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PRECIMETER, SWEDEN  -  metal level sensors, inductive and capacitive sensors, actuators, valves, molten metal pumps and complete automatic casting systems.

PROFUSA, BRAZIL  -  products and materials for foundries.

PICART & BEER S.A., BELGIUM  -  basic and spherographite pig iron, hematite pig iron, ferro-alloys. foundry and metallurgical coke, coke nuts and breeze, coking coal, additives for the foundry sector, nodulizers, inoculants, insulating products, titanium sponge and scrap.

PRECISE ADVANCED MANUFACTURING GROUP (PAMG), AUSTRALIA  -  supplier of complex cavity moulds to international markets in the automotive, packaging and whitegoods industries - cast metal moulds, cast wheel moulds, injection moulds and blow moulds.

PAN ABRASIVES PTE. LTD., SINGAPORE  -  a complete range of surface preparation products and services - granular abrasives, airless centrifugal wheel blast cleaning equipment, pneumatic recovery blast rooms and accessories, air and airless shot peening equipment, airblast pots, hoses, nozzles, helmets and valves, automated airblast systems, pressure, suction and wet blast cabinets.

PORTABLE ANALYTICAL SOLUTIONS PTY. LTD. - PAS, AUSTRALIA  -  importer and distributer of a full range of Niton hand-held X-ray fluorescence analysers for screening incoming scrap, providing quick, non-destructive chemistry and grade verification of chill castings and final product.

PTM & W INDUSTRIES, INC., USA  -  supplier of surface coats, laminating systems, adhesives, epoxy casting resins for a variety of industrial applications, incl. foundry patterns, urethanes, prototyping materials, accessory products.

PALCO BULGARIA  -  steel shots, shot-blasting machines, spare parts.

PAK BRONZE CO., IRAN  -  ferrous and non-ferrous foundry, production of wood, aluminum, cast iron, araldite and cupper alloys patterns and core-boxes.

PANALYTICAL B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  X-ray analysis systems.

PROMOULD B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  big-sized wood patterns and prototypes for the foundry industry, patterns for pumps and fans for the dredging industry, gearboxes and counterweights for the shipbuilding-machine construction, patterns for a wide range of machine-building castings production.

PENDEX CORPORATION, USA  -  process control, quality control testing, electronic test equipment, vacuum processing systems and controllers, laboratory equipment, industrial controls.

PERSOL CORPORATION, IRAN  -  supplier of metallurgical coke, iron ore, chrome ore and industrial chemicals.

POLYCHEM CORP., USA  -  manufacturers of a wide variety of resin products and systems, epoxy and polyester casting resins.

PROGRESS CORPORATION, JAPAN  -  production of dies for aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, and magnesium alloy castings.

PURITY CASTING ALLOYS LTD., CANADA  -  supplier of commercial aluminum and zinc anodes, aluminum and zinc die casting alloys, tin and lead alloys, Babbitts and solders, a wide selection of low melt / cerro alloys, scuba dive cast lead weights, custom and small orders for industry or hobbyist.

PETROFER CHEMIE H. R. FISCHER GmbH & CO. KG, GERMANY  -  industrial lubricants and chemicals primarily for the automotive, metalworking and foundry industries, water-soluble and solvent-based die casting release agents for aluminium, zinc and magnesium castings, graphited and non-graphited products for die casting machines for drip-feel lubrication, water-miscible and oil based lubricants for hot forging, die-forging and hot pressing, synthetic and mineral oil-based heat transfer fluids providing ageing stability and oxidation resistance for applications in die casting and plastic injection moulding processes, piston lubricating devices for dosage spraying piston powder on die casting machines.

PATTERN CASTINGS LTD., CANADA  -  prototyping, production of matchplates, rotation molds, blow molds, foam molds.

PLIBRICO COMPANY, LLC, USA  -  monolithic refractory products and applications, a complete line of high alumina and alumino-silicate refractories - plastics & ram mixes, insulating castables, shotcrete castables, free flow castables, gun mixes, injection & service mixes, mortar, aluminum contact products.

PRESIDENT CO., LTD., TAIWAN  -  supplier of materials for investment casting process - pattern wax, patching wax, stick wax, sprue wax, paraffin wax, microcrystalline wax, filler wax, ethyl silicate, colloidal silica binder, silicon oil, gypsum, wax pattern cleaning agents, wetting agents, ceramic shell modifying agents, antifoam agents, zircon sand and flour, mulgrain sand and flour, mulright sand and flour, fused silica sand and flour, perlite sand, graphite powder, sand mould coatings, feeder exothermic caps, mica, slag catchers, recarburizers, steel refining agents, aluminium alloy, copper alloy, lead alloy, ferroalloys, inoculants, refractories.

PRODUCER CO., LTD., TAIWAN  -  manufacturer of hot chamber automatic pressure die casting machines.

PULIDO COMERCIO LTD., BULGARIA  -  wood, lime, plywood, epoxy / polyester resin and aluminum alloys foundry patterns, core-boxes, pattern plates for flask / flaskless machine moulding and hand moulding, equipment for production of castings for chemical, food and cement industries, energy, shipbuilding and heavy investment engineering.
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PYROTEK CZ LTD., CZECH REPUBLIC  -  glass fiber filtration fabrics, tin plate and wire mesh filters, ceramic foam and bonded particle filters for all molten metal foundry applications.
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PVM DIE CASTING MACHINES GmbH, GERMANY  -  worldwide dealer for second hand die casting machines & equipment, second hand sheet metal machines, forging presses, injection molding machines, rebuilding and modernization, spare parts service worldwide.

PETROKEMIJA D.D., CROATIA  -  bentonites and additives for foundries.

PETAR DIMITROV FOUNDRY, CROATIA  -  foundry patterns and core-boxes, castings for garden furniture.

PROFOND DE MEXICO, MEXICO  -  supplier to the companies operating in the sector of non-ferrous metal smelting and casting, electric or gas furnaces, crucibles, refractory cements, ceramic fiber insulation products, spoons insulating sleeves, foam filters, fluxes and degassing tablets, lubricants for piston casting machines, separating agents, insulating and conductive coatings for die casting, steel spoons, wrought iron bells, skimmers, thermocouples, personal safety gloves and shoes, silicone rubbers, a part of MGM Foundry Supply Group - Italy.

PASJA ENTERPRISE CORP., TAIWAN  -  supplier of refractories and furnace parts for foundries and steel industry.

PLUS ELECTRIC CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  industrial robots, handling robots, transportation robots, and automatic pouring robots for pressure die aluminum casting.

PIB-EXTRA D.O.O., CROATIA  -  production of all types of foundry industry patterns in wood, metal and araldite-resin, production of complex tools with high precision machining.

PMP ENGINEERING LTD., BULGARIA  -  production of dies for metalcasting processes, mechanic machining of castings, spare parts.

PROGRESS ELECTRONIC LTD., THAILAND  -  design and manufacture a complete line of industrial & laboratory ovens and melting furnaces in various sizes and bodies upon customer requirement.

PETER E. MACLER ASSOCIATES, USA  -  management and engineering consultants - foundry design, business assessments, feasibility studies, environmental systems design, expert witness services.

PAGRIK ETHIOPIA P.L.C., ETHIOPIA  -  manufacturer and exporter of pure lead, master lead alloys and secondary lead ingots, importer of battery plate scrap, lead scrap, lead ash, dry battery scrap, lead ore and lead concentrate.

POWERCAP ELECTRIC SDN. BHD., MALAYSIA  -  supplier of medium frequency water-cooled capacitors for induction heating and melting, industrial power converters, temperature controls and sensors.

PATEL FURNACE & FORGING PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  manufacturer of shot blasting machines, shot peening machines, sand blasting machines, surface preparation equipments and metal finishing machines, machines with new designs and new concepts for foundry, forging, shot peening, billet cleaning, strip cleaning, wire descalning and air pollution control equipments, spares for all type of shot blasting and sand blasting machines, abrasives.

PROCOR FOUNDRY AND STEEL SUPPLIES CC, SOUTH AFRICA  -  manufacturer and supplier of auxiliary foundry consumables, sodium silicate, slag coagulants, parting powder, foundry spirits, heat insulating sleeves, exothermic sleeves, exothermic inserts, exothermic and insulating powders, cover fluxes, foundry mould coatings, high temperature insulation products.

PIONEER FURNACES PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  manufacturer of industrial furnaces for various applications in the field of melting, holding and heating, induction melting and holding furnaces for cast iron, copper, aluminium, zinc and their alloys, capacities from 300 kg up to 20 000 kg.

PRECISION FOUNDRY TOOLING, USA  -  foundry tools - patterns, core-boxes, molds.

PINCZOLITSCH GmbH & CO. KG , AUSTRIA  -  consulting in the field of casting materials and solutions for the procurement of casting components.

POWER HAMMERS, LLC, USA  -  pneumatically operated single blow impact casting degating hammers for ferrous foundries.

PCM INNOVATION, CANADA  -  design and fabrication of prototypes, molds for composite materials, electroformed nickel molds, molds for thermoformed plastics, molds for metal casting - permanent molds machined in steel or iron, master pattern machined in aluminum or iron, complex core boxes, and specialized tooling.

PILLAR INDUCTION, USA  -  coreless induction systems for melting of ferrous and nonferrous alloys.

PYRONICS, INC., USA  -  combustion products - burners, blowers, mixers, valves, regulators, flame safeguards and accessories, industry applications - ceramics, glass, iron & steel: burners for annealing, tempering and general heat treating processes, non-ferrous metals: combustion solutions for aluminum melting and heat treating, brass and copper melting, molybdenum heat treating, crucible heating, ladle heating.

PEES INDUCTION EQUIPMENTS PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  manufacturer of a wide range of induction melting furnaces, induction coils and equipments for ferrous and non ferrous foundries.

PADAENG INDUSTRY PUBLIC CO., LTD., THAILAND  -  the only zinc smelter in Southeast Asia, production of special high grade zinc metal and value-added zinc alloys, an annual production capacity of 110 000 metric tons of zinc metal and alloys.

PRIYANKA INDUCTION SUPERMELT, INDIA  -  manufacturer and exporter of medium frequency induction melting and heating furnaces, supplier of a complete range of spares required for reliable operation of induction equipment.

PLASTIMO JSC, BULGARIA  -  expanded polystyrene for foundry patterns.
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PARTO KIMIA FELEZ CO., IRAN  -  molybdenum trioxide and ferro molybdenum producer & supplier.

PEEG - KORUND S.R.O., SLOVAKIA  -  sales of grinding and polishing materials, abrasive papers, discs, safety clothes, etc., for foundries, machine-building industry and other end users.

PMO KOMEX SP. Z O.O., POLAND  -  producer of refractory materials - aluminosilicate, basic, dolomite bricks and mixes, insulating and special products.
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PREVENTA LTD., BULGARIA  -  a joint Bulgarian-French company, importer of personal protective equipment and protective clothing, safety gloves, clothes, safety shoes and boots, helmets, protective screens, respiratory masks, protective equipment and clothing for foundries and metalwork engineering.
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PROMMETSPLAV LTD., UKRAINE  -  ferrous and non-ferrous scrap trade, manufacture of secondary aluminium alloys, foundry works - pressure / gravity die casting in aluminum alloys, zamak and brass.

POLYTEG-MET, RUSSIA  -  professional orientation - foundry, die forging, heat and chemicothermal treatment, the company presents both its own engineering development and products of leading foreign companies producers of equipment and materials for production of foundry moulds and cores, laboratory equipment for foundries, and works with more than 1000 plants in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus.

PEKAY MACHINE & ENGINEERING CO., USA  -  sand preparation equipment.

PALMER MFG & SUPPLY, INC., USA  -  no-bake equipment and systems, batch and continuous mixers, core blowers, automatic molding systems.

PACIFIC METALLURGICAL COMPANY, USA  -  metallurgical and materials consulting and laboratory services: failure analysis of metallic and non-metallic materials, fractography and fracture analysis, physical metallurgy, high and low temperature oxidation and corrosion of metals and alloys, scanning electron microscopy, energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy, optical microscopy, metallography, micro- and macro-hardness testing, production problem solving, expert witness testimony, routine and non-routine metallurgical testing, industrial and legal, forensic and production-related consulting services.

PEK MACHINERY CO., USA  -  molding machines and mullers.

PYE METALLURGICAL CONSULTING, INC., USA  -  specialized in heat-treatment trouble shooting for heat-treatment processes, metallurgical consultant and material problems, developing customized heat-treatment / metallurgical educational courses.

PRODUCTOS MINERALES DEL NORTE, S.A. de C.V. (PMN), MEXICO  -  supplier of silica sand, zircon sand, bentonite, charcoal and graphite, fire clay, refractories, exothermic powders, ferroalloys, inoculants, ceramic foam filters, shot and grit, consulting services - materials and alloys, refractory installation and inspection of induction furnaces.

PSI METALS GmbH, GERMANY  -  software for production management in the metals industry, especially for steel and aluminum production.

PATTERN-MAKE INDUSTRIES, INDIA  -  pattern design & making.

PRECISION METROLOGY, INC., USA  -  a full range of calibration and repair services - accelerometers & vibration, dimensional gages, electronics calibration, machine tools, temperature capabilities, sand testing equipment calibration: AFS clay testers, cone jolt toughness testers, friability testers, hot tensile testers, melt point apparatus, moisture tellers, mold strength testers, permeability meters, sand rammers (compactability tester), green sand strength machines, sand squeezers, ultrasonic cleaner, wet tensile testers.

P-METAL KFT., HUNGARY  -  production of aluminium alloys, gravity die casting.

PASSARY MINERALS LTD., INDIA  -  molding chromite sand.

PRO MODEL LTD., BRAZIL  -  patterns, polystyrene foundry patterns.

POSLU MAKINE (PMS) CO., TURKEY  -  production of foundry machines - sandblasting machines with hangers, sand mixers, spide mixers, portamix sand preparation machines.

PLOMP MINERAL SERVICES B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  an internationally operating trading and distributing company in industrial minerals for the foundry, steel, refractory, abrasive, glass, ceramic, filler and oil-drilling industries, foundry grades chromite sand for cores and moulds in steel and cast iron foundries, foundry grade zircon sand, silica sand / flour, metallurgical grade chromite, mainly used as a base material for ferro-chrome production, refractory grades chromite, mainly used in chrome-magnesia or magnesia-chrome bricks, standard grade refractory bauxite, ferro-alloys and metals, hematite, cenospheres, brown fused alumina (synthetic corundum), steel shot and steel grit.

POLIMER OSNASTKA, (LTD.), UZBEKISTAN  -  design, manufacture, repair and rework of pressure die casting moulds, cold stamping dies, tools and other non-standard equipment serving for the production of serial parts made of plastic, rubber, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, mini foundry for non-ferrous metals, pressure die casting, manufacture of component parts for Samarkand Automobile Factory.

PREC-ODLEW Sp. z o.o., POLAND  -  supplier of materials for the foundry industry, materials suitable for the alkyd binder technology, CO2 process, alpha-set technology, furan sand technology, hot-box process, thermoshock technology, coated sand technology, protective alcohol or water based coatings, reinforcing coatings, resins for refractories, concretes, auxiliary materials.

PLUSTHERM POINT GmbH, SWITZERLAND  -  manufacturer of inductive and capacitive middle and high frequency generators / converters with output power ranging from 1.5 kW to 600 kW, used mainly to heat up or melt ferrous and non-ferrous metals and other materials, welding of pipes, brazing and soldering.

PIR (POLISH INTERNATIONAL RECYCLING), POLAND  -  a producer of aluminum casting alloys making 6000 tons of aluminum a year.

PALMASH PLANT JSC, UKRAINE  -  production of foundry automatic lines, machines and equipment - a wide range of mixers for the preparation and distribution of self-hardening moulding mixtures, core-blowing machines, jolting and squeezing moulding machines, vibrating tables for chemically hardening mixtures, machines and equipment for manufacturing shell moulds and cores, high / low pressure pulse moulding machines, flaskless moulding lines, a full cycle of manufacturing from cast iron and steel casting, heat treatment, machining, electroplating to build casting machines and units.

PAKTHERN (PVT) LTD., PAKISTAN  -  manufacturer of induction melting furnaces.

PREMIER PATTERNS LTD., UK  -  a press tool pattern making firm which produces mainly patterns / models in polystyrene but also conventional engineering patterns in metal, wood and resin.

POUSSEUR REFRACTAIRES, FRANCE  -  alumina-silicate, special alumina-silicate, bauxite, andalusite and high-alumina refractory products, monolithics & precast mortars and cements, refractory products adapted to the specific constraints of each application in industries like the primary aluminium sector, iron and steelmaking, calcinations (cement plants, lime kilns, alumina), ceramics and glassmaking, a part of Ipratec Group / SGI Group.

PA RESINS AB, SWEDEN  -  refractories - ramming masses, tap-hole clay, tundish lining, carbon electrodes, foundry binders - furan resins, alkaline resins for high sand recovery, complete range of hardeners, abrasives - a wide range of liquid and powder phenolic resins for the grinding wheels & glass cloth industry.

PRECISION RESOURCE CO., LTD., THAILAND  -  distribution and professional services for universal testing machines, materials testing machines and testing instruments.

PREMIER REFRACTORIES FRANCE S.A., FRANCE  -  low, average and high temperature insulating bricks (from 1050 C up to 1850 C), standard and non-standard insulating tiles, insulating parts having all types of construction, monolithic insulating cements.

PACIFIC RIM FOUNDRY SERVICES, AUSTRALIA  -  foundry chemicals - furan binder systems, phenolic urethane no-bake binder systems, release agents, second hand foundry machines, sand mixers and sand reclamation equipment, safety products to the foundry and related industries.

PLANAR SERVICE, BELARUS  -  dies for aluminium alloys die casting, stamps, appliances and special cutting tools.

PRACTICA SH, ARGENTINA  -  manufacturer of patterns for foundries, prototypes and modeling in general.

PEDMO S.A., POLAND  -  auxiliary materials for the ferrous / non-ferrous metallurgy, and foundry industry, moulding and core binders, separators, moulding sand additives, permanent mould coatings, protective coatings, materials for repairing steel, iron and non-ferrous metal castings, carburizing additives, graphites, exothermic and insulation mould powders, tundish insulation powders and crystallizer slag for the COS technology metallurgic plants, fluxes, refiners, modifiers for aluminium and copper alloys, crystallizer powders for semi-continuous and continuous casting of copper alloys.

PRASID S.A., SPAIN  -  refractory shaped and Unshaped products for iron, steel and metallurgical industries, taphole mass for blast furnaces, casting channels refractory and insulating concrete, ladle concrete, nozzle caps, injection lances, technical ceramics and all kinds of coatings in high alumina for thermal power plants, ceramic, concrete, mining, iron and steel industries.

P.S. AUTO GRINDING LTD. (PSAG), UK  -  supplier of automatic grinding machines for processing iron, aluminium, bronze and brass castings in the foundries,
a distributor of Koyama Co., Ltd. - Japan.

PUYESH SANAT ALBORZ TAVANA, IRAN  -  designer and manufacturer of metallographic lab equipment.

PARS-SHENPASH CO., LTD., IRAN  -  manufacturer of portable and cabinet sand blast machines, blast rooms & air spray systems, and paint spray machines with different kind of capacities, safety equipments & accessories.

PROTECH S.r.l., ITALY  -  sandblasting machines, sandblasting plants, special machines and accessories.

PAULINO SORARRAIN S.A., SPAIN  -  foundry patterns in wood, resin and polystyrene, patterns for propellers, wheels, valves, lamps, benches.

PROMET SLOVAKIA S.R.O., SLOVAKIA  -  supplier of raw materials for foundries and steel works - foundry pig iron in ingots, ferro-alloys, blast furnace coke, foundry coke, coke breeze, inoculants and nodulisers, recarburisers.

PRUMYSLOVY SERVIS-VACLAV HANTON, CZECH REPUBLIC  -  a trade company dealing with different materials for foundries, metallurgical, machinery and forging plants, coated sands for shell moulding, mould coatings, steel abrasives, chilled iron abrasives, stainless steel shot, silicone carbide for metallurgy, graphite-semiproducts, foundry vents.

PERFIL TERMICO AQUECIMENTO E ISOLAMENTO INDUSTRIAL LTDA., BRAZIL  -  complete solutions for industrial heating and insulation for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, chemicals and petrochemicals, consumer electronics, petroleum derivatives, power generation, ceramics and glass, materials - ceramic fibers, thermoelectric insulating, insulating cardboards, heating elements, coatings, textiles insulators, equipments - transportable electric ladles, heavy-duty geared ladles, vertical ladle heaters, holding furnaces, conductive troughs, services of implementation and maintenance on furnaces and other heating equipment.

PROTECCION TERMICA ARIZPE, S.A. de C.V. (PROTARSA), MEXICO  -  supplier of refractory materials and thermal insulation products - refractory or insulating bricks, concretes, mortars, ramming masses, ceramic fiber products.

PETERBORO TOOL CO., INC., USA  -  wax injection molds for lost wax casting technology.

PRVOMAJSKA-TZR D.O.O., CROATIA  -  production of machine tools and equipment for foundries, hydraulic components, pumps, spare parts and accessories for vehicles and special systems, casting services.

PRESTIGE THERMAL EQUIPMENT (PTY) LTD., SOUTH AFRICA  -  a broad range of kilns, furnaces, ovens and thermal systems.

PSI TECHNOLOGIES INC., INDIA  -  foundry sand vibrating screens, mould shake-out / knock-out equipment, industrial conveyors.

PERFECT TOOLS MOULDS FACTORY LLC, UAE  -  production of pressure die cast dies, injection moulds, press tools and compression / transfer moulds.

PROLIMAS UTAMA JAYA PT., INDONESIA  -  supplier of fluxes, refractory coatings, gravity or pressure die casting lubricants, mouldable refractories, castables, insulation materials, moulding sand binders and additives, release agents, ceramic sleeves, ceramic foam filters.

PANGBORN-UK LTD., UK  -  a representative of Pangborn Corporation - USA, manufacturer of standard blast machines and custom designed systems for cleaning, deburring, descaling, decoring, deflashing, and peening a wide variety of products - ferrous and nonferrous castings, steel sheet, plate and wire, small metal fabrications, heat treated forgings, die castings, and small automotive parts, abrasive media - steel shot and grit.
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PHIL VERDULT CASTINGS, THE NETHERLANDS  -  a full non-ferrous foundry periphery for sand casting, including clay bond, cold box, permanent mold, ceramic shell and lost foam technologies, rapid prototyping, consultancy in innovative casting solutions.

PANAYOT VOLOV JSC, BULGARIA  -  novolac phenol-formaldehyde resin for foundries.
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PACIFIC WORLD ALLOY LTD., THAILAND  -  production of aluminium alloys ingots.

PAUL WURTH S.A., LUXEMBOURG  -  a technology-oriented company, mainly active in the iron, steel and non-ferrous industries, the services range from engineering to commissioning of equipment and systems for the metals industry and environmental protection, including the management of large construction projects.

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