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BERA DE BOLIVIA (ALEACIONES) S.A.  -  manufacturer of non ferrous metal alloys - tin / lead soft solders with a variety of melting points and working temperature ranges for specific purposes, lead free solders, solid or flux cored wires, bars and sticks solders in tin / lead alloys, tin / silver alloys and lead free alloys, a full range of antifriction (Babbitt) metals used for bearings and castings operations, specific alloys for electrolytic and metallurgical processes, a part of the
Boliden Bergsoe A/S - Denmark.

EMPRESA METALURGICA VINTO (EMV) S.A.  -  tin smelter, production of tin ingots.

OPERACIONES METALURGICAS (OMSA) S.A.  -  tin smelter, the monthly capacity of 280 t of metallic tin ingots of 99.97%.

REFRACTARIOS NACIONALES REFRAK S.L.  -  a full line of refractory products for foundries and metallurgy, bricks, plates, mortars, concrete, insulating and refractory parts.

SOLDEN ALEACIONES  -  manufacturer of ingots in different sizes with tin alloy, lead, antimony and copper, tin solder alloy rods and bars.

Invited Company: Ecolead (Ecological Lead) Srl - smelting and refining of non-ferrous metals, manufacture and export of non-ferrous metals.

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