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an exclusive representative of plants-manufacturers of refractories, sodium silicate, welding fluxes, graphite electrodes for electric-arc furnaces, graphite and carbon blocks for blast furnaces, electrode paste for production of ferroalloys, silver and black graphite powder, kaolins, refractory and ceramic clays, burnt chamotte granules, corrundum, silicon carbide, mullites, bauxites, calcium-aluminate cements, low, medium and highly alloyed steel, instrumental steel, ferroalloys, steel and cast iron granules ARMEX TRADE LTD. - Bulgaria
Refractories, graphite, metallurgy materials, steel, ferroalloys.

Contact: Angel Stanev - President
20, Gagarin str., bl.154A / 68, 1113 Sofia, tel.: (+359 2) 8730038,  fax: (+359 2) 8730323, office@armextrade.com
Remeko Ltd. Bulgaria, materials and products, technical solutions and consulting in metalcasting, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, energy, cement and mining industries, www.remeko.com REMEKO LTD. - Bulgaria
A Bulgarian-Swedish trading company, a representive of leading companies from Europe and USA: Elkem - Norway, Refratechnik - Germany, Boehm & Lange - Austria, Silicon - Holland, Novacast - Sweden, Ferro-Term - Poland, Martin Engineering - USA, etc.,
high-technological materials and products, technical solutions and consulting in metalcasting, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, energy, cement and mining industries.
remeko@remeko.com   www.remeko.com

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ASSENOVA KREPOST JSC  -  supplier of packagings for the fertiliser, cement, agriculture and food industry, polyethylene foil for V-process foundries.

APRONECS LTD.  -  power electronics, engineering, automated technological control systems, ultrasonic devices and equipment, custom design of new electronic and technological devices.

ASTO METAL  -  steel wire screens for moulding-sand preparation.

ADRIA RD LTD.  -  leading manufacturer of dies for aluminum pressure die casting, prototype models, stamping tools, and plastic injection molds.

ARMEX TRADE LTD.  -  an exclusive representative of plants-manufacturers of the following products - refractories (magnesia, magnesia-carbon, chrome-magnesia, mortars, ramming masses, chamotte refractories, high alumina refractories, etc.), sodium silicate, welding fluxes, graphite items (electrodes for electric-arc furnaces, graphite and carbon blocks for blast furnaces, electrode paste for production of ferroalloys, silver and black graphite powder), kaolins, refractory and ceramic clays, burnt chamotte granules, corrundum, silicon carbide, mullites, bauxites, calcium-aluminate cements, low, medium and highly alloyed steel, instrumental steel, ferroalloys, steel and cast iron granules.
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BMP BLIZNACI LTD.  -  family owned firm, buy up of aluminium scrap, melting the scrap and sale of secondary aluminium ingots, monthly capacity of 350-400 t.

BLAST ENGINEERING LTD.  -  a full range of sandblasting equipment - from small injector guns to 50, 100 and 200 liters mobile pressure units, using copper slag or silica sand as abrasive material, suitable for cleaning and surface preparation of all kinds of steel, cast iron and other cast details.

BULGARIAN INDUSTRIAL GROUP (BIG) JSC  -  design and manufacturing of instrumental equipment - foundry patterns, dies for pressure die casting, injection moulds, stamps.

BENTONITE JSC  -  foundry bentonite.

CHINAR 93 - GEORGI SAVOV ET  -  production of wooden, aluminum and plastic patterns, specialized in manufacturing both small and ultra large patterns.

COLORITA 51 LTD.  -  foundry patterns.

CALDERYS AUSTRIA GmbH SOFIA OFFICE  -  representation of Calderys Austria GmbH, refractory materials for ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy and foundries.
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CRYSTAL CHEMICALS JSC  -  furan resins, phenol resins, hardeners.

CHIMATECH JSC  -  foundry materials - ethylsilicate for precision casting molds, silicones for wax patterns production, calcium stearate additive for coated sands, linceed oil for sand binders, fast-curing glue for cores, anticorrosive coatings, chemical test lab services.

COMEX JSC  -  production of various refractory materials and ceramics for foundries and heat-treatment workshops, fireclay, mortar, ramming masses, heat-treated quartz powder for investment casting, ceramic foam filters, ceramic pipes and funnels, primary aluminium ingots and billets.

CARDINAL LTD.  -  production of tin low-carbon steel chaplets with square plates for sand moulding.

COMETECH LTD.  -  inoculants and nodulizers for grey and nodular cast iron, carburizers, desulfurizers, foundry ladles, graphite electrodes, graphite crucibles.

DINAS JSC  -  quarrying of quartzite, production of acidic ramming masses for induction furnaces, foundry silica sand in different grain sizes and particle size distributions, silica powder, quartzite for the production of ferrosilicon, and specialized dedusted abrasive sand for the sandblasting processes.

DELIMEX-SOFIA LTD.  -  production of foundry patterns and core-boxes made out of wood, resin and metal, complicated shape forming parts for gravity / pressure dies for non-ferrous casting, blast moulds and injection moulds, electrodes for erosion.

ENGINEX LTD.  -  production of electro-furnaces and vacuum casting systems for non-ferrous and noble metals, the vacuum casting complexes are widely used for intricate casting in jewelry, applied art, precise machine details.

EVRICOM LTD.  -  pattern wax products for investment (lost-wax) casting.

ETA METAL LTD.  -  a trading company dealing in the field of ferroalloys, consulting and engineering, own production of special alloying additives for non-ferrous foundries and metallurgy plants.

FERO 11 LTD.  -  screens, iron / steel shot, grit, electrodes for cast iron castings, roller chains.

FONDRIMA & CO LTD.  -  production of aluminium alloys ingots, trading with non-ferrous metals and alloys.

FREECOM-BG LTD.  -  direct importer of stainless steels, sheets, seamless pipes, profile pipes, thick-walled pipes, rods, electrode wire, fasteners, Kanthal heaters and materials for industrial furnaces.

FINTEHMASH JSC  -  manufacturer of complicated technical tools - plastic injection molds, dies for aluminum / zinc pressure die casting, stamping tools.

FERROUS METALLURGY INSTITUTE JSC - TEST CENTRE  -  analysis of ferrous / non-ferrous metals, and foundry / metallurgy refractories, consulting services.

GEORGI LYATEV ET  -  wood, epoxy / polyester resin and aluminum alloy pattern making.

GIT ENGINEERING - MAVERICK  -  production, recycling and maintenance of induction crucible furnaces at an increased frequency, staff training, design plans and specifications for construction-installation works, adjustment and putting in operation, service and delivery of spare parts.
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GAMA PROEKT JSC  -  tooling equipment - pressure casting moulds, dies for gravity casting of aluminum and zinc-aluminum alloys, stamping tools, dies, injection moulds, blow moulds, moulds for blow-moulding of polyethylene parts, benders, measuring tools (gauges), non-standard cutting tools, machines and equipment - pipe-threading machines, pipe-bending machines, devices for manufacturing of decorative parts, armament and defense appliances - gun lock, device for loading hunting cartridges, portable metal detector, non-standard mechanical, electromechanical and electronic devices.

HOFMANN CONSULT BULGARIA LTD.  -  representative of German companies, crucibles.

HIMSNAB NAIRI LTD.  -  wholesale and retail trade in chemical products and industrial consumables, foundry bentonite, protective and work clothing, personal protective equipment.

INDUKTEH  -  induction furnaces for melting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, high-frequency valve generators for hardening and heat treatment of metals, thyristor generators for volume heating of metal workpieces, machines for welding of metal-ceramic-alloy plates of lathe knives, mills, diamond disks, etc.
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IMSETHC-BULGARIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES - METALLOGRAPHY LAB  -  metallography analysis of ferrous / non-ferrous metals, quality test of metal items made by casting, forging and welding, a part of the Department "Materials testing and analyses".

ICOMET LTD.  -  processing of metal scrap and production of aluminium alloy ingots and master alloys, the annual capacity is 2400 tons of alloys.

INTEREX LTD.  -  import / export company, carbon and alloy steel, pig iron, ferro alloys, spare parts.

KOPTCHEV & SONS LTD.  -  direct import of raw materials and spare parts for the Bulgarian industry, exlusive representative of Kettenfabrik - Unna and others, black metals, cast - iron sand, steel wire ropes.

KRES-D  -  die-casting molds.

KAOLIN JSC  -  kaolins, silica sands.

KERAMOSILIKAT LTD.  -  thermo-resistant and technical ceramics production, filters for cast-iron and other molten metals, pots for melting of non-ferrous metals, crucibles and pots for melting of gold, silver, platinum and titanium, magnesium cupels for melting of gold, ceramic muffles for furnaces, high temperature laboratory crucibles and combustion boats for carbon and sulphur analysis, ceramic tubes, nozzles for argon-arc welding, stomatological melting crucibles and pots, insulation products.

LACKPROM JSC  -  epoxy resins and hardeners for the manufacture of foundry resin patterns and core-boxes, protective anti-corrosion systems for ferrous and nonferrous metals, fireproof paints for metal and cables, heat resistant coatings, epoxy paints, varnishes and primers.

MARS BULGARIA LTD.  -  a subsidiary of the German company August Gundlach, delivery and sale of crucibles and accessories for melting and casting of non-ferrous metal, stoppers and nozzles for ferrous metal foundries, high-temperature alumosilicate fiber insulation materials for furnaces.

MARVEL LTD.  -  control equipment, microscopes, spectrometers, thermal analysis equipment, analytical and industrial ballances.

MINERALCOMMERS LTD.  -  the only producer of amorphous silica for the territory of Bulgaria and the Balkans, production of water glass for foundries and metallurgy.

MTM LTD.  -  a representative of Carboline Company - manufacturer of industrial high temperature chemical resistant protective coatings.

NORD HOLDING JSC  -  buy and sell all types of scrap metals - non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals, ferro-alloys.

OGNEUPORNI GLINI JSC  -  mining and processing of industrial minerals for ceramic, refractory, chemical, machine-building and cosmetic industries, fireclay and refractory materials for foundries and metallurgy.

ORIGINAL JSC  -  dies, patterns.

OPTOFORM LTD.  -  specialized in design and manufacturing moulds, dies, stamps and non-standard equipment for details made of plastic, bakelite, rubber, metal sheets and aluminum alloys, a subsidiary of Opticoelectron JSC - Bulgaria.

OMEL NDT EQ LTD.  -  supply, service and calibration of ultrasonic non-destructive testing equipment, supply of consumables and equipment for magnetic particle inspection and penetrant testing, own production of various equipment for non-destructive testing, own service center for all kinds and brands of non-destructive testing equipment, supply and service of equipment for determining the chemical composition of metals, supply machines for testing tensile, compression and bending of metals, sales representatives and certified service for portable metal hardness equipment.

PALCO BULGARIA  -  steel shots, shot-blasting machines, spare parts.

PULIDO COMERCIO LTD.  -  wood, lime, plywood, epoxy / polyester resin and aluminum alloys foundry patterns, core-boxes, pattern plates for flask / flaskless machine moulding and hand moulding, equipment for production of castings for chemical, food and cement industries, energy, shipbuilding and heavy investment engineering.
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PMP ENGINEERING LTD.  -  production of dies for metalcasting processes, mechanic machining of castings, spare parts.

PLASTIMO JSC  -  manufacturer of expanded polystyrene slabs and blocks potential for use in the production of lost-foam foundry patterns.

PREVENTA LTD.  -  a joint Bulgarian-French company, importer of personal protective equipment and protective clothing, safety gloves, clothes, safety shoes and boots, helmets, protective screens, respiratory masks, protective equipment and clothing for foundries and metalwork engineering.

PANAYOT VOLOV JSC  -  novolac phenol-formaldehyde resin for foundries.

QUARTZ SANDS LTD.  -  quartz sands for foundries.

RUDMETAL JSC  -  import-export of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, refractories, and other metallurgy materials.

REFRACHEM LTD.  -  import of refractories, various metals and alloys, ferro alloys.

REMEKO LTD.  -  a Bulgarian-Swedish trading company, a representive of some leading companies from Europe and USA: Elkem - Norway, Refratechnik - Germany, Boehm & Lange - Austria, Silicon - Holland, Martin Engineering - USA, etc., high-technological materials and products, technical solutions and consulting in metalcasting, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, energy industry, including the NPP in Bulgaria, cement and mining industries, ecology and in particular water purifying.
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RIMPEX LTD.  -  manufacture of refractory products for foundries.

SIMEX  -  ceramic filters, temperature measuring instruments.

SCHOLZ BULGARIA AD  -  trade with ferrous and non-ferrous scrap, steel tubes and pipes, all grades of aluminium die-casting alloys, a part of the Scholz AG Group - Germany.

SPESIMA GmbH  -  development and implementation of specialized automation systems for the industrial production, manufacturer of robots for automation of horizontal die casting machines for zinc, magnesium or aluminium castings, a part of Frech Group International - Germany.

SHAMOT JSC / SHAMOT EL PE 2007 LTD.  -  manufacturer of fireproof materials for the construction and repair of heating appliances used in the foundries, metallurgy, mechanical engineering, power industry, glasswork, ceramic and chemical industries, refractory bricks and castables, mortars, bauxite refractories, insulating fireclays.

SHANDOR LTD.  -  a representative of Ust-Kamenogorsky plant for capacitors, delivery and sale of power thyristors and diodes for induction furnaces for foundries, heat treatment, forge and galvanization shops.
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SILIMEX LTD.  -  manufacturer of sodium silicate solution.

SMMOLDS LTD.  -  production of dies for pressure / gravity die casting, injection molds and stamping tools.

SOVIS LTD.  -  design and manufacture of pressure die casting dies, stamping tools, and plastic injection dies.

SUPERSPLAV LTD.  -  production of standard aluminium and zinc alloys, zinc anode plates, zinc anodes for protection from corrosion of the corpuses of vessels and equipment, aluminium anodes for protection from corrosion of enameled boiler water-containers.

TECHNOCOMMERCE ENGINEERING LTD.  -  producer of furnaces for melting and thermal processing of metals, a reprensetative of German firm Geiger+Co, supplier of lubricants for instruments for under pressure casting and for pistons for non-ferrous casting equipment.

TRUD JSC  -  production of dense and light weight refractory products and naterials, heat insulating bricks, refractory ram-masses and fireclay mortals, graphite-shamotte products for the metallurgy, foundries, engineering industry, power industry and architectural design.

TEREM - KHAN KRUM LTD.  -  military repair factory, the tool and repair department produces cutting and measuring tools, equipment for die forging and cold blanking, moulds for plastics, moulds for investment casting, moulds for counter-pressure die-casting, spare parts for metal-processing machines.

TECHCERAMIC-M LTD.  -  manufacturer of riser tubes for molten aluminum, insulation and spacer bushings, ceramic foam filters for ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, blooming and slabbing dosing tubes, vacuum formed products, laboratory ware.

TELEMAT-TRADE LTD.  -  consultancy services, representation of world renowned manufacturers of foundry equipment, distribution of foundry materials from foreign producers, sale of castings and spares, own production of mould and core materials.
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VSK KENTAVAR-MASHTEHMO LTD.  -  clothing for special protection against heat and flame, protective clothing for foundrymen and welders.

VIKING-T  -  protective safety clothes and personal protective equipment, professional work shoes, boots, gloves, ear protection, protective helmets, respiratory protection, goggles, protective equipment, clothing and accessories for foundries and metalworking plants.

VIDIA-V-04 JSC  -  a company for manufacturing of cutting tools, straight & taper shank twist drill bits, purposed for drilling or enlarging cast or stamped holes in alloyed and unalloyed steel, gray cast iron and malleable cast iron, light and non-ferrous metals, synthetics and wood.

ZIESTO PLC  -  dies, press moulds for metalcasting.

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