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BODEGA DAVILA  -  metallurgical coke.

COMERSIAL LEMMA S.A.  -  aluminum and zinc alloys, ingots for foundries.

DUKRAFT LTDA.  -  raw materials, related machinery and services for the industry - bentonite, zirconium silicate, granuled aluminum, granuled magnesium, magnesium ingots, silicon metal, ferroalloys, graphite electrodes, graphite recarburizers.

METALBRAS LTDA.  -  aluminum ingots.

MODETAL LTDA.  -  aluminum patterns and prototypes.

MOLIBDENOS Y METALES (MOLYMET) S.A.  -  molybdenum concentrates for the production of technical molybdic oxide, ferromolybdenum, high purity molybdenum chemicals and molybdenum metal powders.

REFRACTARIOS IUNGE LTDA.  -  manufacturer of complete line of refractory products and specialties, clay, high alumina and basic bricks for the ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy plants and foundries, cement, lime and petrochemical sectors.

SONAMET - SOCIEDAD NACIONAL METALURGICA LTDA.  -  brass, bronze, aluminum and zinc alloy ingots for sand molds and gravity / pressure die casting, zinc and aluminum anodes, continuous casting bronze bars and rods.

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