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AFRIDANA A/S  -  supplier of raw materials and machinery to the chemical industry, foundries, etc., representative of group of companies - manufacturers of lubricants for pressure die casting, carburizing materials, foundry bentonite, melting, holding and casting furnaces, moulding machines and moulding lines, sand preparation plants.

BOLIDEN BERGSOE A/S  -  products for foundry, electronics, packaging, plumbing and mechanical industries, lead-free and leaded solder in rods, wire and paste, tin alloys, lead alloys and zinc alloys in ingots, a wholly owned subsidiary of Swedish mining company Boliden AB.

BR MASKINFABRIK A/S  -  all types of high-precision machine-tooling, moulds (dies) for pressure die casting.

BRONDERSLEV MODELSNEDKERI A/S  -  foundry patterns in wood, plastic, aluminum, steel and cast iron.

DANREF A/S  -  supplier of machinery and refractory materials to the foundries, steel plants, minerals, chemicals and recycling industries.

DISA GROUP  -  supplier of foundry equipment and metal surface finishing systems, air pollution control solutions.

DANSK NDT TEKNIK A/S  -  nondestructive testing (NDT), ultrasound inspection for industrial applications, a complete range of portable hardness testers for quick and convenient on-site hardness testing, magnetic particle inspection, penetrate testing, radiography (X-ray), visual sensing & inspection technologies.

ERZ & PARTNER A/S  -  management consulting, strategy, operations, technology and engineering, experience in the international automotive, foundry and metal industry.

HELCO METAL A/S  -  supplier of a very wide range of alloys and metal products, plates, pipes, rods, wire, profiles, bronze, brass, zink and tin ingots, ferroalloys.

JOHNSON METAL A/S  -  bronze bars, pipes, plates, hexagonal profiles, plain bearing bushes, bronze alloys for sand moulding, centrifugal and continuous casting, a part of Johnson Metall AB - Sweden.

MAX PEDERSENS MODELSNEDKERI A/S  -  foundry patterns and core boxes in wood, araldite and metal.

NAESTVED MODELINDUSTRI A/S  -  patterns, core-boxes and prototypes for foundry industry.

REFCON A/S  -  refractory linings / insulation construction and renovation works on the metallurgy plants, foundries, power plants, petro-chemical plants, cement and lime kilns, glass furnaces, a distributor of refractory materials, consultancy, design, drawing, calculations, materials and delivery, installation and operation service.

SKAMOL A/S  -  thermal insulating materials for heat-intensive industries and passive fire protection, lining & insulation materials for foundries, iron & steel industry - ladle furnaces and steel ladles, continuous caster furnaces, aluminum industry - all types of furnaces from ore to remelting of scrap, cement & minerals sector, ceramics and tiles, petrochemical and chemical plants, power stations, glass plants, incineration units, stoves & fireplaces, fully owned by
Polaris Management A/S - Denmark.

SONNIMAX A/S  -  distributor of new and used foundry machines and equipment, riser sleeves and tubes, foundry filters, steel shot and grit, cut wire, chemical for foundries - additives, cold box binders, inorganic binder system inotec and for CO2-process, furan binders and catalysts, release agents.

STRUERS A/S  -  manufacturer of equipment and consumables for materialographic surface preparation of solid materials, semi-automatic and automatic machines for laboratories of any size within industrial quality inspection and research.

STOTEK DANMARK A/S  -  manufacturer of melting, holding and dosing furnaces for aluminium alloys.

SP MODELLER A/S  -  production of foundry patterns and core-boxes in wood, plywood and highly durable plastics.

SCHOW TRADING  -  a trading company, agent for a number of companies in Germany and Britain, exothermic-insulating products, cold-box-bound feeder sleeves, chemical and metallurgical products for aluminum wrought and cast alloys, release agents, cold-hardening sands, hot-hardening sands, high temperature resistant coatings, activated charcoal, shot blasting, steel sand for surface cleaning, measuring and control equipment.

TWT A/S  -  design and manufacture of foundry patterns, core-boxes and metal moulds (dies) for gravity / pressure die casting.

TH. JENSEN & SONNER MODELFABRIK A/S  -  supplier of first class tools to the casting industry, CAD/CAM system and CNC machining centres to manufacture top quality patterns and core boxes, moulds for low pressure casting, wooden / plastic pattern equipment made by the traditional technologies, moulds to the polyurethane industry, prototypes and mass production tools.

W. OLSEN & SON A/S  -  tools and prototypes for metal, plastic and glass moulding, pattern equipment, core-boxes and moulding accessories for cast iron foundries.

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