, metallurgical coke, calcined petroleum coke, coal dust for molding sands, products for ceramic and glass manufacturers, a part of Empresas Rio Deserto.

ITALIANA COKE S.p.A., ITALY  -  coke plant, supplier of blast furnace coke, metallurgical coke and foundry coke.

INGOTECH DESIGN AND MANUFACTURE, UK  -  furnace tapping equipment, ingot casting machines.

INSTITUT DR. FOERSTER GmbH & CO. KG, GERMANY  -  automatic non-destructive testing of semi-finished products for the metal-producing and metalworking industry, portable testing and measuring devices and special eddy current probes for the crack testing and microstructure inspection.

IDEF D.O.O., CROATIA  -  representation, import, export and wholesale of equipment, accessories and consumables for non destructive testing / ultrasonic defectoscopy, metallography equipment and consumables, portable hardness testers.

INCO D.O.O., SLOVENIA  -  manufacture of pressure die-casting dies and plastic injection molds.

INTERKOMERC D.O.O., BiH  -  metal scrap recycling, secondary aluminum alloy ingot supplier, pressure die casting.

IDEAL DOKUMHANE TEKNOLOJILERI SAN. TIC. LTD. STI., TURKEY  -  consulting, project design, manufacturing, installation and trainees for various foundry equipments, melting furnaces, refractory ramming machines, pouring ladles, complete sand preparation / reclamation systems, complete moulding systems - resin sand, green sand, investment casting, shell moulding, shot blasting machines, scrap briquetting / baling presses, foundry consumables.

INDUKTIVE ERWARMUNGSANLAGEN GmbH, GERMANY  -  induction systems for smelting metals by indirect heating of a graphite crucible or in ceramic crucibles, induction heating units, contact-free infrared temperature measurement system for temperature control, technical ceramics.

INDRA ERAMULTI LOGAM INDUSTRI (IMLI) PT., INDONESIA  -  manufacturer of pure lead and lead alloy ingots, supplier of non ferrous metals and ferro alloys,
a subsidiary of Indoprima Group.

IRIS FRANCE, FRANCE  -  production of refractory anchor systems for monolithics, bricks or insulating material, metallic fibres for refractory castables, braided & twisted ropes, textiles in high temperature fibres, insulating refractory fibrous products, insulating refractory bricks, molybdenum heating elements.

IRAN FERROSILICE CO., IRAN  -  the largest unit for manufacturing ferroalloys - ferrosilicon, magnesium and ferrosilicon based inoculants.

INTERNATIONAL FOUNDRY EQUIPMENT and SPARES LTD., UK  -  specialised in core machines, continuous mixers, batch mixers, attrition units, blowing units,
die-casting machines, and other ancillary equipment for all the foundry needs, service for refurbishments, a various used plant.

INSTITUT FUR EIGNUNGSPRUFUNG (IfEP) GmbH, GERMANY  -  an independent Institute providing proficiency tests in the field of mechanical testing, metallography and related areas.

IRAN FERROALLOY INDUSTRIES CO. (IFI), IRAN  -  a raw materials supplier for steel & foundry industries, capacity of 25000 mt of ferrosilicon which produce
7000 mt microsilica annually.

INTERNATIONAL FURAN TECHNOLOGY (PTY) LTD., SOUTH AFRICA  -  manufacturer of bio-based chemicals, including furfural and its many by-products.

IMR GROUP, ITALY  -  foundry machinery for the copper alloy industry.

INDUCTOTHERM GROUP, USA  -  melting & refining systems - melting, smelting, refining, holding, charge, handling, degassing, filtration, automatic pouring, metal transfer, thermal engineering, die casting.

INDUTHERM GmbH, GERMANY  -  development and construction of vacuum induction melting and casting machines for the jewellery industry, rapid prototyping, medicine and dental technologies, automotive and component industries, foundries, mould designers and artists.

ISERTECH GmbH, GERMANY  -  extensive all inclusive services to foundry and forging plants, long experience in repair and implementation of inductive casting equipment, after hours assistance and preventive maintenance, delivery of spare and replacement parts for induction system.

IRMAOS GALEAZI LTDA., BRAZIL  -  supplier of copper, brass, bronze, zinc, zamak, aluminum, lead and tin products - tubes, billets, bars, bushings, wires, foundry ingots, a part of Grupo Galeazi.

IMAN GOHAR MATERIAL (IGM) CO., IRAN  -  import / export of metals and industry minerals, ferro alloys, pig iron ingot, bentonite, core making resins, core additives, foundry and metallurgical coke, recarburizers, inoculants, coatings, chaplets, ceramic filters, exothermic sleeves, steel shot & grit.

IRAN GULF MATERIAL (IGM) CO., IRAN  -  supplier of more than 60 000 ton/year of zinc & zinc alloy (zamak) ingots from the biggest and the most modern zinc producer in Iran - Zinc Holding Group.
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INDOCHEM HYDROCOLLOIDS, INDIA  -  manufacturer and supplier of sodium silicate, colloidal silica, resin coated silica, silica gel and other inorganic or speciality chemicals.

INDUCTION HEATING SERVICES CC, SOUTH AFRICA  -  manufacture and repair of induction heating / melting equipment.

INDUCTION HEATING TECHNOLOGIES (IHT) S.A.R.L., LEBANON  -  specialized in custom design of small to medium induction heating / melting furnaces, vacuum melting furnaces, thyristor resonant inverter generators.

IMACRO INC., CANADA  -  non-ferrous metals consulting, refractory consulting.

I.I.E. COMPANY, UAE  -  trading company, import-export of ferro alloys and mineral materials, foundry coke, met coke, bentonite-foundry grade.

IMFU - INDUSTRIA DE MOLDES FERRAMENTAS E UTENSILIOS S.A., PORTUGAL  -  production of tools and moulds for die-casting foundries and plastic items manufacturers.

IBT INDUSTRIA DE MOLDES LTDA., BRAZIL  -  manufacturer of foundry wooden, resin and metal patterns, core-boxes, dies, prototypes, devices and tooling.

INDUSTRIAL INDUCTION MELTING CO., LTD., IRAN  -  induction melting furnaces.

IRAN I.M.D. CO., IRAN  -  production of conventional castables, low cement castables, light weight castables, special castables, mortars, distribution of raw materials for the metallurgical industries, steel plants, cast iron and aluminium foundries - ferro alloys, carburizers, inoculants and nodularisers, aluminium master alloys, graphite and silicon-carbide crucibles.

IMF (IMPLIANTI MACCHINE FONDERIA), ITALY  -  machines for chemically hardened mould production.

IFG - INSTITUTE OF CASTING TECHNOLOGY, GERMANY  -  technology consulting and development support to all aspects of foundry technology: metallurgical process management, metallurgy and materials science, moulding material technology, CAD/CAE, rapid prototyping, data management and process technology, laboratory services, quality management, environmental protection and labour safety.

ITALPRESSE INDUSTRIE S.p.A., ITALY  -  high / low pressure and gravity die casting machines and automatic work cells for the production of complex automotive castings to the world's main OEM foundries.

INSERTEC - INGENIERIA Y SERVICIOS TECNICOS S.A., SPAIN  -  manufacturer of industrial furnaces for aluminium foundries, aluminium recycling and heat-treatment, refractory products - monolithics and precast shapes.

INDUSTRIAL JUVAL LTDA. (JUVAL COLOMBIA), COLOMBIA  -  a distribution company, a full line of multi-purpose fluxes, coverflux, cleaning fluxes, dross-off fluxes, degassers and grain refiners for aluminum and general metal casting.

INNOCITY KFT., HUNGARY  -  a consulting services company, metal casting simulation service - solidification, thermal, fluid flow, stress and porosity analysis, casting defects, optimization of metal casting processes, metal die casting tool design, casted, machined or plastic parts design, a representative of
EKK Inc. - USA.

IN.KOL LTD., UKRAINE  -  design, manufacturing and repair of tools, dies and moulds, mechanical processing of components and metalworking, moulds for injection moulding of thermoplastics and thermosets, PET, direct extrusion, and moulds for nonferrous alloys pressure die casting, inhouse design and project departments.

ICOMET LTD., BULGARIA  -  processing of metal scrap and production of aluminium alloy ingots and master alloys, the annual capacity is 2400 tons of alloys.

INTEREX LTD., BULGARIA  -  import / export company, carbon and alloy steel, pig iron, ferro alloys, spare parts.
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INTERSPLAV LTD., RUSSIA  -  trade company, export and import of ferro-alloys, non-ferrous metals, ores and concentrates.

INNOVATECH LABS, LLC, USA  -  manufacturing support, materials testing services, failure analysis, materials characterization, and quality control.

IGOR LANIK-TECHSERVIS BOSKOVICE, CZECH REPUBLIC  -  production and sale of auxiliary materials for foundry practice, ceramic foam filters for non-ferrous alloys, nodular and grey cast iron, special foundry coatings, refining and slag forming additives, graphite shaped pieces.
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INCASTT MACHINES, INDIA  -  design and manufacture the entire range of machinery required for setting up of an investment casting foundry: wax melting and conditioning units, hydraulic wax injection machines, slurry mixers, slurry pots, rainfall type stucco machines, fluidized bed type stucco machines, de-wax autoclaves, hot bath de-wax systems, shell firing furnaces, shell knockout machines, abrasive cut-off machines.

ISTANBUL METAL, TURKEY  -  trader and importer of metal ingots, ferro alloys, graphite powders, fluxes, crucibles.

IP MODELLER AB, SWEDEN  -  block-material, cast iron, polyurethane and epoxy patterns, core-boxes, prototypes, tools and fixtures for foundries and machine-building industry.

INGOT METAL COMPANY, LTD., CANADA  -  a manufacturer of brass and bronze ingots, a monthly capacity of over 5 million pounds, manufacture the full range of copper base alloys to ASTM, CDA, SAE and military specifications.

ISUZU MFG. CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  low pressure die casting machines, gravity die casting machines, deducing pressure die casting machine, peripheral equipment for those machines.

INDUSTRIAL MATERIALS DISTRIBUTOR (I.M.D.) CO., IRAN  -  export of ferro-molybdenum, ferro-manganese powder, castable refractories, import of nickel, silicon metal, ferro-alloys, zircon sand, ceramic fiber, phenol, refractories, etc.

IGLESIAS MODELACAO E FUNDICAO LTDA., BRAZIL  -  production of foundry patterns in wood, resin and aluminum, dies and tooling for gravity die casting, aluminum and brass castings.

ISOFUND MODELACAO INDUSTRIA E COMERCIO LTDA., BRAZIL  -  foundry patterns in wood, resin, aluminum and styrofoam, production of steel and cast iron castings.

INDUSTRIALIZACION MAQUINAS INYECCION S.L.L. (IMF DIECASTING), SPAIN  -  services for the pressure diecasting sector, supplier of cold or hot chamber diecasting machines, temperature control and cooling equipment, furnaces, ladles, lubricators, trimming presses, spare parts, second hand machinery, aftersales technical assistance, representative services.

INDUSTRIAL MINERALS (NZ) LTD., NEW ZEALAND  -  integrated minerals supplier, the core product ranges include abrasive media, abrasive blasting equipment, minerals for foundries, drilling fluids and clays, filter media, processed sands.

IMA METAV S.A., ROMANIA  -  production of superalloys, stainless and refractory steels, high alloyed steels for die-blocks, high speed steels and any other grade of steels according to technical specification of the customers from the most critical industries - aerospace, oil and gas production, chemical processing, nuclear, biomedical, transportation, electronics.

INDUSTRIA MECANICA TOOL MACHINE LTDA., BRAZIL  -  production of molds (dies) for thermoplastic injection and aluminum pressure die casting for the automotive industry and household appliances manufacturers.

IMCE N.V., BELGIUM  -  development and production of non-destructive testing devices and high temperature measurement systems, application fields - steel, cast iron, refractories, ceramics, coatings, and porous materials.

INSUMOS PARA INDUSTRIA (IPI), MEXICO  -  supplier of foundry coatings, refractory paints, release agents, greases, glues, silicon-carbide crucibles, exothermic sleeves, refractory bricks, clays, refractory cements and mortars, thermocouple elements with its ceramic isolation parts, steel dowels, molding plates, core box air-release vents.

IMD (PTY) LTD., SOUTH AFRICA  -  Independent Mineral Distributors - suppliers of raw materials, industrial minerals, alloys and chemicals to the foundry, refractory, steel, abrasive and paint industries, aluminium oxide, bauxite graphite, bentonite, fused silica, chromite (concentrates and sand), calcium silicon alloys, ferro manganese, ferro chrome, magnesium metal, stainless steel fibres.

INDUSTRIAL PROCESSORS LTD., NEW ZEALAND  -  perlite ore which is used in many ferrous and non-ferrous foundries as a slag coagulant.

INGATE PATTERN PRODUCTION LTD., NEW ZEALAND  -  wooden, casting resins, fiberglass and aluminium foundry patterns, shell pattern plates and core boxes, investment casting tooling, foam moulding tools, vacuum forming tools, models, prototypes, rotational moulds.

INDUSTRIAS PENOLES, S.A. de C.V., MEXICO  -  producer of refined silver, metallic bismuth and sodium sulfate, the leading Latin American producer of refined gold, lead and zinc.

INTERMETAL, PROIZVODNJA STROJEV IN LIVARSKE OPREME D.O.O., SLOVENIA  -  manufacturer of units for gravity die-casting, robots for automatic dosing and pouring of aluminum alloys in gravity / pressure die casting dies (machines), metal pouring units for automatic green sand molding lines.

INDUSTRIAS PINERO S.R.L., ARGENTINA  -  lead scrap (automotive battery) recycler, production of lead ingots.

INJA PERKASA TAMA PT., INDONESIA  -  an independent trading agent, foundry materials, foundry cokes, foundry pig iron, ferro silicon, ferro manganese, graphite powders.

INDUSTRIAL QUIMICA del NALON S.A., SPAIN  -  producer of foundry coke.
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INGENIERO RICARDO GEROSA S.R.L., ARGENTINA  -  machines and equipment for the foundry industry, a representative of Simpson+Gerosa.

ISFAHAN REFRACTORY INSULATION CO. (IRICO), IRAN  -  production of refractory & ceramic products, insulating and semi-insulating bricks, heavy refractory bricks, castables, refractory mortars, casting line runner systems, consulting services.

INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION LTD., CANADA  -  ladles and pouring systems, induction furnace maintenance, precast inserts and blocks.

INDUS RITE METALS, INDIA  -  manufacturer and supplier of aluminum alloy ingots, die casting aluminum alloy ingots, special aluminum alloys and aluminum alloy castings.

IRANIAN REFRACTORIES PROCUREMENT & PRODUCTION CO. (IRPPCO), IRAN  -  exploration, exploitation, ore processing, production, import and export of refractory minerals, refractory grade dead-burned magnesia, caustic calcined magnesia and magnesia base refractory clinkers, sister companies:
Suravajin Aghigh Mining & Industrial Co. and Semirom Refractory Mining Co.

IRAN REFRACTORY PRODUCT CO. (IREPCO), IRAN  -  production of different kind of basic refractories (bricks and monolithics) for iron and steel plants and foundries, copper, lead and zinc factories, cement, glass and lime industries.

IPRATEC REFRACTORIES - SULTANATE OF OMAN LLC, OMAN  -  refractory products for industrial furnaces for primary aluminium, iron and steelmaking, a part of
Ipratec Refractories, a division of SGI Group - Belgium.

ILARDUYA S.A., SPAIN  -  wide range of products for the foundry industry sector - furan resins for no-bake moulding, alkaline phenolic resins for steel casting, inorganic no-bake systems based on sodium silicate for steel and non-ferrous casting, phenolic urethane reactive systems for steel and aluminium casting, cold box binders for foundry sand core shot manufacturing, hot box binding systems (pre-coated sand, damp mixtures, cordis inorganic system), refractory coatings for moulds and cores, chromite, olivine, zirconium, cerabeads and bauxite special sands, ferroalloys, silicon, manganese, chromium, silicon carbide, phosphorus and fluorspar briquettes for cupola melting, nodulisers, inoculants, exothermic sleeves and feeders, steel shot, steel grit, cut wire pellets.

IMC S.A., BELGIUM  -  a technically oriented sales and distribution organization, technical assistance to investment casting foundries, supplier of raw material, equipment and accessories for precision lost wax process foundries - waxes, refractory flour and sand, binders, additives, alloys, pouring cups, crucibles and liners, wax room equipment, shell room equipment.

INAS S.A., ROMANIA  -  a leading provider of software solutions and related services for the industry - from construction vehicles and heavy machinery to the nuclear industry and defense, an authorized reseller of software packages for foundries.
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I. SCHUMANN & COMPANY, USA  -  production of alloys for the foundry industry, primary metals such as copper, tin, lead, zinc, nickel and aluminum, brass and bronze ingots, scrap metals for foundry, mill, and refinery consumption.

INVEPAR S.A.S., COLOMBIA  -  supplier of monitoring and control systems, industrial thermocouples.

IKK SHOT CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  production of steel shot and steel grit for surface preparation and sand removal of castings.

INTECAST SOFTWARE CENTER OF HUST, CHINA  -  The Development Center of InteCAST Software of Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST): casting solidification and mold filling simulation software InteCAST-CAE, foundry charging mixing calculation software InteCAST-FCS, computer-aided casting process design system InteCAST CAD, and management software for foundry enterprises InteCAST ERP.

INTERNATIONAL SILICA INDUSTRIES COMPANY (ISIC), JORDAN  -  silica sand mining and processing company, supplier of silica sand for foundries, ceramics, glass, fiberglass, paints, mortar and chemical manufacturers.

INALI S.L., SPAIN  -  robotic systems for automation of pressure die-casting of aluminum alloys and zamak.

INDUSTRIAL SANDS LTD., NEW ZEALAND  -  supplier of sands and aggregates to the industrial markets, the product range & services include processed silica sands, processed iron sands, filter media, clay sands, resin coated sands.

INDUSTRIAL SPECIALITY LUBRICANTS CO. (ISLUB), EGYPT  -  manufacturer of lubricants for metalworking industry, fire resistant hydraulic fluids, quenching lubricants for controlled hardening, copper hot forging lubricants, stamping and deep drawing lubricants, mould release lubricants for steel billets in continuous casting, lubricants for aluminium die-casting.

INTECO SPECIAL MELTING TECHNOLOGIES GmbH, AUSTRIA  -  customized turn-key solutions in the field of special and secondary metallurgy, provider of preliminary, basic and detailed engineering for entire plants including mechanical and electrical engineering as well as automation, project and construction management, supplier of equipment and complete plants - from small auxiliary machinery and apparatus to fairly large process units as well as complete equipment and facilities for micro- and mini steelmaking plants for the alloy- and special steel making industry, electric arc furnaces, ladle furnaces, vacuum degassing units, ingot casting technology solutions, electroslag remelting, vacuum arc remelting, vacuum induction melting, continuous casting machines for long products, special solutions for die production of special steels, special casting applications, components of continuous casting machines - ladle shroud manipulators, stopper rod mechanisms, mould level control solutions, emergency slide gates, mould oscillators, consulting, technology transfer, technical assistance.

INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC PTE. LTD., SINGAPORE  -  supplier of industrial chemicals, activated carbon, bentonite, kaolin, paraffin wax, silica gel, silicon carbide powder.

INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGIES (INDUTECSA) S.A., COLOMBIA  -  supplier of induction furnaces, moulding machines and spare parts, shot blasting machines and materials, equipment and quality control instruments in steelmaking and investment casting.

IGC TECHNOLOGIES, LLC, USA  -  manufacturer of antiveining compound for use in gray and ductile iron castings, fluxes for aluminum, brass, bronze, and ferrous melts.
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ISOTHERMAL TECHNOLOGY LTD., UK  -  research, development and manufacture of temperature products, standard platinum resistance thermometers, fixed point cells and associated equipment.

INDUSTRIAL THERMOCOUPLE SUPPLIES PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  manufacturer of temperature sensor assemblies for all facets of industry - thermocouples, resistance temperature detectors, thermowells and float level assemblies, process control equipment, cables, connectors, insulators.

IPM TOOLS S.R.O., SLOVAKIA  -  production of dies for gravity and pressure die-casting, foundry metal patterns for sand moulding.

IDD UAB, LITHUANIA  -  metallographic microscopes for identification and analysis of the structures of different metals and alloys, binocular microscopes, accessories.

INTERAUTOMATIKA UAB, LITHUANIA  -  measurement instrumentation, services and solutions for industrial process engineering, temperature sensors for industrial metal alloys and for liquids / gas temperature measurement, industrial thermometers, temperature transmitters and controllers, temperature sensors accessories, frequency converters and contactors, laboratory equipment.

INGENIEURBURO UWE STEFFENS, GERMANY  -  supplier of new and second hand foundry machines and equipment, evaluation and sale of foundry equipment from closed foundries.

INSUMOS Y EQUIPOS PARA FUNDICION (IEPF) S.A.S., COLOMBIA  -  an engineering company, supplier of induction melting systems for ferrous and nonferrous metals, induction systems for heat treatment and forging, spare parts and technical service, consulting in the metallurgy and foundry market.

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