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ALUMINERIE ALOUETTE INC.  -  primary aluminium producer.

A.A.P. EQUIPMENT INC.  -  supplier of new, used and rebuilt equipments for the foundry industry - mixers, permanent mold machines, melting furnaces, ovens.

AMELT CORPORATION  -  design and manufacturing medium frequency induction melting, holding, heating, forging and hardening furnaces, thyristors, power rectifier diodes, and power semiconductors modules, all type of capacitors, design and manufacturing reactors, DI / Dt, high frequency transformer, chocks in different powers, manufacturing all type of water cooled power cable with different connector and custom made.

ATELIER D'USINAGE QUENNEVILLE INC.  -  production of Qtech-A Frame decoring machines, hammering stations and soundproof cabins, production of machinery parts used by aluminum foundries for their decoring operations of castings, sale and distribution of foundry pneumatic hammers for removing the sand core from the castings, precision machining of parts, fabrication of welded mechanical parts, maintenance and repairs.
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ALUMINUM FOUNDRY & PATTERN WORKS LTD.  -  aluminum castings, own pattern shop, manufacturing of patterns for cope and drag, and match plates in wood, plastic, or aluminum.

BETA DIE CASTING EQUIPMENT  -  a die casting machine dealer who specializes in new and used die casting machines and diecasting equipment, die casting machinery, buying excess equipment, plant liquidations and global equipment searching.

BRADKEN-LONDON LTD.  -  foundry patterns and tooling in wood, metal, plastic and styrofoam, using either CNC or conventional methods, Bradken's Engineered Products Division.

BHOLSTER TECHNOLOGIES LTD.  -  experts in casting simulation, product and process development, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) consultancy services in the high pressure die casting industry, a consulting associate of Flow Science Inc., the creator of Flow-3D, an internationally recognized simulation software which is used by scientists and engineers around the world for simulating a vast range of fluid dynamics, heat transfer and multi physics problems.

CASTOOL TOOLING SYSTEMS  -  manufacturer of tooling systems for die cast machines and extrusion presses, a division of Exco Technologies Ltd.

FORSYTHE LUBRICATION ASSOCIATES LTD.  -  lubricants and functional fluids for industrial applications, incl. for iron & steel, mining, metal working, and pressure die casting.

FEDMET RESOURCES CORPORATION  -  refractories and refractory products to the iron and steel industry, non-ferrous metals industry and other industries.

GRADMATIC EQUIPMENT INC.  -  refractory installation systems.

IMACRO INC.  -  non-ferrous metals consulting, refractory consulting.

INGOT METAL COMPANY, LTD.  -  a manufacturer of brass and bronze ingots, a monthly capacity of over 5 million pounds, manufacture the full range of copper base alloys to ASTM, CDA, SAE and military specifications.

INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION LTD.  -  ladles and pouring systems, induction furnace maintenance, precast inserts and blocks.

MANCUSO CHEMICALS LTD.  -  a worldwide supplier of foundry resins, chemicals and consumables, tin and steel mill chemicals, and resins for the coatings industries, as a supplier to foundries on 4 continents, Mancuso Chemicals Ltd. is a market leader in binder and resin technology, phenolic-urethane cold box binder systems, furan no-bake resins, phenolic cure resins, foundry adhesives, release agents, etc.

MINMET CARBONS INC.  -  steel mill ladle carbons, graphite pellets, dried metallurgical coke breeze, fluid petroleum coke - a fuel & reductant for melting industries, synthetic graphite recarburizers, olivine sand for non-ferrous and manganese steel foundries, olivine tundish backing sand, industrial grade nepheline syenite used as a slag kiquefier in steelmaking and as an addition to slag fluidizers or artificial slag mixes.

METALLURGICAL CONSULTING SERVICES LTD.  -  mechanical and metallurgical engineering expertise to industry, undertake failure and risk analysis studies, and carry out industrially oriented research in metallurgy, materials engineering, fracture and failure mechanisms.

MISSISSAUGA METALS AND ALLOYS INC. (MM&A)  -  supplier of prepared zirconium recycle products, serving the nuclear, aerospace and chemical industries, production of ferro titanium and ferro zirconium alloys.

MARS METAL COMPANY  -  production of pure and alloyed lead ingots, casting alloys in bar and ingot form, incl. leaded, lead free and silver bearing, Babbitt alloys, pure lead wire, pure tin wire, lead-free wire and silver bearing wire, lead counterweights and castings.

OCL INDUSTRIES MATERIAL LTD.  -  a privately owned industrial supply company, marketing, distribution and materials handling of products for the manufacturing sector - metal casting, industrial refractory, cement manufacturing, surface preparation, etc., foundry sand, bentonite, binder systems, refractory bricks, castables, pre-cast shapes, gunning material, coatings and lubricants, fluxes, slag coagulants, crucibles, filters, steel shot and grit, ladles, flasks.

OPTA MINERALS, INC.  -  processor, distributor and seller of industrial minerals, blast cleaning abrasive products, aluminum oxide, copper and coal blasting slag, chilled iron grit, steel shot and grit, ultrablast nickel slag, walnut shells, synthetic slag, foundry silica sands, olivine sands, resin coated sands, bentonite clay, riser sleeves, fluxes, filters, magnesium granules, silica sand for ladle additions, insulating ladle covers and bottom pour fluxes.

PURITY CASTING ALLOYS LTD.  -  supplier of commercial aluminum and zinc anodes, aluminum and zinc die casting alloys, tin and lead alloys, Babbitts and solders, a wide selection of low melt / cerro alloys, scuba dive cast lead weights, custom and small orders for industry or hobbyist.

PATTERN CASTINGS LTD.  -  prototyping, production of matchplates, rotation molds, blow molds, foam molds.

PCM INNOVATION  -  design and fabrication of prototypes, molds for composite materials, electroformed nickel molds, molds for thermoformed plastics, molds for metal casting - permanent molds machined in steel or iron, master pattern machined in aluminum or iron, complex core boxes, and specialized tooling.

QUALIMET  -  complete materials engineering services, metals testing, and metals-related inspections and certification to a variety of industries, including structural steel, pressure equipment, pipeline, lifting and hoisting equipment, industrial equipment & machinery, and dangerous goods transportation, metallurgical consulting services - metallurgical and welding engineering assessments, materials recommendations, codes and standards interpretation, weld and metallurgical forensic failure analysis, mechanical failure analysis, incident and accident investigation, expert witness services.

RIO TINTO ALCAN  -  primary aluminium ingots, a part of Rio Tinto Group - a leader in finding, mining and extracting the world's metals and minerals.

SAVONA EQUIPMENT LTD.  -  supplier of mining and milling equipment, used mineral processing equipment, new and used furnaces, propane fired melting furnaces, melting pots, pouring ladles, steel grinding media.

SMELKO FOUNDRY PRODUCTS LTD.  -  metal casting supply house, a very wide range of products and equipment, foundry equipment: sand systems, mullers / mixers, core machines, reclaimers, flasks, molding machines, furnaces, ladles, grinders, used equipment, sandblast supplies & equipment: sand, glass, shot / grit, sandblast pots, hoses, fittings, nozzles and parts, foundry supplies: sand/clays, refractories, binders/oils, washes/coatings, core pastes, mold sealants.

SWT GROUP  -  supplier of industrial products, mainly asphalts with a wide range of specifications - asphalt cutbacks, asphalt paints and coatings, foundry coatings, emulsions.

STAS INC.  -  design and fabrication of industrial equipment, molten aluminium compact degassers, deep bed filter units, hot aluminium crucible cleaners, inert gas dross coolers, rotary flux / gas injectors, preheaters for crucibles.

SILVERTHORNE REFRACTORIES, INC.  -  refractory products to the steel industry - basic rams, castables, electric furnace gunning, ladle backfills, ladle fluxes, own cast shop which can produce small shapes such as wall blocks, ladle lip rings, pour pads and tundish relines.

TECHMIRE  -  fabrication of multiple-slide die casting machines for precision zinc components.

VISTA SOLUTIONS, INC.  -  provider of turnkey automated machine vision inspection and vision-guided robot solutions for metalcasting.

VALCAN TECHNOLOGIES INC.  -  aluminum molds for the investment casting, large or small series of machining.
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