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ALATNICA D.D.  -  a part of Duro Dakovic Holding d.d., production of metal molds and tools for sheet metal, polymers and other materials, dies for aluminum alloys pressure die casting.

IDEF D.O.O.  -  representation, import, export and wholesale of equipment, accessories and consumables for non destructive testing / ultrasonic defectoscopy, metallography equipment and consumables, portable hardness testers.

KONCAR ALATI D.D.  -  a toolshop specialized in manufacturing the sheet metal tools, die casting moulds, trimming tools jigs & fixtures, main customers are in automotive industry and other industries that have demand for complex tools, moulds and services.

LABEKO D.O.O.  -  representation of manufacturers of laboratory or mobile equipment for quality control of industrial raw materials and finished products, optical emission spectrometers, carbon and sulfur analyzers, apparatus for measuring the nitrogen and oxygen in metals.

PETROKEMIJA D.D.  -  bentonites and additives for foundries.

PETAR DIMITROV FOUNDRY  -  foundry patterns and core-boxes, castings for garden furniture and municipal accessories.

PIB-EXTRA D.O.O.  -  production of all types of foundry industry patterns in wood, metal and araldite-resin, production of complex tools with high precision machining.

PRVOMAJSKA-TZR D.O.O.  -  production of machine tools and equipment for foundries, hydraulic components, pumps, spare parts and accessories for vehicles and special systems, casting services.

TEH CUT D.O.O.  -  production of tools for injection moulding, die-casting and sheet metal forming, fabrication of special machine parts, fixtures and handling devices, special cutting (milling) tools.

VEKTRA D.O.O.  -  supplier of abrasive materials and grinding tools widely used for surface grinding, incl. cast parts.

ZAGREBACKI ABRAZIVI D.O.O.  -  manufacturer of coated abrasives for all kinds of materials - wood, metal, rubber and plastic, abrasive grains can be natural - flint, zirconium, diamond or synthetic - corundum, silicone-carbide, synthetic zirconium, synthetic diamond.

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