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AGS JICIN, a.s.  -  patterns - wood, resin, metal, gravity dies for aluminium casting, pressure dies for aluminium, zinc and plastic casting, gravity dies for low-pressure aluminium casting, forging dies, trimming dies, pulling, cutting, bending and all other jigs.
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CKD KUTNA HORA, a.s.  -  wooden, plastic, metal and combined foundry patterns and core-boxes, forms for the pressure and die casting and permanent mould casting of non-ferrous alloys, blasting materials - round steel shot, steel grit.
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DSB EURO LTD.  -  gray, ductile, artificial cast iron and cast steel, pattern-shop production - various patterns from wood, metal and resin.

DEFEKTA NDT, s.r.o.  -  non-destructive testing of the quality of materials and products, testing of welded joints, castings, pressure vessels, inspection of lifting equipment, measuring the thickness of coats.

FERAMO METALLUM INTERNATONAL LTD.  -  grey iron castings foundry, own pattern-shop provides pattern equipment made of metal, wood, cast resin and their combination.
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IGOR LANIK-TECHSERVIS BOSKOVICE  -  production and sale of auxiliary materials for foundry practice, ceramic foam filters for non-ferrous alloys, nodular and grey cast iron, special foundry coatings, refining and slag forming additives, graphite shaped pieces.
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KOVOHUTE PRIBRAM, a.s.  -  manufacturer of lead and lead products.
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KERAMTECH, s.r.o.  -  manufacturer of ceramic foundry filters, heating ceramic, elektroinstallation materials.

KERAVIT, s.r.o.  -  manufacturer of refractory ceramic materials for steelworks and foundries, cement and limeworks, power and heat generation plants, ceramic and brickworks, stoveworks and chemical plants, fireclay and high-aluminia shapes, thermal insulating and special refractory shapes, refractory masses, refractory mortars and mastics.

LAC, s.r.o.  -  manufacturer and marketer of industrial furnaces - melting electric resistance or gas furnaces, induction furnaces for the melting of small amounts of non-ferrous metal (gold, silver, copper, brass), atypical furnaces, wax smelting furnaces, furnaces for metal heat treatment, laboratory furnaces, and dryers, refractory castable shapes, refractory concretes and refractory materials, heating patrons, spirals and elements, control and measurement elements, used melting furnaces.

METALIMEX, a.s.  -  trading in all basic non-ferrous metals, primary aluminium alloys in ingots, aluminium for steel deoxidizing, copper, brass, aluminium and steel scrap, coking coal, coke, pulverized coal dust.

MH CONSULTING  -  a represenative of Didion International Inc. - USA, a manufacturer of rotary separators for the foundry industry.
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MFT LTD.  -  producing of iron-foundry patterns for piece even series production, the patterns are made of wood, plastics and non-ferrous metals.

MOSLED LTD.  -  ferrous and non-ferrous castings, patterns manufacture for single or serial production from wood (e.g., pine, alder, maple), metal, casting resin, and polystyrene.

MODELARNA LIAZ LTD.  -  design and manufacture of wooden, metal and plastic patterns and core boxes for hand moulding and for machine moulding, permanent moulds and dies, self-cleaning foundry vents.
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MODELARNA - NOVAK  -  production of wooden patterns and core boxes for production of the piece and big series, wooden and metalic pattern plates for hand or machine moulding, patterns from casting resin, polystyrene patterns for the piece and sample casting, repairs and design changes of patterns in accordance with technology of various foundries.

MODELARNA - NEMOSICE LTD.  -  foundry patterns for machine / hand moulding in wood, metals and plastic.

MODELARNA WIPO  -  patterns from casting resin, metal and wood.

NIJHUIS MODELARNA LTD.  -  production of patterns - waterproof plywoods and polymers.

OKK KOKSOVNY, a.s.  -  production of various types of coke for the metallurgy, cast iron foundries, forging, thermal insulation, chemical production and other industries, the production capacity is about 800 Kt / year, a subsidiary company of Metalimex a.s.

PYROTEK CZ LTD.  -  glass fibre filtration fabrics, tin plate and wire mesh filters, ceramic foam and bonded particle filters for all molten metal foundry applications.
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PRUMYSLOVY SERVIS-VACLAV HANTON  -  a trade company dealing with different materials for foundries, metallurgical, machinery and forging plants, coated sands for shell moulding, mould coatings, steel abrasives, chilled iron abrasives, stainless steel shot, silicone carbide for metallurgy, graphite-semiproducts, foundry vents.

REFRAMO, s.r.o.  -  a refractory plant, over 120 years in operation, thin section holloware for foundries, ingot casting holloware for steel works, stopper tubes and teeming nozzles, cordierite grog for ceramic plants, bricks and special shapes, refractory mortar.

SLEVARNA A MODELARNA NOVE RANSKO LTD.  -  patterns made of wood, plastics, metal boards for machine moulding.

SEEIF CERAMIC, a.s.  -  producer of shaped and monolithic refractories, successor of Czech traditional refractory manufacturers for blast furnaces, foundries, cement works and lime kilns, chemical, coking, ceramic, glass and power industries.

SLEVARNA KURIM JSC  -  cast iron foundry, pattern-shop - production of patterns for hand and machine moulding, repairing and modification of patterns, material used - wood, cast epoxy and polyurethan resins, resin-bounded wood.

SKODA STEEL  -  steel and ductile / grey iron castings, the pattern-shop is able to make any pattern device as regards size & length or complexity from traditional & plastic (cast resin) materials even the combination of wood and metal, the pattern making shop produces pattern equipment and packing for the needs of foundry as well as for external customers.

SEBESTA, s.r.o.  -  mediation, consultancy and representation of the suppliers to the foundry industry, crucibles, pouring ladles, thermocouples, hydrogen testers, degassing units, grain refining products, alloys, anticorrosive paints for castings, vents for core-boxes, tools and appliances for patternmaking, foundry sand mould chaplets and chills.
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SAND TEAM, s r.o.  -  production of cores and ecological binders, supplier of inorganic or organic binder systems, quartz and non quartz foundry sands, coated sands for shell-process, auxiliary and release agents, lubricants, chaplets, machines for bentonite moulding mixtures, machines for self-hadening moulding mixtures, machines and equipment for abrasive blasting, low-carbon steel blasting granulate, pouring ladles, instruments for a sand laboratory, provider of comprehensive services and technical support, new and recycled sands analysis, binder tests and foundry mixture technological tests.

TSS, s.r.o.  -  production of wooden patterns, resin patterns, aluminum alloy patterns, polystyrene patterns, repairs of damaged patterns and pattern equipment.
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VUHZ, a.s.  -  auxiliary equipment and services for metallurgy of steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metals - aluminium wire and cored wire feeders, regulation and control systems for inert gas injection for bottom blowing in EAF, regulation and control systems for flow control of inert gas in ladle and tundish, porous plug testers, manipulators for sampling and measuring of molten steel parameters in EAF, ladle and tundish, development, designing and deliveries of atypical equipment for foundries, steel, cast iron and bronze castings by method of horizontal centrifugal casting - reducing and sizing rolls, milling rolls, semifinished products for energetics, cylinder liners, special centrifugally cast castings, heat resistant casts.
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VIADRUS  -  established producer of heating technique with cast iron components, own pattern shop with more than hundred years tradition, foundry patterns made of metal, resin and wood, for low-series and series production.


JMB-STEEL s.r.o.  -  production and wholesale trade of heat proof stainless steel sheets, plates, bars and wires, and metallurgical special materials.

MED POVRLY, a.s.  -  manufacture of rolled and extruded semi-products made from copper and brass for a wide variety of areas - production of bijouterie and haberdashery, manufacture of musical instruments, keys & locks, ammunition, electrical appliances and machines, shower hoses and sanitary conveniences, car manufacture, lighting engineering, welding or civil engineering, drainage systems and facade coating, a subsidiary company of Metalimex a.s.

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