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BELARUSIAN AUTOWORKS (BELAZ) OJSC  -  a major world manufacturer of mining dump trucks of heavy-duty and super-size load capacity, construction and road-building equipment, heavy vehicles for intrafactory transportation of technological loads and transportation of liquid slag in ladles at metallurgical works.

BEMZ - BREST ELECTROMECHANICAL PLANT JSC  -  production of multipurpose agricultural units, electricity meters and medical devices, design and manufacture of dies and patterns for foundries.

BELTOR-ELITE LTD.  -  specialized scrap processing plant, production of bronze, brass, aluminium alloys and zinc alloys ingots.

BELNIILIT JSC  -  equipment for the production of castings of nonferrous alloys - equipment for chill casting, for low pressure casting, for centrifugal casting, equipment for the production of castings of ferrous alloys - equipment for centrifugal casting, for the production of ductile iron, for casting a chill lined, and for production of cast steel and cast iron shot, foundry sand mixers and mixture complexes, hoppers, moulding machines, equipment for melting of metals and alloys.

CVETMET PRIVATE ENTERPRISE  -  production of brass and bronze ingots, bronze bars, billets, centrifugal cast bushes, annual volume of manufacture more than 3000 tons, a subsidiary of Belcvetmet JSC and Belvtormet Association.

DOMANOVSKY INDUSTRIAL-COMMERSIAL COMPLEX JSC  -  liquid sodium glass (water glass) for foundries, metallurgy, machine-building industry, textile industry and building sector.

GOMEL FACTORY OF SPECIAL INSTRUMENTS AND TECHNOLOGICAL EQUIPMENT  -  foundry patterns, core-boxes and pattern-plates, injection moulds for wax patterns, dies for gravity and pressure die casting, stamps, metal cutting tools.

KUZLITMASH  -  a manufacturer of hydraulic and pneumatic presses, foundry equipment - moulding lines, moulding / core machines, gravity die-casting units, sand mixers, flasks, spare parts.
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MZOR  -  planers, beveling machines, milling machines, grinding machines, heavy-duty slotting machines and balancing equipment, production of wooden patterns for ferrous and non-ferrous metal castings.

MOGILEV METALLURGICAL WORKS JSC  -  one of the largest metallurgical plants in Belarus, chilled cast iron shot and steel shot for cleaning of castings, forged pieces and other products before and after thermal treatment.

MINSK PLANT OF SPECIAL TOOL AND IMPLEMENTS  -  cutting and measuring tools, devices, moulds, metalcasting dies and other tooling.

MINERAL WAX PLANT JSC  -  wax compounds for production of investment castings with complex geometric shapes, wax emulsions (anti-adhesion lubricants) intended for use as a release agent in moulding components made of aluminium and its alloys by casting under pressure, for moulding the rubber products, polymer based materials and reinforced concrete.

PLANAR SERVICE  -  dies for aluminium alloys die casting, stamps, appliances and special cutting tools.

VOLKOVYSK FOUNDRY EQUIPMENT PLANT LTD.  -  production of foundry sand mullers.
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ZHLOBINSKY OPEN-CAST MINE OF FORMING MATERIALS OJSC  -  extraction, processing and delivery of quartz sand for foundries, building sector and glass industry.

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